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Podcast for runners & therapists seeking evidence based strategies to minimise running injuries & maximise performance.

Podcast for runners & therapists seeking evidence based strategies to minimise running injuries & maximise performance.
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Podcast for runners & therapists seeking evidence based strategies to minimise running injuries & maximise performance.




#15 - Elisabet Barnes: Ultra Endurance Running

Happy New Year! In this episode, we are joined by ultra endurance running legend Elisabet Barnes who shares some absolute pearls of advice & inspiration for not only ultra runners but any runner keen to learn about preparing physically and mentally for challenge. Elisabet is best known for being two times female champion of the infamous Marathon Des Sables, and in the 2018 Ultra Mirage El Djerid 100KM in Tunisia she not came first amongst the women but also finished with just three men in...


#1 - Running with Kenyans & Gait Analysis

Fuelled by a trip to Kenya to help set up the first ever running specialist store in East Africa, RunChatLive was born. Our mission: to help runners sort out fact from fiction & discover with the help of expert guests where efforts should be placed to minimise injury & maximise performance. We hope you enjoy this inaugural podcast & join us for future episodes! Matt Phillips Host @RunChatLive


#12 - Nick Knight: The Runners Guide To Gait Analysis

Running Gait Analysis was once regarded as THE way to buy the correct running shoes. However, the traditional model used (checking for overpronation/oversupination) has been shown by studies to have NO scientific credibility and needs to stop. So how can we select shoes? CAN gait analysis help? Can it help reduce risk of injury? Can it help recovery from current injury? How about getting that next PB? Special guest NICK KNIGHT of NK Sports Podiatry helps us separate fact from fiction using...


#11 - Martin Ong'Wen: Kenyan Physio

MARTIN ONG'WEN is a physiotherapist from Nairobi whom we had the pleasure of meeting during the time we spent out there helping set up new running company Run Beyond. Martin recently completed a 'tour' of the United Kingdom including a very well received guest speaker spot at the ‘Reasoning, Responsibility & Reform in MSK practice’ conference organised by The Physio Matters Podcast team. We talk to Martin about his experiences in the UK, the fantastic work he does in Kenya plus a discussion...


#10 - Alex Backhouse: Strength & Conditioning for Runners

Regular listeners will be aware of our theory that if runners spent as much time strengthening as they do stretching there would be far less injury out there. To delve into the world of strength training we talk to Strength & Conditioning Coach ALEX BACKHOUSE about how his methodology has evolved since early days training UFC & Invicta fighters through to obtaining his Masters in S&C. Plenty of great info for runners looking to insert some all important strength work into their weekly...


#9 - Ian Griffiths: Running Shoes, Orthotics & Insoles

This episode really is a MUST listen for runners, therapists & coaches seeking evidence based ways to understand how we SHOULD be selecting footwear, orthoses and inserts. Special guest IAN GRIFFITHS, highly respected podiatrist & sports injury specialist, gives some fantastic information about how the traditional method of prescription has changed over the years, and how YOU the runner can tell if a podiatrist, physiotherapist, sports therapist, etc. is staying up to date with the evidence....


#8 - Rosi Sexton: Martial Artists vs Runners

ROSI SEXTON: pioneer of Women's MMA, once ranked No.1 in the World, first British female to fight in the UFC, and an Osteopath. Rosi talks to us about the most common injuries seen in MMA & how to reduce risk. We consider the parallels & differences with running injuries & talk about Rosi's Combat Sports Clinic and the online Neck Strength Masterclass she has released. For fighters and runners, this episode is a must!


#7 - Reps & Sets: Is There A Magic Number?

The last one we recorded before starting to invite guests! In previous episodes we have suggested many runners would benefit from focussing on strength rather than stretch so today we look at the evidence for how many repetitions (lifts per exercise) we should be doing, as well as how many sets (repeats of exercise). Does it change if doing rehab? Can it reduce risk of injury? The evidence may as always surprise you and change what you currently practice. Enjoy!

#6 - Why Do Runners Stretch?

We respond to some interesting feedback we received after last week's episode suggesting we are laying into static stretching too much. Well, as always we go where the evidence takes us so let's see how static stretching weighs up in terms of reducing injury, muscle soreness or improving performance. How about the proposed benefits of having someone else stretch us? As always, we welcome & encourage comments!


#5 - How Stretching Can Delay Recovery

Static stretches still typically recommended by many professionals can sometimes actually DELAY recovery, e.g. in cases of insertional achilles tendinopathy, proximal hamstring tendinopathy, insertional gluteal tendinopathy. For many runners, this episode will be an eye-opener, so if you enjoy it please SUBSCRIBE & SHARE. Happy running! :-)


#4 - Running Economy: How To Improve It.

What is Running Economy? What can we do to improve it? What do we do that reduces it? There's a heap of useful info in this episode so do please SHARE it across social media & feel free to leave any QUESTIONS or FEEDBACK in the comments section. If you'd like to receive notification when we upload future episodes, click on SUBSCRIBE. Happy running!


#3 - If It Ain't Broken...

What does the evidence say with regards to tweaking the running form of a pain free runner in order to improve performance? A great question put to us by Jack Chew of The Physio Matters Podcast (which we totally recommend for all health care professionals). We take a look at where the evidence leads us and as always expect surprises along the way! If you enjoy the episode, please like & subscribe!


#2 - It's Your Anatomy

Sparked by a medical report which a patient showed me, written by an orthopaedic consultant. In an attempt to explain persistent knee pain, the report suggested that it was the runner's anatomy that was at fault. Regardless of the accuracy of such a statement, blaming pain on structural anomalies has been shown in many studies to delay recovery and potentially make things worse. Interested in how? Listen up...