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Loss, and Getting Up Again

Mary Hayes Grieco is back with you again, in this new solo era of The Rise and Thrive Podcast. Today Mary reads two essays from her perennial book, The New Kitchen Mystic: "Loss" and "Getting Up Again." These pieces are like vitamins or a soothing balm for your resilient heart, because the experience of loss is something that visits our lives time and again. Please pass this podcast on to someone you know, who's in the middle of such a time - they will find that Mary's voice, her philosophy, and her heartfelt personal sharing is good medicine!


And Then She Went Home

This is a story that Mary tells from her recent experience with opening her heart to a homeless woman. Choke-up Alert! This is a sweet and sad story - enter in with your own brave and kind heart.


Here comes the new season of the Rise and Thrive Podcast!

Hey, we're back! Well, um, we mean - Mary's back, flying solo this season because Erin is busy in her new leadership role at MPR News. Say hello to Mary Hayes Grieco again as she invites you into the next season of thoughtfulness, kitchen mystic philosophy, and delicious storytelling. Mary explains that although her desire to speak publicly has been on a sabbatical during a year of epic losses - "I've got nothing to say!" - she's back into sharing from her journey with the peace of knowing that "not all who wander are lost." Tune in and open your heart to settle in and learn from your friend Mary this fall.


Modern Psychology – A Field on a Journey with Darla K. McEnroe, LMSW, NBCC

We continue exploring the explosive new growth in modern psychology, as Mary jams with Darla McEnroe, a busy therapist. Darla employs a number of new growth technologies with people in her busy practice. After 25 years of showing up to healing human pain in her daily work, Darla remains fresh and curious and enthused about it and she has much experience to share! We discuss some of the tools she uses to heal trauma: EMDR and HMR, and The Eight Steps of Forgiveness. Darla also shares how she takes care of herself to avoid burnout. Listen in and learn - we are all on a psychological journey, and the field of psychology itself is on an exciting journey. Darla K. McEnroe LMSW, NBCC is a Clinical Supervisor and Therapist with Catholic Charities, Diocese of Sioux City Iowa.


Weird Times Self Mastery Series: Part 3 – Greeting the Friendly Unknown

In this episode, Mary and Erin discuss the ways that we re-set our attitude in the long weird times we're in. Take comfort from some of the best ideas from Eckhart Tolle's work, A New Earth, which explains to us what higher consciousness really is, and how our own energy and attitudes improve our life situation and the human collective all around us. Be a "higher frequency holder" - for yourself and for all of us! Enjoy revisiting this episode from late 2021.


Weird Times Self Mastery Series: Part 2 – Masters and Morons

During the height of the pandemic, Erin and Mary both had uncomfortable encounters with "people who are not doing that well." Friends, family, strangers - how do you handle it when someone nearby you explodes with irrationality because of the built-up pressure of our weird times? Hear some tips for instant forgiveness and the attitude re-set that a masterful person can practice. Enjoy this revisit episode fall of 2021.


Weird Times Self Mastery Series: Part 1 – Companions in the Uncertainty of Now

The pandemic is waning… rising…changing? We don't know anymore, but we do know that with all the pandemic debris still around, and with world situations quite chaotic and worrisome, times are weird and people are not at their best in this present uncertainty. How do we walk through this scary life classroom with the grace of a master? Here's a show we did in the fall of 2021 that is still 100% relevant. Join Erin and Mary as companions as they support each other to be masterful with the aid of having good patterns in a day, and focusing more on our "being" as well as our "doing."


Exploring the Promise of True Freedom

What is true freedom? As Mary and Erin tell it, the healing experience of forgiveness delivers the promise of freedom because freedom is an inside job. You become free, as you dissolve the heavy weight of a bad old story, and something sparkly enters you instead. In the moment of forgiveness, your own soul pours in and empowers you to walk forward with a lighter step. Inner freedom is becoming unencumbered by guilt, shame, sorrow, disappointments, injustices, or false notions of who you are, enabling you to entertain fresh new choices in your life. In this episode, you will also enjoy some of Mary's favorite moments of glorious human freedom when she was teaching forgiveness in Ireland. Enjoy this "revisit episode" from our very first season!


Modern Psychology: A Field on a Journey – with Sharon Stein McNamara, Ed.D.

Since the pandemic and the upsets of 2020, the word "trauma" has found a foothold in many conversations, and we see today that mental health issues abound all around us. Many people are seeking therapy for the first time, and psychologists are more than busy these days. How is the modern field of psychology best addressing our trauma issues, large and small? Today, Mary and Erin explore this question with licensed psychologist Sharon Stein McNamara, Ed.D., who is also president-elect of the Minnesota Psychological Association. Listen in as we draw on her deep and wide experience in different schools of thought in modern psychology. https://www.sharonsteinmcnamara.com/


Julie’s Forgiveness Story: Healing the Pain and Rage of a Cheating Spouse

Erin and Mary are joined this week by Julie, a dedicated forgiveness student who swiftly transformed her misery about the surprise revelation that her husband had been having an affair for a full year. In the process, she realized there were important things about her husband's personality and failures as a partner that moved her solidly into divorcing him and creating a new and better life without him as her mate. Join us and be inspired by Julie's courage and her remarkable ability to swiftly heal this huge life disappointment. Learn how the effective 8 Steps forgiveness method has helped her to positively dealwith the truth of her marriage and move on into a better future.


Incorporating Light into Your Beautiful Life

Did you wake up in hell this morning, or did you wake up in your beautiful life? Or somewhere in between? Mary and Erin reflect on the most valuable takeaways from the recent My Beautiful Life class, and muse on the power we have to choose our attitude and the challenge of living through disruptions and transitions. Time for some healing and a fresh start in your life? Join Mary Hayes Grieco at The Wonderful Forgiveness Weekend, in-person, in St. Paul, MN, June 10-12, 2022. Learn more and register on the home page of www.forgivenesstraining.com


Pro-Tips from Mary – Relief is on the Way!

Are you ready to give Mary’s 8-Step method for forgiveness a try? First, listen to this episode where Mary shares tips on preparing to do the steps. And how to care for yourself afterward. You got this! Relief is on the way! (This is another revisit of a previous conversation).


Self-Forgiveness mini-review + Guided Exercise

In this new episode, Mary leads listeners through a brief review of her Self-Forgiveness method. The guided exercise begins at TC: 18:45. Pause and re-start the recording as needed. Relief is on the way! Learn more about Mary's method on her website at: www.forgivenesstraining.com Or read Mary's book: Unconditional Forgiveness: A Simple and Proven Method to Forgive Everyone and Everything, by Mary Hayes Grieco.


Forgiveness mini-review + Guided Exercise

In this new episode, Mary Hayes Grieco gives a brief review of her 8-steps to freedom. The guided exercise begins at TC: 17:00. Pause and re-start the recording as needed. You got this! Learn more about Mary's method on her website at: www.forgivenesstraining.com Or read Mary's book: Unconditional Forgiveness: A Simple and Proven Method to Forgive Everyone and Everything, by Mary Hayes Grieco.


Accessing Healing Energy – Steps 6 thru 8 of Mary’s Forgiveness Method

Mary and Erin discuss how forgiveness is refreshing and healing, and by doing it, you can feel better and brighter, by accessing Spirit’s healing energy. Mary explains how in steps 6, 7, and 8 of her forgiveness method, you can experience a spiritual cleansing, a reset in your life, that brings peace and feels terrific. We are revisiting this critical conversation to bring Mary's forgiveness method home!


Opening Up to Life Again – Step 5 of Mary’s Forgiveness Method

Step Five is a key ingredient of Mary’s recipe for healing. In this episode, Mary and Erin go deep on what it means to “open up to life again” and how to do it. Mary explains how this turning point helps us connect with the goodness of life. And she explains how to draw on your higher power to get the healing you need. This revisited conversation is packed with insights and wisdom.


Restoring Your Boundaries – Step 4 of Mary’s Forgiveness Method

Mary and Erin revisit this conversation, where they reveal the liberating act of setting boundaries in our lives. Drawing lines between what is ours and what isn’t. What we will and will not do. What we will and will not allow to happen to us. How we do and don’t want to use our time and energy. Mary walks you through defining boundaries that reflect your values and intentions and help you restore calm and sanity to your life.


Releasing Expectations from Your Mind – Step 3 of Mary’s Forgiveness Method

We naturally expect people in our life to be good, smart, and do the right thing. We rightly fuss and fume when they do bad and stupid things that hurt and disappoint us. We wish they could and should be different than they are, but we can’t control that. Mary and Erin reveal how to stop tormenting yourself about the disappointing things people do, and how to get over our hurt feelings. (Revisited Conversation).


Venting Your Emotions – Step 2 of Mary’s Forgiveness Method

Getting out the bad memories, negative emotions, and crappy feelings that have been haunting you, is the beginning of the healing process. Honoring and expressing your true feelings passionately and out loud, is key to your emotional healing process. Don’t be afraid to have the messy cry! Or to yell your head off. Empty your heart of the stored-up emotion. Mary and Erin will show you how to do the releasing that refreshes, cleans you out, and helps you to heal. (Revisited conversation).


Asserting Your Will – Step 1 of Mary’s Forgiveness Method

So you’ve decided it’s finally time to ditch the anger, resentment, disappointment, and sadness from a bad experience with someone or something. You want to be done with the pain once and for all. We revisit this conversation, where Mary and Erin help you define the change you want and help you make the strong commitment that’s absolutely necessary to do the work that will make that change happen, for real.