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13: Plumbers Union Girl with Judaline Cassidy

Judaline Cassidy was born in Trinidad. Wanting originally to become a lawyer, a lack of financial resources led her instead to a local trade school. Figuring she would rather get wet than electrocuted, Judaline chose to become a plumber over the electrician trade. She completed her schooling with gusto and moved to New York, working as a nanny and babysitter before catching a break and putting her plumbing skills to use. She was the first woman to join the Plumbers Local Union 371 in Staten...


12: Podcast Picks with Camille Finan

Behind-The-Scenes Inspiration and Motivation Life gets tough sometimes; we all go through lulls in productivity and motivation. Sometimes procrastination feels like the panacea for all of our troubles. And for me, it’s no different. But I have found that proactively countering the less-inspired moments of my life through various podcasts is oh so effective. There are many other methods I use for garnering motivation and inspiration, but podcasts are the subject today. In this episode, I...


11: Money Smarts with Lisa Chastain

Impetus for Growth Apparent safety and stability present the opportunity for positive growth and change when confronted with a personal and economic downturn. We learn about Lisa’s personal journey to turn things around. A Unique Money Coach Opportunities for financial wealth and growth are achievable, listen as Lisa describes how she helps women move beyond the superficial level and find profound connections for more long-term wealth and stability in business and life. Realizing passions...


10: Design with Danielle McKim

On this episode, I chat with Danielle McKim owner of the Tuft Store. After trying a variety of different avenues, she discovered her love for design. Listen to the lovely Danielle McKim as she shares her journey from getting a Sociology degree in college to running a business she absolutely loves. The passion Danielle has for creating and getting her hands dirty is clear as she talks about what it was like going all in on a new business. Pattern and colour...and how to do it in your...


9: Carpentry Apprenticeship with Emma Fowler

On this episode I get to talk in depth with Emma Fowler who is in an amazing program, training to be a high-end residential carpenter. And, she is also a highly skilled ceramics artist on the side. Emma details her Apprenticeship for us, and it's not just the giant list of carpentry skills, like building walls, that she's learning. She is also being trained as a Superintendent on the job site and also taking construction management classes in the evening at a community college. This...


8: Worldwide Wood Turning with Ashley Harwood

Ashley is back to fill us in on her travels and adventures as a globe-trotting wood turning demonstrator. She has managed to take her expertise and “carve” out a part-time job as a highly respected and sought-after wood turning demonstrator. During this fun conversation, we crisscross around the world to Hawaii, Nova Scotia, Spain, Paris, and even Birmingham, UK as Ashley shares stories that could only happen to a wood turning pro on the road. More info and show notes:...


7: Wood Carving with Mary May

Falling in love with woodcarving: Tune in to hear the delightful Mary May share with us how and where she first discovered a passion for woodcarving, and how she went from admiring the craft to finding her own teachers in the United States. Turning a passion into a career As with many art-forms, it’s challenging to turn something from a much-loved hobby into a profitable career. Mary goes over her early years, describing the things she did in an attempt to get her foot in the door in a...


6: Burning the Boats

James Hamilton Healy joins me today to talk about his experience as a woodworker and how he fits in as the “man behind the curtain” helping me produce the show. We learn about how he has shifted from business owner several times to his current occupation and how woodworking as a skill has helped him along his path. More info and show notes: And if you want to cook with me! I appreciate your support so much for Blue Apron, I have been cooking with them...


5: Welcome to RYL & Camille's Story

Thank you so much for joining me on my very first podcast show! I've always loved the intimacy of audio and have wanted to connect to a much larger audience for many years. I'm hoping this venue will enable me to connect with you and help share all the many experiences I've had doing construction and building businesses throughout the years. On a personal note, I'm hoping to meet other women in the trades and around the country who share a love of being creative or just going against the...


4: Wood Turning Basics with Ashley Harwood

Today I'm so excited to share this episode! I've been honored to watch Ashley Harwood in person and she is amazing as a wood turner. We talk all about her background and how she came to be so great at this craft. She has her own business and teaches classes....I'm hoping to take one myself. So listen in as we talk all things Wood Turning and lathes... More info and show notes: And if you want to cook with me! I appreciate your support so much for Blue...


3: Need Help? ask a Life Coach (part 2)

How do you turn your life around when you feel that everything is going against you? This is the story shared on today’s episode with Tanya Dubé. You will discover how a foster child turned her life around to become a life and success coach. You will find out about her journey into Psychology, hear how she developed her online business and where she gets her clients from. Listen in to discover future plans for her business and how she plans to help foster kids like herself. More info and...


2: Need Help? ask a Life Coach (part 1)

Lisa Michaud joins me on this enlightening episode. Lisa is a CTI trained life coach from Vancouver who believes that successful coaching is “not necessarily about the best coach but the coach that brings out the best in you.” Is Life Coach just a Buzzword? Find out on this episode! More info and show notes: And if you want to cook with me! I appreciate your support so much for Blue Apron, I have been cooking with them for 4 years and you can get $30...


1: Rescue Renovation Star! Kayleen McCabe

Kayleen McCabe joins me today to talk about her transition from a career on HGTV to learning a new craft. We learn about how she created her successful show "Rescue Renovation," how she became a GC, and geek out on our favorite power and hand tools. More info and show notes: And if you want to cook with me! I appreciate your support so much for Blue Apron, I have been cooking with them for 4 years and you can get $30 off by using this link. Bon...