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Stories about people who have been forced to start over in life or in business, either through their own missteps or through no fault of their own. Stories with heart, soul, grit.

Stories about people who have been forced to start over in life or in business, either through their own missteps or through no fault of their own. Stories with heart, soul, grit.
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Stories about people who have been forced to start over in life or in business, either through their own missteps or through no fault of their own. Stories with heart, soul, grit.




R055: Pursuing Focus with Shawn Blanc

Shawn is a husband and father. He’s known across the interwebs for The Sweet Setup - a website centered on reviewing tech devices and software. Shawn is a self-described nerd, but there’s so much more to Shawn than tech. In fact, Shawn’s current focus is, well, focus. He builds products and courses designed to help people do meaningful work instead of just talking about it, fretting over dreams that could be but aren’t, and enjoying life and the people we love, even when we’re chasing...


TCJ 021: Elaine Johnston's Journal

Elaine Johnston is an entrepreneur who is driven to teach other women her age how to develop business mindsets. Elaine keeps several notebooks - each is dedicated to some facet of her life, including her marriage to Cody Johnston. Cody and Elaine co-host The Reckless Pursuit podcast, and Elaine blogs at the Prodigal Daughter. A companion podcast is coming soon. Read and hear Elaine's work. Check out Elaine's journaling playlist. Are you navigating change? Career Losing or gaining...


TCJ 020: Cody Johnston's Journal

For Cody Johnston, journaling helps him understand his emotions. Cody is analog agnostic. While he regularly writes in his notebook, he's also a fan of digital logs - especially Day One. A prolific reader, Cody's notes help him prepare to talk about complex and often controversial topics on The Reckless Pursuit, the podcast he hosts with his wife, Elaine, and The Itinerant Podcast - Biblical History Beyond the Bible. Learn more about Cody's work. Want to start making changes in your life...


R054: Monk Manual with Steven Lawson

Steve Lawson is a doer. When he realized he needed to learn to do less and to be more, he began to study and implement the quiet, intentional lives monks lead every day. That’s when life changed for Steve. He became a better husband and father. Then, Steve developed the Monk Manual and fully funded his project on Kickstarter. In this episode, Steve and I walk through The Monk Manual and what makes this 12-week guided journal different from the others on the market. Grab a Monk...


TCJ 019: National Suicide Prevention Week with Steve Austin

My friend Steve Austin is a former pastor who nearly died by suicide seven years ago. While Steve is not a mental health expert, he's a guy who's been there, cares about your emotional wellbeing, and is grateful for a second chance. In this episode of The Change Journals, we commemorate National Suicide Week and Mental Health Month by walking through Steve's story and sharing some tools designed to help you discover if you might be depressed or struggling with anxiety. Download the mental...


TCJ 018: Finding Hope and Recovery

September is National Recovery Month. In this episode of The Change Journals we take a look at Celebrate Recovery initiatives dedicated to saving one life at a time. Plus, we review two of our favorite recovery-centric Reboots episodes. Recovery is for anyone who wants to live life differently - not just for people struggling with addiction. Change IS Possible. If you're not quite ready to walk into a recovery meeting but you're ready to say enough with anger, resentments, grief, and...


R053: False Accusations with Markus Watson

Markus is a former actor who decided to leave Hollywood and join the clergy. When he was falsely accused, his world fell apart. Markus says the ordeal has brought him closer to his Creator. In this episode we talk about: I'm grateful that Markus chose to share so much of his Reboots story with us. It takes grit to be that vulnerable. Check out Markus Watson's podcast. If you’re navigating change - of your own volition or someone else’s - and you’re not sure if you can believe the...


TCJ 17: Changing How We Respond to Sexual Abuse

Mary DeMuth has written more than 30 books. She hosts Pray Everyday a daily podcast dedicated to praying through the scriptures. You guessed it. Every day. Mary is also a victim of childhood sexual abuse. You can hear Mary’s Story on Episode 31 of the Reboots Podcast. In this episode of The Change Journals inside the Reboots Podcast, Mary joins us to talk about her calling to help bring healing to victims of sexual abuse and change to the church. Mary’s brand new book is We Too: How the...


TCJ 016: Turtle Steppin'

Episode 16 of The Change Journals inside the Reboots Podcast features a fast-moving turtle blind in one eye. Instead of worrying about how far the turtle had to go or focusing on its limitations and the potential dangers, this turtle was booking it to its destination. Tracy reflects on getting past her physical limitations and mindset funk by putting one turtle leg in front of the other. Here's the turtle video that inspired the episode. Navigating change? Download these crunchy tools.


R052: Come to the Table with Sean McCoy

Sean is a believer in Christ who works out his faith with fear and trembling. When Sean decided to accompany a friend on a mission trip, life as he knew it started to make less sense, while the teachings of Jesus began to radically transform his mind and his heart. In this episode, Sean and I talk about daily rituals, books, theology, podcasts and podcasting, Western art, theology, and history. Sean also talks about the reaction he gets when he explains why he’s hosted all sorts of people...


TCJ 015: Rebooting Print Journalism

Rex Nelson is one of the finest journalists I've ever known. He's an even better human being. In this episode of The Change Journals, Rex and I discuss: Read Rex Nelson's work. Want to start making changes in your life but don't know where to start? > > > Download 12-Weeks to Change. < < <


TCJ 014 Frankie Post's Journal

My friend Frankie Post and I talk fairly often about our journaling practices. Frankie is a Celebrate Recovery pastor at Community Bible Church - Fort Smith. Frankie has been logging and processing his thoughts since he was a teen. He wrote about his future wife and prayed for her - though he'd yet to meet her. These journals were a wedding gift to Susanna, the woman who became his wife. Today, Frankie uses a single digital document to record daily summaries, moments with his children,...


TCJ 013: Jordan Gross' Journal

In his short 24 (almost 25 years of life) Jordan Gross has authored two books, he's a TEDx speaker, and is a life and fitness coach. To understand Jordan's ridiculously simple journaling habits is to understand how Jordan has accomplished so much in so little time. Get Jordan's Journey to Cloud Nine moments in your inbox. Want to try Jordan's Journaling Methodology? Download the guide to Jordan's Journaling Habit.


R051: Beautiful Between with Sarah Robinson

Sarah Robinson is a writer who is open about her struggles with self harm, suicidal ideation, and depression. When Sarah Robinson decided to share her thoughts about suicide in public, people started asking questions - to understand rather than to harshly judge people who have died by their own hands. Sarah has created a terrific resource to help us know what to say - and what not to say - to someone who has attempted suicide or to those grieving the loss of a loved one. > > > What to say...


R050: Systems Theology with Bill Stuckey

Bill Stuckey is a systems guy who has built and sold technology-related businesses. When Bill discovered a systems framework during his theological studies, his approach to faith, family, and building his latest small business radically shifted. It’s always fun to talk to a systems person and to understand all the different ways we can apply theological truths to life and business - and vice versa. More info in the show notes. Are you navigating change? Check out our brand new Change...


TCJ 012: MC Starbuck's Journal

M.C. Starbuck is an author who has been journaling since she was a kid. M.C. explains how she and her husband keep a marriage journal. M.C.’s first book is about her journey toward decluttering her life - but she hasn’t parted with any of her journals. What does she do with them? Finally, our guest shares a fascinating and fun way to keep a travel journal. Read about how M.C. Starbuck keeps a travel journal. Not where you want to be with 2019 plans? 20 minutes sets you up for 12 weeks...


TCJ 011: Julie Court's Journal

Julie Court is the author of Incredible Life Makeover: Step by Step Transformation to Wholeness. Julie says her when her marriage fell apart with no warning, journaling helped her sort out her thoughts and feelings. She also recorded the encouragement she was hearing from God and her support group. One of the most important outcomes from Julie’s journaling practice during those dark days are the Five Battlecries outlined in her book. In this episode, Julie walks us through examples of how...


TCJ 010: 12 Weeks to Change

As this episode is posted, we're halfway through 2019. I share how using the 12-week year approach to change helped me get back on track earlier this year, and how you can start anywhere on the calendar and start making daily, measurable changes - simply by building a 12-week roadmap that breaks down every step along the way into ridiculously easy daily and weekly steps. Here's a free resource to help get you started.


TCJ 009 Steve Austin's Journal

Steve Austin is the creator of the brand new Chaos to Calm app, a tool designed to guide people on their sacred journey toward wholeness. Steve is a former pastor who nearly died by suicide. Today, Steve's very specific journaling practice is designed to help him heal from painful childhood memories. Get your free guide Healing Negative Childhood Memories with Journaling.


R049: The Pursuit of Wholeness with Patrick Boze

Patrick Boze is a world traveler who currently splits his time between his home town of Fort Smith, Arkansas and a life with his husband in New York City. Patrick says that being gay may be the least interesting part of his life. In this episode, Patrick: Book a free consultation with Patrick. Is anxiety ruining your life? Here's a tool that might help. It's not a cure-all, but it can help you start the process of untangling thoughts from feelings - with the help of someone you trust.