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Howard Thurman wrote “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” Coming ALIVE. That, my friends, is what Self Discovery is all about.

Howard Thurman wrote “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” Coming ALIVE. That, my friends, is what Self Discovery is all about.


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Howard Thurman wrote “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” Coming ALIVE. That, my friends, is what Self Discovery is all about.




How to get grounded in your personal power

Where does your power come from? YOU. So if we want to live powerfully, we have to plug into a power source so to speak. Today’s episode riffs on: Where I’m personally at with feeling in/out of my power We are so powerful, friends, and our lives are ours to make. PRODUCTS MENTIONED... RYZE SUPERFOOD MUSHROOM COFFEE: and use Code: JACLYN at checkout for 15% off INBLOOM: and use code: JACLYNSTEELE10OFF for a 10% discount BOOK...


Taking swift action, Botox, & all things skin with master aesthetician, Tunde Nessan

If you like no-nonsense talk about all things beauty, then you will love this conversation with master aesthetician and owner of Nourish Skin Studio, Tunde Nessan. We chat personal power, moving from Canada to the US, clean skincare, added fragrance, Botox, filler, skin microbiome, and some of our all time favorite clean beauty brands and products. CONNECT WITH TUNDE NESSAN: Website: Instagram: PRODUCTS...


How to stop outsourcing your personal power

You are an infinitely powerful human. In today's world though, we have been conditioned to believe that we are not infinitely powerful. Today's episode debunks this myth and lays out 3 simple ways that you can start taking your power back TODAY. BOOK MENTIONED: Conversations with God by Neal Donald Walsh PRODUCTS MENTIONED... PARKER CLAY: and use Code: PC-JACLYNS20 for 20% off CONNECT WITH JACLYN: + Website: + Instagram: @jaclynsteele +...


What frequencies do you live in on the daily?

Sum: Everything has a frequency - a level on which it vibrates. Including us. We are made of energy frequencies and we are surrounded by frequencies. That begs the question though: are we operating on a high or low frequency on the daily? And what about the frequencies we allow into our lives? Are they lifting us up or dragging us down? Today's episode is an invitation to reflect on what kind of frequency you are operating at now, and what you could potentially do to operate at a higher...


How to inject JOY into your surroundings

Sum: We all feel stagnant sometimes, or frustrated, or apathetic, or angry, or sad, or anxious... but can our outside surroundings really change our inside feelings? ABSOLUTELY. We can choose to inject joy into our surroundings every. single. day. And this episode is all about how to do just that. PRODUCTS MENTIONED... LIVING LIBATIONS: and use Code: JACLYN12 for 12% off CONNECT WITH JACLYN: + Website: + Instagram: @jaclynsteele + Youtube:...


Style your space with intention (even if you're on a tight budget)

Your space can completely change the way you feel. And in today's episode I'm chatting all sorts of creative ways to design a space you LOVE even if you're on a tight budget. PRODUCTS MENTIONED... LIVING LIBATIONS: and use Code: JACLYN12 for 12% off RITUAL VITAMINS: and use code: JACLYNSTEELE for 10% off your first 3 months CONNECT WITH JACLYN: + Website: + Instagram: @jaclynsteele + Youtube: officialjaclynsteele + Facebook:...


Self-healing through style and surroundings

If you find yourself drawn to this podcast and this episode, it's for a reason. While this podcast is all about the importance of a having a high level of self-worth, this episode, specifically, is a catalyst for creating alignment between your insides and your outsides. - Meaning, creating a feeling of cohesion between how you feel, how you look, and how you live. PRODUCTS MENTIONED... RITUAL VITAMINS: and use code: JACLYNSTEELE for 10% off your first 3...


Elevate your self-image through these simple modalities you can implement today

A positive, high vibe self-image is clutch for a healthy level of self-worth, and so far this month, we've chatted a lot about how to elevate self-image from the inside out. Today though, we are going to chat on elevating your self worth from the outside in - through movement, style, and surroundings. PRODUCTS MENTIONED... PARKER CLAY: and use Code: PC-JACLYNS20 for 20% off EVERLANE: CONNECT WITH JACLYN: + Website:...


Why self-forgiveness will transform your self-image

When we talk about having a healthy self-image and what a vital component it is in relation to self-worth, we cannot fail to address self-forgiveness. We are never going to feel worthy if we are carrying shame. We are never going to have a healthy self-image if we are crippled with guilt. We have to learn to let that shit go, or we will carry it consciously and subconsciously for the rest of our lives. For me, that resulted in an autoimmune disease. For some it manifests as physical weight....


Rewrite the limiting beliefs around how you see yourself

The theme this month is self-image, and I would be remiss if I didn't address the importance of recognizing limiting beliefs AND our power to rewrite them. We are incredibly powerful. Our thoughts have a huge part in dictating our reality and our belief system about ourselves plays a big part in determining how we show up in the world. You are limitless and you have FULL permission to start acting like it. BOOKS MENTIONED: You are a Badass by Jen Sincero You are a Badass at Making Money...


Life Update: Roman's birth story & my postpartum experience so far...

In this special episode of the podcast, I share my labor story and how Roman came into the world, my postpartum experience so far, and a few pieces of advice that I wish someone had shared with me prior to giving birth. A couple of notes: + my birth story is traumatic, that does not mean yours will be. I hope yours is absolutely beautiful. I'm sharing mine because some of you have asked and I want to be transparent. + no matter your birth experience, the end result is worth it. My son is...


Why your self-image determines your trajectory in life

Let's be real. How many of us focus on regularly elevating the thoughts we have about ourselves? Or on how we speak to ourselves about our bodies? Our careers? Our families? Our self-image is a key component to how we show up in the world and it is a key component in our level our self-worth. I would go as far as to say, our self-image determines our trajectory in life. And here's why... PRODUCTS MENTIONED..... THE GOLDEN SECRETS: and use code: JACLYN10...


Using the Akashic Records as a portal to high self-worth

Self-worth, my friends, is an inside job, however, we don't have to go at it alone. We can call in support from friends, family, and even the divine. It is my firm belief that if we step into who we really are, own it fully, and act out of the space, our soul purpose in this lifetime will be fulfilled. EPISODE 99: BOOK MENTIONED: How to Read the Akashic Records - Accessing the Archive of the Soul and...


Self-worth through the portal of scent with ASCENTION founder, Greta Fitz

Greta has over two decades of experience growing brands at Coty, Shiseido, L'Oréal, and disrupted the fragrance industry with the creation of Clean Reserve in 2016. She’s united her extensive clean beauty expertise, alongside her own wellness journey, to create a whole new beauty category that she calls “Wellness Fragrance.” Following a serious health-scare, Greta realized the visceral power of scent and how it’s directly tied to emotions. She used aromatherapy principles in her own...


The link between movement & self-worth

We don't need to beat ourselves into exercise submission. We can invite ourselves into movement liberation. Not only will it physically make us look great, but energetically it will shift us into a positive frequency, mentally it will help us relieve stress and anxiety, and spiritually, it will enforce the truth that our bodies are worth honoring. Your beautiful body is worth honoring. Your self-worth is worth elevating. And movement is a bridge to do both. PRODUCTS MENTIONED.... RITUAL...


Confidence is an inside job (don't outsource your worth)

Beautiful listeners, how many times have you heard the phrase "confidence is key?" I know I've heard it more times than I can count. Now, how many times have you heard the phrase "fake it 'till you make it?" I would venture to say you've probably heard this phrase more times than you can recall, as well. From the outside, there is nothing wrong with these sayings. Confidence is key. It plays a huge role in how we show up in the world. And sometimes we do have to fake it until we make it -...


Self-worth, self-care, & skincare with founder, Jesse Golden, of the Golden Secrets

Jesse Golden is a devoted mother, holistic health practitioner, Hatha yoga teacher, author, model, and founder of the holistic skincare line, The Golden Secrets. Since she was a child, she has always gravitated towards mother nature, spirituality, and holistic healing - searching and striving for authentic, alternative ways to live. In today's episode, we chat self-worth, holistic health, autoimmune disease, incorporating more sacred rituals into our daily routines, and Jesse's INCREDIBLE...


Self-worth, style, surroundings, self-image, & spirituality: a new look at Season 3

Beautiful listeners, welcome to SEASON 3 of this podcast! We are undergoing some pretty stellar changes in 2022 and this episode highlights those changes - some of which are: + a name change + a super deep focus on self-worth, style, surroundings, self-image, and spirituality + a theme of the month + a class of the month + my intentions underlying every piece of everything I put into this podcast for you Cheers to a new year and an even higher vibrational level of this...


Own Your Worth in 2022!

Are you tired of traditional goal setting? Yeah, me too, so this year, we are soul setting. And in this episode, I'm breaking down how I'm approaching 2022 and hoping that it will inject some LOVE and self-worth into the way you approach the upcoming year. In this episode, I chat: Align & Own 2022 Class Invite: HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY ENTRY INSTRUCTIONS: — In celebration of the 100th episode of the Self Discovery...


Why the Akashic Records have the power to transform your life

What if I told you that you could have access to The Book of Life? That you could interact with a resource from another dimension that holds the vibrational record of every soul that has ever existed and will ever exist - including yours? And what if I told you that you could actively ask this resource questions about your life and receive answers specific to your soul? Well you can. This resource is called the Akashic Records. And in this episode, I'm sharing what the Records are, why they...