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PST 022: Targeting Fine Lines on the Eyes, Mouth, and Forehead

Today’s podcast is on the sub-identity and treatment of various facial wrinkles: delineating their cause, their treatment, and their ongoing maintenance and prevention. For many to eliminate completely the cross-feed is not the goal but to soften them. They give you an engaging, a happy, a weathered but happy face. So we don’t want to eliminate […] The post PST 022: Targeting Fine Lines on the Eyes, Mouth, and Forehead appeared first on SpaMedica.


PST 021: Wrinkle

In today’s podcast that we will discuss in-depth the management of a wrinkle, the cause of a wrinkle, the maintenance of a wrinkle becomes intuitive and obvious. Dr. Stephen Mulholland talks about the common technologies used to solve your wrinkle problems. Questions Answered: What are the actual cause of wrinkles? Nonsurgical: Botox and Fillers What […] The post PST 021: Wrinkle appeared first on SpaMedica.


PST 020: Botox Injectables

Botox Injectables is very common, been used in North America for cosmetic uses since 1983. Millions and millions of Botox Injections done every year. Botox Injectable is a chemical injectable for management of lines and wrinkles. In this podcast you will gain an insight on Botox Injectable, its brief history and how it can make your […] The post PST 020: Botox Injectables appeared first on SpaMedica.


PST 019: Surgical Liposuction

The modern world of liposuction changed about 10 years ago when we started adding energy-based treatments to the fat before we remove it. Dr. Mulholland will talk about modern-age Liposuction and the most popular devices used for fat extraction. Surgical Liposuction procedure to remove fat from the body or face, the most common areas include […] The post PST 019: Surgical Liposuction appeared first on SpaMedica.


PST 018: CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive body contouring device that freezes the fat and reducing its volume. Patients often seek an alternative to surgical Liposuction, and CoolSculpting is often a good alternative choice for patients that want to get rid of fat around their stomach and thighs. Dr. Stephen Mulholland will dive into the topic of CoolSculpting […] The post PST 018: CoolSculpting appeared first on SpaMedica.


PST 016: Surgical Liposuction vs Nonsurgical

Dr. Stephen Mulholland will discuss the differences between Surgical and Nonsurgical Liposuction. Modern technology has allowed the inventions of many unique equipment that can target and reduce fat effectively and systematically. Among those tools are the SmartLipo and CoolSculpting. Topics Covered: What is Surgical and Nonsurgical Liposuction? Are you a fit candidate for either procedure? […] The post PST 016: Surgical Liposuction vs Nonsurgical appeared first on SpaMedica.


PST 017: Male Hair Loss

Male Hair Loss is a natural phenomenon that occurs in older men due to genetic disposition and aging. There are different types of hair loss patterns, and each type has a certain ways to combat the problem. In depth, Dr. Mulholland will talk about modern devices and procedures to help your hair look fuller, and […] The post PST 017: Male Hair Loss appeared first on SpaMedica.


PST 015: Five Minute Nose Job

The Five Minute Nose Job is commonly referred as a Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty because it literally is. The procedure requires no deep incisions and is barely invasive for the patients – also, it is not permanent. The Five Minute Nose Job is suitable for patients that are not committed to a long-term solution like a standard Rhinoplasty. […] The post PST 015: Five Minute Nose Job appeared first on SpaMedica.


PST 014: Breast Augmentation

The purpose of the Breast Augmentation is to add volume to the breasts. Today’s podcast will be about the intricacies of Breast Augmentation: the procedure, types of implants and candidates. Topics covered: What is breast augmentation Silicone vs Saline Breast Implants Using fat to augment your breast Are you the right candidate? Read the full […] The post PST 014: Breast Augmentation appeared first on SpaMedica.


PST 013: Injectables

Injectables have really led the industry in gaining patient and consumer interest into aesthetic enhancement. Injectibles are needle based rejuvenation techniques or needle-based aesthetic techniques that can help shape and contour, relax and rejuvenate the facial anatomy. So what needle based products are they? Well, most commonly it’s broken into two broad categories. The neurotoxins are the […] The post PST 013: Injectables appeared first on SpaMedica.


PST 012: Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is now 20 years old. It’s had its 20th anniversary this past year, in 2017. It’s here to stay. It is the number one way hair is removed permanently, in the world. It’s become a very refined and elegant process. Laser hair removal is the highly-evolved science of taking a laser energy […] The post PST 012: Laser Hair Removal appeared first on SpaMedica.


PST 011: Double Chin

Our new topic for this week is the double chin: excess fat under the skin, under the chin. Two ways you get double chin: Weight Gain or simply, Aging, Elasticity & Hereditary If your double chin is weight responsive, you will have to lose weight. Some patients lost weight, exercised, and do everything right, but […] The post PST 011: Double Chin appeared first on SpaMedica.


PST 010: Nonsurgical Liposuction & Body Sculpting Options

A lot of questions that come to the clinic with patients is what can be done to kill the unwanted fat in areas of unwanted areas without surgery? Getting Liposuction surgery is an intimidating endeavour, luckily with the advancement of technology, patients have nonsurgical options available today. In this podcast, we will look at different […] The post PST 010: Nonsurgical Liposuction & Body Sculpting Options appeared first on SpaMedica.


PST 009: Designer Vagina

Today’s podcast will be about Designer Vagina and what it is. We’ve had a tremendous technological period of innovation where we’ve focused on this area of women’s health. You can divide women’s health into the transformation of the perineal area, the area that involves the pubis, the labia majora, the clitoral hood, the fourchette around […] The post PST 009: Designer Vagina appeared first on SpaMedica.


PST 008: Facial Rejuvenation

In today’s podcast, Dr. Stephen Mulholland will discuss Facial Rejuvenation and its significance to aging patients. During the course of the podcast, you will learn what exactly is Facial Rejuvenation and what procedures fall under it. You will learn how to look great, natural, fresh and rested, looking awesome forever. As we age, we lose […] The post PST 008: Facial Rejuvenation appeared first on SpaMedica.


PST 007: Rhinoplasty Myths and Facts

What is a rhinoplasty, commonly known as a ‘nose job‘ It is an operation performed by a certified specialist like a plastic surgeon, a facial plastic surgeon, on the nose balancing the craniofacial nasal balance, making the nose look like it fits the face? Nose jobs, or rhinoplasties, can be reductive in nature, which is […] The post PST 007: Rhinoplasty Myths and Facts appeared first on SpaMedica.


PST 006: Moms Take Their Body Back

Our podcast this week is on Mommy Makeover. So, what is a Mommy Makeover? Well clearly, it’s a mommy who’s had children — child or children, plural — and then is looking for a makeover. The three things that are generally integrated in part or in total of a Mommy Makeover are going to be […] The post PST 006: Moms Take Their Body Back appeared first on SpaMedica.


Dr. Mulholland on “Social Media, Ethics and Plastic Surgery”

Dr. Mulholland was a guest on NewsTalk 1010 – The NightSide with Barb DiGiulio on February 5. Listen to the audio to hear the entire conversation. The insights are very interesting. Intro by Barb: Plastic surgeons have been advertising their services for years with before and after photos. You go to any website of a […] The post Dr. Mulholland on “Social Media, Ethics and Plastic Surgery” appeared first on SpaMedica.


PST 005: Plastic Surgery and Careers

Economics and plastic surgery, jobs and plastic surgery, never been more tied, never has the job market been more … or the dating market been more competitive and so visually oriented, so orientated and a quick decision, attractive or not. In this podcast, we will explore Plastic Surgery and its relations to career outlook. Topics […] The post PST 005: Plastic Surgery and Careers appeared first on SpaMedica.


PST 004: Heading into Spring

This episode talks about aesthetic concerns as we head into the spring, the transition from winter. What do you need to concern yourself with? What do you need to be ready for? Topics Covered: The transition from Winter to Spring Prevalent skin care issues The Sun’s effects on our skin Cellulite and Nonsurgical Fat Reduction […] The post PST 004: Heading into Spring appeared first on SpaMedica.