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A weekly show about cannabis, hemp, culture, and the implications of it all.

A weekly show about cannabis, hemp, culture, and the implications of it all.


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A weekly show about cannabis, hemp, culture, and the implications of it all.






Episode 8 – Sam Clauder

Sam Clauder, a co-author of California’s three strikes law, enacted in 1994, sits down with Eddy and Damon to discuss the nastiness of working in politics and legislation. Noted in his biography as a consultant, journalist, educator, life coach, political advocate and organizer, actor, producer, and writer, among many other careers, he is now retired […]


Episode 7 – Tim Morland

Tim Morland, Director of Compliance and Governmental Affairs for Kiva Confections, joined Eddy and Damon for an insightful and candid conversation about California compliance issues, and how they affect everyone in the chain. They cover topics such as taxation and how it affects product pricing to the consumer, watching the current frenzy of acquisitions within […]


Episode 6 – Wes Tuttle

Wes Tuttle joins Eddy and Damon to talk about being the first dispensary owner and operator in California’s Berkeley in the late 90s. Wes had a stroke a few years ago, and is now struggling to communicate his thoughts vocally, as well as have basic independence outside the confines of his wheelchair. To make matters […]


Episode 5 – Wayne Justmann

Wayne Justmann is “Patient 1” under California Proposition 215. He joined Eddy and Damon for a conversation to reminisce Prop 215’s originations, and mourn the loss of many of their dear friends to the AIDS virus, and a multitude of other diseases that made life difficult in California in the 1980s and 1990s. They also […]


Episode 4 – Patrick Goggin

Patrick Goggin is a Senior Attorney at Hoban Law Group. Mr. Goggin began working on medical cannabis regulation in San Francisco around 2005, and has represented clients throughout Northern California on compliance issues and permitting of all aspects of medical/commercial cannabis activity. – Patrick sits down with Eddy and Damon to talk about newregulations and […]


Episode 3 – Steven Domingo

Steven Domingo, founder and CEO of WeDrop – a canna company focusing on delivery and logistics in California – sits down with Eddy and Damon to talk shop about the history of the cannabis industry, cannabis as a medicine for serious illness, disinformation/propaganda about cannabis, social division in prison and outside, the powers of cannabis […]


Episode 2 – Richie Ledreagle

Eddy and Damon sit down with Native American activist, lyricist, artist, and filmmaker — Richie Ledreagle. They speak candidly, from the heart, about the issues facing Native youth across the country, how to work together to achieve goals, coming together as fellow humans, improving the quality of life of Indigenous People, cleaning up the earth’s […]


Episode 1 – Kristin Heidelbach

Eddy Lepp and co-host Damon Bates, speak with Kristin Heidelbach, head of the cannabis division for the Teamsters, just in time for Labor Day! They explore women in cannabis, the “enemy” in the room, culture surrounding women cultivators, the organized labor legacy, putting the middle class back together, divisiveness, and legal processes that surround the […]