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I’m Gloria Moraga, I’m a political woman and I Vote.


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I’m Gloria Moraga, I’m a political woman and I Vote.








My Nancy Pelosi Story - Great to Know and Report on a Real Hero

I was a young reporter covering the California Delegation for Cox Broadcasting. She was a young Congresswoman from San Francisco. Speaker Nancy Pelosi went on to become the most powerful woman in Congress, but she remained the same strong, outspoken warrior for Civil Rights and Women's Rights that I first met decades ago. This is my Nancy Pelosi story.


What is the Midterm Curse? And How did Biden Beat it?

Franklin Roosevelt did it. So did Bill Clinton and George W.Bush. Some historians may disagree with me, but John Kennedy did it too. And now add President Biden to this list. He's beat the Midterm curse. We still need to see what happens in the House. But we can be sure there was no Red Wave from Republicans in this Midterm Election. Democrats keep control of the United States Senate. And they may keep the House of Representatives as well. Whatever happens, when all the votes are counted,...


If It Really Is The Economy, Stupid, Then Vote For A Democrat

If It Really Is The Economy, Stupid, Then Vote For A Democrat. Every Economic Disaster in American History happened Under a Republican President. Of course, Republicans in Congress helped. Here is the list. Herbert Hoover - Republican: 1929 Stock Market Crash and Depression. Ronald Reagan - Republican: 1982 Recession. Cut taxes for Ultra-Rich, then Raised Taxes three times, including a payroll tax which hurt "Reagan Democrats." Tripled the Deficit. George W. Bush - Republican: The...


How Republicans Plan to Steal Your Social Security

There are a couple of plans. Republicans are considering stealing your Social Security. How they pull it off is easy - The Debt Ceiling Vote. Every few years, Congress has to raise the Debt Ceiling. It is not a move that Increases Spending. It is required to pay for Existing Debt. If Republicans win the U.S. House of Representatives, they will hold President Biden and Democrats Hostage by blocking the Debt Ceiling vote. This happened before and it can devastate an already fragile...


Prop.27 - Mobile - Online Gambling

Legalizes Mobile Gambling. A Yes vote means you want more gambling. You want to be able to bet on sports games online and on your phone or in your home if you are 21 years or older. A No Vote means you are against gambling online. Indian tribes and affiliated businesses would operate gambling. This is the official language from the Ballot: Proposition 27 allows Indian tribes and affiliated businesses to operate online/mobile sports wagering outside tribal lands. Directs revenues to...


Prop. 26 - Expands In-Person Gambling on Tribal Lands

Prop. 26 - Expands In-Person Gambling on Tribal Lands and more. Proposition 26 would also allow Sports Betting at some California Race Tracks and add Roulette and Dice Games at Tribal Casinos. Yes means More In-Person gambling in California. Yes means you want to allow Sports betting at Tribal Casinos and four California Racetracks. Yes allows roulette and dice games (or Craps) on Tribal lands. A No Vote means No expansion of gambling in California. Period. At Tribal casinos or the...


Proposition 30 - Taxes the Rich - For Clean Air, Electric Cars and Firefighting

Proposition 30 -Taxes the Rich - For Clean Air, Electric Cars, and Firefighting. A Yes Vote Means you support tax increases on high-income earners to pay for clean air programs, like electric vehicle incentives, charging station installation, and the hiring and training of firefighters. No Means No income tax increases. Taxpayers would pay an additional tax of 1.75 percent on personal income above $2 million annually. For more on Prop. 20 read my...


Prop. 28 - More Funding for Arts and Music in Public Schools

Prop. 28 - More Funding for Arts and Music in Public Schools. Barely one in five California public schools have full-time art or music programs. Prop. 28 provides additional funding to ensure every PK–12 public school student has access to arts and music education. Prop 28 does not raise taxes. It also protects existing education funding. Yes, Means you want the state to expand Arts and Music Programs, No Means you want to keep Arts and music at current levels. For More on Prop....


Prop. 29 - Kidney Dialysis Clinics and Doctors On-Site

Prop. 29 - Kidney Dialysis Clinics and Doctors On-Site. What does your Yes or No Vote Mean on Proposition 29? Here is what Proposition 29 is proposing. A Yes Vote Means you want these changes to be made at Kidney Dialysis Clinics in California. A No Vote Means you want the regulations to stay the same, with no changes. To read the blog on Proposition 29 For more on all the...


Proposition 31 - The Sale of Flavored Tobacco Products - Yes or No

Prop. 31 asks California voters whether we should ban Flavored Tobacco. But we are not voting up or down on this issue. Instead, we are voting on a 2020 Referendum that bans some FLAVORED TOBACCO products. Here is what your Yes or No vote means. A Yes Vote means you support that law. Yes means you DO NOT want flavored tobacco sold in California. NO means you don’t like the law. Vote No if you want to be able to buy flavored tobacco cigarettes or other flavored tobacco products. Please...


Jan. 6 Congressional Committee Subpoenas Former President

Here are my Highlights of the final January 6 Committee's Investigation into the Attack on the U.S. Capitol: Speaker Pelosi threatened to Punch President Trump in the face if he showed up at the Capitol. I sourced some of the material in the podcast episode from Jamie Dupree; he is the author of the newsletter called "Regular Order." He is a veteran Capitol Reporter and a good friend. I highly recommend you subscribe to his newsletter. Here is the link:


Prop. 1- Abortion Amendment- What Does Your Yes or No Vote Mean

Prop. One Abortion - What Does Your Yes or NoVote Mean? California's Proposition One - Abortion Rights - What Does Your Yes or No Vote Mean? Proposition 1 Amends the California State Constitution to guarantee a woman's right to reproductive freedom. Abortion is legal in California. This Amendment, before the voters on the November Ballot, would give women additional legal reproductive protection. A Yes vote means you want to amend the California Constitution to include a Woman’s right to...



REDISTRICTING OUR VOTING RIGHTS AWAY - WHY WE NEED TO WATCH THE SUPREME COURT. It's happening right now in States across the country. Republican legislatures use redistricting, also known as Gerrymandering, to make it more difficult for Democratic or Moderate candidates to win. On Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court heard a case from Alabama that is another effort to dismantle the Voting Rights Act. If the court rules with Alabama, other States will follow suit. And make it more difficult to...


Riot at the Capitol - Trump Does Nothing

The Eighth Hearing of the January 6 Committee Investigating the Attack on the U.S. Capitol documented what President Trump did while two women died and Capitol Police and rioters were injured. As bad as it was, it could have been worse. Using videotape, sworn testimony, and subpoenaed documents, the Committee presented a timeline showing what happened on Capitol Hill and what Trump was doing or not doing. For more on this story, visit my website,


#7 ”Summoning The Mob”

The Seventh Hearing Jan. 6 Congressional Hearing featured testimony from Jason Van Tatenhove, Former Oath Keepers Spokesperson, and Stephen Ayres, a January 6th, Defendant. The Committee used videotape, social media posts, and testimony from former Trump administration officials to show the former President's connection to right-wing, para-military groups. And lawmakers documented why he called on his supporters to March on the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. For links and more on this story,...


#6 Cassidy Hutchinson’s Great Notes and Quotes

The House Select Committee Investigating January 6, 2021, Attack on the U.S. Capitol welcomed Cassidy Hutchinson into the hearing room on Tuesday, June 28, 2022. Hearing number six highlighted Cassidy Hutchinson's Great Notes and Quotes. Hutchinson was an aide to Mark Meadows, Donald Trump's chief of staff. And she was great. For more on this podcast and this story, visit


“Just say it (the Election) was Corrupt...

The fifth hearing of the House Select Committee into the investigation of the January 6 Attack on the U.S. Capitol put the Department of Justice in the spotlight. Testimony from three former Justice Department Attorney's focused on January 3, 2021, meeting at the White House. I have posted a blog on this episode on my website. You can find the story here:


Jan. 6 Select Committee Hearing #4 - ”11,780 Votes”

The fourth Hearing of the House Select Committee on the Jan. 6 Attack on the Capitol features State Election Officials who a lame-duck president pressured to falsify vote counts. Witnesses included Rusty Bowers, Arizona House Speaker; Gabriel Sterling, Georgia Secretary of State Chief Operating Officer and Brad Raffensperger, Georgia Secretary of State. Raffensperger's testimony was backed up by an infamous audio recording of then-President Trump pressuring him to come up with 11,780...


The Third Jan. 6 Congressional Hearing - All About Pence

One of the witnesses at the third Jan. 6 Congressional Hearing was Greg Jacob, he was Counsel to Vice President Mike Pence. He was also with the Vice President during the insurrection. When President Trump became obsessed with Pence blocking the certification of the 2020 Presidential Election, Jacob was the one who researched whether that would be possible. Jacob conducted a thorough analysis of the role of the Vice President in a joint session of Congress under the Constitution, the...


”The Big Lie was also the Big Rip-Off” - Jan. 6 Committee Hearing Two

This is a quote from the testimony of Amanda Wick, Senior Investigative Counsel for the House Select Committee Investigating Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. "Between Election Day and January 6th, the Trump campaign sent millions of fundraising emails to Trump supporters, sometimes as many as 25 a day. The emails claimed the quote, "Leftwing mob was undermining the election," implored supporters to quote, "Step up to protect the integrity of the election," and encourage them to repeat,...