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Inspiration for plant-based eating and healing

Inspiration for plant-based eating and healing


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Inspiration for plant-based eating and healing




North Carolina Grandmother Sculpts Winning Lifestyle With Plant-Based Diet

Donna Nealy is a woman who is making gains to become her best self every day --and her mission is powered by a plant-based diet.


LA Athlete Defies Stereotypes With Vegan Lifestyle

Jamar Hotep is a martial artist and all around dedicated athlete who went vegan in pursuit of optimum health. He made the switch despite thinking he may lose some muscle. But instead of losing muscle, he gained that and so much more.


Sensational Plant-based Eating For The Fall Season

Today we are shining a spotlight on eating with the growing season and some of the most prolific vegetables and fruits to enjoy for fall. Eating in sync with the seasons is good for your body as well as the planet.


Man Once Trapped By Painful Body Gains Freedom To Run Marathon

A Houston couple, Jesse and Sara Renovato, are the heart of a story that shows how motivation and determination, along with a little bit of education can lead a person to feats and perspectives that they never imagined.


Shop Smart: Demystify The Mystery of Food Labels

When you start becoming more conscious about your health, you’ll see that a typically simple thing like going to the grocery store can become more complex and tedious.


DC Mom Survives Cancer Twice, Becomes Plant-Based Restaurateur

Taneea Yarborough, a wife and mother of two, is an absolute warrior. She survived cancer not once, but twice, and opened her first vegan restaurant in the midst of it all.


Let’s Dive Into Vegan Seafood

One of the great things about a plant-based diet is the abundance and variety of nutrient-dense ingredients available to create a great-tasting meal. Today we are exploring vegan seafood: sea vegetables.


Atlanta Designer Never Fashioned Becoming Vegan Until Finding Healing With Food

Today we’re talking to an Atlanta designer who found relief from chronic digestion issues after switching to a plant-based diet. ChiChi Nwizu, the founder of Yes I Made My Dress, says she never intended to go vegan but the benefits she discovered after eliminating meat and dairy products were undeniable.


8 Favorite Kitchen Tools For Plant-Based Cooking

A healthy plant-based life begins with starting where you’re at, using what you have, and steadily taking steps forward. Today we’re giving you the scoop on some of our favorite kitchen tools that have become an essential part of our routine as we’ve moved along in our journey.


Man Once Wary of Vegan Lifestyle is Now On a Mission

Today we’re talking to a man who once never imagined going vegan, but since making the switch he’s been inspired to help others, not only see veganism for themselves, but to also think about how every one of us can do something to collectively make the world a better place.


A Few Quick Tips To Spice Up Your Plant-Based Life

Today we're sharing some of our essential seasonings and telling you about one of our favorite guides, which has been a real game changer when it comes to preparing foods.


Woman Sees Power of Plant-Based Nutrition In Life & Work

After switching to a whole-food plant-based diet a Wisconsin dietitian was able to overcome infertility and successfully manage polycystic ovarian syndrome.


The Secret Life of Soil and Its Impact on Our Health

Join us as we go back to the roots to talk about soil and why this often overlooked substance is so essential to our bodies, the planet and future generations.


Ohio Mom Taps Into Creative Superpower With Vegan Lifestyle

Today we’re talking to a Columbus, Ohio woman who says she easily lost 25 pounds and lowered her cholesterol and blood pressure after switching to a vegan diet three years ago with her husband and two daughters.


NJ Woman Conquers Chronic Acne & Gut Issues With Mindful Plant-Based Eating

LisaMarie Falcone, who became vegetarian at the age of 10, suffered from acne and digestion issues for years before learning to be mindful of the food she ate and how it impacts her body.


Chicago Native Finds Freedom In Minimalist Vegan Lifestyle

Today we’re talking to Naomi Israel, a woman who is living out her dreams living abroad and inspiring others as a wellness coach. She says she was once tired and miserable, but all that changed when she decided to listen to the call of her heart.


Houston Gardener Shares Seeds of Wisdom So Others Can Flourish

We recognize the importance of food access and security today more than ever. There is no better time to start growing your own food. So we are talking to Timothy Hammond, a man who is passionate about doing just that.


Yoga Teacher Finds New Energy & Purpose-Filled Bliss In Vegan Lifestyle

Today we are talking to a New York yoga teacher who is joyfully living her best life after tapping into the power of a plant-based lifestyle. Melissa Rios says the simple act of changing her diet pushed a wave of positive transformation in motion.


Man Goes Vegan To Save Animals And Saves Self In Process

We hear a lot about the benefits of a plant-based diet when it comes to improving your physical health and combating ailments like high blood pressure and diabetes. Today we are talking to Adam Weitz, a California entrepreneur who has found a plant-based diet, along with exercise, to be powerful weapons in his fight against depression.


Mom Once Over 300 Pounds, Now Making Gains As Vegan Bodybuilder

Today we are talking to an Ohio woman who was once frustrated and over 300 pounds until she realized that she had the power to make a change. She’s now less than half her former weight and on the road to become a figure competitor.