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Join our healthcare journey on Mondays With Mel, a PRC podcast

Join our healthcare journey on Mondays With Mel, a PRC podcast
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Join our healthcare journey on Mondays With Mel, a PRC podcast




Jenn Kerns & Janet Botkin

Grab your best friend at work and listen to the latest Mondays With Mel where Janet Botkin, Director of Survey Design and Scripting and Jenn Kerns, Associate Director of Data Analysis and Reporting, discuss Margaret Heffernan’s, “Forget the Pecking Order at Work” TED Talk. In this podcast episode, two PRC leaders highlight their takeaways from the TED Talk and apply those key points to work life.


Patient Experience Week

*Bonus Episode* Whether you are the caregiver or patient, one particular healthcare visit is delightfully engrained in your mind. Hear 5 detailed stories on exceptional patient experience in the new Mondays With Mel episode as we celebrate the Beryl's Institute's Patient Experience Week. Audio Notes: Heart Attack Symptoms in Women


Kathy Boswell

How often do you sit down with your employees and ask about their weekend? Kathy Boswell, Senior Coach at PRC Excellence Accelerator powered by the Healthcare Experience Foundation, expresses the importance of quality time between leaders and their employees to uncover strengths beyond competencies. The motivations behind a person’s daily routine are met with cross-generational teamwork. With a large population of the workforce retiring, years of wisdom is fading too. By listening to the...


Cathy Lee

Step inside the world of Cathy Lee, Vice President of Patient Experience, at McLeod Health in South Carolina. Cathy shares philosophies of “Start With Why” from motivational speaker, Simon Sinek, and how these ideas build a powerfully positive healthcare leadership team. Listen to the latest Mondays With Mel to understand how to uncover employees who add to your company’s culture and enrich the patient experience. Audio mentions: Start With WhySimon Sinek Ted TalkSwitch by Chip and Dan...


Hope Brown

Listen to PRC’s Chief Experience Officer, Hope Brown, explain that excellence is not equivalent to perfection through the newsworthy birth story of her fourth son. Tune in for a breakdown of the growing demands for healthcare CXOs and how they contribute to excellence in an evolving market. Did Hope grab your attention? Feel free to check out Trinity University where she received her bachelor's degree or Methodist Hospital who gave her an excellent healthcare experience. Reach out to Hope...


Jim Sifuentes

Join Mel and Jim as they discuss the Chicago community health and the close relationship Saint Anthony Hospital has with their neighbors and community partners to impact health. Jim Sifuentes, Senior Vice President of Mission and Community Development at Saint Anthony Hospital, reveals to PRC the challenges his organization has overcome to improve health and access in the Southside of Chicago. Learn more at