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We are three clinical psychologists, bringing you ideas from psychology that can help you flourish in your work, relationships, and health.


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We are three clinical psychologists, bringing you ideas from psychology that can help you flourish in your work, relationships, and health.








249. How to Be Single & Happy with Jenny Taitz

In the past decade, online dating has become a multi-billion dollar industry with three in ten adults in the United States claiming to have ever used a dating app. But despite all this dating, experiences of loneliness are on the rise, and three out of five U.S. adults report lacking companionship or feeling left out or poorly understood. Dr. Jenny Taitz, author of How to be Single and Happy, is passionate about helping others live meaningful, value-based lives, regardless of their...


248. Let’s Talk About Sex & Intimacy with Zoë Kors

It's hard to talk about intimacy and sex. Cultural norms around intimacy work their way into our minds when we’re young, causing us to have rigid (and often completely incorrect, unworkable, or dysfunctional) views about how we should express ourselves sexually. Zoë Kors, author of Radical Intimacy, is a sex and intimacy coach who is passionate about opening up this conversation to help people develop healthier sexuality and intimacy. On this episode of POTC, Yael and Zoë discuss the stigma...


247. Find Your Unicorn Space with Eve Rodsky

In this psychology podcast, Jill interviews Eve Rodsky about carving out creative time separate from being in the roles of parent, partner, and professional


246. Burnout and Boundaries with Tammie Chang

Physician Tammie Chang talks to us about burnout prevention and setting boundaries.


245. Family Firm with Emily Oster

Dr. Emily Oster, author of The Family Firm, Expecting Better and Cribsheet, has dedicated her career to discovering the hard, data-backed truths about parenting strategies. In this episode of POTC, she delivers some of those parenting truths to you. Emily then delights Yael by going beyond the world of data-driven parenting to discuss how to ask good questions in complicated parts of life (and how to answer them!). Emily also shares tools for gathering good information from the media—even if...


244. What You Feel Is Not All There Is with Aprilia West

Dr. Aprilia West shares how to respond to respond to emotions effectively and become boss-level choice maker!


243. Motivation to Get it Done with Ayelet Fishbach

Learn about the science of goal setting, building motivation, and how to get things done in this conversation with Dr. Ayelet Fishbach.


242. Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management with Oliver Burkeman

Many of us find ourselves in a constant state of “hurry to get things done” only to discover that while we’re rushing, we miss out on much of our life's lived experiences. This is the focus of Oliver Burkeman's brilliant new book Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals which explores the myths of time management that interfere with living well. The average human lifespan is four thousand weeks. By learning various profound truths about productivity, mortality and the power of...


241. Emotion Coaching Skills for Families with Mindy Solomon (EFFT Part 2 of 2)

We continue the conversation on Emotion-Focused Family Therapy (EFFT) with Dr. Mindy Solomon on Emotion Coaching Skills.


240. Talking to Kids and Teens with Big Feelings with Adele LaFrance (EFFT Part 1 of 2)

Dr. Adele LaFrance shares skills from Emotion-Focused Family Therapy (EFFT) to help parents and caregivers handle big emotions effectively.


239. Edit Your Story, Change Your Life with Lori Gottlieb

An interview with best selling author, Lori Gottlieb, about how to edit our unhelpful narratives so we may grow in our relationships, lives, and well being.


238. Values During Times of Transition (with Us)

Jill, Yael, and Debbie talk all about values!


237. Farewell to Diana Hill: Appreciations, Regrets and Hopes

In this episode, Diana Hill and Debbie Sorensen bring it back full circle to chatting over coffee about their time together as friends, co-authors and co-hosts. Listen in to learn how they continue to apply ACT strategies to their lives and where Diana Hill is headed on her new podcast Your Life in Process.


236. Mental Health and Flourishing with Margaret Chisolm

Dr. Margaret Chisolm, professor of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins, talks with us about mental illness, stigma, and pathways to flourishing.


235. The Urge: The Shaping of Addiction & Mental Health with Carl Erik Fisher

According to the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics, since 2000, the United States has experienced over 700,000 deaths due to drug overdose. Addiction and substance use disorders are at the root of this enormous loss, and about half of people who struggle with substance use disorder will experience some mental health disorder during their life. And vice versa—many individuals struggling with mental health disorders also struggle with various forms of addiction. Carl Erik Fisher,...


234. The Power of Us with Dominic Packer

Dominic Packer talks with Jill about the power of shared identity to impact human thought, feeling, and behavior.


233. Dopamine Nation with Anna Lembke

In this episode, Dr. Lembke and Diana redefine addiction, discuss its consequences, and provide practical advice on addressing it in all its forms.


232. Grounded to Soar Into 2022 with Brad Stulberg

As we venture into the New Year, many of us are striving to reach new goals and maintain resolutions. It's easy to default to focusing solely on succeeding or attaining those goals, striving to feel the “high” that accompanies that success. But this kind of approach can unwittingly interfere with healthy and sustainable success. Brad Stulberg, author of The Practice of Groundedness, has dedicated his career to understanding and fostering a healthier, more sustainable model of success. An...


231. Eating Skills and Emotional Eating with Josh Hillis

Ring in the new year by learning about flexible eating skills with fitness expert Josh Hillis!


230. The Laziness Lie with Devon Price

Dr. Devon Price, author of Laziness Does Not Exist, talks about the "laziness lie," where it came from, and why it can be harmful to our wellbeing.