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#147: Farhaneh Ahmadi | Humanizing the Diabetes Experience

Farhaneh Ahmadi is the Founder and CEO of eddii, a virtual in-app character designed to engage people living with diabetes. Her vision is to make every eddii user feel motivated to achieve long-lasting health outcomes, and enjoy doing so! In this episode we discuss her personal Type 1 diabetes journey, the inception and benefits of […]


#146: Harold Hamm | Game Changer

Harold Hamm is world renowned for his entrepreneurial spirit and successful career in the oil and natural gas industry, but there is SO much more to this story. In this episode we discuss how a Type 2 diabetes diagnosis was a personal game changer, the Giving Pledge, the International Biomedical Research in Diabetes Award, and […]


#145: Scott & Poppy Kinsel | Determine Who is the Pilot of this T1D Plane

Scott & Poppy Kinsel popped up on my radar after reading a heartfelt Facebook post about not letting type 1 diabetes slow life down after her recent diagnosis. In this episode we discuss Poppy’s misdiagnosis, navigating competitive sports, parenting, and what an epic adventure to Norway looks like with T1D. BIO: Scott Kinsel – I […]


#144: Katie Bone | You Have to Show Up if You Want It

Katie Bone had the diabetes community in awe of her drive and competitive spirit as she dominated the third ever American Ninja Warrior Women’s Championship. In this episode we discuss a T1D family history, incremental boluses, teenage hormones, when to compete in wet shoes, and her motivation to continue a strict workout regimen. BIO: Katie Bone is […]


#143: Sara Spencer-Kinoti | I’m a Tour Guide on Your Diabetes Journey

It’s been awhile since I interviewed a T1D parent, but Sara Spencer-Kinoti stands out. Her LinkedIn profile reads unapologetic, ridiculously excited diabetes advocate, ally and part-time pancreas. In this episode we discuss her college side hustle taking care of insulin dependent cats, her family history of Type 2 and how she uses her unique platform […]


#142: Bryan Flynn | Your Pancreas Left About an Hour Ago and It’s Not Coming Back

I can’t remember a joke to save my life so finding someone who can, with the addition of diabetes humor, makes Bryan Flynn the perfect guest. In this episode we discuss Bryan’s advertising career with clients like Starburst and Mars candy, his crazy dog Darla who keeps him in shape, winning the funniest person in […]


#141: Thom Solo | Speaking Things Into Existence

The diabetes community is fortunate to have so many one of a kind warriors and Thom Solo is top of the list in my opinion. His advocacy efforts at an early age + pursuit of art as a career = my dream guest. In this episode we discuss Thom’s artistic journey, runway lows, diabetes and […]


#140: Elizabeth Vesely | I Went Gung-Ho!

It took me months to nail down an interview with Elizabeth Vesely after seeing her Facebook post about taking the polar plunge and it was well worth the wait. In this episode we discuss her misdiagnosis, addressing diabetes denial, and what living life to the fullest while you still can looks like for this T1D […]


#139: Allison Nimlos | A Space to Process

May is mental health awareness month and is the perfect time to release this episode with Allison Nimlos, a licensed marriage and family therapist and co-founder of the Diabetes + Mental Health Virtual Conference who specializes in behavior change psychology for diabetes. In this episode we discuss the importance of addressing mental health for those living […]


#138: Marwin Begaye | What’s Your Sugar, Diabetes in Indian Country

I’ve known Marwin Begaye for years and stumbled across one of his pieces that stopped me dead in my tracks titled, Super Size Angels. In this episode we discuss he and his families journey to prevent a diabetes diagnosis, holistic medicine, the growing numbers of diabetes within the American Indian communities, and the controversial body […]


#137: Reverend Mireya Martinez | I’m All About Being Real

Reverend Mireya Martinez was a panelist on the Crushing: The Burden of Diabetes on Patients session during SXSW in Austin, Texas where she dominated the conversation in my opinion. In this episode we discuss her life as an insulin dependent person living with Type 2 diabetes, healthcare disparities and how she is writing her own […]


#136: Sarah Petti | The Lane Was Really Chosen for Me

Sarah Petti is back on the show and her life has drastically changed since her last appearance three years ago. In this episode we discuss T1D pregnancy, body image and what’s new in her very active life with a guest appearance from Angus. BIO: Sarah Petti has been living with type 1 diabetes since 2005. She […]


#135: Rachael Dyer & Scott Alexander Ruderman | Pay or Die

Rachael Dyer and Scott Alexander Ruderman are the directors of Pay or Die, a feature documentary that provides an inside look at how the soaring price of insulin in America is threatening, if not deadly. We’ve heard WAY too many stories about people rationing their insulin and this film documents what life is like with […]


#134: Serena Valentine | The Change We Want to See Starts With Us

Serena Valentine, was misdiagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in her twenties. This misdiagnosis is one of the many reasons she is a passionate advocate for health equity, eye health and diabetes education. In this episode we discuss Serena’s misdiagnosis, diabetes complications, healthcare disparities, food deserts and her advocacy efforts. BIO: Serena Valentine, is an American Diabetes Association […]


#133: Thapi Semenya | I Need to Take Myself Seriously

Thapi Semenya is in her final year of law school, is an IDF Young Leader in Diabetes Trainee, a Dedoc voice, a professional advisor for the Luna Project UK and a strong diabetes advocate. We connected on LinkedIn after I read her mindful post about lowering her A1c and what steps it took to get there. […]


#132: Lauren Cox | A Totally Different Ball Game

Lauren Cox, the first ever WNBA player living with Type 1 diabetes, did not let a T1D diagnosis at an early age keep her from reaching personal and professional goals. In this episode we discuss her diabetes management tools on the road, and on the court. BIO: Lauren Cox was the first ever WNBA player […]


#131: Jessica Landon | Embracing the New Normal

Jessica Landon, like many T1D parents, is doing her best to put a positive spin on the new “normal” life she and her family are living. In this episode we discuss how and why her family celebrate Lindsey’s diagnosis date, a Facebook post and the flood of comments from the online community – both good […]


#130: Justin Eastzer | The Burning Man Experience

As we roll into the New Year, I’m reminded how living with Type 1 diabetes can make things a little challenging at times. In this episode, Justin shares how he wasn’t going to let his new diagnosis keep him from having the time of his life at Burning Man, an annual event in Nevada’s Black […]


#129: Valerie Cantella | The Gift of Good Enough

Valerie Cantella’s message, recovering perfectionist, resonates with me on SO many levels. In this episode we discuss how different phases of her life and diabetes management helped her recognize and fully embrace the mindset – the gift of good enough. BIO: Valerie Cantella is an award-winning multi-passionate communications and public affairs professional living a life beyond […]


#128: Rachael Jacques | Did COVID Kick Her Dormant Diabetes into Action?

The connection between COVID and diabetes has been all over the news, but I hadn’t met anyone who can speak to this until interviewing Racheal Jacques. In this episode we discuss her family history of chronic conditions, including Type 1 diabetes, and how she received her T1D diagnosis shortly after recovering from COVID. BIO: Rachael received […]