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Body Contouring

Neal Goldberg, MD, FACS discusses who is a good candidate for body contouring, and how this simple procedure can change your outlook and help you complete your weight loss journey.


When Should You Consider Cataract Surgery?

Nicholas Donas, MD shares important information about Cataracts and questions to ask if you are considering cataract surgery.


Do You Have Ringing in Your Ears? It Might be Tinnitus

If you have ringing in your ears, and you can’t hear the sounds you would like to hear, it can drive you crazy. Over 50 million people in the U.S. suffer from tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Dr. Aaron Spingarn, board-certified ear, nose, and throat doctor at St. John’s Riverside Hospital discusses Tinnitus and the treatment options available if you suffer from this annoying and sometimes painful disorder.


Can You Have a Spinal Fusion While You are Awake?

While traditional spinal fusion surgery is considered to be an extensive procedure, requiring general anesthesia and a hospital stay, Awake Spinal Fusion is a minimally invasive procedure. Instead of a lengthy hospital stay, you're up and about in just a few hours. Dr. Alok Sharan discusses this innovative technique that eliminates a number of disadvantages associated with traditional spine surgery and allows for quicker overall recovery.


A Good Night's Sleep

St. John’s Riverside Hospital understands the importance of sleep to overall health and well-being. In fact, when people get the correct amount of sleep each night, their risk for developing disease may decrease. St. John's Riverside Hospital established Sleep Diagnostics Services to meet the growing incidence of sleep apnea and other sleep disorders. Brijesh Malkani, M.D, discusses the most common questions regarding sleep disorders, treatment options if you suffer from a sleep disorder...


Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery with Robotic Technology

If you suffer from a painful gynecologic disorder, and medicine, lifestyle changes and other non-invasive treatments cannot ease your symptoms, it may be time to consider surgery. Suzanne Greenidge, MD, OB/GYN at St. John's Riverside Hospital, discusses minimally invasive gynecologic surgery with robotic technology, and the treatment options for women suffering from a painful gynecologic disorder.


Women with Early Stage Breast Cancer May Not Need Chemotherapy

Women with early-stage breast cancer who might have normally received chemotherapy under current standards may not actually need it, according to a ground breaking study that is expected to change the way we look at early stage breast cancer. Melita Charles, Breast Surgeon at Ashikari Breast Center, discusses the TAILORx clinical trial, which can help women make the most informed decisions about their cancer and may change the landscape of early stage breast cancer treatment.


Making the Decision to Get a Knee Replacement

Knee pain can be debilitating and keep you from taking part in the activities that you enjoy. When this type of pain begins to interfere with your daily life, it might be time to see a physician to assess your pain. Jason Hochfelder, MD, discusses knee replacements and how asking the right questions, and being your own best health advocate can help you make this decision with your doctor and find out if knee replacement is the right option for you.


Weight Loss Solutions for a Healthy Life

Approximately 50 percent of the population is overweight. When previous efforts at weight loss including supervised diets, exercise and behavioral modification programs fail, weight loss surgery is an available option. Jonathan Arad, MD, discusses non-surgical and surgical weight loss solutions available at St. John's Riverside Hospital so that you can get on the road to a healthier life.


Specialized Wound Care and HBOT

People with diabetes, heart disease, existing infections or lung disease may have difficulty getting their wounds to heal. However, there have been several advances in this area that provides help to slow or non-healing patients. For this reason St. John's Riverside Hospital has created a comprehensive outpatient wound management program dedicated to treating adult patients with non-healing wounds and wound prone conditions. Berdj Sephanian, DMP discusses limb salvage techniques vs...