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62: Pain Reframed PSA | Physical Therapy as a First Point of Care

It’s our second Pain Reframed PSA! Today, we’re discussing an article titled “Physical Therapy as a First Point of Care to Treat Low Back Pain” by Dr. Bianca Frogner (link below). Specifically, there’s also discussion relating to opioids being the first point of contact and care for many patients. Obviously, a huge goal of Pain Reframed is to keep individuals away from opioids as much as possible. This article showed that individuals who saw a PT first had a significantly lower percentage...


61: Reframed Recap 7

We’ve got another Reframed Recap episode for you! On this episode, Dr. Tim Flynn and Dr. Jeff Moore will be digging deeper into the conversations and content shared in the episodes with Ash James (episode 59), Lindsay Marth (episode 55), and Mark Cummings (episode 54). STARTS TOMORROW!!! June 8-10, 2018 in Denver, Colorado, the Align Conference: focusing on neuropathic (nerve) pain. All of the various concepts of calming the nerves down will be covered at this...


60: Meditation to Address Persistent Pain with Carolyn McManus

Today, we are joined by Carolyn McManus, the President of the Pain Management Special Interest Group of the APTA Ortho Section. Carolyn will be sharing amazing tips on utilizing different forms of meditation to help patients with persistent pain. Carolyn’s experience and practices will, not only help your patients, but also you, as a provider, to keep you in optimal health so you can be your best for those you are serving. It’s NEXT WEEK!!! June 8-10, 2018 in Denver, Colorado, the Align...


59: Reducing Fear with Ash James

We welcome Ash James to Pain Reframed! This week, we are talking about reducing fear, encouraging a variety of movement, and getting to the root of what’s going on with a patient’s body. We want to ensure patients don’t catastrophize, be afraid of their bodies, nor let negative thoughts and other things get in the way of living and enjoying life and full movement and ability. Ash has worked in various sectors of musculoskeletal physiotherapy, including private practice, professional sports...


58: Physical Therapists’ Role in Solving the Opioid Epidemic | Dr. Paul Mintken

This week, we welcome Dr. Paul Mintken to discuss, with us, the role of the physical therapist in solving the opioid epidemic. This viewpoint was recently published in the May edition of the Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy by Dr. Mintken, Dr. Jeff Moore, and Dr. Tim Flynn. Dr. Paul Mintken is at the CU Physical Therapy Program in Denver, Colorado where he is a full professor, clinician, and researcher. One of Paul’s main pursuits is to help move the profession forward and...


57: Pain in Sensitive Areas with Dr. Sandy Hilton

Sometimes, there are pain areas that people aren’t always comfortable discussing. Even further, it’s easy for us to compare, for example, our hands to others around us. But some areas… well, let’s just say, we’re not going around comparing those! So we need a safe environment for patients to feel comfortable and confident getting the treatment they deserve. We welcome back Dr. Sandy Hilton to Pain Reframed! Sandy joined us way back on episode 7! Sandy and her business partner, Sarah Haag,...


56: Higher Order Skills with Dr. Jessie Podolak

We have Dr. Jessie Podolak joining us this week to share her story and journey as a physical therapist working with patients who have chronic pain. Jessie shares a wealth of, not only knowledge and great tips, but incredible wisdom that is absolutely helpful to, not only your professional pursuit, but also your personal life. Jessie talks quite a bit about the need for PT’s to have self-care. Take care of yourself in order to take care of others. Additionally, rather than saying “soft...


55: Occupational Therapy and Persistent Pain with Lindsay Marth

We are so excited to welcome Lindsay Marth to Pain Reframed! Lindsay is our first Occupational Therapist to be on the show and so Lindsay will discuss what OT has to offer individually as well as from a team perspective. The discussion with Lindsay, this week, showcases the need for all of us to utilize different resources and tools available at the most appropriate times while dealing with persistent pain. Lindsay shares some fantastic resources with us as well as a really powerful and...


54: The Image that Increased the Pain with Mark Cummings

We have a very special and fascinating episode for you this week! Mark Cummings joins us to share his story and also his recent journey of pain. Mark also, specifically, shares how his base level of pain increased significantly and immediately after seeing an image of his fracture, continuing to show how cognitive our pain really is. Mark is an amazing musician who has a passion for the guitar: specifically his 1980s Martin. Mark also has Multiple Sclerosis and is very close to the...


53: A Common Message for Patients | Dr. Becky Vogsland

Sometimes patients will hear mixed messages and contradictory advice, which can be a huge problem in their treatment and faith in the system, especially when they have high concern and fear levels. Thankfully, Dr. Becky Vogsland has been working with an amazing team to create a system where a common message is focused on to truly help patients. Becky’s story and their results are phenomenal! Becky has practiced at the Minneapolis VA in the areas of traumatic brain injury, polytrauma,...


52: Functional MRI with Dr. Paul Beattie

We have a special treat this week on Pain Reframed: Dr. Paul Beattie. Paul’s research is primarily on low back pain as well as the use of technology (primarily MRI) and now moving into the brain and Functional MRI. Paul’s research is absolutely fascinating in how the brain handles, and even creates, pain based on some various factors. Paul shares some of his research and findings in relation to the “and, not the or” approach of looking at best treatments of chronic pain working with the...


51: Population Health and Social Determinants of Health | Dr. Todd Davenport

Certain regions of our country have a particularly challenging time dealing with the opioid crisis. These regions, not only have the challenge of seeing improvements with the crisis, but are also still seeing a rise in opioid use. Dr. Todd Davenport focuses on population health and social determinants of health. In today’s episode and discussion, we’re looking at what these social determinants of health are that cause these populations to struggle to recover from opioid addiction issues...


50: Pain Reframed PSA | The Truth About Opioid Effects

We’ve got something new and special for you this week on Pain Reframed! Welcome to the Pain Reframed PSA! In these episodes, we will be taking an important recent finding/article/etc. and talking directly to the public rather than trying to speak only to clinicians. Then we’ll ask you to share this important topic with your communities. In this first installment of the Pain Reframed PSA, we discuss a pragmatic trial (vs. a prescriptive trial) from the Journal of American Medical...


49: Project ECHO with Dr. Ron Andrews

Dr. Ron Andrews joins us on Pain Reframed this week! Ron is with the University of New Mexico, which is the only physical therapy school in the state paired with the only medical school in the state. Ron brings a wealth of knowledge and experience working interdisciplinary at the school as well as with UNM’s Project ECHO. Ron will be sharing some of his experiences and advice, as well as all about Project ECHO and how it’s been powerfully impacting patients. Don’t forget to save the date:...


48: Initiating Change with Dr. Elliot Feldman

Dr. Elliot Feldman joins Pain Reframed this week! Elliot is standing up and taking the initiative, getting inside of the system, and making significant positive change with the treatment of patients. Elliot will share some incredible actions that he’s taken to change the conversation in the system’s delivery on how individuals who are in pain are managed. It wasn’t easy for Elliot but he remained strong so that he could really help those in need with the right treatments and right...


47: Victories from The Tribe

This week, we are doing something different! We’re extremely excited to bring you stories about how we are 'winning' in physical therapy. We’ll be sharing victories of what past guests have accomplished (think Shark Tank Update) and exciting breaking news in the right direction. It’s always easy to focus on what’s wrong and what we need to fix, but it’s a good thing to also recognize and celebrate the victories taking place right in front of us! Don’t forget to save the date: June 8-10,...


46: Reframed Recap: Sixth Edition

On location at the Horse and Dragon Brewing Company in Fort Collins, CO, we’ve got another Reframed Recap episode for you! On this episode, Dr. Tim Flynn and Dr. Jeff Moore will be digging deeper into the conversations and content shared in the episodes with John Gribbin (episode 34), Dr. Marta Ceko (episode 38), and Dr. Adriaan Louw (episode 42). Don’t forget to save the date: June 8-10, 2018 in Denver, Colorado, the Align Conference will be taking place, focusing on neuropathic (nerve)...


45: The Powerful Story of Reframing her own Pain with Liz Peppin

We welcome Liz Peppin to Pain Reframed! Liz is a long-time listener to Pain Reframed and also a Physician Assistant who has suffered from extreme pain for quite some time. Liz shares her extraordinarily powerful story dealing with pain, the frustrations of not finding solutions even after seeing multiple medical professionals, and then the successful side of her journey in how she is now, truly, reframing, not only her own pain, but the pain of the patients she has the privilege of seeing...


44: Sleep and Physical Therapy with Dr. Catherine Siengsukon

Sleep is SO important. Sure, the topic has been batted around on Pain Reframed, but do we really know and believe that sleep is essential? Today, we’ll be chatting with Dr. Katie Siengsukon about sleep, as well as screening and sleep hygiene tactics that you need as a clinician and also that you need as a patient. Dr. Siengsukon provides instruction in neuroscience, neurorehabilitation, and sleep health promotion in the physical therapy and rehabilitation science graduate programs. She is...


43: Down in the Trenches

Everything is well and good until that patient is right there in front of you while you are trying to actually implement the concepts that we’ve discussed here on Pain Reframed. Today, we get “down in the trenches” and discuss these types of encounters with actual patient stories and strategies and language used in those sessions. Our goal today is to bring additional clarity and insight in these moments to help you implement these strategies more efficiently and effectively. Don’t forget...