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The Day The Marathon Bombings Happened - Monday, April 16th, 2018

This isn’t a story to gain pity. This isn’t a story to grow sympathy. Today is Boston Marathon Monday. I am proud to live in this great city. I moved here for college in 2011 and I haven’t left yet. I love this fucking city. So on Marathon Monday, I’d like to share with you my thoughts and what I experienced on this day back 5 years ago, when the marathon bombings happened. I was in college to study film making. I was constantly working on film projects while trying not to go insane with my...


Cheat Meals vs. Cheat Days?

So I was asked this on Instagram (which you can follow at about cheat meals and cheap days. Which one should they choose? Well, I have a complicated answer for all of you. First, this is a great question to ask during my month of not going over my calorie deficit goal. That’s my February goal. So let me tell you what I wish i could do. I’d love to go to the supermarket and get some Salt & Vinegar chicken wings, a box of chocolate chip cookies, and then order...


My Goal for February 2018

So I am a few days late to announce this goal, but I have been doing this goal so far this past week so I still want to announce it for all of you. I have not been very consistent and we need to be real about it. I've been staying in my calorie deficit for 6 straight days, and then will all of a sudden fall off the wagon for 1-3 days after. This has been going on since the beginning of the year. Calorie deficit is the most important thing when it comes to weight loss. So I want to focus on...


January 2018 Goal RESULTS!

So this is the results of my January 2018 goal, which I made in a podcast a couple of weeks ago. My January goal was to be more & do more positive things in this world. This was coming off of the end of the year, where everyone said 2017 was the worst. I didn't think so, but I wanted to spread some love and positive vibes around the world. Here are the things I listed as major positive things I did: 1. Helped a friend of mine move. 2. Helped someone find their phone at work. 3. Helped...


Weigh In & GOALS for Week 6 of 2018

Last Week: 269.6LBS This Week: 269.9LBS ⬆0.3:LBS I already know why I gained the weight this week. I overate last Monday. Not today, but last Monday. I'll be real with you, i've been very inconsistent when it comes to eating in my calorie deficit. I will go 6 days of being very strict, and then go overeat for a day/two/three. It's not very good. Hopefully I'll be successful in my February goal so that won't be a consistent problem. It'll be a battle I will always have to battle though. No...


What To Do After You Binge, Weigh-In & More - Weight Loss Journey Podcast #03

In this episode of My #WeightLossJourney, we discuss the weigh-in & goal for Week 3 and how well I did. I give my goal for Week 4. I discuss what to do after you start binging. I give some love and hear feedback from YouTube comments. And I discuss why you don't have to exercise to lose weight.


How To Create Goals, Finding Time to Work Out & More - Weight Loss Journey Podcast #02

In this episode of the podcast, I discuss how to create the best goals for your weight loss journey. I answer a Snapchat question where I was asked how I find time to workout. We talk about how walking has helped me lose 50lbs. And finally, I discuss the pros & cons of counting calories vs. tracking macros. Hope this podcast helps you all out. If you have questions, comments or feedback for me, e-mail me:


Goals For 2018 & Beyond! - Weight Loss Journey Podcast #01

In the very first "episode" of the podcast, I discuss how the setup of this podcast will be and discuss all of my goals! From goals for this week, to this month, and this year! It's a new year, and it's time to kick butt!


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