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I help people OUTPERFORM personally, professionally and athletically.

I help people OUTPERFORM personally, professionally and athletically.
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I help people OUTPERFORM personally, professionally and athletically.








Jenn Delaney: Optimizing Your Health

“For me, it’s about what I can do on a small level to fix or change or tweak what I have going on…because the only metric that I can measure against is ME.” — Jenn Delaney. Jenn Delaney is an entrepreneur, focusing on reducing pain and inflammation, one cell at a time. Jenn recently interviewed me for an online health summit she hosted and in this episode, Jenn and I discuss how to look, think, feel and perform better. She gives insights on how to start doing this immediately and how to take...


Chris Wirth: No Quit Living

"Positive anything is better than negative nothing. It doesn't mean that everything will always be wonderful and great, but wherever you are or whatever you're doing, if you attack ANYTHING with a positive attitude you'll have a better chance for success." — Chris Wirth. Chris Wirth is the Founder and President of No Quit Living, a Speaking, Coaching and Training Company that helps teams and corporations to improve accountability, effectiveness and efficiency. Chris is also the host of the...


Juli Lassow: Developing a Growth Mindset

"To anyone who's thinking about the journey, take a moment to put yourself 1, 2, 5 years into the future and really think about what that change in your life could be and use that to motivate and keep you excited about moving forward." — Juli Lassow. Juli Lassow is an accomplished Sourcing Strategist, with 15+ years of experience in progressive leadership roles in sourcing, project management, inventory management and buying for Target Corporation. She is committed to the belief that to...


Kelly Anderson: Embracing The Suck

"Your mind grows with what you feed it. So, if I'm constantly giving my mind images of 'no excuses' and 'you just need to get it done,' then that is what I grew to believe. And that grew the belief in myself." — Kelly Anderson. In this episode, Kelly Anderson shares her journey of losing 101 pounds (and counting!), what it took for her to FINALLY make the change that has altered the course of her life, her strategies for developing discipline and an "Outperforming mindset," and her advice...


Justin Hansen: Not Accepting the Status Quo

"I used to accept the status quo and do just enough to get by, but then something happened that made me motivated...to be BETTER" — Justin Hansen. Justin Hansen is a sales and general manager for PN products, a plastic thermal forming company. In this episode, he discusses overcoming adversity after the closing of the Ford Motor plant, his favorite daily routines to show up at the office at his best and how he transitioned from doing "just enough to get by" to Outperforming The Norm. You can...


Shelly Blanchard: Unconditional Positive Regard

"No matter what you've done or what's been done to you, I'm still going to support you...and cheer you on" — Shelly Blanchard. Shelly Blanchard does online counseling and tele-therapy for people to help them deal with trauma and move past unresolved conflicts. During this episode, we discussed mental health, including depression, love and unconditional positive regard, and why these things are so important for us to Outperform. Shelly and I also graduated high school together in Albany, MN,...