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511: 4 Questions To Ask of Every Diet

We are stepping up to clear the confusion today. Too many people are losts in the weeds trying to determine which way of eating is best: paleo, primal, keto, intermittent fasting, low fat, high fat, carb cycle...the list is endless. Fortunately, there are 4 common sense questions we can ask of each of these approaches that will give us answers unique to us. We might answer these questions differently - as we should - but they will help us determine what is best & healthiest for each of...


510: How (And Why) I Ditched The Drama

The other day I posted on Instagram about how I moved away from hating my body when I was at my heaviest. I shared that I didn't start declaring that I loved my body, I simply reminded myself that I was capable of changing it. There are two big mistakes I see people making that keep them from creating change in their lives: they are too dramatic and/or they are lying to themselves about how they feel or what they want. In today's episode we're going to look at cutting out the drama and...


509: How To Increase Your Fitness

Here's my $0.02 - too many people are going through the motions, trying to eat better and move more but they aren't getting results. Two steps forward, two steps back or simply checking the box of doing the right thing but not seeing any significant change in their health, body composition or fitness level. I know I've certainly found myself in that trap. Today I want to talk about what fitness is and, most importantly, how you can increase your fitness and create actual change in your...


508: Never Too Good To Be Better

In today's episode I want to explore this idea that most of us really don't know how amazing we can feel. Even if you feel you do know, are you consistently creating that reality? Perhaps more importantly - in thinking that you do know, are you limiting further improvements? So many questions and comments stemmed from an email I sent out the other day and I want to dive into the perspective of self-improvement today. Does it mean we don't appreciate how far we've come? Does it mean we...


507: Don't Major In The Minors

I'm excited to say that I recently completed my CrossFit Level 1 Trainer course and passed the accompanying exam. Though I learned a tremendous amount about CrossFit, fitness, movement and my body, I also learned a lot that applies to life & general goal achievement. In today's podcast, I'm going to resist the urge to dive deep into fitness, movement, body mechanics and CrossFit & am instead going to share with you about 8 different lessons that I feel apply brilliantly to life, fat loss,...


506: Food As Medicine

Today we are talking about hemp hearts! I recently started incorporating these as a substitution for other nuts and seeds do the recommendations in my Viome assessment. Hemp hearts contain all 9 essential amino acids, they don't contain oxalates or phytates (as most nuts and seeds do) and they contain both omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. They're a rich source of minerals and they have a great nutty flavor! Today we'll talk about their omega profile and what makes it unique as well as...


505: A Great Body Has No Value Without A Great Mind

Today we're exploring the importance of a creating a great mind so that you can create (and maintain) a great body. However, this isn't just about physique. Great relationships, great careers and great families also require that you develop a strong, healthy mind! We're so quick to focus on the steps we need to take to create a great body or a strong financial portfolio, but the disciplined pursuit of a great mind doesn't rank as high on the priority list. It's time to change that! Don't...


504: Avoid, Minimize, Indulge

I've done a few episodes on the importance of optimizing the microbiome. The microbiome, or collection of bacteria, viruses, fungi & yeast in our bodies, influences the development of disease, metabolism & body weight, sleep, mood, energy and much more. A few months ago, I decided to turn to Viome to get a personalized look at my own microbiome. In today's episode I'll talk about what Viome offers and what I learned in the process. To get your personalized recommendations and save $20 on...


503: Food As Medicine

There is no denying the amazing healing potential of the foods we eat. In this "Food As Medicine" series, we're exploring medicinal and healing properties of different foods. Today, we're exploring the health benefits of ginger as well as some great, fat loss friendly ways to incorporate it into your diet! Resources: Hop on the wait list for the Fall 2018 12 Weeks To Transformation! To learn more about it, listen to episode 468 of the podcast. Episode...


502: How To Embrace The Mundane

A huge turning point in my health and weight loss journey was getting out of debt. I know that might seem weird, but it's true. The lessons I learned while getting out of debt taught me so much about health, fitness and even starting a business. For example: the little things do matter when you're getting out. The $2 coffee matters. The little things can get you into big trouble. Alternatively, they can transform your life for the better. In today's episode, having just celebrated 4...


501: Creating A Total Transformation

At your request, today I'm sharing an incredible client success story. When Louise first found Primal Potential, she felt out of control. Her marriage was in trouble, her finances were on the rocks, she was overweight, stressed out and turning to food & alcohol for comfort. In the last (almost) two years, she has created transformation in every aspect of her life. She would tell you that her 60 pound weight loss is the least of the changes she's made. She infinitely calmer, happier and...


500: Behind The Scenes With Elizabeth

It's our 500th episode! We actually passed this milestone a while back, because I didn't start out naming the Q&A episodes, but this is "officially" episode 500! On top of that, today is Primal Potential's 4th anniversary! The very most important thing on this day is YOU! From the bottom of my heart - thank you for being a part of the Primal Potential family. There would be no Primal Potential without you. For every email you've sent, for every episode you've listened to & blog you've...


499: Overcoming The Source Of Struggle

Every week, I have a live Q&A webinar with clients in my 12 Weeks to Transformation groups. This past week, there was an obvious theme to the questions that came up: guilt. In today's episode, we're talking about guilt that stems from the story we create around our choices. We unlock a powerful truth: you create the story. You can always create a new one. You are the master story teller and meaning maker in your life. As you create these stories are food, alcohol, relationships, workouts...


498: Baby Steps To Massive Change

We have so much to celebrate this week! We're closing in on our 500th episode and it's also Primal Potential's 4 year anniversary! Last week I asked you all how you wanted to celebrate the 500th episode and many of you suggested hear from some of my clients who have created success and change. Today we're doing just that! You're going to hear from Amber - a working mom who has lost 120 pounds in the last 18 months. While that's crazy impressive, the weight loss isn't the primary change...


497: Family Dynamics, Relationships & Food

What a special episode! Today I'm sharing a conversation with both my mom & my sister where we answer a handful of questions from the Primal Potential Masters Club & my summer 12 Weeks to Transformation Veterans. We talked about their perspective on my weight struggles and how our relationships have been challenged by them. We talked about how we have grown and changed as a family and what they have learned from the podcast. I am so grateful for this episode and it's definitely one of my...


496: How To Stop Creating & Accepting Excuses

The other day, I got a wonderful question via Instagram direct message. Here's what it said: "You’re younger than I am and you have your stuff figured OUT!!! How did you get to the point where you stopped binging, stopped making excuses and got consistent?" I still make excuses. I just have a practice of challenging them and demanding of myself the whole truth. In today's episode, I'm giving some examples of how I do that so I can be stronger than my excuses. Don't miss...


495: The End Of All Or Nothing

All or nothing is about cycles of intensity & avoidance. All or nothing approaches to fat loss overlook the key to success: consistent execution of the basics. We love dramatic approaches that create dramatic results, even if they aren't sustainable. Here's the thing: it's not sexy, it's not glamorous and it's not exciting but it is both effective and sustainable: know your basics and ruthlessly pursue consistency. In today's episode we're talking about what it looks like when we skip the...


494: 8 Mantras That Will Help You Win Hard Moments

The other day, I posted on Instagram that more often than not, it's our internal conditions that need to change, not our external ones. We're so quick to place blame on our external circumstances: we don't have enough time, we don't have enough money. Our work schedule is crazy. We don't have enough support. However, when you realize that your lack of progress & lack of consistency are more about your internal conditions than your external ones, you're in a major place of power. Your...


493: What Is CBD?

What is CBD? Does it get you high? Can it get you high? CBD refers to cannabidiol and is a non-psychoactive component of cannabis. Not only does CBD not make you feel "high", it actually can block the "high" triggered by the psycho-active component, THC. The reason we're looking at CBD is due to it's anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety and endocrine-supporting properties. We'll talk about what CBD is, what it isn't, how it works, the body systems it influences and how it can be...



Today's episode is a hybrid - part book club episode, part manifesto on your ability, independent of all circumstances, to create change. I read an amazing book called You Are The Placebo and it came to mind immediately when I got a couple of critical comments about episode 490 of the podcast. That episode garnered over 400 emails, text messages, direct messages & social media comments from people who found it helpful and inspiring. It also garnered two critical comments from listeners....