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MindHack is a podcast by Cody McLain that seeks to break down the routines, habits, mindset, and ideologies of successful people, scientific studies, and popular books. This is a self-help podcast dedicating to finding out the keys to success, happiness, and limitless productivity.

MindHack is a podcast by Cody McLain that seeks to break down the routines, habits, mindset, and ideologies of successful people, scientific studies, and popular books. This is a self-help podcast dedicating to finding out the keys to success, happiness, and limitless productivity.


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MindHack is a podcast by Cody McLain that seeks to break down the routines, habits, mindset, and ideologies of successful people, scientific studies, and popular books. This is a self-help podcast dedicating to finding out the keys to success, happiness, and limitless productivity.






26 Years and $15M Later, How this Power Couple Managed to Create an Award Winning Ice Cream Brand - Nicki Schroeder

Nicki Schroeder, Co-Founder, and CMO of High Road Craft Ice Cream, one of the nation’s largest and fastest-growing craft ice cream manufacturers in the US. They produce ice cream for some of the largest retailers including SAMS club and many more under their private label. Nicki runs the business along with her husband, Keith, and together they manage over 50 employees at their production facility in Marietta, Georgia In this episode we take a look at how Nicki and her husband managed to...


How to Balance Your Ambition and Contentment with Forbes Entrepreneur Jodie Cook

Today’s guest is Jodie Cook. Jodie founded a social media agency at just 22 years old and sold it in 2021. She is a regular contributor for Forbes on entrepreneurship and was also included in Forbes list of 30 under 30 social entrepreneurs in Europe. She is the author of “Stop acting like you’re going to live forever” and several books on raising entrepreneurial kids. On top of all of that Jodie even finds time to compete in powerlifting for Great Britain. In this episode, Jodie shares her...


How Founder of BestSelf Co Went From Quitting Her Job to Building a $30 Million Dollar Self-Improvement Empire - Cathryn Lavery

Today’s guest is Cathryn Lavery, the founder of Best Self Co, a multi-million dollar company that specializes in selling journals, card decks, and online courses. Best Self creates meaningful products and tools that help you create positive change in your life - so you can show up better for yourself, your connections, and the world. Cathryn originally migrated to the United States as an overworked and underpaid architect and in this episode she shares how she went from quitting her job to...


Focusmate.com Founder Discusses Importance of Internal Values in Business - Taylor Jacobson

Taylor Jacobson is the founder & CEO of Focusmate (www.focusmate.com), a virtual coworking community on a mission to help everyone do their best work. Thousands of people in 160+ countries sit side-by-side, via video, to keep each other company, cheer each other on, and hold one another accountable. He's been featured in The New Yorker, CNN, The Guardian, Bloomberg Businessweek, and more. In this episode, Taylor & I discuss how healing trauma can lead you to become more productive, how...


How This Startup Founder Plans To Hit $10 Million - Aleksandr Volodarsky of Lemon.io

Aleksandr is the founder of Lemon.io, a service that matches startup founders with vetted developers. He is publicly committed to getting to 2.5m revenue by the end of 2021. Aleksandr is a true professional in business development and R&D out-staffing. In this episode, we look at a variety of topics ranging from co-founders, what mistakes not to make, and why being a non-technical founder is less of a problem than ever. For full episode information visit:...


Navigating Neurodiversity and Evolutionary Biology - Andreas Hofer

Andreas Hofer has been interested in evolutionary psychology for almost 30 years now. His blog The Bigger Picture discusses ideas he has when he tries to understand the patterns he sees in the world. A self-published author of over 30 books with topics ranging from neurodiversity in children to how misunderstood human beings become misfits. In this conversation, we’re taking a dive into a theory on evolutionary biology that seeks to explain why up to 0.8% of the world's population has...


Finding Strategies, Purpose, Ideologies for Success with Flow Expert - Rian Doris

Rian has worked his way up to working with some of the world’s leading experts on peak performance and flow including Keith Ferrazzi, Dr. Dan Siegel, and Steven Kotler, his partner at Flow Research Collective. He is the Co-Founder & COO at the Flow Research Collective, a research and training institute focused on decoding the neuroscience of flow states and training leaders to achieve peak performance. In this episode, we look at a variety of topics ranging from understanding Flow,...


Society, Behavior and the Future - Robert Greene

Robert Greene is a phenomenal writer who is loved by many and is considered to be one of the greatest writers of our time. Having authored books like the 48 Laws of Power and the Laws of Human Nature, Robert has spent the entirety of his life researching what makes people, society, and culture tick. It was such an honor to have the opportunity to speak with Robert and we go in-depth on a myriad of topics from understanding what is true narcissism, how to increase self-awareness, and improve...


Flow and the Personification of Emotions - Troy Erstling

Today we’re interviewing somebody who is a world traveler and expert in flow states. He’s a writer and consultant and has even given a TEDx talk on freestyling. Besides designing his digital nomad lifestyle, he employs a variety of activities to get into a flow state, including slacklining, freestyle rapping, exercising, and meditating. His name is Troy Erstling and he’s an extremely interesting and well-spoken guest. In this episode, Troy shares his thoughts on flow state, how meditation...


Validate Your Startup, Use the Mom Test, and Get the Successful Entrepreneur Mindset - Matt Clifford

Matt Clifford has helped accelerate the businesses of over 1000 entrepreneurs. He's the co-founder of Entrepreneur First, the world's leading technology talent investor. Entrepreneur First brings together extraordinary people to build startups from scratch in London, Singapore, Berlin, Hong Kong, Paris, and Bangalore. I really enjoyed this conversation about entrepreneurship, being a founder, and how to get started if you are feeling called to be an entrepreneur. We discuss the Mom test for...


The Mindfulness Prescription for Adult ADHD - Lidia Zylowska

Lidia Zylowska, M.D. is a board-certified psychiatrist and Associate Professor at UMN Department of Psychiatry where she leads the Mental Health Wellness Team. Dr. Zylowska has expertise in integrative psychiatry, adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and mindfulness-based therapy. Early in her career at UCLA, she conducted pioneering research in mindfulness and ADHD and helped establish the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center. She is also the author of “The Mindfulness...


Become Bilingual & Learn How Just "One Thing" Can Change Your Life - Sami Halabi

Today we’re interviewing somebody who is incredibly focused, driven, and ambitious from an early age. He’s a polyglot who speaks 5 languages, and is on the top echelons of the Oracle marketing department, serving as a Digital Marketing Manager whose team supports an annual budget of $210M here. He has a significant influence on Oracle’s North America Marketing success, and it's in no small part due to his drive to succeed and get shit done. Apart from delivering on a budget that is larger...


Launch Yourself Into a Revenue-First Startup - Brent Summers

What does it mean to build a startup as an entrepreneur? In this conversation with Brent Summers, we look at some of the challenges that you'll be faced with not only validating your idea, questions you need to be asking yourself, and how to build a startup as a non-technical person, should you have a founder or just manage contractors. Brent founded and recently sold a company called Code-Free Startup, which is an online learning platform that teaches others how to build a startup using...


Find Flow & Get Creative in Nature with DIY Genius - Kyle Pearce

Have you ever felt completely stuck in your routine? Today we chat with Kyle Pearce about finding flow in creativity and the benefits of getting out in nature. Kyle Pearce is the founder of DIY Genius and an experiential learning designer, digital business educator, and runs educational nature retreats. Kyle spent the last 7 years building DIY Genius by sharing his passion for self-education and teaching online courses in passion-driven learning, flow psychology, and digital storytelling....


Learn How to Improve your Memory with 4x USA Memory Champion - Nelson Dellis

In this episode of the MindHack podcast, you'll learn simple techniques to improve your memory that can be practiced at any time! Learn techniques from books like Remember It and Moonwalking with Einstein to help you remember the letter and number combinations with memory palaces and other techniques. Nelson Dellis is a four-time USA memory champion and holds the world record for memorizing the most names (235) and words (256) in 15 minutes, as well as the most digits (907) in 30 minutes,...


How this Entrepreneur went from Addiction to Discovering Flow - Michael Dash

Michael Dash is the President and CEO of Parallel HR Solutions, Inc. He is currently in recovery for three different addictions. This journey to hope follows a six-year lawsuit that’s now settled and the sale of his company he spent eleven years building. Michael knows his struggles are not unique to executives and entrepreneurs around the world. He now gets to lead from empathy and become a much more-fulfilled person while realizing what truly matters in life. Michael has run addiction...


Learn the Traveler's Mindset and Stress-based Mindfulness - Matt Wilson

Matt Wilson is the Founder and CEO of under30experiences, recently ranked on the Forbes 5,000 list. In this episode, Cody and Matt discuss the importance of travel in getting outside of your daily habits, and mindfulness-based practices to calm and reduce stress. For full episode information visit: https://www.mindhack.com/episode/matt-wilson


Finding the Achiever's Mindset - Tiago Forte

Tiago Forte is a writer, speaker, teacher, and researcher dedicated to helping knowledge workers transform their productivity and thrive in the future of work. In this episode, we uncover what it means to be successful, how one can find an achiever's mindset and figure out what it is they are meant to do. For full episode information visit: https://www.mindhack.com/episode/tiago-forte


Creating a Kaizen Culture and the Importance of Poetry - Seth Braverman

Seth is COO of Xylem Design in Fort Collins, CO. An amateur philosopher and writer of poetry, he's spent the past two years studying under Dan Beachy-Quick, poet and professor at CSU. In this episode we discuss the importance of Kaizen and Poetry––and the positive effects they can have on your life and business. For full episode information visit: https://www.mindhack.com/episode/seth-braverman


How to Hack your Motivation and Productivity - Nick Winter

Nick Winter is the co-founder of the highly successful startup, CodeCombat, a free-to-use educational gaming company that teaches players the fundamentals of computer programming. He's also the author of the book, The Motivation Hacker and conducted a series of experiments over 3-months time to create good habits, learn new skills and push himself to achieve more. In this incredible episode, we dig into goal-setting, creating new habits, dealing with burn-out and so much more! For full...