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A podcast dedicated to moms focused on balancing mental wellness, family, life, goals, and purpose. This podcast creates a community of moms navigating life, the stigma of mental health, and societal expectations.


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A podcast dedicated to moms focused on balancing mental wellness, family, life, goals, and purpose. This podcast creates a community of moms navigating life, the stigma of mental health, and societal expectations.




Learning to Pivot and Transition in a Pandemic

We are getting some millennial gems from Sharmia Crawford as we discuss how she’s managed to pivot and transition in the midst of a pandemic. Juggling being an educator, single mom, student, and an entrepreneur all the while moving thousands of miles away from family and friends. This episode of the Navigating My Crazy Podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp, the world’s largest counseling services. Podcast listeners receive 10% off their first month by using code: ‘Navigating’ at...


Preparing for Motherhood: Pregnancy Pearls with Dr. Plenty

Today we will be getting some pregnancy pearls from my mom-Guest, Dr. Nicole Plenty. So if you are expecting, planning a pregnancy, or have a loved one who is pregnant tune in and make sure that you share this episode. This episode of the Navigating My Crazy Podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp, the world’s largest counseling services. Podcast listeners receive 10% off their first month by using code: ‘Navigating’ at Dr. Plenty's Information: Facebook Blog:...


Advocating for Ari: Motherhood and Loss

This episode is dedicated to Ari Stephens, a beautiful angel, born with a rare condition called Trisomy 18 also known as Edwards syndrome. Ari’s mom, Charmian Stephens, and I discuss her pregnancy and Ari’s journey from birth to death. You can also learn more about Ari’s journey via her Facebook page: March is Trisomy 18 Awareness month and you can learn more at Charmian also discusses dealing with this trauma in the midst of COVID- 19,...


Navigating Being a Woman in Ministry

Mom-Guest, Minister Shonda Lollie, shares her journey to becoming an ordained minister. #womeninministry Shonda and I discuss how the test and trials of teenage motherhood, racial division, being a woman-leader in corporate, and being a parent shaped and propelled her into her calling. #podcastforwomen You can find Minister Lollie's daily #devotionals and #inspirations at The purpose of the Navigating My Crazy Podcast is to share experiences, inspiration, and...


The Juggle and The Journey

Welcome to the 3rd Season of the Navigating My Crazy Podcast!! I apologize for the hiatus, but just like so many others the stress from COVID completely disrupted my mental and physical. BUT we are BACK!! Mom-Guest, Roslyn Downs, shares how she is navigating through her journey of life with an Autoimmune disease. Roslyn is an organ donor recipient and shares information about organ donation along with the stigma and myths associated with being an organ donor. #organdonor #autoimmunedisease...


The Impacts of Literacy in Education & Motherhood

This discussion with our Mom-Guest, Jamie Mayes is so relevant since schools across the world have been dismissed due to the #Coronavirus Pandemic. She shares tips to get our kids engaged in reading from infancy right into college. #literacy You can find her books on and join her group The Education Round-Up 360 on Facebook. Moms, we have tools to help you stay on track with your schedule and mental health during #quarantine!! The Busy Mom Planner & Journal are perfect...


Managing Anxiety In Chaos

With so much confusion and uncertainty surrounding our current #pandemic, #Coronavirus, I wanted to take some time to discuss the anxiety that comes to us in these situations In this episode, I discuss my own #anxiety, causes, and some of the self-management tools I am using to de-escalate. Take some time to listen and share how you are handling your anxiety or if you are able to handle it on our Facebook and Instagram pages. This episode is sponsored by Her Eminence Sexe. Natural,...


Millennial, Marriage, & Motherhood

Mom-Guest, Altovia McNeal shares her experiences as a millennial woman, wife, and mom. We discuss topics like relationship boundaries, self-care, purpose finding, postpartum, and so much more. #womenempowerment She and her husband proudly rep marriage and encourage other married couples to continue to date and just enjoy each other via their organization, Love Our Love . #marriageworks Altovia is also the co-founder of Made It, a non-profit organization established to support victims of...


Let's Talk: Love, Marriage, & Money

Season 2, Episode 1 is set to reinvigorate you to continue to push towards the #financialgoals you set for 2020. Mom-Guest, Ericka Young a Financial Counselor shares not only how she and her husband dumped over $100K in debt, but all the factors that lead to the accumulation in the first place. Find more about the programs Ericka has to offer at Need a great way to track your #goals, #budget, and important events? The Navigating My Crazy Busy Mom Bundle offers...


Season One Wrap Up

This episode is a reflection of the year and inspiration to keep pushing. The Navigating My Crazy Success Planner for Busy Moms is a great tool to set goals and get organized as we bring in 2020. Get your copy at Want to be a guest, have show ideas, or interested in sponsorships.


Finding Purpose After Postpartum

On this episode Dr. Leedia, of #Koracare and maker of Little Jules candies, and I talk about her experiences with #postpartum, her new journey through unexpected #motherhood, what she's learned about herself, and her newfound #purpose. You and find Little Jules, a delicious, healthy, teeth-friendly candy, and all of the wonderful information and videos Dr. Leedia shares at All my listeners can get 10% off of their order by using the code DRLEEDIA


Feminine Health

Our Mom-Guest Nikita Johnson, OBST-C, CBD, WHS, shares why knowledge about our personal feminine health is power as well as ways our community can do our part to reduce the rate of maternal mortality for black women. You can find more information at Make sure you get your copy of the Navigating My Crazy Success Planner for Busy Moms at


Let's Talk About Domestic Violence

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The discussion for episode 21 is a candid discussion with my mom, Diane Varner, about her own over 20-year experience with domestic violence, #motherhood, and the effects on her mental health and relationship with her children. #DomesticViolenceAwarenes The Navigating My Crazy Podcast is one of the sponsors for #AWalkForChange an event to bring awareness to domestic violence & its victims happening October 19th. For more information contact the...


Marriage & Mental Health Part V: Becoming A Step Parent

Part V of the #Marriage & #MentalHealth Series is a discussion with MomGuest, Jessica Lacy, about becoming a stepmom. Jessica is a Life Coach and hosts a podcast, Love Your Whole Body. The Navigating My Crazy Success Planner for Busy Moms is now available for purchase. Are you ready to get motivated, achieve goals, and get organized? Pick up a copy for you and a mom friend at


Marriage & Mental Health Part IV: Separated

When you and your spouse make the decision to separate it can be for many different reasons, but this is the time to decide if it will lead to long term separation, divorce, reconciliation, or the waiting period before legally finalizing the dissolution of marriage. So many decisions to be made during this time, but keep you and your children's mental health on the top of the list of importance. This episode will answer some questions received over the last three weeks of the Marriage &...


Marriage and Mental Health Part III

In the third part of our #MarriageandMetalHealth Series, we are joined by mom-guest Disha Ellis Austin as we discuss marriage, motherhood, divorce, and making marriage work a second time around with her ex-husband, Shane, as they prepare for their upcoming nuptials. #marriageworks Sickness, losing yourself, and lack of communication are just a few of the topics we will be discussing on this #talkitouttuesday. #mentalwellness #motherhood #loveandmarriage


Marriage and Mental Health Part II

On this 17 episode of the Navigating My Crazy Podcast, we are joined by Pat Davis, mother, retired nurse/teacher, and wife of 50 years to her husband Billy. Mrs. Pat is also the author of "Life is Common Ground" can be purchased on Amazon - Her second book the "50 Year Love Story" will be out shortly. Mrs. Pat shares some amazing gems on how they have been able to withstand the test and trials of life, love, and marriage.


Marriage and Mental Health Part 1

#Marriage is hard work. This episode will be the first in a series of discussions about marriage and mental health. I wanted to share my family's journey as we are in the thick of navigating our crazy and #Divorce. The Navigating My Crazy: Success Planner for Busy Moms will be available for purchase in the next two weeks. Need a planner that helps you track your goals, important events, meal planning, and shopping list? Well, the Success Planner for Busy Moms is DEFINITELY for you!! They...


Navigating Being a Woman in Corporate Leadership and Marital Partnership

Being a woman in corporate America is hard, but compound that with being a mom and wife and you have to ensure balance and the support necessary to thrive and prosper is there. #womeninleadership Our discussion with Mom-Guest, Nina Johnson how has been in leadership for many years offers us valuable insight, tips, and resources like book The Servant Leader by James C. Hunter. #womenempowerment Listen in and let us know if what helps you navigate through the crazy! Need a resource to hold...


Helping Others Through Your Storm

Our Guest-Mom, Sarah Thompson, mother of the little founders of #Helmets4Helmets, shares her experience over the last couple of years of balancing daily life, motherhood, creating #EpilepsyAwareness and managing the daily seizures her son Bryson has to endure. Bryson and Brock founded The Helmets4Helmets Foundation to provide children with disabilities access to protective equipment or care that is needed for them to live their daily lives as a child. Bryson, who is 7, started having...