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Free Your Voice...Transform Your Life - Episode 027

Ever felt like you need to find your voice again, to find the courage to speak up? It's time to free your voice and transform your life! Listen in as Kathleen Gubitosi shares her story of losing and finding her voice again, dealing with autoimmune disease and her journey to wholeness and freedom!


Building Your Creative & Spiritual Toolbox - Episode 026

Learn a unique tool to help you deal with stress, stay focused and be more mindful every day! Meghan Humlie shares her ideas on building a Creative & Spiritual Toolbox.


Self Love at 250 lbs

Finding self-love is the theme of Jill Celeste's journey to lose weight. Listen in to hear: - What triggered her decision to make changes - The one thing that is critical for self-love - How to actually show yourself self-love and mistakes to avoid!


The Healing Power of Pets - Episode 024

Maribeth shares her story of overcoming addiction and the healing power of our lovable furry friends!


Overcoming Trauma with Reiki & Energy Work

Recovering from past trauma and abuse can be challenging - but not impossible. Hear Laura's story and how she used Reiki and energy work to overcome blocks, heal her trauma and move forward with her life!


Heal Your Energy, Heal Your Gut

We discuss: - The power you have to change your energy - The truth about fears, your thoughts and where they often come from - Gut issues? Learn how energy can affect your gut and how to heal it with our guest, Helen Chin Lui, Certified Reflexologist, Energy Medicine and Reiki Practitioner.


Women, Why Is It So Hard to Take Care of Yourself?

In this episode, we discuss why it's so hard for women to take care of themselves - and simple steps to do so - with Rachel Kieffer. Rachel is a holistic health coach certified by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She has been working with women for over 35 years, guiding them to live radiantly healthy lives and heal their relationships with food and with their bodies. She leads women health circles where women can get guidance and support in creating the healthy lives the dream of.


Finding Your Happy Place with Intentional Doodling

Remember how much fun doodling was as a kid? You now have permission to doodle as an adult! Camy De Mario believes that doodling intentionally is a powerful and healing process that uses creativity and intention to heal the wounds of the heart and remove the blocks keeping you from manifesting the life of your dreams. - Hear Camy's story from homeless to hope! - How you can find your happy place through doodling - Simple ways to get started today


What Sugar Does to Your Body! - Episode 019

Sugar can wreak havoc on your body. Tune in for advice from Dr. Tabatha Carr as she shares: - The true price your body pays for the sugar you eat - How she recovered her health from obesity and high blood pressure as a teenager - Healthy alternatives you can choose today!


Mindful Performance - Episode 018

You've heard of mindfulness, but now take it to a whole new level with "Mindful Performance". Angela Buttimer joins us to share: - What we need to invest in to achieve Mindful Performance - Dealing with grief...mindfully - How to get started and tips for learning to perform at your best


The Importance of Integrating Non-Negotiable Self-Care Practices into Everyday Life

After a serious car accident, Lisa Maria had a long journey to recovery. She shares the lessons in self-care she learned along the way and why certain daily habits are now non-negotiable!


Living in Faith Not Fear - Episode 016

Life doesn't always work out the way we planned, but perhaps everything happens for a purpose. Listen in to Paulina's story of challenges, faith and overcoming fear.


Maximizing Your Creativity - Episode - 015

Get your creative juices going with Sarah Marie Thompson, a Creative Lifestyle Expert & Soul Guide that has mentored hundreds of passionate souls in finding their creative gold.


Can Your Environment Influence Your Mindfulness? - Episode 014

Designer, photo stylist, and meditation teacher, Tarah Abram shares her thoughts on mindful living and how to design your space to positively impact your well being in this episode of Reclaim Your Health! Tarah is a designer, photo stylist, meditation teacher, advocate for mindful living and international best selling author. Tarah helps busy moms and mompreneurs discover what they truly want and empowers them to get there. She understands the magical connection between mind, body, and...


Are Food Sensitivities at the Root of Your Symptoms?

Do you have a range of health symptoms that you can't quite find a cause for? Food sensitivities and other digestive issues can result in symptoms that seem unrelated but actually have a common cause. Tune in to hear Amanda's journey to wellness and what she discovered by being her own health detective!


Forget Diets Forever

It's time to forget diets forever and take a "Me First Today" attitude. Cathy Frost turns the tables on myths we often fall for and gives practical advice on managing your weight and why diets just don't work! Listen in to learn: - The 5 fundamental reasons that diets don't work - Why it's not your fault! - Practical tips to start creating your "Me First Today" mindset Learn more at and download our free "Simple Steps to Essential Self-Care" at...


Getting to the Guts of It: Wellness From the Inside Out

Healing your digestion with Jayne Baker, CNHP from Momentum Wellness and creator of the digestive enzyme supplement, OneZyme. Jayne talks about her weight loss journey and shares her expertise on digestion! Check out her digestive enzyme formulation at Get $5 off with coupon code: RYH18


The Healing Power of Words - Episode 009

It wasn’t until she sat across the desk from a divorce attorney, answering his questions that the realization sank in: she’d been systematically abused by her husband. Her healing journey involved participating in art therapy, where she found her voice and shed light on her life and the pervasive ways it had been colored by abuse since her childhood. It was only by looking into the dark spaces that she was able to heal and accept herself, transforming her life in the process. Tune in to...


Managing Stress - Episode 008

Tune in to hear our guest Sarah Wall share advice and tips on how she learned to handle stress! Sarah is the owner of Body Mind Spirit Business & Life Coaching. She is also the co-founder of Yoga Vacations, providing a safe space for people to explore their inner world through yoga, while traveling to beautiful destinations. Sarah’s own journey into yoga, which began twenty years ago, has taken her around the world many times and sparked her passion to give back. She’s a proud board member...


Behind The Veil: Principles of Managing An Illness - Episode 007

Discover key insights on how to manage any illness through healthy eating from nutritional chef and healthy lifestyle educator Jessica Leibovich. Hear her story about having to take her own advice and find out the one thing you mustn't let people tell you!