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ROCK YOUR MIDLIFE will help you get real, discover who you are, and give you the tools to navigate your life. Based on Dr. Ellen’s (aka The Midlife Whisperer™) groundbreaking work, it’s your midlife roadmap – the blueprint you need to roll with change, transform yourself, and create a fabulous next chapter.


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ROCK YOUR MIDLIFE will help you get real, discover who you are, and give you the tools to navigate your life. Based on Dr. Ellen’s (aka The Midlife Whisperer™) groundbreaking work, it’s your midlife roadmap – the blueprint you need to roll with change, transform yourself, and create a fabulous next chapter.




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Midlife Matters with the Badass Rebellion

What a great conversation with this power pack trio Dr. Lucy Smith, Dr. Avery Hoenig and DR. Jamie Wilson Watch the complete episode and learn the other dimensions of Midlife. You will learn : 1) Midlife is a time of significant emotional and psychological development - in short, it matters (even if the psychological aspects haven’t been well-researched yet) 2) The most powerful skill/strategy that we can offer is self-compassion. At a time in life that so many women feel tempted to focus their self-care efforts on self-improvement (botox, diet plans, exercise regimens), it is especially important to develop self-compassion. Everything that self-improvement promises is ultimately accessible through self-compassion. 3) Regardless of what skills or tools you have, the “work” (i.e., reorienting, reckoning, reclaiming, rejoicing) has to be done in community. We believe that the most significant transformation occurs in connection with others. This show is sponsored by Vividly, a platform that empowers women to transition, edit, and flourish through midlife. Check Vividly out at -


How To Rest To Reset

Self-care at midlife is a necessity, not a luxury. Like adolescence midlife is a major phase of life. Everything including how you feel, think, make decisions, and interact with the world is shifting. Self-care practices are a vital tool to support this growth and these practices need to evolve as you do. Today’s show is going to help you break through your biggest self-care roadblocks and develop a new framework to identify what you need in the moment. My guest is one of the UKs leading self-care experts, psychologist, and author Suzy Reading. Suzy is going to share how to rest to reset and manage your energetic bank balance. She’s going ot help you revolutionize your relationship with rest and ultimately your relationship with yourself. Today’s show is sponsored by Vividly, a platform that empowers women to transition, edit, and flourish through midlife. Check Vividly out at


Flourishing in Midlife with Vividly

No matter where you are in midlife you can reinvent yourself and go from floundering to flourishing. It’s one part inspiration, one part know-how, and a hefty dose of moxie. Today’s guest Nina Pustilnik, CEO and co-founder of Vivdly, a digital platform that empowers women to transition, edit, and flourish through midlife is going to help you go from surviving to thriving. Nina will be sharing her incredible story of how she overcame a catastrophic injury, went through her own midlife edit, and is now flourishing. I am excited to welcome Vividly as sponsor of Rock Your Midlife. It’s a fantastic platform where you will find exclusive content on topics ranging from your physical health, nutrition, and emotional wellbeing to personal finances and finding the next step in your career. Vividly is also a sanctuary where you'll connect with incredible women who share your dreams, ambitions, and desire for personal growth. From online workshops and inspiring events to mentorship opportunities Vividly can help you build a life you love and create deep connections that will sustain you on this beautiful journey You can visit Vividly at or follow then on Instagram at livevividlymidlife or on Facebook at Vividly: The Midlife Edit. Website:


Rebirth Yourself at Midlife with Transformational Breathwork

Midlife is the perfect time to heal old trauma and wounds so you can truly let go, discover your true self, and raise your vibration so you start to attract the health and happiness that you want. But where do you start? Today’s guest Madeleine Eames is going to share powerful techniques that will help you to rebirth yourself. She’s a psychotherapist, a pain educator, yoga instructor, and breathwork teacher. She has been working in mental health and healing trauma for over 30 years. Her focus is helping women heal old conditioning and patterns so they can embrace real freedom at midlife. She is going to help you to discover the patterns that keep you stuck and prevent you from embodying you! Plus, Madeleine will share why your rebirth at midlife matters for your own joy and for the world, how breathwork can support you and how archetypes can help you heal and be authentic. It’s a powerful show that will help you transform yourself so you can rock your midlife.


Upgrade Your Self-image and Awaken to Wholeness

Transformation – it’s challenging but essential if you want to upgrade your reality and rock your midlife. On today’s show you’ll learn how you can literally craft a new reality, so you are happier, healthier and experience more love and joy! My guest is Suzanna Kennedy, Creator of Reality Crafting 5.0. Whether you are looking for personal growth, spiritual development, increased self-awareness, enhance intuition, or just want to manifest like crazy; Suzanna is going to show you how to use principles of quantum physics, law of attraction, and conscious intention to shift your vibration and create a life you love. It’s going to be a magical, empowering show that will help you get your midlife mojo back!


Thriving at Midlife: How to Balance, Harmonize, and Heal Your Life

You were designed to thrive and live in harmony with the laws of nature and divine beauty. However, midlife can throw you off balance leaving you frazzled rather than thriving and stressed rather than harmonious. Today’s show is going to help you not only heal your midlife imbalances and thrive but also take yourself to a whole new level of evolution. I’m talking with world-renowned energy healer Fran Bailey creator of the Shiva method. Fran works with the body, mind, heart, soul and chakra system to get your back on track. She is going to share how you can fully participate as a co-creator of your world in delight with increased health, prosperity, and unconditional love. Get ready to rock your midlife and enrich your life beyond measure!


Become Empowered & Reclaim Your Midlife Wellbeing!

Midlife is the time to take charge of your health so you can maximize your wellbeing, prevent disease, and ensure you experience a fulfilling, healthy life as you age. Taking charge of your health also empowers you to make informed decisions and take action that promotes health and vitality. Not sure where to start? Today’s show is going to provide you with the keys you need to become the authority of your wellbeing and transform your body from a place of self-love NOT self-loathing. My guest is Master Certified Health, Life Coach and podcaster, Elizabeth Sherman. She’s going to share to manage menopause and other midlife stressors and reclaim your wellbeing without crazy diets or soul-crushing workouts. Wherever you are at on your wellness journey, you’ll learn valuable tips and techniques that will empower you to rock your midlife.


Managing Menopause with Ease

While menopause is defined as the end of a woman's reproductive life, but it’s not the end of your meaningful, productive life. In fact, it’s a transition to a new, and in many cases, a freer, more vibrant, and fulfilling stage. Today’s show is going to help you transition through and manage menopause with ease. My guests are award winning, gynecologist and author Dr. Heather Johnson and Women’s Health and Gender Related Nurse Practitioner Jennifer Lanoff. We’ll be discussing everything you need to know about menopause but perhaps were afraid to ask from whether hormone replacement therapy is right for you to what happens to your sex life after menopause. You’ll learn what is natural, what is inevitable, and what you can do to make this transition kinder and gentler.


Loving Life at 50 +

Get ready to hit reset and discover how to live life to the fullest, because on today’s show I’m talking with chef, yogi, and writer Maria Sabando about her new book, loving life at 50 plus. We’ll be diving deep discussing everything from how to get off the diet roller coaster and still look and feel amazing to how to tap into your talents, find meaning and purpose, and making your dreams a reality. Plus, Maria will be sharing her favorite recipes. It’s going to be a fun, high energy show!


Loving the Body You Are In

One of the many challenges of midlife is learning to love your ever-changing body. Menopause and the hormone shifts accompanying it can cause bloating and weight gain weight especially around the abdomen. While you may be tempted to go on a fad diet or try soul crushing workouts to lose weight that will not help you feel better about your body and yourself. The solution is to love the body you are in, and on this show you’ll learn exactly how to do it. My guest is the beautiful Kat Napolitano.


What’s Your Kryptonite

As a midlife woman you’re probably experiencing stress and trying to find work-life balance. Maybe you’re caring for kids and aging parents as you manage your own midlife health. To add gas to the stress fire, there’s perimenopause which can leave you exhausted and irritable. Perhaps your stress is even chronic which means it’s constant and persist over an extended period. Chronic stress can affect both your physical and psychological well-being and trigger health issues including anxiety, insomnia, muscle pain, high blood pressure, and a weakened immune system.


Stepping into your Power Through Pleasure

In this show, you’re going to learn how to Rock Pleasure. Pleasure is how you thank the Universe for being alive. Pleasure can help you step into your power and enjoy your life more. Yet many midlife women struggle with experiencing pleasure. This show is going to help you up your pleasure measure. You’ll learn exactly how to have more pleasure and how pleasure can empower you. Our guest is the amazing and beautiful Emma Eirene. Known as the Pleasure Activator, Emma is a somatic trauma informed women’s empowerment coach, speaker, and photographer.


Meno Like a Boss and Make Midlife the Best Time of Life

Today we’re talking all about menopause and how to meno like a boss. If you’re going through peri-menopause, the period of time before your period actually stops, you’re not alone. Right now 53 million American women are going through the change, and 1.3 million women in the U.S. enter menopause each year.


The Joy of Midlife Entrepreneurship

According to Small Biz Trends statistics for 2021, people between the 50 and 59 are at the top of the startup founders list with 35%. Recent research debunks the myth of youth and reveals that entrepreneurs in their 50s succeed at approximately the same rate as those in their 20s. If you’re one of those midlife women who’s been thinking about becoming a business owner, today’s show is going to provide the information you need to succeed.


How to become a Money Manifestation Master

You are more powerful than you realize. According to today’s guest Abundance Activator, Lara Waldman, you can totally change your life and unleash your abundant power. On this show you’re going to learn exactly how to transform your life and your live with more joy, abundance, and purpose. You’ll discover how to transform your money story, master money manifestation, and embody your wealth frequency so you own your value. Plus, you’ll discover how to deprogram and release the blocks that hold you back form effortlessly manifesting as your true, fully worthy creator self.


Menopause is necessary, suffering is not!

Menopause is necessary, suffering is not! The menopause toolkit approach to your best health (nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress reduction, pharmacology and supplement options). All things about menopause - How to diagnose, treatment options, common but rarely talked about symptoms.


From Stuck to Unstoppable: Strategies for Thriving in Midlife with Dr. Ellen Albertson

Are you ready to learn how to ROCK your MIDLIFE? Here are some great tips Was honored to be invited on Conscious Business Zone show with Kathy Mason. Enjoy the show......


Reinventing Your Life is Often One Powerful Community Away

In this show with Giselle Baumet - the Community & Product Manager at Teacup, Inc, we will be talking about how a supportive community can provide your with accountability and motivation, as well as valuable feedback and advice. Being around others who are also working towards personal growth can help normalize the experience and make it feel less daunting. Additionally, having a community of people who share similar values and goals can create a sense of belonging and connection, which can be especially important during times of transition which are so common at midlife.


Inspiring Hopeful Curiosity For A Plant Based Lifestyle

A Plant Based Lifestyle is a lifestyle that anyone can adapt to go vegan and live a healthy lifestyle. The food you eat plays a crucial role in your overall well-being. The right diet promotes longevity, vigor, health, clarity of mind and physical strength in your life. In this show we will be discussing how you can eat more plants and why doing so will improve your health and wellbeing. Plus, we’ll be sharing inspiring facts about plant based lifestyle with Peter Goldstein - Founder and Chief Synergy Officer at


What’s it’s really like to be a clairvoyant psychic medium?

Get ready to feel inspired and up your midlife mojo because on today’s show, you are going to hear from internationally known television clairvoyant and psychic medium Jeni Ji Cousins. She’s going to share what it’s really like to be a clairvoyant psychic medium. Plus, you’ll learn about how to transform be authentic, get ground, and find inner peace. It’s going to be an amazing show that will help you rock your midlife! Enjoy the show!!