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We are four clinical psychologists who love to chat about the best ideas from psychology. In this podcast, we explore the psychological principles we use in our clinical work and bring you ideas from psychology that can help you flourish in your work, parenting, relationships, and health. Thank you for listening to Psychologists Off The Clock!

We are four clinical psychologists who love to chat about the best ideas from psychology. In this podcast, we explore the psychological principles we use in our clinical work and bring you ideas from psychology that can help you flourish in your work, parenting, relationships, and health. Thank you for listening to Psychologists Off The Clock!


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We are four clinical psychologists who love to chat about the best ideas from psychology. In this podcast, we explore the psychological principles we use in our clinical work and bring you ideas from psychology that can help you flourish in your work, parenting, relationships, and health. Thank you for listening to Psychologists Off The Clock!








Mental Health & COVID-19 with Dr. Robyn Walser

In this episode, Robyn Walser, a frequent guest of the podcast, and Debbie explore how we can be our “better angels” in the midst of these extreme challenges. We can do this by making values-based decisions, while still caring for ourselves and our loved ones. Dr. Walser discusses strategies for effectively caring for one’s mental health in this current moment of extreme trauma and stress, and beyond. We talk about mental health factors like anxiety, alcohol/substance abuse, and sleep. Then...


The Joy Of Movement With Dr. Kelly McGonigal

We all know we “should” move our bodies but some of us struggle with wanting to or get caught up in complicated, negative and rule-bound messages about how to move our bodies. Join Jill for an uplifting and motivating discussion with Dr. McGonigal, author of The Joy of Movement: How Exercise Helps Us Find Happiness, Hope, Connection, and Courage about the intrinsic power of movement for everybody, and ways to change your relationship with physical exercise so your brain comes to actually...


A Gift For You: Pranayama Breathing Meditation

Join Diana in a short Pranayama or yogic breathing meditation. Take 10 minutes to savor the present moment and your breath! Related Psychologists Off The Clock Episodes 81. A Gift For You: 10 Min Breathing Meditation70. A Gift For You: Loving-Kindness Meditation122. Taking in the Good with Dr. Rick Hanson114. The Way of Effortless Mindfulness with Loch Kelly


COVID-19 Anxiety, Cultivating Safeness, and Polyvagal Theory with Dr. Stephen Porges

Stress and anxiety levels are high right now due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus. In this episode, Dr. Stephen Porges offers us a model of our physiology of threat and strategies to boost feelings of safeness, especially with COVID-19 anxiety. Through the lens of Polyvagal theory, Dr. Porges and Diana explore what it means to be human in the face of infectious disease, trauma, and global uncertainty. “To be able to be supportive to those who are around us if they're feeling anxious or...


Working Less with Dr. Alex Pang

In this episode, Dr. Alex Pang is back on the podcast to discuss his new book, Shorter: Work Better, Smarter, and Less - Here's How. Last time he came on the show (Episode 45. Rest with Dr. Alex Pang), Alex told our listeners about the surprising benefits of deliberate rest on productivity and creativity. In his new book, he takes his ideas to a new level by exploring how organizations can help prevent burnout and dissatisfaction, and even increase profits, by shifting to shorter workweeks....


Yoga for All and Body Kindness with Dr. Jennifer Webb

How often do you find yourself relating to your body as a physical being rather than a physical object? Celebrating what it can do for you instead of fixating on how it looks in the mirror? If you’re like most people, not often! All too often we find ourselves comparing how our body looks to narrowly-defined cultural ideals that are unhealthy, unsustainable, and just plain inaccessible! In this episode, Dr. Jennifer Webb, associate professor at UNC Charlotte, and Yael discuss strategies for...


ACT For Food Restriction And Anorexia

According to Dr. Rhonda Merwin, individuals with anorexia and low weight are, “doing exactly what society has told them makes sense to be a good person.” At the same time, having anorexia and being over-controlled with food narrows your life, increases preoccupation with weight, and has negative health consequences. ACT offers a novel approach to treating eating disorders. By stepping back from eating disorder thoughts, identifying values and increasing acceptance and willingness, men and...


Indistractable with Nir Eyal

Do you find yourself so distracted by your phone, email, text, or social media that it’s pulling you away from things that matter? According to Nir Eyal, author of the best-selling book Indistractable, technology is not the enemy. We merely need to learn how to identify and manage the internal and external triggers that lead to distraction and make more time for traction--showing up for what matters. Join Jill for her first Psychologists Off The Clock interview with Nir Eyal as they talk...


Surviving Break-Ups and Divorce: How to Mend a Broken Heart

Breaking up is hard to do, and time-stamped events (like, say, Valentine’s Day) can make the pain of a broken heart stand out even more than usual. As painful as it may feel, you’re not alone in what you’re experiencing. Join Yael and Debbie for a conversation about common responses to break-ups and how you can take steps towards healing. Join us as we draw from psychological science, clinical examples, and personal experiences to discuss practices that can help you to mend your heart....


Why We Age and the Science of Longevity with Dr. David Sinclair

What if you could slow down the clock on your aging? According to aging expert and Harvard geneticist, Dr. David Sinclair, we now have the knowledge and technology to live longer lives, healthier. In his revolutionary research, Dr. Sinclair has identified mechanisms behind aging giving us clues into the behaviors and molecules that can potentially extend life. Listen and Learn: Why is aging a disease and how can it be slowed What are longevity genes and what role do they play in health What...


Nutritious Movement and Why it Matters with Katy Bowman

Do you want to move your body more but find it hard to fit movement into your schedule and valued activities? It’s not your fault! According to Katy Bowman, bio-mechanist and movement specialist, our modern environment is a mismatch for our movement needs. Katy Bowman offers us some out of the box solutions to build a movement rich life that is optimal for physical, social and emotional health. Join Diana for a thought-provoking and empowering discussion with Katy Bowman about the benefits...


Tantrum Survival Guide

If you’re a parent you’ve likely had your buttons pushed by your toddler in the throes of a tantrum. We know we have! It’s downright difficult to handle your toddler’s distress and maintain your cool when they’re howling about you doing it “all wrong” … for the sixth time today. In this episode Yael speaks with Dr. Schrag Hershberg, a clinical psychologist and author of The Tantrum Survival Guide: Tune into Your Toddler’s Mind (and Your Own) to Calm the Craziness and Make Family Fun Again,...


Taking in the Good with Dr. Rick Hanson

Your brain is “Velcro for negative experiences and Teflon for positive ones,” according to neuropsychologist Dr. Rick Hanson. What if you could re-wire your brain to be more grateful, loving, and resilient? In today’s episode, Dr. Hanson offers strategies to use self-directed neuroplasticity changing your brain for the good and developing resilience and wellbeing. Dr. Hanson is a senior fellow at the UC Berkeley Greater Good Science Center, a pioneer in the field of positive neuroplasticity,...


Be Mighty with Dr. Jill Stoddard

Women of the world, are you stressed out and worried? Do you find yourself up fretting at 4 a.m.? If so, you’re not alone! In a culture where women are expected to look perfect, juggle relationships and career effortlessly, and “just deal” with the harsh realities of misogyny and gender inequities, is it any wonder we’re also twice as likely to be stressed out, overwhelmed, and anxious? Fortunately, there are real tools you can use now to build resilience in a difficult world, conquer your...


Use DBT Skills To Regulate Emotions And Be More Effective In Relationships With Dr. Matthew McKay

Some of us have a harder time managing our emotions. Therefore, we find ourselves engaging in destructive behaviors to cope. Enter Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). Developed by Dr. Marsha Linehan, DBT is proven to help people manage overwhelming emotions. It does so by teaching people specific change-based strategies. Because of this, DBT skills help people regulate their emotions. In this episode, Diana speaks with psychologist and author Dr. Matthew McKay. They discuss his newly revised...


Holiday Episode Guide

The holiday season means joy and connection, but it also means an onslaught of stressors. It can be helpful to think about how to manage the challenges more effectively, as well as enhance the positive elements of what the holidays bring. Many of our previous episodes can help us do just that! In this episode, we point you to previous episodes that can help you navigate the holidays. Episodes to help you manage the stressors: For managing the stressors of political debates, check out Episode...


Moral Injury and Shame

Shame, betrayal, guilt, anger. As social animals, humans are wired to have moral emotions that bind us to our groups. When we experience a transgression against our moral values, we might experience Moral Injury. Moral injury is a normal human response to a violation of our strongly held moral beliefs, and it can have a deep impact on people’s lives, making it difficult to move forward. In this episode, Debbie interviews two psychologists who are researching moral injury with veterans, Dr....


Bearing Unbearable Loss

At some point, each and every one of us will lose someone we love. But grief is no cakewalk. And however hard grief is, the pain gets exponentially greater when we are met with the deafening silence and discomfort of others. Join us to create space and a voice for grief with a frank conversation about death, love, and the heartbreaking journey of bearing unbearable loss. In this touching and personal conversation, Yael speaks with Joanne Cacciatore, author of Bearing the Unbearable: Love,...


Building a Values-based Life

Living a values-based life is different from a goal-oriented one. A values-based life encompasses more than trying to “feel good” or get to a final destination. When you direct your life toward what really matters to you, you will feel an increased sense of meaning and vitality, whatever situation you find yourself in. Values-based living has greater depth and staying power than goals and resolutions. Join Debbie and Dr. Jenna LeJeune, author of Values in Therapy: A Clinician’s Guide to...


Creating Meaningful Gatherings

Whether you are planning a holiday dinner, a work conference, or a group therapy session, how you design your gathering has a big impact on its outcome. In this episode, Diana and Debbie use the book The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker to explore strategies to make your groups transformative. Grab a slice of pie, some people you love, and enjoy an episode all about meeting with a purpose! Listen and Learn: How to use purpose to design your next party, meeting, or friends’ weekend away...