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PA Radio – Episode 271: Mike Robertson

Shhh, Your Coach Knows What You Need The evolution of a young athlete is a complicated one. Taking a recreational youth player to a more regimented and specified high school competitor requires a delicate balance. Furthermore, extending the careers of highly trained pro athletes presents it’s own unique challenges. Mike Robertson of Robertson Training Systems [@RobTrainSystems] is no stranger to ushering high level athletes into the next phase of their sports evolution. This week Robertson...


PA Radio – Episode 270: The Crew

Beefin' What does Power Athlete Radio have to do with Big Trouble in Little China? Virtually nothing. But what does this episode have to do with your IG inquiries? Everything. It's CrossFit Games season and that means plenty of time to bullshit about the workouts. You asked about injuries, technique, shoes, and shampoo. We delivered like Amazon fucking Prime. It’s CrossFit Games season which means, like most people, we comfortably sit back and make judgements about the selected workouts. A...


PA Radio – Episode 269: Lindsey Lepley

Eccentrically Speaking Eccentric muscle contractions are weird. And no I’m not talking about eccentric as in “my eccentric Uncle Larry just purchased his second life sized doll”. Get to know this highly advantageous training tool this week with Dr. Lindsey Lepley [@LindseyLepley @UconnSORE]. Studies are currently being conducted under Lepley on eccentrics with both animals and humans. Their neurological and physiological implications are amazing…but, they have to be performed in very...


PA Radio – Episode 268: Peter Sage

There Are No Straight Lines in Nature What do you get when strength and conditioning collides with the power of productive psychology? Another Premier Podcast in Strength and Conditioning! Peter Sage [@PeterSage007] stops by PAHQ to talk specifics on how to harness your inner badass to elevate your work, passion, relationships, and of course, your training. Hear Peter's unlikely come-up story and why he believes in regular self reflection. Sometimes when your goals seem out of reach you've...


PA Radio – Episode 267: Gunnar Peterson

IF YOU BUILD IT, THEY WILL TRAIN Gunnar Peterson [@GunnarFitness] built his business building bodies. Not only is he one of the most well reputed personal trainers in the industry, he is a hilarious dude. By combining his interpersonal skills with his love for training he was able to create a unique product that led him to the likes of the LA Lakers. Gunnar has over 25 years of experience which is decent but more to the point, his philosophy is sound and his knowledge is legit. Hear about...


PA Radio – Episode 266: Allen Gannett

Consume Everything You've heard the debate: Is athleticism developed or innate? What role does talent play in the success of a an individual? Allen Gannett [@Allen] is here to shift the conversation to a slightly bigger picture. Massive businesses are seeking his expertise [@TrackMaven] to crush the competition with creativity, customer appeal, and marketing analytics. His approach is based on studies of the human brain AKA science...and if there are two things we love it's not sucking and...


PA Radio – Episode 265: The Crew

Teach a Man to Shrug and He'll Hit for a Lifetime If someone were to ask me to personify Power Athlete Radio, I’d say it’s kind of like a wise old man. Respected for his breadth of knowledge and expertise but also humored for his completely unsubstantiated stories about high school, women, and being friends with famous people. This week is a like sitting down with Ol’ Grampa Power Athlete over a glass of whiskey. Yes, your training questions will be answered but not without a price. And that...


PA Radio: Episode 264 – Dr Richard Citrin

If You Don't Use It You Lose It We throw the word "stressed" around like it's a decent excuse for why we retreat within ourselves or cop an attitude with others. Similarly, when our performance in the weight room, on field, or at work is lackluster we often blame it on stress. Dr Richard Citrin [@RichardCitrin] is here to let you know, you and your stress is not special. You are not a unique snowflake. Everyone endures varying degrees of stress on a regular basis and what's more, we were...


PA Radio – Episode 263: Dr Laurie Santos

Monkey See, Monkey Do We have Dr. Laurie Santos on the show to talk about the behavioral similarities and differences that exist between humans and other primates. This is important stuff because we are learning a ton about how we collaborate socially, how we make irrational economical decisions, and Laurie’s favorite fascination…how we over imitate each other. Holy shit. We are blindly doing what other people are doing which is fine if we are imitating intelligence or, say, good movement...


PA Radio – Episode 262: Sorinex SS Recap

PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE Brothers and Sisters in strength met recently to celebrate what was the 11th year of Sorinex Summer Strong in South Carolina. In attendance were members of the PAHQ Crew. The goal: drink in the knowledge whilst drinking in the beers. The mission was accomplished and not without a story or two for the road. Tune in this week to hear the guys debate about training takeaways and differing opinions. Going to Sorinex SS11 is like the best family reunion you've ever...


PA Radio – Episode 261: Dr. David Calvo

RELEASE THE HORMONES Dr. David Calvo makes sense of peptides, aminos, and growth hormones with The Crew. If you've been looking for a concise explanation of how these essential building blocks interact with the body to regulate all kinds of functions, this is it. Learn how therapies are being used to tweak things like appetite and why we owe a debt of gratitude to some of the field's earliest guinea pigs...bodybuilders. Peptides aren't a cure-all. There are many factors that contribute to...


PA Radio – Episode 260: John Welbourn

slay life Creator of Power Athlete and NFL veteran, J Welly [@JohnWelbourn] takes questions from Luke and Tex and reflects on the principles he's acquired over the years. The topic follows a theme I have heard many times over…what to teach your son so that he will slay girls with incredible efficacy. As the guys reflect on their own upbringings they simultaneously look to the future with increasing sentimentality. A more broad conversation about which specific skills each parent should be...


PA Radio – Episode 259: Dustin Grooms

MINDFUL TRAINING, LITERALLY Dustin Grooms is here to help you understand what the brain has to do with biomechanics. Also, what role does it play in the rehabilitation of injuries, discovering limiting factors, and improving performance. He's also closely studying what therapies are most effective for post-concussion athletes. If the brain is the body's computer, it's safe to say that mechanics are helpless withouts it functioning optimally. Dr Grooms presses the theme that when the mind...


PA Radio – Episode 258: The Crew

BRUTAL STRENGTH Another UNPRECEDENTED episode with your favorite weathermen/conspiracy theorists/nihilists. What makes this week's edition of PA Radio so unique? Absolutely nothing. More training tips and movie quotes than your average D-List podcast which technically makes us ELITE. If you've hated every other Crew recording before, there is a good chance you will also hate this one, maybe even more. BUT if you've grown to love the educational barn banter between these three flat-earthers...


PA Radio – Episode 257: Chris Frankel

Strap Yourself In What does it take to be the Head of Human Performance at TRX [@TRXTraining]? Know a little something about humans and know a hell of a lot about performance. Chris Frankel [@C.Frankel] of the massively successful TRX walks us through his role and the training philosophy of the brand. In a market like strength and conditioning where "anything works", what sets this product and complimentary programming above the others? This phrase has been echoed in the theme of the Power...


PA Radio – Episode 256: John Howard

Hug It Out, Bro Relationships are complicated. And I’m not talking about just the romantic kind. Friends, co-workers, and even coach/athlete relationships are seriously complex entities and it takes more than just talking about issues ad nauseam to improve them. As John Howard explains, our knowledge of how and why we react certain ways in relationships has seen great advancements in recent years. Much like the study of sports science, our reactions and behavior can be mapped back to...


PA Radio – Episode 255: Jim Kiritsy

Fail first, Succeed Later "Educating kids out of becoming assholes"...that's just one aspect to being a full time strength coach for college level football programs. Jim Kiritsy [@KSU_FB_Strength] of Kennesaw State University does not apologize for his strict standards and no bullshit coaching style. In fact, he points to it's effectiveness in this week's episode explaining that with Effort, Attitude, and Toughness...all things are possible. With a true EAT the weak mindset, he has seen...


PA Radio – Episode 254: Adam Hansen

Be helpful, not a lazy sack of shit. Innovation is in you...learn how to tap into your creativity with Adam Hansen! Power Athlete Radio - Episode 254


PA Radio – Episode 253: Justin Roethlingshoefer & Devan McConnell

If you're not coaching with intention, you're skating on thin ice! Hawky Talk! Power Athlete Radio - Episode 253


PA Radio – Episode 252: Dr. David Szymanski

America's pastime is more complicated than beerz and peanuts! Baseball talk on deck. Power Athlete Radio - Episode 252