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Navigating alternative relationships can be both exciting and challenging. Join the Pod Pod Cvlt Cast hosts every Tuesday as they journey through polyamorous life, love, learning, and libido. If you're in a polyamorous relationship, exploring kink, or just trying to broaden your communication skill set, this podcast is for you!

Navigating alternative relationships can be both exciting and challenging. Join the Pod Pod Cvlt Cast hosts every Tuesday as they journey through polyamorous life, love, learning, and libido. If you're in a polyamorous relationship, exploring kink, or just trying to broaden your communication skill set, this podcast is for you!


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Navigating alternative relationships can be both exciting and challenging. Join the Pod Pod Cvlt Cast hosts every Tuesday as they journey through polyamorous life, love, learning, and libido. If you're in a polyamorous relationship, exploring kink, or just trying to broaden your communication skill set, this podcast is for you!




#45 Ecilop Eht Dnufed

We stand with #BlackLivesMatter. NO JUSTICE? NO PEACE! We're still on a recording break, but this is important. If you can't do ANYTHING else... you can do this: Sign this petition- https://blacklivesmatter.com/defundthepolice/ Love, The Pod Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/PodPodCvltCast)


#44 No Justice? No Peace. Black Lives Matter

We stand with #BlackLivesMatter. NO JUSTICE? NO PEACE! We join fellow podcasters in protesting to support #BlackLivesMatter because Black Lives Matter. We also discuss Pride, Marsha P. Johnson, and how you can help. Please use the resources linked below for detailed information. Be safe, be involved. Resources & References Are you on a news or social media break? This episode may not be for you. Click here, but please come back to this episode when you are ready.Black Lives MatterThe...


#43 A Sex Addict Learns Boundaries (CatchVp Ep #2)

We’re taking a mental health break, so enjoy our second episode. This Catch Vp Ep focuses on Chastain, our producer and a host, and a life and relationship coach. Chastain is an adult living with Autism who shares the benefits of learning how to set personal boundaries in polyamorous and swinging situations. Content warning: Chastain is very candid about sex addiction, sexual and emotional abuse, and being the child of an alcoholic. This episode provides a fly-on-the-wall look at an open...


#42 A White, Cis-Het Man in An Open Marriage (CatchVp on Ep #1)

We're taking a breather, so enjoy our very first episode. This Catch Vp Ep introduces you to the Pod, Max/Hannah/Chastain/Erik... and focuses on Max and how he came to live with his wife and girlfriend. The Pod Pod Cvlt Cast is graphic, openly discusses sex and relationships, and can touch on trauma and abuse at times. We are as honest as we can be about who we are and how we love. If you're new here, welcome! We're on a journey through life, love, learning, and libido in polyamory and...


#41 In Which We Discussed Dick (CatchVp Ep #28)

This was Ep#28. There are two things missing from conversations about toxic masculinity and body positivity: positive masculinity and penis appreciation. Hello, we're the Pod Pod Cvlt Cast and we're here to talk to you about dicks, pics, consent, getting naked at parties, and comparison culture. This CatchVp (catch up) episode is to give us a regrouping break for our head and heart space. It's fully disclosed at the top of the episode. Love to all. We also answer Patron questions from...


#40 Distance Intimacy Learning

Some people are far away from one another and sometimes they want to get sexy or feel close or something. We started with the intention to give tips for "doing it" long-distance style, but we discovered that the true meaning of long-distance sexy times... is friendship. If you're into awkward pauses, this episode is for you! We also delve into the fast-paced world of Doggy Law; help Hannah decide if she wants to become an ant (you read that correctly); and establish that Erik's primary love...


#39 Trailer

This Tuesday, 4/21, we're talking about nonmonogamy and bdsm/kink representation in the media! Subscribe now so you don't miss it! Or find our past episodes at podpodcvltcast.com ! We had a more specific discussion for our Patreon Patrons about the Tamron Hall show, so if you're aching for some Pod Pod Cvlt Cast, why not join the Cvlt Cast Media Club? Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/PodPodCvltCast)


#39 Pod Pop Cvltcure Clash (Media Representation)

Why is media representation important for people who are nonmonogamous or kinky or LGBTQ? How does it affect our personal growth and relationships? This week we talk about media representation in a broader sense and the trends we see in film and television. We have a more focused discussion in our tenth episode of the Cvlt Cast Media Club. If you're craving more Pod, consider supporting the podcast! Go to PodPodCvltCast.com/SupportThePod Visit PodPodCvltCast.com for: this episode's...


#38 Pod Against Humanity

We don't know about you, but we needed to do something SILLY to break the tension of this whole Pandemic thing. We played a Cards Against Humanity inspired game called Remote Insensitivity together online. Content warning: this game is intentionally offensive and we do our best to keep within our core values as humanists and feminists. We also just rolled around in some dark humor for a while because it felt indulgent. For a link to the game we played, references made during the episode,...


#38 Trailer

This week the Pod blows off some steam and plays a game. Absolutely NSFW and probably offensive. We did our best. Episode coming out Tuesday 4/14/2020 CW: Simpsons references, maniacal laughter If you're new to the Pod Pod Cvlt Cast, visit us on our website! PodPodCvltCast.com! The Pod Pod Cvlt Cast is a podcast about life, love, learning, and libido as we share our journey through polyamory and kink. New episodes every Tuesday! Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/PodPodCvltCast)


New to the Pod Pod Cvlt Cast?

Are you new to the Pod Pod Cvlt Cast? We don't like wasting our time either. Here's a taste of our personalities and our intention. We're four polyamorous people sharing our life, love, learning and libido as we explore polyamory and kink. Our first 5 episodes give you a great introduction to who we are as hosts and our goals for this podcast. If you don't care, really you can pick any episode and enjoy our discussion. Click here to check those out! We're a one-hourish (45-90) minute,...


#37 Service Dynamics With Svc. Provider Jenny

This week we welcome Dominant Lady, Service Provider, and dear friend, Jenny to the podcast to discuss service dynamics. What is service? How can we use service in our sex, play, and relationships? Does enjoying service make us submissive, or is it separate than that? We examine the common threads in our pasts and personalities that make us prone to being service-oriented, as well as the ways in which we serve outside of our kink lives. Content warning: Jack Russel Terriers. Jenny gives us...


#36 Isolation and Domination

The Pod crashes an isolation date; gives updates on Pandemic Projects and self care; Chastain shares her experience attending an online sex toy party; and we dive deep into assumptions about topping, bottoming, dominance, and submission. Why do we consider some sexual positions, acts, and forms of play to be dominant or submissive as a society? We discuss the differences between topping and bottoming, and dominance and submission... and try to reframe them for ourselves, and you. Try new...


#35 Love in the Time of Corona

The Pod talks about how they're doing and gives tips for dating and romance in the time of Covid-19, the novel corona virus. Chastain shares some Podfest Media Expo 2020 adventures and gives shout outs to the people who got her there, helped her while she was there, and made her time there awesome. FYI: This episode was delayed to make sure included current Covid-19 information at the time of release. Things changed quickly since we recorded this last Tuesday night. We wanted to get this...


#34 Duke of Burgundy (Cvlt Cast Media Club Treat!)

Enjoy fourth episode of the PATREON EXCLUSIVE Cvlt Cast Media Club is a urine-filled, lesbian fever dream. We watched The Duke of Burgundy and Chastain got aroused, Erik was bored, Hannah was smartly analytical, and Max was mad that there weren't any Dukes. You know how we roll. To hear more episodes like this, support us on Patreon! Visit podpodcvltcast.com/SupportThePod We talk about a lot of kinky things, power dynamics, and BDSM in this episode, so if you have questions, check out our...


#33 Feeld, FOSTA, & Porn By The Numbers

Will Max and Hannah ever be declared a couple on the Feeld dating app? Did FOSTA SESTA actually do anything to solve human sex trafficking? Are sex workers happy with their fate? How many women watch porn? What's the most popular porn category in Bulgaria? Who is Belle Delphine?! Find out all of this AND MORE! Honestly, this episode is not for the faint of heart. It's graphic, it's passionate. There's a long conversation about shoes. Content Warning: This episode contains frank discussion...


#32 Disrupting the Bystander (Handling Harm in Our Communities)

Policing harm in the polyamory and BDSM communities can be challenging. When consent is violated, when people are assaulted, when people commit assault... we often shy away from victim and perpetrator. In A.V. Flox's important first book, Disrupting the Bystander: When #metoo Happens Among Friends, we learn that we should do the opposite. We should surround people who have been harmed and people who harm with our human spirit to help them find space to heal. In this episode we discuss the...


#31 Sexual Confections: Advice for People Who Didn't Ask Us

Back by popular demand, we answer questions from the Whisper App that no one asked us to answer in the first place! From dating, relationships, and sex advice, to deeper issues like how to have sex with mermaids... the Pod Pod Cvlt Cast gives out bad advice! (With a little bit of good advice snuck in because we're self-respecting podcasters or something. You can find our good advice in the chapter markers!) Content Warning: Vibrators, cloaca, and cannibalism. Meanwhile, have you registered...


#30 The Swiping Game (Dating Appstravaganza!)

What's the best mainstream dating app for non-monogamous / polyamorous people? Tinder? OKCupid? Bumble? Where can swingers hook-up? Where can you find a couple to fulfill your throuple dreams? We review the apps we've used, and check out a newer app called Feeld. Hannah's never used a swiping app, so the Pod helps her create the perfect profile. Dating profile tips and tricks, Chastain's list of dating profile "don'ts", and a some bonus sex work hacks! Content Warning: We're kind, not...


#29 Orgies Like A Brazilian Steakhouse

How do you make sure that you and your partner are comfortable with everything you do at a sexy party? How do you prevent "unsexifying" the moment when you pause for negotiation and consent checks? How do you handle it when you feel upset at a sexy party, or your partner, or both of you? The Pod has answers, anecdotes, advice, and more. We'll tell you how we'd like to have those conversations and set expectations, and confess our communication breakdowns. May this episode bless you with...