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PA Radio – Episode 287: Marc Effron

Become a High Performer Performance whores come in many forms. Marc Effron is the kind that is obsessed with getting people fire on all cylinders. Much like the PA approach to athleticism, Marc focuses on finding where a person or business is deficient and then attacking the weakness. Through his years developing high performers in business and leadership, he has found several common traits. Be good at something. Reaalllly good. Couple that skill with being likeable and you will be...


PA Radio – Episode 288: Dr John Wagle

A Real Cluster-Fuck Accentuated eccentric loading, velocity based training, and clusters....oohh baby. This week's episode with Dr. John Wagle [@drjohnpwagle] will satisfy your need for speed. Hear how he studied the squat as a vehicle for testing velocity. His method was tested using weight releasers and cluster sets and what he found was that adding 30 seconds rest within each rep allowed the athlete to continue smashing the weight at a relatively high velocity. But the practice isn't...


PA Radio – Episode 286: Stan Efferding

Stimulate, Don't Annihilate Nothing could me more apropos than having nutrition master, Stan Efferding [@StanEfferding] on the show on Thanksgiving week. While you've been shoveling food into your gullet, we've been preparing a tasty little episode of Power Athlete Radio. If you consider yourself a nutrition nerd or you've been throwing darts aimlessly trying to find out why you're so fatigued, you need to listen to this. It's time to stop being a turkey and ride this gravy train to Jacked...


PA Radio – Episode 285: The Crew

Last Action Hero Training on the road with very little equipment, convincing sport coaches that lifting won't ruin specificity, keeping your relationship on the rails...yeah, these are all topics discussed on this week's episode. Will Tex get his whole torso waxed in front of a live studio audience? He hasn't refused outright. Will we be able to get enough people together to sit in the same room as Tex while he's paying the wax tax? Definitely not. If you asked about movies or trucks, your...


PA Radio – Episode 284: Ryan Horn

Salt or Sugar "When are coaches going to stop trying to impress each other and start trying to improve one another." Coach Ryan Horn [@RyanHorn45] is maybe one of the most quote-worthy guests on PA Radio to date. He is passionate about challenging athletes and pushing them carefully to the point of failure. He sees the value in teaching resilience, a quality severely underemphasized because of the taboo of making kids feel 'bad'. Horn also talks about how to create the right culture while...


PA Radio – Episode 283: Andrea Hudy

Show Your Value Andrea Hudy [@A_Hudy] oversees the athlete strength complex on the KU campus and works specifically with the men's and women's basketball teams. In 2013 she received the NSCA Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year award. In total, Coach Hudy has personally worked with 39 athletes that went on to play in the NBA. If you're thinking right now...fuck, she's good...you're absolutely right. Hear how she's infused science into the course of her programs and how...


PA Radio – Episode 282: Jay Ferruggia

Strengthen You Remember rolling into the gym and seeing dudes in stringers? Remember Dinosaur Training? Hell yeah. Host of Renegade Podcast and longtime lifter, Jay Ferruggia [@JayFeruggia] joins us this week to reminisce a bit about the old days of bodybuilder style training and the evolution of gym culture. These days Jay is evolving just the same. Hear how's been able to make a mental shift and tackle some of his personal goals outside of the gym. You can learn a lot from a man who knows...


PA Radio – Episode 281: Derek Woodske

Pass On the Passion This episode is as epic as it's guest. Derek Woodske [@DerekWoodske] is a man and athlete steeped in deep thought. He meditates on the politics surrounding the Middle East while lamenting the ignorance of most critics. Woodske spends much of his time traveling to and living in Saudi Arabi which provides him a uniquely global perspective. This Canada born American resident is also a passionate disciple of the sport of throwing. His fascination with world affairs is only...


PA Radio – Episode 280: The Crew

Exceptional Excitability When your Crew includes sometimes special guest, John Welbourn, you podcast harder than most. What does that mean? Absolutely nothing. What Power Athlete Radio does guarantee is that you will learn something about something about strength and conditioning AND movies. This week we take your IG questions and hammer you with knowledge. The fire rises when The Crew discusses training for performance vs fitness. Although this is a common PA theme, this week's questions...


PA Radio – Episode 279: Dr. Greg Ueckert

Bite Down Performance Do you fear the dentist? What if it meant that you could improve your power output, decrease pain, and align your spine for optimal performance? This is what Dr. Greg Ueckert has been working on for over ten years. He has been assisting athletes with bite and mouth guards which have enabled them to train harder than they ever thought possible. The long list of pro athletes includes John [@JohnWelbourn] who has raved of the results since his time in the NFL. The jaw is...


PA Radio – Episode 278: David Fults

Fuel The Machine David Fults AKA Chef Flutters [@Flutters77] serves our healthy appetite for knowledge and MEAT. This week, our main man at Stay Classy Meats [@StayClassyMeats] talks locally sourced foods, the farm-to-table phenomenon, and his commitment to your next meat meal. Chef Flutters explains what it's like to come up in the harsh "back of the house" environment of a kitchen. It's a place where even the dedicated are pressed to perform backbreaking work for hours on end and miss...


PA Radio – Episode 277: Edward Slingerland

The Paradox of Trying Not to Try How do you find the sweet spot between spontaneity and training in performance? This week The Crew discusses the role of effortless movement in athleticism and how it is in essence, a form of spontaneity. Could or should you be coached when you've entered this flow state and how best to harness the teachings of author Ted Slingerland [Twitter @Slingerland20] and incorporate them into your next competition. This week, we talk about the paradox of "trying not...


PA Radio – Episode 276: Lindsey Mathews

Bringing A Little Life Into This World Behind that epic smile is a passion for guiding mommas through the journey of pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. A speaker from last year's Symposium and PA broette, Lindsey Mathews of BirthFit [@BirthFit] joins us to talk about the complexities and challenges of birthing in the modern age. Luckily for parents-to-be she's developed a methodology to empower you through the process and not be intimidated by the bullshit. Her goal is to facilitate your...


PA Radio – Episode 275: Chris Cooper

Business Gainzz Simply put, Chris Cooper of Two-Brain Business makes gyms profitable. He and his team of mentors have proven concepts for overcoming the common downfalls of many businesses. Those issues include how many members are necessary to make a gym profitable, how to retain good staff and rid yourself of the riff raff, and how best to spend your time as a business owner. Can you really say you're dedicated to forward momentum of your business if you find yourself spending most of your...


PA Radio – Episode 274: Cal Dietz

Strong Feet, Strong Butt This week we welcome back our S&C man-crush, Cal Dietz [@CalDietz] to talk all things athletics. His insights on testing training and finding sometimes surprising results leads us down a rabbit hole of knowledge. What exactly can heart rate variability teach us? What is the true value of a VO2 max? And how can we consistently use bio feedback to produce unprecedented performance gains? Dietz delivers on college and pro athletics talk. Among the chatter is some...


PA Radio – Episode 273: Phil Wagner

The Power of Technology Less injuries means better performance. Using technology has greatly improved our knowledge of individual biomechanics. Now we can take that information to determine where an athlete's performance is deficient and their body is vulnerable. That is exactly what this week's guest, Phil Wagner of Sparta Science [@SpartaScience] is doing with force plate feedback. With nearly instantaneous feedback, you can track progress week to week and dictate training programs...


PA Radio – Episode 272: Donnie Maib

Developing athletes into Adults If the name sounds familiar, it's because Donnie Maib [@DonnieMaib] has been crushing athletics since his own career as a defensive tackle at UGA. Currently, Donnie is Assistant Athletic Director at UT specializing his efforts in women's volleyball and men's tennis. Maib is an incredibly well read and informed coach who has had inspiring experiences with notorious names in strength and conditioning. This includes our good buddy, Fred Hatfield. Hear Donnie's...


PA Radio – Episode 271: Mike Robertson

Shhh, Your Coach Knows What You Need The evolution of a young athlete is a complicated one. Taking a recreational youth player to a more regimented and specified high school competitor requires a delicate balance. Furthermore, extending the careers of highly trained pro athletes presents it’s own unique challenges. Mike Robertson of Robertson Training Systems [@RobTrainSystems] is no stranger to ushering high level athletes into the next phase of their sports evolution. This week Robertson...


PA Radio – Episode 270: The Crew

Beefin' What does Power Athlete Radio have to do with Big Trouble in Little China? Virtually nothing. But what does this episode have to do with your IG inquiries? Everything. It's CrossFit Games season and that means plenty of time to bullshit about the workouts. You asked about injuries, technique, shoes, and shampoo. We delivered like Amazon fucking Prime. It’s CrossFit Games season which means, like most people, we comfortably sit back and make judgements about the selected workouts. A...


PA Radio – Episode 269: Lindsey Lepley

Eccentrically Speaking Eccentric muscle contractions are weird. And no I’m not talking about eccentric as in “my eccentric Uncle Larry just purchased his second life sized doll”. Get to know this highly advantageous training tool this week with Dr. Lindsey Lepley [@LindseyLepley @UconnSORE]. Studies are currently being conducted under Lepley on eccentrics with both animals and humans. Their neurological and physiological implications are amazing…but, they have to be performed in very...