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Inspiration for plant-based eating and healing




Make The Ultimate Power Move: Rest Well

Put the hustle & grind in timeout, today we have eight tips to power your body, mind and spirit with good sleep.

Get Better Every Day: Tap Into The Medicine of Movement

You have the power to grow stronger and improve your overall quality of life in the present, and future by moving your body today.

This Round is on Us! Simple Tips to Help Cut Down or Cut Out Alcohol

We're talking all about this alcohol thing in step ten of our Spring Into Ultimate Wellness series.

Ease Up on Caffeine Without Losing Steam

You can boost your energy naturally and give up caffeine with these natural alternatives.

When it Comes To Ultimate Wellness the Beverage of Choice is Clear

This week's tips will help you gain healthier skin, maintain a healthy weight and save some money all at the same time.

Let’s Return to the Roots of Good Eating

Today, in step seven of our Spring Into Ultimate Wellness series, we are sharing why we all should be more conscious about our food and where it comes from.

Put Wellness On The Menu: Eat More Plants

A plant-based lifestyle has been shown to reduce your risk for cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes. We have tips on how you can easily get started eating more plants in step six of our Spring Into Ultimate Wellness series.

Avoid The Detriments of Fast Foods With These Quick Tips

In a society where it’s all about the hustle 24/7, time seems more scarce, convenience rules, easy options are abundant, fast food is calling, and the choices might be cheap -- but they are not without cost and consequences.

Three Easy Steps To Take the Mystery Out of Food

You can easily eliminate the mystery that could be lurking in your shopping cart and pantry.

The Path to Chronic Disease is Paved With sugar, Let’s Detour to Wellness

Learn five simple steps you can take to break up with the standard American diet's chronically sweet obsession with sugar.

Get Vigilant About This Sneaky Ingredient and Avoid a ‘Silent Killer’

The journey to ultimate wellness requires being aware — not only of what we eat, but also of what our food contains. This particular detail can save your life.

Answer This Question And Open The Road To Your Success

Before you get started on your journey, we have the first step you should take to successfully conquer your goals.

Spring Into Ultimate Wellness

If you made a New Years Resolution, but maybe got off track somehow along the way, now is the time to get back to it. Spring is the perfect time to renew or reinforce your commitment.


Frustrated With Fibroids, Woman Taps Into Plant-Based Diet For Relief and Finds So Much More

Nina Brewton suffered from high blood pressure and major feminine health issues until she finally listened to the tugging at her heart urging her to change her lifestyle. Within the first six months of transitioning to a plant-based diet she lost over 40 pounds and felt a dramatic healing taking place in her body, her mind and even her spirit.

Quick Tips on Navigating Holidays as a Plant-Based Vegan

If you recently decided to make the change to a plant-based vegan diet we want you to know that you can successfully navigate the holiday season.


Colorado Man Drops 120 Pounds, Gains Momentum To Run After Goals With Plant-Based Diet

Today we are talking to a man who gained the energy and confidence to run after his dreams and tackle his goals after losing over 100 pounds. Ryan Van Vugt says the momentum began after he switched to a plant-based vegan diet. Now he's a plant-powered ultra runner, yoga teacher and author who is passionate about living an authentic life.


Dallas Man Wants To Make Veganism As Big As Texas After Diet Transforms His Life

Three years ago Marlon Rison lost 150 pounds and gained so much energy that he completed a marathon with only three months of training. He says it happened after he began eating as if he loved to live. Changing his thoughts about eating created a launchpad for successful long-term weight loss, maximum fitness, and overall wellness.


10 Simple Tips For Healthy Eating On A Budget

Today we want to reverse the myth that eating healthy has to be expensive —and show you how a whole food plant-based diet can save more than money.


North Carolina Grandmother Sculpts Winning Lifestyle With Plant-Based Diet

Donna Nealy is a woman who is making gains to become her best self every day --and her mission is powered by a plant-based diet.


LA Athlete Defies Stereotypes With Vegan Lifestyle

Jamar Hotep is a martial artist and all around dedicated athlete who went vegan in pursuit of optimum health. He made the switch despite thinking he may lose some muscle. But instead of losing muscle, he gained that and so much more.