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An open, intersectional dialogue on nourishment of all mediums. Conversations with leaders working in the arts, education, agriculture, film, music, media, wellness, social activism and sustainability. Hosted by Nitsa Citrine.

An open, intersectional dialogue on nourishment of all mediums. Conversations with leaders working in the arts, education, agriculture, film, music, media, wellness, social activism and sustainability. Hosted by Nitsa Citrine.


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An open, intersectional dialogue on nourishment of all mediums. Conversations with leaders working in the arts, education, agriculture, film, music, media, wellness, social activism and sustainability. Hosted by Nitsa Citrine.




SEA TO SKIN TO SOUL: Beauty, Business and Consciousness with OSEA’s Melissa Palmer

There is a new and powerful kind of beauty emerging as a leader in the industry: KIND BEAUTY. Literally. As in, beauty that is rooted in kindness, reverence and love for the planet. And today’s guest is a leader in the field. We are thrilled to welcome Melissa Palmer, beloved friend, visionary and CEO of OSEA, beloved brand and skincare company based in Malibu California, which honors the healing gifts of our ocean and the conscious cultivation of beauty, on all levels. We chat with...


FOOD IS LOVE: Nurturing our Underserved Communities and the Art of Showing Up with LaRayia Gaston

This episode is a straight-up wake up call that fresh foods are a human RIGHT, not a PRIVILEGE! We are honored to welcome LaRayia Gaston to SOUNDFOOD. Our candid, raw conversation cracks open the heart to let humanity flood in and shows how we can all take conscious action to redirect our food waste to feed our marginalized communities and learn to love without reason. Our guest LaRayia is the powerful, multidimensional force behind Lunch On Me, LaRayia’s Bodega, Artist, Author of Love...


THE MAGIC OF MUSHROOMS: Full Spectrum Fungi to Raise the Planetary Frequency with Tonya Papanikolov

This episode is a sincere heart and mind opener: illuminating how the Fungi kingdom is here to help ground, heal and elevate the planet. We are thrilled to welcome high vibrational entrepreneur, Holistic Nutritionist, educator, and wellness leader Tonya Papanikolov to the show this week. Tonya is the founder and CEO of Rainbo, a medicinal mushroom based line of supplements and functional foods dedicated to supporting wellbeing, immune strength and expanded consciousness. In our...


THE COSMOS WITHIN CONSCIOUSNESS Tapping into FLOW to Optimize your Reality with Justin Faerman

Do you feel stagnant, stuck, uninspired or in any way less than thriving these days? If so, please know that you are not alone! Today's episode is here to activate, align and empower us to create a life of purpose, fulfillment, prosperity and joy. We are honored to welcome a dear brother, visionary, spiritual ally and multidimensional mentor, Justin Faerman to the podcast. Justin is a highly intuitive entrepreneur, writer, teacher, renowned consciousness researcher and flow pioneer. Justin...


FLORAL RESONANCE: Tuning Into the Vibration of Healing and Flower Remedies with Alexis Smart

This episode serves as a gentle yet powerful reminder to us all that in order to heal physically, we must first examine our mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual health. And, the plants are here to help. We are honored to welcome the radiant and wise Alexis Smart to SOUNDFOOD. Today we journey under her expert guidance into the multidimensional, melodic world of flower remedies and the subtle energetics of healing. Alexis is a practitioner of homeopathy and the founder of Alexis...


WHEN THE MEDICINE IS LAUGHTER: Finding Humor, Beauty, and Pleasure in the Everyday with Aria Alpert Adjani

Today’s episode is pure medicine for the heart and spirit. Get ready to crack open your consciousness and crack up with us in the process! We are delighted to welcome actress, home chef, writer, cookbook author and mother of two, Aria Alpert Adjani to SOUNDFOOD. Aria has been an absolute inspiration and comfort to us over the years. Aria thrives on finding the comedic flavors of everyday life and whether on land or sea, transforms the mundane into a clever, thoughtful yet playful theatre on...


THE GANGSTA GARDENER: Planting Seeds of Freedom with Ron Finley

“Imagine Yourself Free and Think How Dangerous that can Be” Today we are honored to welcome the brilliant and brave Ron Finley aka “The Gangsta Gardener” to SOUNDFOOD. This is a powerful, liberating, playfully provocative episode rich in plant magic, energetic sovereignty and positive vibrations. Ron Finley is celebrated as “The Gangsta Gardener” as a result of his bold move to transform the barren parkway in front of his South Central LA home into an edible, urban oasis. Frustrated by...


THE FIFTH SEASON: When Summer Ripens into Autumn with Colin Hudon

We find ourselves in a magical and gently powerful time of the year. Indian Summer, or the forgotten “fifth season” blooms: fruits ripen and fall from the tree, time slows, and evenings are warm and soft as we prepare for the final harvest. Now is the time to tune into the seasonal rhythms of Earth and embrace the sense of wholeness and balance Late Summer offers as we transition to Autumn. In today’s episode of SOUNDFOOD, we welcome back the brilliant Colin Hudon. Colin is the founder of...


REUNITY RESOURCES: Revitializing the Soil and Soul with Juliana Ciano

This episode is pure nourishment for the soul and soil! We are delighted to welcome Juliana Ciano - neurodivergent educator, mother and co-founder of the beloved local organization Reunity Resources to SOUNDFOOD. Juliana’s commitment to a holistic system of pedagogy can be seen and felt in all of her endeavours. Her refreshing, grass-roots perspective is deeply inspiring. Since co-founding Reunity Resources in 2011, Juliana has worked to build a next level compost programming that now...


THE FUTURE IS SYMBIOTIC: Radical Indigenism and Lo-TEK Design with Julia Watson

Today we look to the ancient technologies of indigenous ecosystems to provide guidance for the future (and survival) of humanity in the face of climate change. We are thrilled to welcome designer, activist, academic, and author, Julia Watson to SOUNDFOOD. Julia is a leading expert in the field of Lo—TEK nature-based technologies for the built environment and climate-resilient design. Her bestselling book with Taschen, Lo-TEK: Design by Radical Indigenism has been featured in The New York...


THE SACRED LANGUAGE OF PLANTS: Floral Meditation, Herbal Alchemy & Botanical Resonance with Kate Clearlight

Have you dropped in with your local gardens, communed with the plant kingdom or simply said hello to the flowers around you recently? Our guest this week will inspire you to (re)direct your attention to spend time with these beautiful and wise beings every day. We welcome the deeply magical alchemist, folk herbalist, fellow starseed and “plant whisperer” Kate Clearlight to SOUNDFOOD. In this episode, Kate shares how plants have helped her tune into her highest and most authentic self. She...


GO LIGHTLY: Regenerative Travel, Authentic Living and Growing through Stillness with Nina Karniwoski

Today’s episode is a gentle and illuminating reminder that in order to see the most beautiful parts of the Earth, we must first actively protect and deeply respect her. Our guest today, Nina Karnikowski, is an author and travel writer who invites others to think twice before they, well, travel. An Australian native with a home base in Byron Bay, Nina had written about and traveled to over 60 countries before experiencing a personal awakening on a work trip to Antarctica that transformed...


QUEER BROWN VEGAN: Food Ethics, Education and Environmental Equity with Isaias Hernandez

Today’s episode is a complete treat for anyone who wants to learn more about food security, intersectionality, social - environmental justice and how to take action to live a more balanced, conscientious and informed life. We are delighted to welcome the sweet and sage Isaias Hernandez to SOUNDFOOD. Isaias is an environmental educator and activist, vegan, entrepreneur, public speaker, digital marketer, and creator of Queer Brown Vegan- an educational platform that seeks to share the...


A VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS: Film, Farming, Fungi and the Future with Nathalie Kelley

Today’s episode will expand your awareness of how powerful fungi (and consciousness) is for the past, present, and future of our Planet. We are thrilled to welcome the passionate and brilliant Nathalie Kelley to the podcast. Nathalie is an actress of Indigenous Quechua descent and aspiring regenerative human. She was raised in Sydney, Australia, mindfully travels the world, and now calls California her home base. While perhaps most known for her roles as a film and television actress...


DEMYSTIFYING THE BEAN PROTOCOL: Food as Medicine and the Healing Powers of Legumes with Unique Hammond

Today’s episode of SOUNDFOOD will change the way you look at beans and illuminate their incredible potential to heal both the human body and planet. We are joined by Bean Protocol Advocate and Health Coach Unique Hammond. The Bean Protocol is a liver detox process first developed by biochemist Karen Hurd to treat her young daughter for pesticide poisoning, but now has evolved to include followers from around the globe. Unique first came to the protocol under Karen’s mentorship as she...


FLORA, FAUNA, FOREST: Communing with Plants and the Restorative Powers of the Earth with Molly Helfend

Today’s episode is humming with knowledge, living nutrients, ecology and joy. We welcome interdisciplinary healer and ally of the natural world, Molly Helfend. Originally from the Santa Monica Mountains, she now calls the cliffs of New Zealand home but makes Nature itself her official residence. Her commitment to mother earth began at a young age: protesting the Keystone XL pipeline and interning with Greenpeace and working with Rainforest Action Network to develop campaigns against palm...


FARM TO CLOSET: Beyond Sustainability, Healing through Land Stewardship, Radical Reciprocity, and Regenerative Design with Christy and Aras Baskauskas of Christy Dawn

Today’s episode is an active invitation to consider the source and intimacy of the food that we wear — our clothing. Because for most of us, unless we live in a nudist colony, we all wear some form of clothing. With this in mind, we are delighted to welcome the founders of Christy Dawn Aras and Christy Baskauskas to SOUNDFOOD. Also known as “The Firekeeper and The Alchemizer” their LA / India-based clothing line is revolutionizing the fashion industry, from soil to seed to dress. Christy...


IN DEVOTION: Recognizing our Lifeprint and Divine Purpose with SriMati

Today’s episode reverberates with love, empowerment and is a spiritual call to awakeness to all who tune in. We are honored to be graced by the transcendental Julie Piatt or “SriMati”to SOUNDFOOD. SriMati’s life(times)long commitment to nourishing and expanding others along the path of healing emanates in all of her creative work. SriMati is living a deeply authentic, devotional, and multi-dimensional life. She is a mother, artist, mystic, chef, author, alchemist, musician, healer, and...


RADICAL SELF AWARENESS: Rooting into Authenticity, Biorhythms, and Rituals for Self Care with Rocío Graves

Today’s episode will support all of our listeners to reconnect and tune into our highest, most authentic selves. In the blossoming of Spring, we are nourished by this heart-opening conversation with the magical and loving Rocío Graves. Rocío has been through the seasons of life: from heartbreak, to chronic health issues, to spiritual rebirth and healing, we now find her in a joyous and healthy explosion of self-creativity: exploring cooking, gardening, poetry, unconventional self care and...


THREE GENERATIONS: Motherhood, Lineage & Ancestral Healing with Anna May and Heather Christensen

Today’s dialogue is intimate and very precious. As we continue to celebrate our Mother Earth in all her forms, we are delighted and honored to welcome our host Nitsa Citrine’s Mother and Grandmother to the podcast. Heather and Anna share their life journey and evolutions, Christensen family traditions, intuitive connection to nature and enthusiasm for holistic living, all of which they have passed down to Nitsa. Anna May Christensen is a grounded and wise mother, grandmother, Master...