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Discover How to Nourish the Soul Through Change

In this Week’s Nourish the Soul we will continue to explore change! Join me as we go on a journey to discover how to nourish the soul during periods of transition ✨ I’m ready to help you understand how feeding the mind (not the soul) during change not only makes change more challenging but actually creates opportunities to get swept away by your thoughts and feelings? Emotions are what feed the need to control situations. What happens to us when we NEED to control? 👉Do we feel balanced and...


Change and Your Body From a Mind, Body & Soul Perspective

Have you ever come down with a cold right before a big event? OR Have you ever got sick in the middle of a big move, right after starting a new job, around the holiday season, ending a relationship, getting married, or losing a loved one? What do these things all have in common? They are all significant times of change! In this week's Nourish the Soul we will continue to dive into the topic of change as we look closer at how the body is a tool for us to see how comfortable we truly are with...


Stand in Your Power with Change and Food

In this week’s Nourish the Soul we will be diving into the topic of change and food! Join me for an exciting show as we look deeper at the thoughts and feelings that arise during times of change and how they can influence your relationship with food and your body! I want to know how do you feel about change? Let’s go on a journey to see how your beliefs about change truly impact the relationship you have with your whole-self – mind, body & soul! Ever have something unexpected come up in your...


The Power of One Word

How can something as small as word become a tool that changes your entire life? Well, to put things simply within this small word resides an incredible power, especially when you walk your talk with it. On this week’s Nourish the Soul will close out this month’s theme “Relationships” by looking at the power of one word, NO. How many of you find it difficult to say no to people? Are you curious to explore what happens to you mentally, physically and spiritually as you say YES to others and No...


What You Seek is Seeking You

Have you ever felt like you could hardly be around someone because they bothered you so much? Perhaps after spending time in their company, you find yourself deep in the blame game as you rationalize what irks you about them? “He is so lazy, it’s unbelievable – I don’t how they made him senior partner…” It seems in their presence your mind loses all sense of control and you find everything they say or do to be so annoying… Sound familiar to anyone? C’mon we’ve all had that ONE (or more)...



Why is it all relationships seem to offer us challenges to overcome? Can you recall one relationship where your union was 100 percent seamless – no bumps along the way? From parents, friends, life partners to siblings, relationships test us by challenging the parts of ourselves we have yet to master. Are you curious to learn how relationships from a soul’s perspective are opportunities for growth and transcendence? Would you like to see how limiting thoughts and feelings can influence your...


Food & Friends

Let’s go on a journey to see how the definition you hold about friendship can impact the relationship you have with food & your body Ever have a friendship where you vowed to be there for them no matter? Yes – OK – So now you’ve suddenly found yourself super involved in their life – feeling all the things they’re going through and as a result, you start to feel drained, overwhelmed or off… How did you make yourself feel better- Ever find food or drink to do the trick? In this week’s Nourish...


Forgiveness Continued

Forgiving yourself is freedom! It’s how you truly let go. How would you like to feel energetically lighter, freer, and happier? What if you could lose weight, increase your energy levels, and truly walk in well-being by releasing the story of your past – what happened, who hurt you, and how broken you are. Join me as we dive even deeper into the impact forgiveness can have on your mind, body & spirit. Tune in to hear the letter from the winner of my “Let it Go” contest! This will be an...


Food and Forgiveness

Has your journey to find balance with food been a maze of diets and exercise plans? Are you tired of going up and down on the scale and with your feelings? How do we permanently heal our relationship with food? Is the root to freedom with food, food? OR is it forgiveness? How do we become truly at peace and in alignment with our whole self? The multi-billion diet industry wants us to keep buying the next book, supplement or coaching program, but do these things provide permanent solutions?...


Healing The Heart Through Storytelling

Have you ever struggled to move beyond a painful event or past hurt? Do you find it therapeutic to journal when you’re upset? Are you curious about how storytelling can empower you to live a life of bliss? Well, you’re in luck! This Wednesday I will be interviewing a special guest, Diana Raab – Author award-winning author, poet, essayist, blogger, and educator. Come along as we explore how writing is a transformational tool to Nourish the Soul and change the way you think and feel about your...


Switch the Zen Light on Within

Who is ready to switch the “Zen” light on within for Bliss in life today? Are you curious about how to create a feeling of calm, peace, and connectedness in your life? What if you could transform your relationships with your body, food, loved ones, work etc by finding ways that help you quiet your mind when you get triggered to feel upset, scared, anger, frustrated? Hmm.. Now, are you ready to start seeing your triggers in life as tools to grow? During June, we have learned so much about our...


The Language of the Soul Transcribed by the Body

Are you ready to improve your energy levels, lose weight, feel happier? This is going to be an exciting show! We have been learning about how to deeply connect to the body to unlock what your soul came here to learn. Join me as we open our hearts up to decoding messages from our truest self through our physical body. Did you know many of us are walking around in chronically stressful states? Rapid and shallow breathing, tense muscles, dilated pupils... Did you realize your body and mind are...


Master The Body to Master Your Life

How present are you to the impact your thoughts and feelings are having on your body? Are you suffering from aches or pains that aren't getting better or going away? Have you been dealing with a physical alignment that is negatively impacting your well-being? Join me this Wednesday for an exciting Nourish the Soul as we continue to explore how to "Befriend the Body to Walk With Freedom & Ease!" With special guest Tah Whitty, Co-owner of TahKole Bio Integration, we will be bringing you on an...


The Journey To Freedom and Ease Through My Body

Would you like to walk in freedom and ease? What if you could by just deepening your connection to your body? Well, you’re in luck! Why? In the month of June Nourish the Soul Radio Talk Show is being sponsored by NY Loves Yoga a Neighborhood Oasis for Yoga, Wellness and Joy & Even Keel Soaps a Brooklyn Based Botanical All-Natural Skin Care Line! These two businesses are all about getting in touch with your body and Nourish the Soul be taking you on a journey to strengthen the bond you have...


More Than A Feeling

Are you ready to get rid of a feeling that is driving you nuts? Tired of feeling anxious, nervous, sad, stressed or worried? Would you like to become less triggered and live more freely? Did you know your feelings shape the way you see the world and how you respond to your life circumstances? Think about it – we make choices in our daily life based on how we feel, don’t we? “I feel tired so I’ll take a nap or I feel hungry so I will eat.” Feelings are emotional states of being or reactions –...


Plant Seeds of Health and Happiness

Did you know that just ONE incident in your life can change the way you see yourself for the WHOLE rest of your life? Yes, ONE incident can plant a seed of fear, anxiety, scarcity, anger, and insecurity deep within. One incident can nurture unhealthful thoughts which lead to limiting behaviors and beliefs about yourself for years to come. ONE incident can impact how you eat, how you take care of your body, how you date, who you marry, how you raise your kids, how you spend your money, and...


Thinking and Eating Love and Gratitude

Would you like to be on the fast track to making changes in your life? Curious about how to clear unhealthy beliefs and patterns of thought from your mind?? Are you ready to TRANSFORM your relationship to your mind & body? Summer is right around the corner and it’s time to SHINE from the inside out by training yourself to become emotionally fitand inturn shifting your nutrition habits. Did you know the foods you eat and what you think & say about food deeply influences your connectivness to...


Unstuff Your Gut

Most of us can relate to the experience of having butterflies in our stomach, or to a deep-rooted gut feeling, and how often are we told not to ignore our “gut-instinct” when making a decision.... How about this – Ever enter or leave a social situation with an upset stomach or pain in your belly? Did you know our intestines are apart of a dynamic energy system which house and store energy from our life experiences? What if we don’t clear this energy from our gut out? Well, we can end up...


Become Healthy And Happy From The Inside

Miriam Webster defines “WELL-BEING” as the following: a state of being happy, healthy, and successful. How many of you would enjoy feeling mentally strong, physically fit, and prosperous ALL at once AND right now? Have you ever been caught in an “if-then” trap? “I’ll be happy if… “When I lose 20 lbs then… “If I make x amount dollars then I’ll be…” Do you struggle to maintain a healthy attitude and outlook about your life? “If you could grow roots of happiness, health, and prosperity deep...


The Fight For Beauty

This week Nourish the Soul will have a SPECIAL Guest Jenny Ququndah, known as Jenny Q, ALL the way from Joshua Tree, California to share her breathtaking story of how love truly heals and ignites the soul. In 2014 a very health conscious Jenny fell into a coma proceeding a routine medical procedure gone wrong. She awoke 6 days later learning she had suffered an infection leading to multi-organ failure, been placed in the ICU, and as a result, both her legs and 5 fingers had been amputated....