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Dear Body My Ex-Enemy

Today my body is a wonderful home that hosts my mind & soul! My body is no longer an enemy of mine, but rather an EX enemy of mine. Would you like to become EX’s with a body you can’t stand, a body you feel is cheating on you or a body that’s no good? Want to know how to break away from this soul-crushing relationship so you can start your journey towards complete self-love and acceptance of your body? Breaking up can be painful, but wouldn’t it be cool to be able to hang out with this ex...


Your Best You

Are you tired of beating yourself up about not eating 100 percent clean or making it to the gym every day of the week? Does going outside of a structured routine with food and exercise make you feel shameful or like you have done something bad? How about this – do you put a lot of pressure on yourself to workout and eat right? Your Best You! Losing Hate & Gaining Love will be a powerful Nourish the Soul where we will explore our self-image and the ideas, messages, and beliefs we create about...


The Shift

Last week's show hit home for so many of my listeners. Many of us have lost our personal power to alcohol at some point or another. This week Nourish the Soul will be continuing the conversation of TRUE POWER while providing you with a deeper understanding of how to shift your mindset as you begin to have new conversations about alcohol, food, and your body. Come prepared to learn even more about accessing your TRUE POWER from within. We will be exploring what that sounds like, looks like,...


True Power: Creating Calm. The Space Between Our Heart & Mind.

What does it mean to be truly powerful? Join me for a riveting Nourish the Soul as we learn how to ignite the light within ourselves and shape our well-being. Would you like to feel strong, steady, calm, and confident? How would you like to return balance to your eating patterns and ultimately your body? In life, we will be challenged to react. Underneath anger, pain, sorrow, and hurt is expansion – growth. In our soul’s journey, there is an intrinsic opportunity to choose how to respond...


Stand In Your Power

Join me to explore how to "Stand In Your Power!" As we let go of past hurt we will uncover the benefits of essential oils in unearthing our truest potential. We've discovered the body and food are amazing tools to see ourselves more deeply. In this segment, we will expand on the vitality within essential oils when combined with energy work to renew, rebalance, and rebirth our well-being! With SPECIAL GUEST Stephanie, Owner of Metalicous and WholeLifeNYC as we will dive deep into the magic...


Balance Your Body for Renewed Vitality

This week we will continue to look at how to “MAXIMIZE YOUR POTENTIAL” by further exploring the signals of the body to look closer at our mental, physical and spiritual well-being. A runny nose, cough, achy neck, headaches, hair loss, gaining weight or sprained foot? Do you feel like you are aging too fast? What could your body be trying to tell you? How tired are you – of feeling tired… Come learn MORE about your triggers to binge eating, binge drinking, shopping etc and what dis-eases...


Maximize Your Potential: Awaken to the Vitality of Food & the Body! PART 2

Have you ever felt down and out and sat on the couch with chips and a candy bar? Ever wake up the next day and feel stuffed, sluggish, tired and achy? How many of you have ever cut your finger, skinned your knee, or stubbed your toe and immediately wished you could JUST escape the PAIN? During this LIVE show, we will expand our understanding of how stuffing our emotions down creates energetic imbalances in the body! Just like food the body is an extraordinary tool to learn our soul’s...


Maximize Your Potential: Awaken to the Vitality of Food and the Body

Have you ever picked up on someone’s vibe? Has it ever affected how you feel around them? Or have you ever eaten a food that weighed you down or made you feel heavy? I can guarantee you answered YES to at least one if not all of these questions! Why? Because we are energy beings and the world we live in is made up of various vibrational frequencies. We usually describe the energy we experience in our world in the context of feelings… “this feels good, this feels hot, this feels heavy,...


Nutritious Relationships

Have you ever had binge eating rituals with your husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend? Or have you ever used alcohol to “loosen up” and “connect” with someone, but somehow ended up going overboard? Do you ever turn to food or alcohol when going through a break-up or a rough patch with a partner? Join host, Elizabeth Tripp, as we dive deeper into the True Sustenance of Life and what it really means to walk in a truly nutritious relationship someone you love! Are you ready to serve your SOUL...


What is the True Sustenance of Life? Food or Love?

What keeps you healthy and happy? Join Elizabeth Tripp as she explores the true source of optimal health and well-being. Is food what truly sustains your well-being and peace of mind? Is it possible to walk with radiance, optimal health, and have nutritive relationships while just watching what you eat? JUST IN TIME FOR VALENTINES! If you truly love someone, you buy them chocolate, wine, and a dinner out — don’t you? Does food = Love?


Eat And Stay Thin: A Spiritual Guide to Weight Loss Part 2 Letting Go

What if losing weight is as easy as choosing to let go? Listen in to PART 2 of Eat & Stay Thin as we explore more deeply the conundrum weight loss. On last weeks show, we explored the spiritual and energetic perspective of fat and it’s ability to act as a protective barrier as it holds and stores our emotions. This week come learn how “letting go” of past hurt, stress, anger, fear, and really any unpleasant emotion results in a complete shift in your energy and vibration while providing...


Eat And Stay Thin: A Spiritual Guide to Weight Loss

It’s the 4th week of 2018 and I know millions of people in America and around the world promised themselves they would lose weight at the stroke of midnight just a few weeks ago. How’s it going? Join Elizabeth as she explores the conundrum of weight loss. Learn about how loving your body and knowing you are enough is 100% the cure for getting to a healthy body weight. Explore the spiritual and energetic perspective of weight and why we pack on pounds. Understand your struggle with weight...


Feeding the Soul by Fasting From the Inner Critic

An empty belly looks better in the mirror, doesn’t it?” My answer to this question used to be yes. I used to be trapped in a “food & body prison” where I told myself I was too fat, too big, too this or too that, the list goes on and on. At times I felt like I should NOT eat, or I was so overwhelmed that I physically could NOT eat. What if you could learn to live happily and freely by feeding your soul and fasting from the inner critic. Join me as we explore the root causes of restrictive...


A Day in the Life of a Chocolate Bar

Discover how chocolate is a tool to learn and grow on this wild journey called life. On the show, you will learn how deep-rooted beliefs and unhealthy patterns of thought influence your relationship with chocolate and sweets. Experience a special share from a listener about her struggles with chocolate, and hear a personal story from Elizabeth Tripp about the day in the life of a "chocolate Santa." Come find out how Elizabeth cleared herself of needing validation from others and ultimately...


New Year New You

Let's make this year different than the rest! During this LIVE show of "New Year New You" you will understand why resolutions don't work, experience a LIVE on-air transformation, and hear an insightful story from Elizabeth Tripp, Owner & Founder of Nourish the Soul, about how it's possible to birth a new beginning with your body and food, that can last a lifetime!


The Premiere of Nourish the Soul

Listen in as Elizabeth Tripp, Owner & Founder of Nourish the Soul; her private practice in New York, NY, is interviewed by Executive Producer of TalkRadio.NYC. Listen in on Nourish the Soul's premiere show on Talking Alternative Broadcasting where the listeners get to learn more about Elizabeth, her special gifts, her path to success, and what Nourish The Soul radio talk show at its core is all about!


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