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Dr. Plenty, is a double board-certified OB/GYN and high risk pregnancy expert. She's brilliant, well-researched with a great bedside manor.... but she is a little feisty and will "tell it like it is". Growing tired of seeing complications in pregnancy that could have been prevented, she wanted a way to help women empower themselves through knowledge so they can advocate for themselves. This quest to educate women birthed this podcast.


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Dr. Plenty, is a double board-certified OB/GYN and high risk pregnancy expert. She's brilliant, well-researched with a great bedside manor.... but she is a little feisty and will "tell it like it is". Growing tired of seeing complications in pregnancy that could have been prevented, she wanted a way to help women empower themselves through knowledge so they can advocate for themselves. This quest to educate women birthed this podcast.






Superfetation: Is this a real thing?

So recently, there was a viral story about a woman who was pregnant with one baby and then found out she was pregnant again. So, is this a real thing? Superfetation happens when a person is already pregnant and then gets pregnant again. Yep, you read it right. But how could this be, right? Well, in this podcast episode, we're going to talk about superfetation, how it's more common in animals and how difficult it is to confirm in humans. We'll also talk about why it's more likely for patients with IVF pregnancies. Download and listen to the episode now!


Getting Pregnant is Hard AF

Although you might hear about folks "accidentally" getting pregnant, getting pregnant is actually pretty hard! And if you're struggling with infertility or questioning whether you have an issue with your fertility, trying to have a baby can feel like a full time job. Thousands of women just like you are trying to conceive as we speak. So, if you've been trying for a while, you are not alone. Join in on the conversation by checking out this episode where you will learn more about ovulation and the optimal time to have intercourse. We'll also discuss things you should avoid to increase your chances of conceiving and when you should seek help from a fertility specialist if you haven't been successful in getting pregnant. If you're planning to get pregnant, actively trying to get pregnant, or just seeking more information, this episode is a great start. Download and listen now!



Hemorrhage, or significant bleeding, can occur at any time during or within the weeks after pregnancy. Despite advances in healthcare, it still remains the most common cause of pregnancy-related deaths worldwide. Check out this episode to learn about who’s at highest risk for having a hemorrhage, causes of hemorrhage, and how it’s treated. You’ll also learn what steps you should take at home if you start bleeding. Download and listen to the episode now to learn more!


Heart Disease & Pregnancy

It's February, which means that it's Black History Month and Heart Health Month. So on this episode of the podcast, we discussed heart disease, one of the top causes of pregnancy-related deaths in women, particularly Black women. Check out this episode of the podcast where you'll learn about different types of heart disease, symptoms of heart disease and warning signs of a heart attack. You'll also find out if you're at risk for heart disease and steps you should take before, during and after pregnancy to ensure that you safely navigate through the pregnancy and beyond. EVERYONE should listen to this episode. Knowing more could save your life or the lives of your loved ones. Subscribe and download now!


Cigarette Alternatives During Pregnancy: Are Vaping and Nicotine Patches Safe?

A lot of us have made resolutions as we kick off 2024. For some, it might be to lose weight. For others, it could be to save for a house. But for many people, it’s to be healthier, including kicking that nasty smoking habit. There are a ton of smoking alternatives on the market with e-cigarettes and nicotine patches being two of the most common ones. But if you’re pregnant, are these alternatives safe? Check out this episode of the podcast where we explore the risks of vaping and nicotine patch use to you and your unborn baby compared to traditional cigarette use. If you’re trying to quit and still considering having children, this is one to definitely listen to. Download and listen now!


The Best of Cases

Dr. Plenty is on vocal rest this week so we are giving out pearls, case pearls. Dr. Plenty's intern has pulled some of the doctor's most wanted cases for you to review. Make sure to Subscribe, follow, rate and comment wherever you get your podcasts.


Alcohol & Fertility

You know those martinis you like so much… or the vodka and pineapple drinks you have with your friends every Friday night for girls night? Ever wonder how drinking can play a role in your fertility journey? If so, check out the latest podcast episode where I answer all your preconception questions related to drinking ranging from social drinking to binge drinking. We chat about it all! Subscribe, download and listen now!


Prenatal Care Providers

OB/GYNs are leaders in women’s health and pregnancy care. But did you know that other providers who work in collaboration with OB/GYNs or provide prenatal care independently as well? Yep! Check out this episode to find out about different prenatal care providers and to learn which type of provider is right for you and your prenatal journey. Download and listen now!


Breech Pregnancy

Ever wonder what’s the big deal about your baby being in butt down? Well, on this week’s episode, we discussed different types of breech presentations and how it’s managed during pregnancy and delivery. We also discussed how your baby being breech can impact care after delivery. This episode is an insightful one, so go ahead and download and listen now!!


Cryptic Pregnancy

Description: Have you ever watched one of those TV shows where the person didn’t know they were pregnant until in labor? Wonder how that’s possible? A lot of people wonder, too. Well, when someone doesn’t know they are pregnant until really late in pregnancy or until labor starts, this is called a cryptic pregnancy. Check out this episode to learn how this could happen and how it’s handled. You’ll also hear some interesting cases related to this topic. This episode is a good one! Download and listen now. And don’t forget to share with your friends.


What's The Plan

Back in the day, no one really had birth plans. Patients would just go in and follow the lead of the OB nurse and physician. But in this day and age, women want more control over their bodies and want happens in the delivery room, which is a good thing! Check out this episode to learn more about pregnancy birth plans, what to include in it, and when to discuss different aspects of it with your provider. Make sure to download, listen, and share with your friends, too!


Ozempic and Pregnancy

So a lot of us gained some weight during the pandemic, and this year, ya'll have been trying to drop the pounds. And some of you will start to try to do so again for your new year's resolution. Right now for weight loss, everyone is raving about Ozempic, aka semiglutide, aka Wegovy. And for some of you, you get pregnant while still being on it. Check out this episode to learn more about this drug, how it helps with weight loss, and how you are managed if you happen to get pregnant while taking it. Download and listen to the episode now. And surely you know someone who has taken this medication. Make sure to share the episode with them as well!


Oops Baby!

Planning for a pregnancy is definitely important for countless reasons. But sometimes, it doesn’t happen that way. Unintended or unplanned pregnancies make up about 45% of pregnancies worldwide. So if you’re having an #oopsbaby, you are not alone. Check out this episode to find out how you can adjust to having an oops baby and learn what steps you can take to get on track to have a healthy pregnancy. Download and listen now!


Fibroid Degeneration

Fibroids are extremely common, especially in Black and Brown women. Over half of women will develop fibroids during their childbearing years. During pregnancy, oftentimes, fibroids don't cause any symptoms at all. But sometimes during pregnancy, fibroids can increase in size so fast that they outgrow their own blood supply. This is when fibroid degeneration happens, which can lead to severe pain. Download and listen to this episode to find out more about fibroids, fibroid degeneration, and how it affects pregnancy. You'll also learn how fibroid degeneration is treated and how long, on average, you will have to deal with associated pain. Go ahead... check out the episode now!


Stressed Out & Pregnant

For a lot of us, life is hectic right now. And for some, pregnancy planning combined with life events can be overwhelming. During pregnancy, you have to juggle appointments, sometimes with multiple types of providers. You have to figure out if your living space still fits your growing family. You have to think about bills, maternity leave, and how to continue to keep up with bills if you decide to take an extended leave that’s not fully paid. And this stressful planning doesn’t take into account if something happens to a family member or some other natural disaster happens to happen. Many of you have asked questions about how stress actually affects your pregnancies. Well, during this episode, we go straight to the questions so you can learn just that. Tune in as we discuss how to cope with stress and how it can affect the outcome of your pregnancy. Download and listen now!


HeartBurn in Pregnancy

Heartburn, aka acid reflux, aka indigestion, is super common in pregnancy. Surprisingly, we haven't discussed it much during any of our previous episodes. So, this week, a whole episode is dedicated to doing just that! Check out this episode to learn more about heartburn, why it's so common during pregnancy, and how it's treated. Listening to this episode in itself won't relieve your heart burn, but it will give you the tools to know what to ask so your provider can treat you to get some relief! Download and listen now!


My Baby Has Wings

As we wrap up the month of October which is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, I wanted to take the time to acknowledge all those who have carried and lost a life. Check out this episode to learn not only about coping with pregnancy and infant loss but how to prepare for your next pregnancy after a loss. This is a topic we don’t talk about enough. Know that you don’t have to suffer in silence. Download the episode now, and feel free to join in the conversation by sharing your comments on the #pregnancypearls social media platforms or via email.


Too Much Fluid

During the last episode, we discussed how having too little amniotic fluid can affect your pregnancy. Well this week, we’re going to discuss what happens if you actually have TOO MUCH amniotic fluid. Polyhydramnios, or having too much amniotic fluid, can be caused by issues with your baby’s digestive tract, uncontrolled medical conditions, or could be something just incidentally found. Check out this episode to learn about what your provider looks for to see if this condition is an issue for your baby and how it is managed. Download and listen now!


Too Little Fluid

During pregnancy, amniotic fluid, aka the fluid surrounding your unborn baby, plays an important role. But what does it mean when your baby doesn’t have enough of it? Check out this episode where we discuss the purpose of amniotic fluid, learn about the causes of low amniotic fluid, and talk about how pregnancies with low fluid are managed. You’ll also learn more about how low amniotic fluid can mean different things for twins. Download and listen now!


RSV Vaccine During Pregnancy

Cold and flu season is upon us, and it’s projected to be a pretty rough season. For protection, the CDC recommends a COVID-19 vaccine and a flu shot. Additionally, a new RSV vaccination is also recommended DURING pregnancy for the first time. Check out the latest podcast episode to learn more about this vaccine, how it can affect your unborn baby and another RSV vaccination option if you are unsure about getting the vaccine during pregnancy. This one is informative and much needed info if you’re pregnant. So, download and listen now!