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This doctor's patients really take his advice to heart

Dr. Neil Skolnik knew something had to change when he found himself out of breath as he walked through Philadelphia International Airport on his way to give a lecture on—of all things—diabetes. Though he wasn't diabetic, he also wasn't in good shape. Through diligent diet and exercise, Dr. Skolnik lost weight, started to exercise, and got a handle on his diet. What's more, the patients who hadn't truly heard his advice in the past really started to listen. Some have lost weight, and...


Alexa Drubay's style of yoga will get you laughing

When you head to a yoga class led by Alexa Drubay, leave your mat behind. You won't be doing downward-facing dog or a sun salutation. But if you're like the majority of her students, you'll leave class feeling less stressed and more at peace. It's all thanks to laughter yoga, which combines deep breathing and mindfulness meditation with playful games and spontaneous laughter. Laughter yoga is believed to reduce stress hormones, lift the mood and relax the mind and body. Alexa leads...


Thanks to this med student, your doctor may someday prescribe fresh fruits and veggies

Sarayna Schock understands the importance of good nutrition from a patient's perspective and, now, from a doctor's perspective. After educating herself and modifying her own unhealthy diet, Sarayna connected the dots between good nutrition, better health, and local agricultural practices. A third-year medical student at Penn State College of Medicine, Sarayna is the creator of ProduceRx, a unique program that uses a doctor's prescription pad to connect people who need more fruits and...


Dr. Allan Wulc on measuring and perfecting the human face

Dr. Allan Wulc knows a thing or two about looking good. A Philadelphia-area plastic surgeon specializing in facial procedures, Dr. Wulc brings his background in the arts and a fascination for human beauty to his practice of helping restore and enhance his patients' faces. In this episode, Dr. Wulc explains to Andy how perceptions of beauty have changed over time and what generally makes for a beautiful face. (Plus, he explains toward the end of the episode how he could improve Andy and...


Med students Tyler Rainer and Matthew Trifan tell us a story

Med students don't treat patients until their third year in their program—they spend a lot of time in the classroom until that year. So it's no surprise that third- and fourth-year students have a lot of interesting stories from their first days on the front lines of medicine. In this episode, Andy listens to two young storytellers: Tyler Rainer and Matthew Trifan, fourth-year med students at the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University. Both share compelling stories from their...


Dr. Alan Haber on how telling stories has helped—and not helped—patients

I find that sharing something personal can level the playing field—but whether people want that or not can be a little harder to say. Lung specialist Dr. Alan Haber may not define himself as a storyteller, but he's certainly found a way of capturing some of the most poignant moments from his years as a physician. He took second place in a storytelling competition hosted by the Annals of Internal Medicine, and he's published columns in prominent medical journals that explore his family...


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