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527: Metabolic Effects of Overeating (And Binging)

What is the metabolic effect of overeating or binging? While we can mentally and emotionally reset, our body isn't so quick to reset just because it's a new day. I don't know about you, but I used to convince myself that each new day was a reset. While that is absolutely true for each day (and even each moment) in our minds, we can't deny that there are lasting metabolic and hormonal effects to overeating and binging. In today's episode we're going to talk about prolonged fat loss...


526: If I Could Change Your Mind About 3 Things

If I could wave my magic wand and change your mind in some way, here are the three things I would immediately change... Before I tell you what they are, let me tell you how this came about. I have a personal coaching practice that helps me help my clients. I routinely ask myself, "What are my clients teaching me? If I could wave my magic wand and give them a skill or perspective that would make their lives easier, what would I give them?" This keeps me from getting frustrated and helps me...


525: Create Big Change with this Small Shift

In each episode between now and the end of the year, I'm determined to help you make progress, one day at a time. Today, we're taking a look at what isn't working for you right now. When we evaluate, without drama or judgement, what's not working and what's holding you back, we step into a tremendous amount of power. From there, we're going to establish new options. What else could you do? What could you adjust, just for today? We aren't trying to change everything at all once, but what...


524: Ensure You Win the Rest of the Year

As of October 3rd, there are only 90 days between now and the new year! In today's episode I'm sharing simple strategies that will ensure you win the rest of the year! It doesn't require a plan, it doesn't require perfection. You can start today. You don't need to wait. You have everything you need to start right now. Resources: Episode 206: My #1 Recommendation For Fat Loss Give Fabletics a try! Register via to get 2 pairs...


523: A Strategy To Win ANY Moment

As I shared in this past weekend's VIP email, I just finished the manuscript for my first book! I am BEYOND excited! The process of writing was much more challenging than I expected, but it taught me a lot. In today's episode, I'm sharing the #1 lesson I learned while writing and how I plan to apply this lesson in other areas of my life. Plus, I'm showing you how you can use this lesson to win absolutely ANY moment you're in and make change so much easier! Do not miss this...


522: Your Questions About Money & Debt

In episode 521 of the podcast, I shared my personal story of becoming debt free. I go into detail about how I started, the process I followed and how I handled struggles like my then-husband not being totally on-board with the idea. I also had my sister on the show - she is currently paying down her debt and overcoming the hurdles of massive student loans and a modest salary. In today's episode I'm answering all your questions about money and debt including: Please note that I am not a...


521: Get Out of Debt No Matter How Much You Make

Getting out of debt changed my life. I wasn't always good with my money. I didn't make much and I spent more than I took home. Getting out of debt didn't happen quickly and it wouldn't have happened at all if I continued to make excuses and prioritize pleasure over happiness. Last week on Instagram, I asked you guys to vote on which topic you'd rather hear about today: fasting or getting out of debt. Those were the two topics about which I got the most questions and "debt" won by a...


520: Keeping Success Really Simple

Recently, one of my summer clients shared a bit of her transformation with me - she's lost weight, improved her mood, eliminated her cravings and overcome a sugar addiction. I asked if she'd be willing to share some of the steps she took and she's sharing her journey with us today on the podcast! We talk about how to create change without willpower and keep success simple - really, really simple. One of the ideas we discuss on the show that I think you're really going to connection with...


519: Win The Day & Manufacture Momentum

If you ever feel stuck or unsure of how to start making progress, today's motivational minisode is for you! The truth is, you are never stuck and you don't have to figure out a "plan" to begin. There's a simple starting point that is available and acheivable in every single moment! Resources Learn more about the Fall 12 Weeks to Transformation Register for the Fall 12 Weeks to Transformation - If you're looking for the link to the veterans group because...


518: The Difference Between Failure & Success

"To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail." ~ Charlie Munger For most of my life, my only approach to fat loss was more restriction and more deprivation. I was so caught up in the misery of the problem that I wasn't being strategic in my approach. I returned to a strategy, over and over again, that didn't work for me. In today's episode we're going to talk about the common strategies people repeat that don't work as well as alternatives that do work. The goal of today's episode...


517: Your Fat Is More Than Fat

Your body fat is not inert. It is actually an active, endocrine organ that produces and secretes hormones and inflammatory cytokines. This is one of many reasons that an "eat less, exercise more" approach to fat loss is often ineffective and insufficient. In today's episode we're talking about an approach to health and fat loss that will not only make you feel better, but will improve your health and your body's ability to release and burn stored...


516: September Reset

September is a natural time to check in with yourself and course-correct as needed. Summer is over, the kids are back to school, and the new year is right around the corner. Just this past weekend I sat down with my journal to check-in with myself and my goals. In today's episode I'm sharing the questions I asked myself as well as a webinar from my winter 12 Weeks To Transformation veterans group. In that webinar, we did a quick check of the basics, a quick check of attitude and perspective,...


515: How To Really Get Results

If you listen to this podcast, you have great intentions. Are those intentions backed up with action? Consistent action? Are you getting results? Would a coach help? How? What's the difference between having me as your coach and listening to the podcast? We are diving deep into all these questions today! To join the wait list for the fall 12 Weeks To Transformation, click here! Resources: 12 Weeks to Transformation Wait List 3 Ways To Make Change...


514: It's Not A Destination, It's A Decision

If you need some motivation and encouragement, you'll want to listen to today's episode! I was recently talking to an OBGYN client who wanted to know my thoughts and ideas on how she could motivate her patients to take action on the nutrition information she gives them. You might be suprised to hear that I told her that she can't. Yup, I told her that she can't motivate them with information. See, information isn't transformation. Instead, I shared with her how I try to motivate and...


513: Elements of Fitness For Fat Loss

As I shared in episode 509, I recently completed my CrossFit Level 1 Training. It really got me thinking about how I can make sure I'm not simply going through the motions of exercise, but that I'm really doing the right things for my body and my goals. Too many people 'check the box' by going to the gym, but they aren't increasing their fitness or moving towards their goal of fat loss. I texted my good friend and former trainer Nathan and asked if he'd help me establish a general framework...


512: When You Can't Seem To Make The Struggle Stop

I have a client who is struggling. She really wants to create change, she wants to end the struggle, but she's not consistently doing the work. In today's episode, I want to get really practical and talk about my coaching philosophy for these kinds of situations. How do you break out of a pattern? How can you end the struggle? There IS a way out and we're talking about those strategies today. I'll share how I coach my client as well as how I continue to overcome my own struggles. One of...


511: 4 Questions To Ask of Every Diet

We are stepping up to clear the confusion today. Too many people are losts in the weeds trying to determine which way of eating is best: paleo, primal, keto, intermittent fasting, low fat, high fat, carb cycle...the list is endless. Fortunately, there are 4 common sense questions we can ask of each of these approaches that will give us answers unique to us. We might answer these questions differently - as we should - but they will help us determine what is best & healthiest for each of...


510: How (And Why) I Ditched The Drama

The other day I posted on Instagram about how I moved away from hating my body when I was at my heaviest. I shared that I didn't start declaring that I loved my body, I simply reminded myself that I was capable of changing it. There are two big mistakes I see people making that keep them from creating change in their lives: they are too dramatic and/or they are lying to themselves about how they feel or what they want. In today's episode we're going to look at cutting out the drama and...


509: How To Increase Your Fitness

Here's my $0.02 - too many people are going through the motions, trying to eat better and move more but they aren't getting results. Two steps forward, two steps back or simply checking the box of doing the right thing but not seeing any significant change in their health, body composition or fitness level. I know I've certainly found myself in that trap. Today I want to talk about what fitness is and, most importantly, how you can increase your fitness and create actual change in your...


508: Never Too Good To Be Better

In today's episode I want to explore this idea that most of us really don't know how amazing we can feel. Even if you feel you do know, are you consistently creating that reality? Perhaps more importantly - in thinking that you do know, are you limiting further improvements? So many questions and comments stemmed from an email I sent out the other day and I want to dive into the perspective of self-improvement today. Does it mean we don't appreciate how far we've come? Does it mean we have...