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Passionate Pioneers with Mike Biselli highlights the innovators, the game changers, and the PIONEERS who are deeply passionate and relentless in solving the problems that our world is facing. This is your opportunity to connect and learn from these leaders, and to support them on their mission. Perhaps they will soon be hearing your story as well!

Passionate Pioneers with Mike Biselli highlights the innovators, the game changers, and the PIONEERS who are deeply passionate and relentless in solving the problems that our world is facing. This is your opportunity to connect and learn from these leaders, and to support them on their mission. Perhaps they will soon be hearing your story as well!


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Passionate Pioneers with Mike Biselli highlights the innovators, the game changers, and the PIONEERS who are deeply passionate and relentless in solving the problems that our world is facing. This is your opportunity to connect and learn from these leaders, and to support them on their mission. Perhaps they will soon be hearing your story as well!






Expert Coronavirus Updates with Dr. Jag Singh | Session 30

This episode’s Community Champion Sponsor is Ensemble Health Partners. To learn more about their inspiring work: (CLICK HERE) Access to healthcare has not been equal for our nation's citizens and is now further exacerbated and pronounced amid this pandemic. In today's episode, we are joined by Dr. Jag Singh to discuss the stark realities of the lack of access to virtual care for minority groups and the disenfranchised during the Coronavirus outbreak. Dr. Singh is...


Lifting Revenue Cycle Performance with Jim Gaffney

Over the past several years, the healthcare industry and the inspiring leaders working within it have experienced increased clinical, operational, administrative, and economic strain. And, of course, this collective strain has only been further exacerbated by the global pandemic. However, because of leaders like our next guest, I remain hopeful and optimistic that we can positively impact and reimagine the health of the healthcare industry. During this episode, we spent time with Jim...


A Moment with Mike | Session 12

Welcome back to the podcast and for spending a few moments with me. If you’re plugging in for the first time, I’m glad you’re here. During the previous episode, we hit a major milestone for any podcast, and I can’t wait to share more. Congratulations go to this community and the amazing guests we have the honor to feature! Also, since launching this podcast in September 2019, there has been a lot that has happened with this show, the world as we know it, as well as a few things in my...


Expert Coronavirus Updates with Dr. Jon Klein | Session 29

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, I have been continually inspired by so many communities that have banded together to help battle this deadly virus. Dr. Jon Klein from Louisville, Kentucky is our next guest who exemplifies a community leader with the tenacity and dedication to servitude that we need during these unprecedented times. Calling the University of Louisville his professional home, Dr. Klein has been instrumental in helping the recently formed Co-Immunity Project become a force...


Transforming Children’s Mental Health with Dr. Parker Huston

As many of you know, I am very passionate about elevating the conversation regarding our mental health and wellbeing and I remain more committed than ever to move this vital part of our lives out of the dark corners and into the light. To further my commitment, I asked a national leader in the field of pediatric mental health to share his pioneering journey, work and mission of improving the mental wellbeing of children across the country. During this episode, we are fortunate to learn from...


Expert Coronavirus Updates with Kitty Kolding | Session 28

With COVID-19 cases surging across the country, it is more important than ever to identify, create, and implement scalable solutions to help detect and track infections in order to help bring this crisis to manageable levels. During this episode, we spent time with Kitty Kolding, the CEO of AudibleHealthAI to discuss her team’s pioneering efforts of leveraging artificial intelligence as an effective and scalable solution to aid in the fight against the virus. AudibleHealthAI’s initial suite...


Managing Medicare and the Aging Journey with Joseph Schneier

As many of us know and experience, both personally and professionally, the American healthcare system is fraught with complexity and financial opaqueness. Fortunately, there are passionate and determined leaders in our community working tirelessly to solve these systemic issues we face as a nation. In this episode, we are joined by Joseph Schneier, CEO of Trusty Care, to discuss his team's mission to improve older adults' financial and health outcomes and make sure no American goes through...


Expert Coronavirus Updates with Dr. Nick Mark | Session 27

During the early days of the Coronavirus pandemic, our next guest cared for some of the first patients in the United States that contracted COVID-19. Dr. Nick Mark is an attending ICU physician at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, Washington and is also the founder of OnePager ICU. I recently spent time with Dr. Mark and asked him to share his harrowing personal and professional journey of being one of the first physicians in our nation to confront and battle this deadly virus....


Helping Providers Make Better Prescribing Decisions with Carm Huntress

As many of us know and experience, runaway drug costs for patients the healthcare industry serves are no longer sustainable, and it is due time for innovators to help put our system back on the right track. In this episode, I sat down with Carm Huntress, the CEO of RxRevu, to share his journey and passionate mission of providing solutions to promote cost transparency, improve patient satisfaction, and support data-driven medication savings opportunities. With over 20 years of experience in...


Expert Coronavirus Updates with Ramin Bastani | Session 26

It is well documented that speed is life in order to battle this global pandemic. During this episode, I’m honored to be joined by Ramin Bastani, the CEO of Healthvana, to learn how his digital platform is rapidly delivering COVID-19 test results and how he and his company are already preparing for the upcoming vaccination rollout. I look forward to having you a part of this critically important conversation and to learn how Healthvana is serving health practitioners and patients with its...


Nudging Care Teams to Work and Live Better with Niraj Swami

Providing patient care while meeting the constant requirements of non-clinical duties has become overwhelming. Over 40% of physicians report signs of burnout, and 30% also spend 20 hours or more each week on administrative tasks. Because of this unsustainable environment our physician leaders are experiencing, I asked Niraj Swami to share his expertise and passion for helping physicians and their practice teams navigate, learn and adapt to clinical, administrative, and personal risks. Niraj...


Expert Coronavirus Updates with Mara Aspinall | Session 25

It is now well proven that accurate diagnoses help prevent the spread of COVID-19, but there is still much work needed in this arena to help battle this deadly virus. In this episode, we have Diagnostics Evangelist Mara Aspinall with us to more deeply share the vital role of diagnostics and their power to help us overcome this crisis. Mara is a pioneering healthcare industry leader and is the Managing Director of BlueStone Venture Partners, a venture fund investing in life science technology...


Confronting Unconscious Bias with Dr. Arie Nettles

A majority of our decisions are heavily influenced by unconscious bias, which creates detrimental effects in the healthcare industry and beyond. To better understand how to confront and eliminate unconscious bias, I asked a national expert and passionate leader to help guide us through these timely and important topics. Dr. Arie Nettles is the Director of the Office of Inclusion and Health Equity at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, which encompasses education and training on cultural...


Expert Coronavirus Updates with Dan Brillman | Session 24

COVID-19 has laid bare an undeniable fact: the people hardest hit are those who already lack resources, have limited access to quality social and clinical care, and in some cases are one paycheck away (or even worse) from putting food on the table or paying the rent. Study after study shows that the people who are suffering the most, both medically and economically, during the pandemic are the ones who were underserved before the global crisis became reality. Tune into our next episode to...


Shepherding Reproductive Mental Health with Dr. Linda Kim

As many of you in our community know, I am a very passionate advocate for mental health and well-being. Moreover, I continue to remain dedicated in leveraging our podcast to help move the topic of mental health out of the dark corners of daily life and proudly into the light. In continuing my commitment, I am honored to be joined by a national leader who is advocating for increased awareness of reproductive mental health, with a goal to bring improved access to care for mental health related...


Expert Coronavirus Updates with Maureen Sullivan | Session 23

Due to the growing physical and mental demands and implications on caregivers while we battle COVID-19, it is of great importance our community better understands these demands in order to support these courageous servants across the nation. During this episode, we are joined by Maureen Sullivan, the chief strategy and innovation officer for Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, America’s largest health insurer covering one-in-three of all Americans. While together, Maureen details the...


Solving the Entrepreneur Mental Health Crisis with Aaron Houghton

Our mental well-being is a critical component to producing meaningful and positive change many of us want to see in the world. Entrepreneurs are working tirelessly to help improve the health of our industry, and the health of our country. That's why I know this episode is going to be incredibly valuable and transformative for our community! I am honored to share our next guest’s timely message for startup founders, entrepreneurs and innovators that are dedicating themselves to reimagining...


Expert Coronavirus Updates with Dr. Marcy Willard | Session 22

As we now all experience, COVID-19 has disrupted our daily routines, both for adults and children. This crisis has also reduced access to social and medical services, which has significantly impacted community members with autism and other behavioral concerns. However, I am joined today by a forward-thinking and passionate industry leader who has relentlessly dedicated herself to answering the call and needs during these challenging times. To ease the burden of parents with autistic children...


Building Person-Centric Support Communities with Dr. Charu Ramanathan

Connecting with and supporting others who have been through similar experiences as you are at the core of our next guest’s mission in life and the inspiring work happening with her company. Joining me in this episode is Dr. Charu Ramanathan, the CEO of Vitalxchange, a platform centered around the needs of you and your loved ones! Charu shares why she started her company, how the Vitalxchange app works, and how she and her team are supporting and empowering families caring for individuals...


Expert Coronavirus Updates with Dr. David Asch | Session 21

As we continue our fight against COVID-19, healthcare leaders and innovators are at the forefront of this battle to ensure we are equipped with the right arsenal to overcome one of the biggest public health crises of our lifetimes. Dr. David Asch, Executive Director of the Penn Medicine Center for Health Care Innovation, and his team are among the leaders creating and implementing game-changing innovations during this pandemic. Join us in today’s episode as Dr. Asch dives deeply into Penn...