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Telling the empowering stories of the people, community and Pelotons who will end cancer.

Telling the empowering stories of the people, community and Pelotons who will end cancer.
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Telling the empowering stories of the people, community and Pelotons who will end cancer.






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7. For Isaac

For Jeremie Smith and Maggie Wetzel, the best news was followed by some of the worst news. In 2016, they lived near Champaign-Urbana, Illinois and she was expecting their son Isaac. Not long after, she was told she also had breast cancer. In the midst of all this, Maggie was preparing to complete her PhD and a move to Columbus, Ohio was on the horizon. In his rider profile, Jeremie writes: “We felt like a category 5 hurricane was blowing through our lives and all we could do was hold on,...


6. Gift of Opportunity

If there is one word that defines Stefanie Spielman’s legacy, it’s "warrior." Even in her absence, her inspiring and motivating presence is still felt. Shannon Peterson, a close friend of Stefanie, wanted to do something to further Stefanie’s message of "continue to fight, continue to live." She did just that and founded Stefanie’s Team of Hope. We’re joined by Shannon, along with Peloton member Debra Amling and Stefanie’s daughter Maddie. Learn about our One Goal.


5. The Cancer Coach

If there’s anything that describes Gabe Gemberling, it’s the words "joyful energy." Gabe radiates happiness. Through being Brutus and his own health journey, he is very health conscious. In fact, before this conversation, he brought us a batch of vegetable juice he made in his own home juicer. In total, Gabe's "Team Brutus" Peloton has raised over $13,000 so far. His rider profile says: "I am personally committed to spending every waking moment actively being an ambassador for The James...


4. Change of Plans

Joe Apgar serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Pelotonia. But in 2008 as a college student at Penn State, his mind suddenly shifted from class to cancer. And in less than 12 hours, he went from his dorm room to the surgery room. This whirlwind of events was just the start his inspiring journey. In fact, his life has had another change of focus. Learn about our One Goal.


3. Never Enough I Love You's

The Team Nationwide Peloton has raised over 1.1 million dollars and counting and they list 60 strong. In 2018, one of those volunteers change to rider because of another list, except this list was incredibly personal. Sarah Yetzer lost her husband Eric in 2011. Before he passed, he gave her a list of three things to do. While Sarah has made impressive progress in the face of tragedy, she still isn’t done. Learn about our One Goal.


2. A Better Weapon

"The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible." That quote from Arthur C. Clarke is on Shannon Rece’s public rider profile. It summarizes this amazing woman and mother of two’s journey thus far because so many “impossible” things happened along the way. Employed by major funding partner L-Brands, Shannon heard about Pelotonia early on. She’s raised over 200 thousand dollars all of which has been made possible by the incredible team of...


1. Victory's In Sight

In the fall of 2015, Brian Baker was playing a game of basketball that may have quite literally saved his life. A hard foul he took during the game set off a chain of events that drastically altered the next four years. Six years earlier, his wife Lachandra was hearing about a new community bike ride that is devoted to raising funds for cancer research. Of course, neither Brian or Lachandra had any idea that these events would both quickly become intertwined with one another. Learn about...


Season One Preview

Pelotonia is proud to announce, One Goal - a podcast telling the stories of the people, community and Pelotons who will end cancer. Learn about our One Goal.