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Shine On The Health & Happiness Show airs on 100.7 WHUD in New York's Hudson Valley. Kacey is an award winning radio host, inspirational speaker, women's group leader and reiki master.

Shine On The Health & Happiness Show airs on 100.7 WHUD in New York's Hudson Valley. Kacey is an award winning radio host, inspirational speaker, women's group leader and reiki master.
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Peekskill, NY


Shine On The Health & Happiness Show airs on 100.7 WHUD in New York's Hudson Valley. Kacey is an award winning radio host, inspirational speaker, women's group leader and reiki master.






How to Be Brilliant

Meet a true genius who can help you understand your brain. Meet a gritty philosopher who can help you win any game. Meet a life coach who can lead you to your own brilliance. shine on.


Messages from Your Higher Self

Sara Wiseman is back with 3 exercises to get you tuned in to the message the universe is trying to tell you! NY Times bestseller Mark Adams take us on an historical and timeless journey in Alaska. Marc and Angel Chernoff have an easy exercise for Getting Back to Happy. Thanks for tuning in! xoKc


Meet Steve Hartov, author of The Soul of a Thief

Dedicated to his mother, a holocaust survivor, The Soul of a Theif is the latest page turner from New York Times bestseller Steven Hartov. Born in New London, Connecticut he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Boston University. In 1973, he joined the U.S. Merchant Marine Military Sealift Command, beginning a series of adventures that would later appear in his non-fiction pieces and fictional works. In 1977, he volunteered for the Israel Defense Forces Airborne Corps, serving first...


Tommy Tune Celebrates "Hello Again Dolly" in NY

A living landmark, 10 time Tony Winner Tommy Tune comes to Garrison Landing in Garrison NY to recreate his role in Hello Dolly - getting off the train in Yonkers and singing Putting On Your Sunday Clothes. The free parade is Saturday, June 16. On Sunday, June 17 - Father's Day - Tommy's one man show will be at Paramount Hudson Valley in Peekskill.


Blessing Your Home

Create sacred space in your home - love the place that nurtures you - an urban shaman shows us how. Take a trip to New York's West Village to find love. Take a book into the garden and smile. It's all here. Thank you for sharing time and Shining On. xoKc


First Love - Open Thursday at Cherry Lane in NYC

Meet actress Angelina Fiordellesi who is about to open in First Love, a brilliant and touching play at the Cherry Lane Theatre. (38 Commerce Street, a charming cul de sac between Barrow and Bedford Streets in the West Village) Charles Wee explores a later in life relationship and the things single women of a certain age may feel but never say. Comedic and tender, First Love opens Thursday June 7 and continues through July 8.


Hello Again, Dolly! Tommy Tune's 50th Anniversary Parade

The enthusiasm behind the 50th anniversary of the film Hello Dolly belongs to Christoper Radko. Listen in as he invites you to the exhibit at the Putnam History Museim in Cold Spring, NY - plus join in the parade recreation at Garrison Landing ala Dolly Levy! A Tommy Tune show in Peekskill keeps the party


What Women Must Do To Become Leaders

Jennifer Palmieri worked on Hillary Clinton's campaign. Her book Dear Madam President is a letter to the next female leaders of America. The message? Trust your confusion - you are re writing history and there are no rules or role models for what you are about to do. Meet Jennifer June 7th at The Scarsdale Library in Scarsdale, NY


Huntington's Disease

Back at a Shine On weekend retreat in March, Pat, one of the lovely ladies gathered in our circle shared that she had a difficult diagnosis and was in need of our help and support. That was the first many of us ever heard of Huntington's Disease. May has been HD awareness month, and I promised Pat I would help spread the news. While Pat is keeping up with a healthy lifestyle, we in the Shine On community send her all our love. I reached out to Louise Vetter of the HD Society to share the...


Your Heart Wants to Reveal Itself to You!

Just a few months ago my life changed for the better when I did a simple exercise at my own Shine On Weekend Retreat. Ida Fields was the presenter. She's here today to do the Core Values Exercise with you. Find a Core Values Sheet at - Amber Rae used to pop Adderall to keep up with the demands of Silicon Valley. Then she made a choice to get to know who she really is. Her book is called Choose Wonder Over Worry. And - Healers, Speakers and Coaches - head to NYC for a soulful...



Do you have a book or two in you? Do you know someone with a great story? What are you waiting for? Listen in and meet some surprising new authors. It's never too late. “Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.” ― Louis L'Amour xo Kc


Soulful Business Conference in NYC for Healers and Dreamers

Align your soul with your work and do what you were born to do. Find out how June 16 in NYC. Listen in and meet Monica Aparicio...the woman who can help you hang your star in the sky. xo Kc


Jessica & Jeremy: Call Your Mom! An Ex-scientologist's Plea

Lori Hodgson is "disconnected" from her kids who stayed in scientology after she left the cult. Jessica and Jeremy can't acknowledge their MOTHER. The cult swooped in on her kids to get them more deeply involved in the cult when Lori was in the hospital 8 years ago. She's tried everything. Going public. Staying quiet. Pushing back, praying, screaming, sending letters - you name it - this Mom did it. And word from her kids. The heart remembers what the mind forgets. Somewhere...


The Abundance Project !

Derek Rydall's near death experience showed him the perfection that reside in all of us. The path the lead him back to health and wealth is laid out for us in his new book The Abundance Project. You really are God's light in the world. Listen in and Derek will prove it to you. This book has been chosen for our first Shine On Book Club. Read it and visit in the coming weeks to join the conversation. xoKc



The cures are in the cupboard... and in the colors! Listen in as guests details the cures they found for Bipolar Disorder, Autoimmune Hepatitis...and even help for a soul aching for clarity. Let me know what you think. xoKc


A message can change everything...

The universe is trying to tell you (and me) something. Sara Wiseman urges you to pay attention to synchronicity. Plus - maybe your kid doesn't have ADD. Maybe it's just his eyes! And April is autism awareness month. We've come SO far. Listen in . xo KC


Sunday Thoughts....

Great to be back with a fresh new show show! A mixed bag of ideas.... Healing prayer, a celebration in New York's Hudson Valley movie lovers all over the world can cheer for, and a few good ideas for summer fun. Thanks for Shining On!


Hello Again, Dolly! Christopher Radko Launches Hudson Valley Festival

Artist Christopher Radko has created a festival to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Hello Dolly in the Hudson Valley towns where it was filmed: Garrison and Cold Spring, NY. The party starts May 12th with a viewing of the costumes at the Putnam History Museum and continues through the summer and beyond. Come to the Hudson Valley to say Hello Again, Dolly!


Help for Songwriters from Jim Brickman

The hit-making songwriter Jim Brickman is offering a weekend bootcamp for songwriters this summer in Cleveland. Listen in as he gives us some songwriting advice and details of the Brickman Bootcamp for Writers July 26 - 29 in Cleveland. Hear Jim Brickman's radio show Sunday mornings at 7 AM on 100.7 WHUD in New York's Hudson Valley.


Bright Ideas: Reading, Writing and Reiki

Brett Bevell helps you harness the power of reiki. Cathleen O'Connor gives readers with memory loss something meaningful. Marcy Clark gets you focused on your true message. Always a pleasure to spend some time with you! xoKc