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Do you ever feel like you have this nagging voice that tells you that you are not enough or that there isn't enough in the world today? Well, you are not alone. I wanted to create a podcast that explores this very idea of fear and scarcity. It dominates our lives, yet rarely is talked about. It is a lens that convinces us that we are all alone, cut off, separate from everyone and everything. When just the opposite is true. My hope is that this podcast will be a heartfelt, honest, and playful exploration of what it means to be truly human and all of who we are. We'll explore topics such as vulnerability, shame, self-expression, and a whole lot more. But most of all, we'll do it together. Subscribe today, and enjoy!


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Do you ever feel like you have this nagging voice that tells you that you are not enough or that there isn't enough in the world today? Well, you are not alone. I wanted to create a podcast that explores this very idea of fear and scarcity. It dominates our lives, yet rarely is talked about. It is a lens that convinces us that we are all alone, cut off, separate from everyone and everything. When just the opposite is true. My hope is that this podcast will be a heartfelt, honest, and playful exploration of what it means to be truly human and all of who we are. We'll explore topics such as vulnerability, shame, self-expression, and a whole lot more. But most of all, we'll do it together. Subscribe today, and enjoy!




Magic and Mysticism

#022 - Today's episode is a conversation with Dr. Justin Sledge as we discuss everything from magic to mysticism and the mystery of the Great Unknown. We touch briefly on Hildegard Von Bingen as well as the the role that unexplainable, inner experiences play in every day life. Dr. Sledge was born and raised in a proud working-class Mississippi family. He learned the fundamental value of labor from his father who was a pipe-fitter and the crucial importance of un-waged labor from his mother. A first generation college student, he earned his undergraduate degree at Millsaps College then went for a DRS in religious studies (Western Esotericism and Related Currents) at the Universiteit van Amsterdam and a MA and PhD in philosophy at the University of Memphis. He is currently a part-time professor of philosophy and religion at several institutions in the Metro-Detroit area and a popular local educator. Dr. Sledge’s work engages with Religious Studies specifically in the so-called “Western Esoteric Tradition” or Hermetic Tradition in religious and philosophical thought. In this line of research he seeks to grasps the philosophical commitments which underpin the alleged workings of magic, esoteric influence, spirit possession, alchemy, etc. This field of inquiry brings him primarily into contact with philosophers and intellectuals regrettably disregarded by the modern philosophic canon. Be sure to check out his Esoterica YouTube channel at: ​


Friday Night Live

#021 - All of us have this inner playfulness or creativity that we often hesitate sharing with the world out of fear that it won't be good enough or that we're the only ones that love being goofy and fun when no one is watching. What if that gift is something you are destined to share with the world? We often have this fear of being seen for the very things that bring us the most joy. We hide our light deep in our shadow because someone or something along the way told us that is what we are supposed to do, when we in reality we all know that isn't true. On this week's episode, I'm branching out into creating a second channel for my "Inner J." That's a word I like to use to give myself permission to be both reflective and playful all at the same time. Whatever phrase you use for yourself, you have that in you, too, and it's time to let it shine! These artificial divides we've created both in our internal and external worlds are what is perpetuating this idea of suffering. Life may not be easy and may be filled with a lot of different waves, but we ultimately have a purpose on this planet whether we believe it or not. I invite you deeper into my own journey and my hope is that it inspires you to do the same. Shine!



#020 - Our imagination and creativity is a funny thing. It's hard to explain where it comes from or when we find ourselves in that state of "flow", but we all know what it's like to be there. Often times we will give ourselves permission to play and then pull back because we're scared it might not be good enough or afraid of putting it out there into the world. On this week's episode, I share a bit more about my own journey in this process, witnessing the self-doubt, and how much encouragement we can receive from others when we're willing to take that next small step of whatever that may be in each of our lives. The best part of it all is that we can have fun in the process! Enjoy and feel free to follow this show on Instagram @scarcitycomplex if you're not already doing so as we hope to post more content soon.


Walking the Labyrinth

#019 - Spring is here and often is a nice change from the colder season of winter where we tend to conserve our energy and try to stay warm! For many of us, it's a chance to get outside more and spend time in nature. It's also Easter weekend which is celebrated worldwide from eggs and a hopping bunny to meditating on the reality of death and rebirth. I decided to do something a little unusual for this podcast, as I journeyed to San Francisco to spend some time at Grace Cathedral, a beautiful, integrated church in the heart of the city. One of the many things I appreciate about this church is that there are two separate labyrinths. One inside the Cathedral and another that is outdoors, open to anyone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A labyrinth is often a metaphor for the journey of the soul. There are no wrong turns as you walk along the path. On this short episode, I share some reflections on surrender and what it means to know that we never truly are walking this road alone. Happy Easter!


Step By Step

#018 - Recovering who we really are can often be a metaphor for the journey of the soul. Faith traditions might call it enlightenment, self realization or salvation. Psychologists might call it the work of individuation or integration. No matter the language or words we use to describe it, it is ultimately about a series of small steps. We so often fail to realize the courage it takes for us to keep moving forward even when we are faced with insurmountable obstacles or paralyzed by our own fear. On today's podcast, we'll be speaking with my good friend Monique. She is a wellbeing coach from Northern California, working with clients to recover their true nature, access greater self-awareness, and live their best possible life. On this episode, Monique shares about her journey of recovery which involves the 12-steps in combination with yoga, meditation, and lots of time in nature. Our discussion just scratches the surface, but will hopefully encourage any listener curious about having more ease in their life to take the best next step.


Union of Opposites

#017 - Life is hard and being human isn't always a joy ride. It is often times filled with suffering, not having the answers, and wondering if there is a purpose in what often times feels like a world filled with pain and disorder. On today's show, I speak again with my good friend Rick Borutta who works for the C.G. Jung Institute in San Francisco, California. We take a look at the story of Job, an often referenced character from the Old Testament, yet a journey that many of us don't quite understand. We weave it together exploring the world of Jung, embracing both the light and the dark, while even revisiting the real Jesus. Join us on an honest exploration of what does it mean to sit and be with our pain and suffering while trying to find the treasure deep within.


Finding Balance in a Chaotic World

#016 - It’s hard not to feel the chaos that makes us believe our world is spinning out of control. Often times we feel powerless to do anything about it because the problems appear to be so overwhelming. On today's show, we'll ask the question, “What does it look like to find peace in the eye of the storm?” We’ll explore a range of topics including the masculine/feminine, our view of God and integrating it with the work of C.G. Jung.


The Garden of the Mind

#015 - Thoughts. We all got them. And LOTS of them! All of us have a flurry of chatter or activity that flutters through our mind each and every day, yet often times we are only conscious of even a small number of them. There is no shortage of both self-help and spiritual traditions that teach us that we are not our thoughts, yet not attaching to them is a whole other matter. On today's show we will explore a bit more the complexity of who we are and all of the different factors that can make up the "garden of our mind". There are no easy answers like most of life, but hopefully today's show will open up the door to a gentle exploration of it all.


Finding the Gold In Your Wound

#014 - All of us carry hurt and pain. Experiences that often times leave us feeling vulnerable and afraid. Whether it is through conditioning or our culture, we are told that the way through that suffering is by holding it all in. Which leads to living in a reality that isn't real at all, but a fragment of the way we were meant be both in relationship to ourselves and the world. In this week's episode, I spoke with artist Daniel Leighton as he shares openly about his own trauma and the importance of finding ways to give voice to that which we are feeling deep inside. And that through this process, we often times will find our greatest path forward in our own healing. About Daniel Leighton: Daniel Leighton paints and captures complicated states of the human psyche with simple lines and brilliant colors. He is exploring the possibilities of technology and human emotion being harnessed for the greater good. He calls attention to the inner landscape of emotions and advocates the importance of feelings. His work promotes communication and deepens conversation. Leighton adds Augmented Reality (AR) to his paintings by combining his backgrounds in filmmaking and computer programming. Using the Daniel Leighton Art + AR app, viewers can experience additional dimensions of Daniel's AR-enhanced paintings. Daniel's work has been featured by Timothy Potts, Director of the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, Victoria and Albert Museum and Gazelli Art House in London, the LA Center for Digital Art (LACDA), Technarte, the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art (SLOMA) and many other venues. His latest project is Holey People (that's Holey spelled H-O-L-E-Y) an NFT Collection which had its public drop on December 23rd. Daniel's next IRL show is going to be in Paris, France in May of 2022.


Life in the Body: From the Head to the Heart

#013 - It's hard to say how or when we begin to disconnect from our bodies, but no doubt it is an epidemic that millions of people suffer from. Often times we are not even aware it has happened until we begin to experience physical or emotional pain. Perhaps this is more of a Western phenomenon or the result of living in a technological age, but we are often taught that logic, thinking, and science reign supreme. When in reality, all of us have a deeper intuition and inner knowledge that is already dwelling within. On this week's episode, I spoke with one of my best friends, Brendan Miller, about his journey of reconnecting with his own body and what it means to live more deeply from the heart. We explored a wide variety of topics from movement, dance, self-compassion, and a whole lot more. About Brendan: When he's not dancing or drumming, he is the Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer of 2Gather, a plan for a trustworthy and democratic new digital commons. You can read more about the project here: He lives happily with his wife in wild and free Venice Beach, CA.


Grace and Truth

#012 - Much of life is learning how to dance. We are in relationship to almost everything and everyone in ways we often might not see or understand at the time. This includes our relationship with Grace and Truth. The need to extend compassion and kindness while also being honest with ourselves and others isn't always an easy thing to practice. And yes, we often get it terribly "wrong". But what if the magic of life doesn't come from leaning more toward one side or the other, but drinking deeply from both at the same time? We'll explore that and much more on today's episode.


Change: Unlocking Your Potential

#011 - It's easy to feel stuck anytime in life, especially when circumstances may feel or appear to be overwhelming. Often times creating lasting change is far easier than we make it out to be. On this week's episode, we spoke with Nicole Gardiner, a Life Strategist who has worked with some of the top coaches throughout the world. She has coached hundreds of clients over the past few years. She'll share with us more how changing our state of both mind and body is often one of the simplest ways to unlock our potential and build new and lasting habits. For more information about Coach Nik, please visit her website at:


Hope: Resilience in Difficult Times

#010 - Have you ever wondered if it's okay to hope? We often think of it as wishing for something to go our way, but that's not the truest definition of what hope really is. This week we spoke with Dr. Julia Mossbridge and Dr. Michael Sapiro on this subject of resilience and what does it mean to know that we are okay even when everything around us may not seem like it. We cover a wide range of topics from how we can process and heal from our own trauma and what role unconditional love plays in the process. Learning to show ourselves kindness and strength from our "future self" is one of the many ways we can play with space and time to remind us of who we really are. About Our Guests: Dr. Julia Mossbridge is is a fellow at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, an associated professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies, and the Executive Director of the nonprofit TILT: The Institute for Love and Time. She is best known for her research in mental and physical time travel, artificial intelligence, and consciousness. She has rigorously researched a wide range of fascinating phenomena, including precognition, future orientation, unconditional love, and how sound influences mood and cognition. Additionally, Mossbridge has explored models for personal transformation and self-transcendence. Dr. Michael Sapiro is a clinical psychologist, Dharma teacher, writer, meditation researcher, and former Buddhist monk. He is on faculty at Esalen Institute, is a Fellow at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and is completing a study on time travel, hope, and love with Dr. Julia Mossbridge of The Institute for Love and Time. Dr. Sapiro is often on podcasts, and teaches nationally on the art and science of transformation, expanded human capabilities, self-care, and nondual meditation for personal and community growth. His work integrates meditation practices, psychology, noetic sciences, and social justice, and is dedicated to personal awakening for the sake of collective and planetary transformation. He can be found at


The Art of Possibility: What If?

#009 - We are often conditioned to believe that there aren't choices or that there is only one "right" answer. This kind of thinking often locks us into seeing limitation and lack instead of a future full of infinite possibility. On this episode, we spoke with Cassandra Vieten, who is the Scholar in Residence at the Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination. We covered a wide range of topics from how do science and faith coexist to the waves of change rippling through our world today. Join us on this week's episode as we expand our own capacity to dream in imagining a world of what is truly possible as we ask the question, "What if?"


Doubt: The Gateway to Belief

#008 - All of us have seeds of doubt that many times we are not even aware of. Doubt is often viewed as a defect or something we shouldn't have, even though all of us experience it on a daily basis. What if there was actually a purpose to it? On this week's episode, we'll unpack a bit more how doubt can actually point us to a deeper and more grounded place of belief even when life and circumstances might tell us otherwise.


Vulnerability: Seeing and Being Seen

#007 - Everyone wants connection. Yet it's the very thing that can seem elusive in a world where we are more "connected" than ever. On this week's podcast, we're exploring the topic of vulnerability. Of what does it mean to really allow others to see more of who we are and inviting others in. It's both exhilarating and terrifying. Yet somehow, deep down, we all know that this is what we were created for. Often times the places that most scare us are the very pathways that lead us to a greater growth and a deeper love. Join us as we explore this and many other themes on this week's podcast. You'll even meet Trent the Influencer, who has quite a bit to say about the topic of vulnerability himself.


Grief: Living With Loss

#006 - Loss is something that we often times encounter on an every day basis. It's easy for us to give ourselves and others permission to grieve the "big things" like the death of a friend or a family member. But grief comes in all shapes and sizes. On this week's podcast we spoke with Dr. Michael Vogel, a PhD licensed psychotherapist, about all the different ways that grief shows up in our lives and the importance of honoring what it can teach us. How the loss of a dream, a belief, and even a relationship can open us up to something so much more if we are willing to embrace it.


Death and Rebirth: Bridging the Gap

#005 - The topic of death isn't something we're always comfortable talking about. Like many things in life, it's easy to push it aside and even deny its existence. But perhaps there is a strange freedom, that the more we grow in accepting our own mortality, the more we are able to be all of who we really are. Not to mention learning to be present with those we care for. On this week's podcast, we'll be speaking with Ziri Rideaux, who is a certified death midwife, and started one of the first alternative funeral homes in the U.S. Her work is to help people deal with the awkwardness of death as well as helping loved ones find meaning from what the world often considers "the end". For more information about Ziri, you can visit her here:


The Inner Life: Opening New Spaces

#004 - What if you weren’t just one thing? That you are a multi-dimensional human being filled with many different parts that make up the whole of who you are. C.G. Jung called these archetypes. On today’s podcast, we’re talking with Rick Borutta who is the Public Programs Manager of the C.G. Jung Institute in San Francisco. We’ll hear a little bit about Rick’s own journey and learn more about depth psychology, the shadow, synchronicity, and a whole lot more. To learn more about Rick please visit: For more information on the C.G. Jung Institute visit:


The Adventure: Stepping Into the Unknown

#003 - We often times think of an adventure as something that is outside of us, that we have to do all by ourselves. If we do muster up the courage, we frequently get bogged down trying to get it "right" which leads to giving up or not taking that first step at all. What if there's an alternative? An adventure that is waiting for each of us that we not only don't have to do alone, but that can actually be a whole lot of fun in the process. Join us as we explore this and much more on this week's episode. And a special thanks to this week's guest voiceover artist Kim Reiko. To learn more about Kim visit: