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Momma Fit Podcast Episode 55: Meal planning 101

If you ask me to choose one single strategy to help you reach all your wellness/fitness goals, I wouldn’t hesitate. I would tell you: Meal Prep. WHY IS MEAL PREP A BIG DEAL? Meal prep is key to a healthier living practice, not only will it help you shed some LBS but also help you with stress of making food when your kiddos are STARVING.... In short, meal prep is about preparing ingredients or entire meals ahead of time so you can spend less time cooking and more time nourishing. Meal prep...


Momma Fit Podcast Episode 54: Ways To Combat Stress Eating

We all deal with being overloaded at work, dealing with family drama or heck, even a messy house (well, maybe the messy house is often). It’s times like these when stress eating strikes and, eventually, it can ruin hard-earned weight loss or healthy eating progress. While those sleeve of girl scouts’ cookies, jar of peanut butter or bag of chips may help you feel better in the moment, it isn’t likely to have a lasting, stress-relieving effect. Most likely the opposite and then a different...


Momma Fit Podcast Episode #53: Ways to Learn More To Become A Leader

We women are often blocked when it comes to asking for what we want. This holds true even when it comes to asking for additional training at work. Maybe you were taught to be polite and to go for what you want – but only if you weren't too demanding? As women ... how do we best to conform to that? Ring a bell? No matter what skill or new tool I am working on, I am becoming a more empowered of a leader when I ask for support ... and influence others based on what I've learned. Improving our...


Momma Fit Podcast Episode #52: What Is Your Fitness Type

How to pick the right workout or fitness regimen for you and your life. We all have different seasons and picking what works in that season that will work for you. I feel like fall starts a new year, if you are the age of having young children than this is your time. Even if you are not that age, anytime is a good time to start a healthy lifestyle change. If you are one that struggles with getting fit, and healthy maybe a group like setting will work for you. Question: What type of style do...


Momma Fit Podcast #51: The Night Shift and Fitness

Whoever invented the concept of “breakfast, lunch, and dinner” deserves a hearty handshake from anyone who has ever tried to get their nutrition under control while working the night shift. After all, a little structure — be it three squares daily (and maybe a couple snacks), goes a long way toward giving us the right foods at the right time to help us reach our goals, whether it’s weight loss, performance, or plain ol’ good health. Unfortunately, this can be a problem with setting goals and...


Momma Fit Podcast Episode # 50--Part 2: Being Celiac

This is part two of Being Celiac. I wanted to share some resources and tips that can help you, from my own journey of learning about gluten-free living. In the beginning, all that I could think about was the foods I couldn’t eat anymore. I think that everyone reading this would agree that some of our favorite foods contain gluten. But everything got a lot easier for me once I realized all of the delicious food I still CAN eat. “You have to make a choice when starting your gluten-free...


Momma Fit Podcast Episode #49--Part 1: Being Celiac

Being Celiac – Looking back over the many years I think I appeared a healthy, fit and the oh, so--energetic person. I am known among my friends and family for my dedicated fitness routine and healthy eating. However, I was struggling in the worst way before my diagnosis. What no one knew at that time, including me, was that my immune system was attacking my own body. I was seriously ill and getting worse every day. My illness started with the types of symptoms that you try to ignore. In the...


Momma Fit Episode #48: How To Manage Stress And Anxiety As An Entrepreneur

Life and business are anxiety provoking every single day. Yet, a certain amount of stress is necessary to drive motivation and hard work. The kind of stress that creates deep, painful feelings of anxiety is usually situationally based and short term. We are most easily hijacked by feelings of anxiety when we are under the pressure of uncertain outcomes or circumstances. The most effective way to deal with intense anxiety is to reconnect to yourself. Here are six ways to manage stress...


Momma Fit Podcast Episode #47: Successful Morning Routine

As you know, I am the number one cheerleader for being in flow, staying present, and living in the moment. But us humans need structure too, and routines give us that. I have some tips and tricks to help focus and get in the flow in your morning routine. If you have children, like myself things can go array even to the most structured person. But if I can do it, you can--too! I think one of the main reasons I get so much done in life and am able to be a mom to two daughters, wife,...


Momma Fit Podcast Episode #46: Fail and Fail Better

No one ever knows what is going to happen next. But these transition times—between something being set and things being uncertain—are times of enormous potential. I share in this episode that I failed many things in life, the failures are what I can my lessons and lessons that I learn from. I also know that with failure that when I come back and get back up from my fall that anything is possible. If there is one skill that is not stressed very much, but is really needed, it is knowing how to...


Momma Fit Podcast Episode #45: Why Is There A Weight Gain When You Start A Workout Program?

After a tough week at the gym, you can feel confident when you step on the scale. You've been working out regularly -- running, biking, swimming and lifting weights. Your clothes are already fitting a bit more loosely and you look better in your jeans. But when you look at the numbers on the scale, you're shocked to see that your weight has gone up instead of down. It's not uncommon to gain weight when you first start exercising, but don't get discouraged. Some of the reasons for weight gain...


Momma Fit Podcast Episode #44: Emotional Hunger

Think about this question first – Can you imagine what life would be like if we loved ourselves as much as we love our food? Some may think that is silly, but to some this is a normal feeling. I have been working with my clients to improve our self-esteem and self-worth so we can love ourselves and be a happier and healthier person inside and out. The emotional eating could be from stress, being worried, sad, anxious, or mad. Even happiness can bring on emotion of the attachment to food....


Momma Fit Podcast Episode #43: Things to Stop Doing When Trying To Lose Weight

Does that complaint sound familiar? "I want to lose weight but no matter how hard I try, I can't seem to slim down." If you're like many that are exhausted and frustrated because you're beginning to think that you are doing everything right but not seeing the results you want. Than you have hope! Some simple switches can make the difference. If you want to reach those goals whether it's to lose weight or gain lean body mass, simply find out which common fitness mistakes might be that are...


Momma Fit Podcast Episode #42: What I have Learned in the Last 10 Years of Business

I'm learning everyday what it is like to run a business. After 10 years of going out on my own, I have managed to pick up two more side businesses. All businesses are related which makes it easy to accomplish all three, but I have had my ups and downs and I know there will be many more. This episode is even more special since my husband also sat in as we talk business. Great conversation and I'm sure we will have many more. Thanks for listening and if you want more information on Dayna...


Momma Fit Podcast Episode #41: Summer Heat Fitness

When taking on summer exercise outdoors, we need to be aware of the increase in heat and humidity. I love the heat, especially when Minnesota only gets a few months of it! It is easy to forget to replenish our bodies when it does get hot and humid outside, but it is super important to make hydration apart of your routine. Typically, our bodies are warmer than the environment. When that begins to change, our muscles regulate heat by releasing sweat, which allows the body to cool itself. But...


Momma Fit Podcast Episode #40: Fit Travels

Traveling with Fitness Goals in Mind. Whether it’s for business, pleasure, vacation, world domination, so at some point in our lives we all depart from the comfort of our personal comfort and visit another location. It might be a quick trip to the next town over for a business conference or a massive adventure halfway around the world for months at a time. No matter what kind of trip it is, one thing is certain: Our normal routines get completely thrown out the window when traveling: •If you...


Momma Fit Podcast Episode #39: Strong Like Momma

Best part of Mother’s Day: spending it with my mom. My mom is a superhuman. For this episode of Momma Fit, I want to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day and I dedicate this episode to those that need to know that you’re enough. That you can do anything with the right mind-set, you’re a strong momma, and taking care of yourself is not a bad thing. Realizing that your kids are your world and being that positive role model does take steps to get there. It is a process. You want to be a happy, healthy...


Momma Fit Podcast Episode #38: What Burns More Calories

If you want to lose weight, and you want to do so in the fastest way possible, what’s the best strategy? Is it hours on the treadmill? Sprints up a hill? Could it possibly be squats and bench presses? Or a mix of both worlds, functional fitness? In today’s episode, I’m going to break down the difference between each contender and let you know which type of exercise will give you the most bang for your buck! Here are the three contestants that I will be talking about: Cardio: Pretty much...


Momma Fit Podcast Episode #37: Nutrition Hacks For Weird Work Hours

Whoever invented the concept of “breakfast, lunch, and dinner” deserves a hearty handshake from anyone who has ever tried to get their nutrition under control. If you are one that does NOT work a 9-5 job, this one is for you! After all, a little structure — be it three squares daily (and maybe a couple snacks), goes a long way toward giving us the right foods at the right time to help us reach our goals, whether it’s weight loss, performance, or plain ol’ good health. Unfortunately, this can...


Momma Fit Podcast Episode #36: Working Your Entire Body As A Whole

We all have a favorite body part to focus on when it comes to working out. For some of us, our legs are easy to strengthen and work, while our arms are difficult to tone and strengthen. On magazine covers we see round, lifted butts and bikini-ready abs. We immediately come to the conclusion then that we need to perform endless amounts of crunches and squats to get those things. There’s no shame in wanting to shape and sculpt a certain way, but when we go overboard on focusing only on a...