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87: How to Create Success with Your Patients | Dr. Karen Litzy

Dr. Karen Litzy joins Dr. Tim Flynn and Dr. Jeff Moore on Pain Reframed this week! Karen is a physical therapist and host of the podcast: “Healthy, Wealthy, and Smart.” Karen has personally dealt with persistent pain and, therefore, understands how to come alongside patients empathetically and effectively. Karen tells her story of dealing with pain for around a decade. She also shares her wisdom, experience, and insights in how to create success with your patients in their pain journey. Dr....


86: Why We Revolt | Dr. Victor Montori

We are extremely excited to welcome Dr. Victor Montori, author of “Why We Revolt: A Patient Revolution for Careful and Kind Care” to Pain Reframed! Dr. Montori’s book speaks honestly and knowledgeably about the faults of industrial medicine. Dr. Montori’s message is for us to rise up and make this system better for the care of our patients. Dr. Montori, originally from Peru, is a Mayo Clinic Endocrinologist for patients with diabetes, as well as researcher, focusing on ways to make care...


85: You and Your Patients Aren’t all That Different | Dr. Kelly

We have Dr. Kelly joining us on Pain Reframed this week! Dr. Kelly is an osteopathic physician, who is starting her new business, “Counseling International” any day now! Dr. Kelly has incredible passion with her practice and even engages with patients who have been down and out in their lives: those who’ve made mistakes along the way. Dr. Kelly shares some powerful stories of working with patients out of prison and jail and encouraging us that ANY of us could be that person. We’re not as...


84: We Are Thankful for YOU

Happy Thanksgiving! Welcome to a special edition of Pain Reframed! This week, we want to share what we’re thankful for in our Thanksgiving episode. First of all, we are absolutely thankful for YOU! We really appreciate, not only you listening, but also for getting involved and helping to change our profession for the better. It’s beyond amazing how much of a difference you are making. We are so thankful for you. We’ll also share a few more things we are thankful for and give you some...


83: Yoga and Chronic Pain with Sarah Martin

We’ll be discussing the fusion of a traditional medical model with yoga in this week’s episode of Pain Reframed! We welcome Sarah Martin, Physician Assistant and Certified Yoga Therapist, to discuss what she’s doing to blend the traditional treatment of those dealing with pain with utilizing yoga to help enhance healing through the mind body connection. Sarah gives excellent tips in how we, as PTs, can be trained to utilize the mind body connection healing, including different kinds of of...


82: Good Pain and Bad Pain with Jenn Shelton

Today, we have another story from the “patient’s” point of view! We welcome Jenn Shelton, a world-class ultramarathoner, to Pain Reframed to discuss her story and experiences with injury and pain. She has a very fascinating story about how she experienced pain, in a way that’s a little different than what you might expect! You may have heard of Jenn through being featured in the book “Born to Run.” She set course records in several of the most demanding American ultramarathons, becoming one...


81: Neuroinflammatory Mechanisms that Drive Chronic Pain | Dr. Peter Grace

Science News and the media shared some recent research on what morphine does in terms of pain reactivity as well as what is happening with post-surgical opioids. We welcome Dr. Peter Grace to discuss these findings and to unpack this information to help us in this battle against the opioid crisis. Peter has a balanced viewpoint that should give us some good information to consider, going forward. Additionally, Tim, Jeff, and Peter discuss Peter’s current research on understanding the...


80: Physical Therapy as First Point of Care for Low Back Pain | Bianca Frogner

We are so excited to welcome Bianca Frogner to Pain Reframed! Bianca published a paper, in May, titled: “Physical Therapy as the First Point of Care to Treat Low Back Pain: An Instrumental Variables Approach to Estimate Impact on Opioid Prescription, Health Care Utilization, and Costs.” Bianca, Tim, and Jeff will discuss the findings and outcomes from this paper in today’s episode. Bianca is an Associate Professor in the Department of Family Medicine, Director of the Center for Health...


79: We are Being Conditioned to Panic About Pain | Dr. Adriaan Louw

We welcome, back to Pain Reframed, Dr. Adriaan Louw! Adriaan, Jeff, and Tim are discussing ISPI’s new Front Office Program, which is designed to help front office staff to interact with patients in a way that will help them in their healing process. Saying something to a patient and/or treating them in a certain way can, as we know, help or hurt that patient. Our goal is to make the patient’s experience the best possible and to allow for optimal healing. Adriaan also gives us an update on...


78: Reframed Recap: 8th Edition | Colorado Health Education Summit | Dr. Jamie Childs Everitt | Eric Chaconas and Ahmed Rashwan

It’s been a while since we’ve done a Reframed Recap. We’re excited to get back together and dive deeper into the nuggets shared on a couple episodes over the past few months. Dr. Tim Flynn and Dr. Jeff Moore discuss, first of all, some key takeaways and lessons learned from attending the Colorado Health Education Summit! This ties in with episode 76 with Dr. Jamie Childs Everitt. Make sure to listen that episode with Jamie if you haven’t already. They also dig deeper into the conversation...


77: Behavioral Patterns of Individual Patients | Dr. Derek Clewley

Today, we are looking at large data sets, from a population standpoint, asking if there are ways we can figure out why people actually seek out healthcare and solutions to their pain. We welcome Dr. Derek Clewley, from Duke University, who has been researching behavioral attributes towards healthcare services. His goal has been to use this information to predict healthcare utilization, which, of course, can help us to better understand and serve patients with persistent pain. Derek, Tim,...


76: Your Voice is Needed | Dr. Jamie Childs Everett

We have a very special episode for you this week. Dr. Jamie Childs Everett joins us to discuss what she’s doing legislatively to help combat the opioid crisis. Jamie has not, traditionally, been very outspoken, but when she spoke up, the government in Wyoming listened. As a result, things have changed, in a positive way, in the way that individuals with persistent pain will be treated in the state of Wyoming. Jamie will share what she did to help make this happen and what she’s continuing to...


75: Top 5 Commonly Asked Questions from Patients

We have the top five commonly asked questions from patients today! Dr. Tim Flynn is out celebrating his 35th anniversary with his wife, so The Real Brian fills in to help Dr. Jeff Moore answer some of these commonly heard and very important questions that patients typically ask. Our discussion today culminates a lot what we talk about on Pain Reframed into one episode, hitting on some of the essentials! Are you guys saying that damaged structures in our body never cause pain?You hear that...


74: Non-Pharmacological Management is the FIRST Step | Megan Doyle

We strive to continue to bring different perspectives and disciplines of practice on to Pain Reframed to help balance our approach in helping patients. This week, we have an occupational therapist, Megan Doyle, joining us! Megan will be sharing her systems approach in how, why, and when we approach patients with specific information. Using words that help and not harm, for example. The goal is to keep the control in the patient’s hands, but yet to continue to arm them with the right...


73: Addiction Recovery | Eric Chaconas and Ahmed Rashwan

A need exists to address the physical aspect of addiction recovery. That’s the specialty of Advanced Therapy and Wellness. Today, we welcome Eric Chaconas and Ahmed Rashwan to discuss their work and passion in helping individuals recovering from substance use disorder by improving physical function, reducing pain and improving a sense of well being. On this week’s episode, Ahmed, Eric, Tim, and Jeff discuss their conference, APTA Next, the role of physical therapists in regards to...


72: Moments From a Year of Healing | Leda McDaniel

It’s been quite some time since we’ve had an episode focused on the patient side of things. Today’s episode with Leda McDaniel, however, is a bit different as she brings, not only the patient perspective, but also the PT perspective. Leda is a physical therapy student, having access to numerous treatment resources and learning how to deal with pain along her personal journey. She has a powerful story dealing with years of persistent pain and, yet, victories in the long run. Leda wrote a...


71: Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy with Dr. Sara Lazar

This week, we welcome Dr. Sara Lazar, a neuroscientist from Harvard University. Her research focuses mainly on yoga, meditation, and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy to ascertain neural changes that occur with these types of therapy. Dr. Lazar has studied a wide-variety of problems including bipolar disorder, persistent pain, and depression. She will share some exciting information about the research of the cognitive therapies and their effects on persistent pain. Dr. Lazar’s research...


70: Strategies and Wins from the Field: Part 5 | Stephanie Carter Kelley

We have our final episode in the series of Strategies and Wins from the Field. Today, we welcome Stephanie Carter Kelley to Pain Reframed! Stephanie will be sharing how she incorporated Yoga into her Physical Therapy practice and why it’s been so important and helpful for her patients. Stephanie also shares how this incorporation of yoga and PT has been immensely helpful in the treatment of her own chronic pain. Stephanie brings, not only a wealth of knowledge and experience helping others,...


69: Pain Catastrophizing | Dr. Beth Darnall

We welcome back, to Pain Reframed, Dr. Beth Darnall, who is a pain psychologist, clinical scientist, and Clinical Professor at Stanford University. Beth has such a passion and commitment to making a difference in the management of persistent pain as well as reducing the opioid epidemic. In episode 28 with Beth, we discussed the fact that we tend to ignore the pain psychology of patients. Today, we’re continuing that discussion and getting also into the topic of pain catastrophizing and what...


68: Strategies and Wins from the Field: Part 4

It’s the 4th episode in the series of the Strategies and Wins from the Field. Welcome back to Pain Reframed! These stories from the field are powerful and educational. We decided to bring some of you on the show to share your success, lessons learned, and victories from the field, having used the information we share, on Pain Reframed, to help your patients and change their lives. This week, we welcome Dr. Matt Taylor of Smart Safe Yoga and Dr. Tony Sachse of Bellin Health! Both of these...