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Announcing: “My Beautiful Life – Self Mastery and Life Purpose,” an Online Class with Mary Hayes Grieco

In this podcast, Mary Hayes Grieco talks about her upcoming class “My Beautiful Life – Self Mastery and Life Purpose," a weekly online workshop that kicks off on Saturday, January 16, from 10 am to 12:30 pm CST. This winter, enjoy a delightful mentor, a lovely group, and a rich and interesting class that will teach you new tools for confidence and joy ... Psychosynthesis theory, Intuition, Intention, Forgiveness, Boundaries, Self-love, and more! Join us in community as you forge ahead...


“Dear 2021…” Mary’s New Year Message at the “2021 Spark Your Sparkle” Workshop

Once again, Mary Hayes Grieco jams optimistically with a community of spirited women who want to invoke the best for 2021, despite the epic losses of 2020. In the deep wintertime, with the pandemic toll rising, how do we dare to sparkle? Mary talks about ways to boost your light with the active practices of Compassionate Attention, Radical Mercy for All, Radiant Faith, and a vigorously declared commitment to Your Beautiful Life and Joy, Anyway. Forgive the disappointments of 2020 and open up...


“Christ Consciousness” – it’s a Universal Thing

On this Christmas Day, we revisit a podcast that aired in our first season of podcasts, Life Gets Better Now, at Christmas time in 2015. Today the Christian world celebrates the birth of Jesus, but beyond the historical and religious Jesus, there is a Universal Spirit that he fully embodied; each of us can tap into that spiritual consciousness to some degree, no matter what our level of church affiliation or non- affiliation is. Let’s call it “Christ Consciousness.” It’s when you discover a...


The 4th Annual “Spark Your Sparkle” Event for Spirited Women is … on!

Join Mary Hayes Grieco and friends for an afternoon of uplift and encouragement as we enter 2021 together. It's on zoom this year, and it's free! When: Sunday, January 3rd, from 2-4 PM How to join in: Send Mary Hayes Grieco an email that says, "I'm in!" --- mary@maryhayesgrieco.com You'll receive a zoom link the day before, on Saturday January 2nd. See you there! (You're welcome to invite your friends)


“Pandemic OK” at Winter Solstice

Mary and Erin re-group together, as winter deepens and the pandemic stretches on before us. Enjoy hanging out with these two again as they support each other for best practices for center and sanity during this difficult time. Savor winter solstice with Mary as she shares her enthusiasm for this very special day of the year. Mary's website: https://www.forgivenesstraining.com/


De-fund and dismantle the police?

Mary’s point of view from Powderhorn Park, Minneapolis: “Our solutions need to be holistic.” Welcome to this special edition of the Rise and Thrive podcast. In the wake of the murder of George Floyd and the civil uprising that flamed across Minneapolis, there came a call to end systemic racism in police departments across the nation. The question of how this will be done – reform the system or dismantle the system and transform our approach to police-ing - is a very controversial question....


Connect with your Soul with this Guided Meditation

Are you feeling stressed, "off," or disconnected? Do you wish to increase your peace of mind and strengthen your assurance on your life path, day by day? Take 20 minutes for yourself, and Mary will guide you into a good "check-in" with yourself, and then lead you into a connection with your soul. Your soul is available to you for wisdom and refreshment, today. Mary Hayes Grieco is the author of The New Kitchen Mystic and Unconditional Forgiveness, and she is a respected Spiritual teacher who...


Staying Close and Hopeful in the Pandemic

Mary and Erin check-in with each other as the reality of Covid-19 takes hold. Mary shares a vision that inspired her back in the 1980s, and it’s giving her comfort now… and helping her see where this all may be leading. Have a listen! Mary Hayes Grieco is the author of The New Kitchen Mystic and Unconditional Forgiveness, and she is a respected Spiritual teacher who lives in the Twin Cities. Visit Mary’s website and sign up for her newsletter and check out future classes at:...


Forgiveness Workshop Pt.3

Mary Hayes Grieco talks in-depth about how to heal emotional pain through her recipe: "8 Steps to Freedom", in part 3 of this forgiveness workshop lecture. The Eight Steps to Freedom(Forgiving another person or a life situation) Prepare yourself for healing and change. Step One: State your will to make a change.Step Two: Express your feelings exactly as they are inside you.Step Three: Release expectations from your mind, one by one.Step Four: Restore your boundaries.Step Five: Open up to the...


Forgiveness Workshop Pt.2

Mary Hayes Grieco talks about letting go of expectations that are causing you to suffer, in part 2 of this forgiveness workshop lecture. Here’s the best part: you do not have to talk to the person who has harmed you, or work things out, or reconcile your differences. Forgiveness is not the same as reconciliation – you can forgive someone and never see them again if you wish. You can forgive them and divorce them, or forgive them and proceed with a lawsuit, if that’s what the real-world...


Forgiveness Workshop Pt.1

Mary Hayes Grieco talks about her recipe for healing emotional pain in this lecture taken from a recent forgiveness workshop. Forgiveness is not what you thought it was – it’s so much better than that. It’s NOT: forgetting, excusing, saying it’s OK, giving up, being a doormat, staying open to further abuse, tolerating injustice, or reconciling and working things out. Forgiveness is the refreshing experience of letting go of unrealistic expectations that are causing you to suffer; it’s a...


“Re-Kindling a Fire” – Storytelling by Mary Hayes Grieco at the 2020 Spark Your Sparkle workshop

From a wish, to a prayer, to God’s Idea -- Mary Hayes Grieco kicks off the new year with a fun message steeped in both the sacred and the silly, supplying you with support to nourish new and bright prospects in 2020. Mary’s questions for your New Year reflections: In what way or area of my life do I need to give myself full permission to be my real self this year? What do I need to release, in order to shine and to share my gifts more fully from now on? What action step will I take now in...



Mary and Erin share their personal stories that inspired them to create Rise and Thrive. The peace, joy and freedom they found in healing sadness, anger, fear, anxiety, and depression caused by disappointments, abuses, traumas, mistakes and tragic losses in their lives. Their hopes and dreams for creating a place where friends help friends get through and get over negative emotions and crappy feelings and heal the wounds they leave behind. A place with fun conversations filled with inspiring...


Birth Announcement! Welcome Mary Hayes Grieco’s New Book

AMBUSHED BY BABIES Silly, Sorry, & Sacred Tales from my Reproductive Adventures, is now available as an ebook and an audio book. It’s a fat, feisty feast of storytelling in which Mary shares her life adventures with pregnancy, birth, and mothering. If you enjoy listening to Mary’s wisdom and animated storytelling on the Rise and Thrive Podcast, you will love this sweet and funny spiritual memoir. From Irish Catholic wise child to pregnant teenager, to hippie home birth mama , and all the way...


Befriending the “F” word – Getting your head around doing some forgiveness soon

Enjoy this excerpt from Mary’s teaching in her 2019 Self Mastery Program, as she helps her students ready themselves to tackle their first forgiveness session in the near future. Mary will put you at ease too, if you are in the process of getting your head around the mythically difficult task of forgiving someone. Mary tackles our common resistance with her ease and warm authority that is based on SO much experience of practicing forgiveness and coaching people for 30 years to a breakthrough...



In this lecture, Mary Hayes Grieco shares her New Year’s message and explores women’s empowerment through the framework of her Self-Mastery tools. THE TOOLS AND HABITS THAT MAKE YOU THE QUEEN OF YOUR LIFE: WILL – Use your will, your spiritual muscle, to create and change the things you can for the better; surrender to a Higher Will with things you must accept. “The wisdom to know the difference.” DISCIPLINE – Actions and attitudes that you do in the short term whether you feel like doing it...



Mary and Erin discuss a new documentary film they love with the film’s writer-director, Dawn Mikkelson. Risking Light reveals how forgiveness is truly the path to permanently healing the pain from anger, resentment, and grief even in what seems like the most impossible situations. To learn more about the film and where to view it visit: www.RiskingLight.com.



Our expectations have so much to do with how we feel at any moment in time. Negative emotions and crappy feelings almost always show up when people around us don't say or do what we expect, when situations don't turn out the way we planned, or when we don't meet our own expectations for ourselves. Mary and Erin explore the relationship between our expectations and our happiness. They reveal how to set and manage expectations that bring peace and joy to our lives. Episode Highlights, Ideas...



When we feel stressed, overloaded, or scattered, it's usually because our boundaries are not in place. The lines between what we do and don't want in our lives. The lines between who we are and who we aren't. Mary and Erin explore the relationship between boundaries and our happiness and sanity. They help you define and maintain your boundaries including Mary's ingenious method for delivering the "glowing golden word NO." It leaves the person receiving your NO feeling as though they've been...



We all fall short in life. Feel really bad about something we've done or a decision we made. The shame, remorse and self-blame can be killers. Especially if we don't deal with it and try to bury it. Mary and Erin share candid and inspiring stories about the difficulty of facing into the pain, letting go of the disappointment and forgiving ourselves for our missteps and the wonderful wisdom and refreshing rewards that come from doing it. Episode Highlights, Ideas and Wisdom The most...