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Exercising to Fulfil Your Potential with Nonie Carr

Love it or hate it, today’s show is about exercise - and how you can use it to fulfil your potential. My guest is Nonie Carr, a Melbourne based psychologist from Enhance Life Psychology. Nonie has a passion for cycling and the benefits of exercise for our wellbeing and success. Nonie began her career in schools, first as a high school teacher and later as a school psychologist. She left education to start her private practice and she now works with individuals to help improve their...


How to Make a Smooth Transition to Parenthood with Nadene Van Der Linden

This episode is one for the new parents and parents to be. My guest is clinical psychologist and parenting expert Nadene van der Linden. We're chatting about the psychological transition that we make when we move from non-parent to parent. What are the challenges? Why is it harder for some of us than others? And how can we best prepare ourselves? Much of the focus when you’re expecting or a new parent is on the baby and what’s best for him or her. But parents and their well being are...


Disrupting Education and Thriving at School with Andrea Downie

My guest today is on a mission to disrupt education and spread well being throughout schools, organisations and our community. Andrea Downie is co-founder of Project Thrive, an Australian consultancy firm that collaborates with its clients, co-creating school and work environments that help us all to live and work at our best. She and her colleagues fuse positive psychology, education, sociology, anthropology, wellness and leadership in their - and from my experience in this interview, I...


Kids, Education and The Future of Work with Dr Joe Sweeney

What is the future of work and how do we prepare our kids for it? Are schools and universities setting kids up for future success? Does technology in the classroom improve outcomes for kids? Should every school student be learning to code? And what are the skills that kids will need in tomorrow's world? These are just some of the questions I ask Dr Joe Sweeney, technologist, researcher, writer and expert in workforce transformation in this episode of the Potential Psychology...


Gender, Identity and Being Your Authentic Self with Dr Madeline Fernbach

Something to get you thinking today. I'm talking to Dr Madeline Fernbach, Australian Clinical Psychologist with expertise and a passion for working with the transgender and gender fluid community. Madeline is fascinated by identity and the way people see themselves. She explains in this episode that during her awkward middle teenage years she drifted at the fringes of many social groups. Without a fixed groups of friend until later in her life she developed an interest in what makes...


Pocket Interviews at The World's Largest Happiness & Well Being Conference

Something completely different for you on the podcast this week. I recorded this episode at the 13th Happiness & Its Causes Conference in sunny Sydney, Australia. It's five pocket interviews and an insight into the conference highlights for me. Happiness and Its Causes is the world's largest happiness and wellbeing conference, with speakers exploring the many and varied causes for a happy and fulfilling life. The line up was formidable with no less than His Holiness the Dalai Lama making...


A Self Care Revolution: Nurturing Your Head, Heart and Body with Suzy Reading

I'm very excited that my guest for this episode not only shares two of my personal passions - psychology and yoga - but she combines the two in her professional practice to help everyday people thrive through life's challenges and difficult moments. Suzy Reading is UK based psychologist, yoga instructor and personal trainer. She is the author of The Self Care Revolution which was published in the UK late in 2017 and in Australia in early 2018. She is passionate about helping to bring...


Hey Warrior! Helping kids (and adults) transcend anxiety and live well with Karen Young

My guest today is Karen Young, founder of the popular 'Hey Sigmund' website. Karen is a psychologist, an author, a speaker, an educator and a parent. She founded Hey Sigmund after realising the power of solid information to help us to manage life's challenges and live well. The website attracts millions of readers each year worldwide. Her articles have been translated into a number of languages and her work has been published on various international sites including The Good Men Project,...


Designing Your Mind for Peak Productivity and Creativity with James Garrett

My guest today is James Garrett, the founder and CEO of Brain by Design - a US-based organisation that teaches strategies for getting more from your mind. He’s a psychologist, a former academic, co-founder of a highly successful social venture - Think Unlimited, which taught innovation and creativity to young people in the Middle East - and he’s chatting to me today about using your brain to enhance your productivity and creativity and live your best life. This is an exciting and...


Big Life Drama and Daily Discord: Overcoming Adversity with Eileen Lenson

Today’s guest and I are separated by 13,000 km and the mighty Pacific Ocean but thanks to the wonders of technology we chat in this episode as though we're in the same room. Eileen Lenson is in California and she is talking to us about adversity, resilience, courage, hope and her recently published book Overcoming Adversity: Conquering Life’s Challenges. In her words, 'No one searches for adversity. Bad experiences are simply part of life. Yet how many of us will know what to do to...


Following Your Curiosity: Careers, Coaching and Courage with Cassandra Dunn

This is such a fun interview with exuberant and engaging coaching and clinical psychologist Cassandra Dunn. Cass and I chat, laugh and explore our way around career paths, taking chances, reframing risk and finding happiness. We examine: Ellen also shares her gratitude to those who have made Season One of the Potential Psychology Podcast a rewarding and successful experience.


From Prisons To The Sweet Life with Laura Braid

Welcome to Episode 9 of the Potential Psychology Podcast! In this episode I chat to the delightful Laura Braid from The Sweet Life. Laura started her career as a forensic psychologist in Scotland, delivered ground breaking programs with offenders in the New Zealand prison system and now runs her private practice, the gorgeously named, The Sweet Life, in Auckland. Our discussion delves into therapy, courage, vulnerability, acceptance and happiness. We discuss: It's a wonderful, in-depth...


Simplifying Life, Starting in the Kitchen with Jules Clancy

In Episode 8 of the Potential Psychology Podcast we take a fascinating little side path into the world of food, cooking, simplicity and wellbeing. My guest is Jules Clancy from StoneSoup: Simple Weeknight Dinners. Jules is a food scientist, a former winemaker, an author, a photographer, founder of the StoneSoup Virtual Cookery School, and a passionate advocate of minimalism and simplicity, especially in the kitchen. Jules and I start with a conversation about meals and recipes for a busy...


Quiet Confidence, Transitions and Leadership with Dr Tess Crawley

Dr Tess Crawley is a clinical and forensic psychologist from Hobart, Tasmania. She has spent over ten years mentoring other psychologists and she’s seen the challenges that even the experts face in balancing work and life and wellbeing. Tess is a former university lecturer, actor and theatre-company owner and now the Director of a busy multi-location private psychology practice. In this episode of the Potential Psychology Podcast Tess and Ellen talk about her mentoring program for mental...


Mythbusting, Neuroscience and a Woman's Brain with Dr Sarah McKay

Dr Sarah McKay is an Oxford educated neuroscientist who hung up her lab coat 10 years ago to teach, write and speak about brain health and applied neuroscience. She's also the author of recently released and fascinating read, ‘The Women’s Brain Book: The neuroscience of health, hormones and happiness.' In this entertaining and informative episode Ellen and Sarah discuss: Sarah also her shares her tips for a happy, healthy brain. Come and listen in!


Destination: World Wide Wellbeing. A chat about strengths and optimal human functioning with Dr Suzy Green

In this episode Suzy discusses 'performance and character strengths' - a foundation of positive psychology - and how they inform our career choices and energise us in the workplace. She shares inspiring stories of helping people to discover their strengths at work and the confidence, joy and awe that this brings. Suzy and Ellen also discuss:


Rethinking the Naughty Corner: Grown Up Lessons for Helping Kids Manage Stress with Chelle Taylor

In this episode Ellen talks to Chelle Taylor, child and family psychologist, about helping kids to manage stress and anxiety. Chelle is an expert in neurodevelopment and she explains how our brain responds to stress and why, for some kids, that response can be extreme. Chelle shares her tips for helping kids to manage their emotions - tips that apply to grown ups too - and she encourages us all to learn more about how our brain and emotions work in order to live happier and calmer...


Power Posing in the Bathroom and Building Your Self Belief with Melanie Schilling

In this episode of the Potential Psychology Podcast Ellen chat's to Mel Schilling, psychologist and relationship coach. You might know Mel as one of the experts on Married At First Sight Australia. As well as being a TV psychologist, Mel also works with organisations, individuals and the media on all things ‘relationship’, so everything from dating and intimacy through to business negotiation and influencing. In this episode Ellen and Mel explore:


Screw Ups and Steps to Happiness with Dr Jo Mitchell

Welcome to the first episode of the Potential Psychology podcast, with your host, Australian psychologist Ellen Jackson. In this episode Ellen interviews Dr Jo Mitchell, Director of The Mind Room - a wellbeing, psychology and performance clinic in the uber hipster inner-city suburb of Collingwood in Melbourne. Jo tells us about her work with high performers, the benefits of screwing up and she gives us her tips for success, happiness and fulfilling your potential.Jo has really diverse...


Playing Minecraft and Parenting in the Digital Age with Martine Oglethorpe

In Episode 2 of the Potential Psychology Podcast your host, Ellen Jackson, chats to parenting and e-safety expert Martine Oglethorpe. Martine works with students and parents through schools and other organisations to help them safely and smartly incorporate technology into their lives. She also works with teachers to explore how they can incorporate digital literacy into their classrooms. In this episode Ellen and Martine talk positively about: