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Learn about the root of your mental and physical health. Journey with us to explore the deeper nature of conscious beings and the power that we have over our experience. Examine the world beyond our normal, everyday experience and learn how to empower yourself within every aspect of your life. You are capable of anything, yet we forget this all the time and it can be one of the hardest things to recognize and shift. I want to help you remember your light, remember the power and capability innate within you to heal and achieve everything you want. Each episode also includes a technique to help you grow, expand or tackle specific goals or challenges in your life.


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Learn about the root of your mental and physical health. Journey with us to explore the deeper nature of conscious beings and the power that we have over our experience. Examine the world beyond our normal, everyday experience and learn how to empower yourself within every aspect of your life. You are capable of anything, yet we forget this all the time and it can be one of the hardest things to recognize and shift. I want to help you remember your light, remember the power and capability innate within you to heal and achieve everything you want. Each episode also includes a technique to help you grow, expand or tackle specific goals or challenges in your life.






What does it mean to show up?

So we are supposed to "show up and do the work," right? Well, what does that actually mean? I'll let you in on a little secret... this is often misconstrued, and we end up fighting against ourselves because we think showing up means one thing, when really that can cause resistance, create energy leaks and prevent us from building momentum and energy. When we truly show up, and we'll explore what this means, it is the ultimate act of self love. Loving yourself is not based in emotion. It's not a feeling or an idea or a belief. It's continual, dedicated action. It's the process of embodiment. Our life is constantly asking us for love and for embodiment, and we are usually trying to escape it. This is pushed by much of our external noise. "I can't deal with this right now" Perhaps that is exactly what you need to deal with.


The Energetics of Gift Giving

Don't let presents be a substitute for prescence! What can you learn about your relationships this holiday season as you give and receive gifts? Where are you wasting and leaking energy related to giving and receiving? How can we understand what the ideal of "selfless action" from ancient spiritual teachings actually means? How can we interact more collaboratively to help shape the world we experience? ---------- Shortly after posting this episode, my mother said to me: I'm not sending you any presents. I'm not having you open them where I don't get the joy of watching you open the gifts. Its also shows how when these things surface energetically and are identified/brought to awareness (which can be aided by colorpuncture), they begin to reveal themselves reflected powerfully in your outer experience. These imbalances are asking to be healed even generationally. In this case, it's clear to see who the gift giving is really for. It makes you think about what you/someone really need/s and what is being fulfilled by giving that you arent receiving or able to receive elsewhere.


Knowing what you want

"What do I want?" I've struggled with this question for so long. Figuring out what we want is one of the most important things we can do, right? That way we can understand where to focus our energy and what to aim at. But might this question perpetuate widespread fallacies about our existence? Might the posing of this question and the pressure to answer it actually get in the way of our experience? When we try to answer this question and demand an answer, is it possible that we are just deceiving ourselves and creating restriction from living out our fullest expression? Is it possible, that you are already living out your deepest wants? Is it possible -- when you embrace that you already have everything you want -- that you can move through life with a new level of freedom and begin to experience even more? You don't need to be anywhere other than where you are. Opening yourself up to this idea and creating enough safety, trust and faith in yourself to focus on how you already have everything within this moment - will help you continue to expand in all the areas you are meant to grow into. It is never the medal that makes the man or finally moves him to meaning - it is the one who finds joy in simply being there who always wins. When you realize that you always already have exactly what you want -- that in fact this is fundamental to your nature -- you can free yourself to experience so much more.


Discovering the True You

Where are you hiding? As a result of the identity we have formed growing up, we generally assume that we are a human being made of the thoughts and memories and experiences we have had in our life. But this ignores something, possibly the only thing we can actually know to be true about what is. And that is simply exactly what IS - our awareness. In this fascinating, yet jarring discussion - Julien and I tackle the concept of non-duality and what it means for our lives conceptually and most importantly, practically. We bring up many of the ego-based questions and concepts that come up when introducing a framework that relieves the ego as being the keeper of our identity. We bring up how at it's core, non-duality really involves learning to take the concept of play to it's extreme - to be as aware, engaged, attentive and present as possible in every moment. We talk about how when we define reasons for things we do or when we live through our thoughts, we create restriction. When we live from the space of awareness, our life can become effortless; we flow and lose any restriction. We discuss what it means to follow desire as "I want to" and letting that be enough rather than assigning a reason or story to "why?" - and we cover how this can apply to many practical areas of our life including, work, relationships and hobbies.


Play as the Ultimate Spiritual Practice

We explore how "play," as defined by openness and exploration, can be used in any scenario to help cultivate spiritual awareness and abilities as well as help us to grow, expand and thrive most efficiently in everything we do. This episode features a panel of spiritual thinkers and explorers (Julien Williams, Dave Mox & Erich Dezoeten) who discuss this concept of play with me and how we can remove restriction physically, mentally and spiritually by infusing play into our lives. We cover the array of benefits that come about when we can reframe our activities and actions according to play and desire rather than obligation, rigidity and lack -- as well as how we can work against ourselves and create energetic blockages when we force things or feel like they have to happen. Fear and other unpleasant emotions can serve as signposts for specific areas to play in and explore and developing a gratitude and openness toward these feelings can help us grow in remarkable ways. We talk about how to apply this concept at the physical level with your movement and health (including a technique you can try out), as well as in other areas of your life, including work, relationships, dreaming and more specific spiritual development too. This episode was an absolute blast to record, I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


Making the Mystical Tangible

In a wide-ranging discussion with Ryan Mintz about our deeper and more expansive nature as humans, we explore our energetic nature, the way that we sense and interact with energy, how we can separate sensation from the stories we tell about ourselves and our experiences and how we can develop the skills and beliefs to become more empowered within all of these dynamics. Ryan creates transformative containers for personal growth and expansion. He elevates coaching groups into the most supportive and close knit communities for his clients to break through the boundaries of ordinary life to become extraordinary - a process that once you learn becomes a natural part of the human experience. We examine processes for digging into past events, our conditioning, traumas and sensations to understand what produces the outcomes we see in our world. We learn how we can begin to tell more supportive stories about our reality, how we can shift our internal patterns to find evidence in our external world of the beliefs we want to install to improve our existence. We breakdown practical ways of understanding mystical elements of existence -- states and aspects of ourselves that define our ultimate reality and are actually, in Ryan's words "the natural way of being" but "not the normal way of being." Expanding on ways to view the fear of death from last episode, we define the non-physical aspects of existence and look at a model for what death actually is and its connection to the dream state. Ryan talks extensively about practices for becoming more aware in different levels of the dream state and how we can leverage that to influence and improve our waking reality. We connect this concept to the concept of possible or probable worlds of which we are concurrently exploring all of with other selves. If you can imagine a circumstance that could have been or could be, because the information for that reality exists, the reality also tangibly exists, you have access to it and it can influence our own physical reality. We can also use this to play out undesirable realities to learn from them so that we have no need to experience them here in our physical world. We cover several techniques you can apply in this episode, but cover some very practical and widely applicable ones related to exploring these probable realities. Finally, we talk about the difference between attention and intention, how conscious intention can get in the way of using our energy to it's potential and how complete attention supports it.



In this episode I talk about the importance of trusting ourselves and trusting in everything to happen and unfold as it should, including ways to cultivate this by challenging yourself to exercise that trust. I also walk through a process for digging into and addressing unpleasant feelings or more specifically, in the episode, our fears. I spend a lot of time analyzing two of our greatest fears: the fear of abandonment & the fear of death. Ultimately, we discover that many of our fears are pointers to areas we can find more love, compassion, trust and faith in ourselves. It is core to everything I'm doing to help you recognize the divine light within you so you can shine brighter every day. Reach out at anytime via or on instagram @remember_yourlight.


What are we? Why are we here? What can we do?

Conversation with Alex Mitchel: Part 2 Last episode, we went over some of the more remarkable science of our biology, structured water and light that lead to an expansive view of ourselves and our surroundings. We left off introducing a concept where there is a deep, connected part of each of us that may actually be responsible for creating our reality, or light encoding our holographic reality--that aspects of our consciousness may literally be intertwined with the fundamental workings of the universe. In this episode we conclude our conversation by exploring how we can consciously tap into this power. We ponder the possibility of literally light encoding and manifesting a specific object in front of you. We'll look at highly accessible practices related to cultivating abilities that could lead you to that and how these can have positive influences on many aspects of your life immediately and along the way. We'll examine the implications of having these creative potentials and abilities within each and every one of us and how that comes together to form a world that we co-create together. What does this mean for our role in the world? What we can create together in the future? What do we want that to look like?


Why light heals & the science of reality creation

In this episode we cover the questions: Alexander Mitchel and I introduce concepts around Bioenergetics & Bioinformatics and how the electric body creates a holographic information template that can be modulated by different frequencies of light in ways that help us to have clearer information flow between our mental, physical and spiritual aspects. We also talk about how our biological structured water may play a central role in being the interface between all of these levels as the means, the medium and the message of life. We also introduce theories that include awareness of an unseen, implicit world that contains all quantum potentials and a higher level order that feeds our explicit reality. Comparing different views on this implicit world, we discuss how we might be able to draw energy from this vast sea of potential. This leaves us with a question of just how far we can extend and control our ability as human beings to create our reality.


Relationships: Cultivating Individual & Shared Growth

In this Episode, I chat with couples coaching team Hailey McNeal and Dave Mox, on how to be personally and collectively powerful within all of our relationships - from our most intimate ones to our most fleeting and casual relationships. This starts with taking responsibility for our own experience first and finding self-love and creative power within our reality. From this foundation, we can then cocreate with others to amplify our growth, our experience and our capabilities. Dave and Hailey share some practical examples of this that they have worked through individually and together. We also talk about the power of sex and orgasm in exercising these dynamics and as forces for generating powerful creative energy - including a technique you can use to infuse creative energy into specific areas of your life. Dave and Hailey also share an important technique you can use in your relationships to form a stronger connection as well as initiate opportunities for personal and collective growth.


The nature of light & power of imagination

In this episode, I sit down with Dr. Pravir Malik to discuss his Cosmology of Light, a unique unified theory of the deeper reality of our universe that is highly dependent on our concept of light. Inspired by a reoccurring altered consciousness experience Dr. Malik had as a child and his fascination with the nature of our universe, Dr. Malik developed a comprehensive model that seeks to expand our awareness beyond our current physical laws and limitations. Beginning with a thought experiment, "What if light could travel at speeds other than our known speed of light constant?" and "What would a world look like where light was traveling infinitely fast?" and then building from a place where this realm of light at infinite speed is the ultimate nature of light and source for many worlds including our own where the speed of light = 186,000 miles per second, Dr. Malik takes us on an exploration of an expanded and layered multiverse beyond our own and based on different manifestations of light. We talk about how this concept lines up with expansion of consciousness to spiritual realms beyond our physical experience and the concept of our "Source." We also look at the concept of shadow, what that might be physically in this greater context and what integrating our shadow means. We'll also cover how consciousness fits into this paradigm and what that means for how we can tap into "technologies of light" to improve our experience in life. We provide examples of several techniques that you can use to enhance your daily life.


Finding your best, believable reality

In this episode, I have a discussion with a coach and movement specialist friend of mine, Julien Williams. We talk about how exploring spiritual knowledge and models opened us up to new information. We talk about the difference between truth and information and how an openness to all information no matter how real or ridiculous it may appear can be valuable and empowering to us. We then do a deeper dive into two specific sets of information we considered because of this perspective - namely the energy/frequency medicine approaches of Colorpuncture or chromotherapy and Rife. We also look at how when we are looking to create specific positive and empowering outcomes in our reality, we have to craft believable narratives. This builds on the see and be technique I introduced in the last episode. I'll also reveal the results of my gluten consumption experiment. We close by considering the knowledge and wisdom that innately exists in children as well as the possibility for what we'll call human super powers and the fun that can be had in considering and developing certain, less acknowledged human abilities.


Forget about your diet!

For over a decade, I've researched nutritional science and tried to find the perfect diet for optimal performance, health and to heal digestive issues I had growing up. I've experimented with countless diets as I continued to refine my knowledge and test out different methods. I was very disciplined with my diet choices so that I didn't leave any room for error within what I was trying to test. And despite it all, nothing worked. I may have had good results for a short time, but ultimately, nothing I even tried provided sustained benefit or made me feel good over a longer period of time. This past year, I finally solved a lifetime of digestive issues. For the first time in my life I "figured it out" and didn't have to suffer anymore. And you know what? It had nothing to do with what I was eating. I just had to heal my relationship with food. I share the stages of my experience so that you can see how your relationship to food might be disempowering and limiting your potential. I'll also share a powerful manifestation technique that you can use to start creating the outcomes and reality you want to experience in life - AND I challenge myself to put it to the test for you.


Why are your beliefs so important?

In this episode, we'll examine why our beliefs literally create the world that we experience. Everything we perceive, is filtered through the lens of our beliefs - we can also literally create change in our own bodies and in the world around us by changing our beliefs and expectations. We'll look at some examples of this and discuss how we can look at and think about what beliefs we have that may be disempowering to us. We'll then look at ways of discovering and starting to install more empowering beliefs - which will start to change what we see show up in the world around us almost immediately. I'll talk about my experience with decades of depression and how the worldview I believed in kept me disempowered and unable to take on my own healing and growth. I'll talk about how I started to discover what was holding me back and how shifting my beliefs about my condition and my capabilities lead to incredible changes in my life and the best year of my life, while many people in the world were struggling with one of the most challenging years of their lives. This episode helps to set the foundation for everything else we'll explore in future episodes and give you a reference point as we continue to expand on these concepts and begin to introduce ever more interesting material.