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#019 Raising Health with Mihaela Telecan- Make Peace With Fat

This is Episode #019 of the Raising Health Podcast I’ve missed you all! 2018 has had A LOT of changes happening so far! So, I had to shift gears for a bit and wasn’t able to release any new episodes for the last couple of months! And, boy, do I have more than a few awesome episodes and guests to share with all of you. So much so, that we’ve decided to just unapologetically release some unedited files with you in order to get this valuable information out to the world in hopes...


#018: Courtney Townley on Mixing a Little Grace and Grit

“Grace is about having self-compassion and self-respect. - Courtney Townley” “The growth mindset is imperative if we want to live a healthy life. - Courtney Townley” Your best years are ahead of you! It’s just a matter of choice. In this episode, I talk with Courtney Townley about grace and grit which she believes are essential to living a healthy life. Learn how you can apply Courtney’s philosophy on grace and grit to build a better relationship with your body and improve your quality...


#017: McCall McPherson on Modern Thyroid Medicine

If you want to learn more about thyroid health and how it affects the rest of your body, you must listen to this information-packed episode. I talk with McCall McPherson about all things thyroid -- what the thyroid gland does, the symptoms of thyroid dysfunction, Hashimoto’s, and more. The information you get from this episode might just help you improve your overall health so it’s definitely worth a listen! Why you’ve got to listen to today’s episode: Don’t accept that you’re tired...


#015: Erika Gray on a Toolbox to Help You Live a Healthy Life

Want to learn how your genes can help you make the right choices for your health? Erika Gray and I discuss how genetic testing can help us develop a healthy lifestyle action plan. We also talk about striking a balance between being a mom and having a successful business. Why you’ve got to listen to today’s episode: People have options open to themselves. They have to do some sleuthing to discover them. Genomics gives us a gift because we can discover genetic predispositions early on...


#014: Sarica Cernohous on Living More Naturally in the Modern World

Do you like eating dairy or gluten, but can’t tolerate it? Sarica Cernohous and I talk about traditional cooking and food preparation methods and how this can be the answer to food intolerance. We also talk about raising happy and healthy kids by nurturing them with real food. Why you’ve got to listen to today’s episode: Traditional medicine supports the idea of having a well-rounded omnivorous diet. Traditional food preparation methods “pre-digest” the food for you. The bacteria and...


#013: Amanda Hinman on Moms Raising Vibrant Children

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#012: Nic Pineault on How EMFs are Affecting Our Kids Future Health

Do you realize that your cell phone and other gadgets you use affect your health? In this episode, I have a fascinating interview with Nic Pineault about EMFs — electromagnetic fields. The information you will glean from this interview is not meant to alarm you, but to help you protect yourself and your children. Why you’ve got to listen to today’s episode: - Doctors have linked cancer with the frequent use of cellphones. - When it comes to signals, every time you go up in...


#011: Dr. Jason Piken on Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Gut Feeling to Make Your Life Better!

Been suffering from chronic low back pain, neck pain, and injury? There might be more going on there! Dr. Jason Piken and I discuss how the gut affects your general health and well-being. We also talk about how habits help you to become healthier and improve your life. Why you’ve got to listen to today’s episode: Virtually every single chronic condition is an old gut problem that was never taken care of. If you consistently keep making “digestible” changes over time, you’re going to wind...


#010: Holly Bertone Part 2 - What Breast Cancer Teaches You About Love

Holly Bertone is a breast cancer and Hashimoto survivor who is passionate about helping others. In the first part of this two-part series, she talked about her autoimmune disease and her book, Thriving with Autoimmune Disease in the Workplace. In this episode, she will talk about her breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, and celebrating her seventh year as a survivor. Why you’ve got to listen to today’s episode: Young women who get breast cancer typically get a very aggressive cancer...


#009: Dr. Jen Cronin presents How Can We Possibly Be Lonely in Todays World

This is my first special edition episode and the topic is quite heavy. Loneliness is seldom talked about, but it’s an important topic. In this episode, I’m sharing my experiences with loneliness and letting you know that it’s okay to talk about it. Why you’ve got to listen to today’s episode: Only one out of three people claim to be happy. People who consider themselves lonely and suffer from loneliness have a 50-percent increased risk of early death. This risk is equivalent to...


#007: Elissa Arnheim on How To Create Happy Children Through Their Gut

Struggling to get your kids to eat less sugar and healthier meals? It can be frustrating, but your children’s health depends on what they eat. Elissa Arnheim shares her experience plus some tips on raising a child with a healthy gut and amazing eating habits. Why you’ve got to listen to today’s episode: Modeling healthy eating habits will help you empower your children to make the right food choices. Empower your children through the process of transitioning to healthier eating and...


#006: Dr. Anne Marie Fine on How Daughters Just Might Be Able To Teach Moms About Natural Safe Skin Care

You‘ve been using skincare and personal care products, but do you know what they can do to your body? Dr. Anne Marie Fine, a practicing physician and founder of Fine Natural Products, talks about how skincare and personal care products can directly affect our hormones. If you want to make sure that the products you use are safe, listen to this episode. Why you’ve got to listen to today’s episode: Some chemicals accumulate in fatty tissues. Among these fatty tissues are glands. These...


#005: Stephanie Dodier on Going Beyond the Food; How to Get to Your "Aha" Moment

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#004: Holly Bertone on Thriving in the Workplace With AutoImmunity

An autoimmune disease can be debilitating. Holly Bertone, a breast cancer survivor, shares her struggles with Hashimoto’s disease, that she acquired after her cancer diagnosis. Find out about the radical changes she made that led to better health and the workplace issues she had to deal with that inspired her to write her book. Key takeaways from today’s episode: When it comes to eating, there's a big difference between "healthy" and "clean." You need to understand how foods affect...


#003: Maggie Berghoff on How to ReBalance and ReBoot Before, During and Well After Pregnancy

The key to a lasting health freedom and the best life of your dreams is rebalancing the body using a step by step program. This world-renowned program is called the Balance Protocol and Maggie Berghoff is here to share it with us! Listen in to today’s episode and discover the bliss of true health and balance! Key takeaways from today’s episode: Our bodies are meant to feel amazing. Don't make excuses for yourself with your hormonal changes and how you're feeling. See 'you' as unique....


#002: Dr. Carol Lourie on How To Keep Mom Happy, Living Healthier at Home

For every illness, there is always a root cause. By identifying the root cause of the disease, healing can be achieved, and a renewed life is possible. After all, the best health is the best life. Why you’ve got to listen to today’s episode: If you create the correct environment at home and in your body, you can live healthily and have a wonderful life Your health choices affect your family, find time to take care of yourself Start your transition today, and your health will benefit...


#001: Dr. Jen Cronin on Why Raising Health is My Mission and What it Can Do For You

Moms and all women play a very important role in our families. That is why we need to take good care of ourselves; to set a good example and help create a generation of amazing women. To do that, we must make health our top priority. Why you’ve got to listen to today’s episode: Health is not just the absence of disease, it has many components Raising Health came about because of my mission to empower moms raising daughters, to ignite true health and happiness in every female You are...