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Each week comedian, filmmaker and self-help obsessive Jeff Grace has in-depth conversations with the most interesting minds in self improvement, entertainment, politics, business, music, sports and more.

Each week comedian, filmmaker and self-help obsessive Jeff Grace has in-depth conversations with the most interesting minds in self improvement, entertainment, politics, business, music, sports and more.
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Each week comedian, filmmaker and self-help obsessive Jeff Grace has in-depth conversations with the most interesting minds in self improvement, entertainment, politics, business, music, sports and more.








#46: Today's iPhone 11 Apple Event w/ Tyler Schnabel (aka "The Apple Addict")

Jeff & Tyler record first impressions right after the September 10th Apple Keynote that launched the new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, The New iPad, Apple Watch Series 5, and pricing info about Apple TV+ and Arcade (hint: $4.99). We chat about missing rumored products and features: Two-way charging, Sleep Tracking, Apple "Tile" competitor, Macbook 16", and an Apple Services "Bundle." Lastly, they chat about the surprisingly impressive Apple Card, the might just be the best "points" credit card...


#45: Jeff Grace about His First TV Gig w/ Jon Hamm, His First Job in Advertising, Cults, and Email Hell (Interview from "My Instruction Manual")

This is an interview with Jeff from "My Instruction Manual" by Keith McArthur. Keith gets Jeff to open up about his first acting gig on Mad Men with Jon Hamm, being forced to take Franklin Covey organization classes at his first job in advertising, his goals for Self Obsessed, his obsession with finding the perfect email system, and the "culty" side of self help. Jeff Grace @jeffgrace Twitter @jeffgrace Instagram Keith McArthur @keithmcarthur TwitterMyInstructionManual.comWinning...


#44: James Hamblin M.D. of The Atlantic on The Gut Biome & Current Diet Trends

Jeff chats with staff writer for The Atlantic and Preventative Medicine M.D., James Hamblin, about his recent articles about Probiotics, The Gut Biome, and recent trends in diet including, Intermittent Fasting, Keto, Veganism, and "eating apples from the top down." Jeff Grace @jeffgrace (Twitter@jeffgrace (Instagram) James Hamblin @jameshamblinThe AtlanticThe Atlantic Article "The Best Probiotics" If Our Bodies Could Talk (Book) If Our Bodies Could Talk (Video Series) Intro Song "Bop Didi...


#43: Jeroen Kraaijenbrink of Forbes on Why Self-Help Books Don't Work

Jeroen Kraaijenbrink of Forbes talks about his article "Why Self Help Books Don't Work (And How To Nevertheless Benefit From Them)" and his new "meta self help book" on how to keep social media and information overload from making you "go bananas." Jeff Grace @jeffgrace (Twitter@jeffgrace (Instagram) Jeroen Kraaijenbrink @JKraaijenbrink(Twitter)LinkedInForbes Article "Why Self Help Books Don't Work"Going Bananas (Book) Intro Song "Bop Didi Boom" by Michael Sempert |...


#42: Kristin Wong of The New York Times on Negotiating Higher Pay

Kristin Wong of The New York Times is back to chat with Jeff about how to negotiate a higher salary whether you are starting at a new company, working freelance, or feel overdue for a raise at your current job. They discuss "anchoring", debate "who should put forth the first number", and why you could lose $500K over a lifetime by not actively negotiating for a higher salary. Jeff Grace @jeffgrace (Twitter@jeffgrace (Instagram) Kristin Wong @TheWildWong (Twitter)@TheWildWong...


#41: Artist/Filmmaker Bret Roberts on how an intervention changed his life

This week Jeff speaks with filmmaker turned visual artist, Bret Roberts about how a sobriety intervention changed the course of his life over eight years ago. He has since taken up painting and is now a globally recognized artist. Brett and Jeff go way back and talk about how they met in college, how they have maintained a friendship over a series of freakish chance encounters, and how alcohol almost destroyed the biggest break of Bret's acting career. Jeff Grace @jeffgrace...


#40: Stacy Anderson of KENT on Launching Brands on Kickstarter, Sustainable Fashion, and Entrepreneurialism

This week Jeff chats with KENT founder Stacy Anderson on launching brands on Kickstarter, sustainable fashion, and best practices to being a successful entrepreneur. Jeff Grace @jeffgrace (Twitter@jeffgrace (Instagram) Stacy Anderson Annual Brief Kickstarter (ends July 3rd)@KENTwoman Mentioned in This Episode The Annual Brief KickstarterWeFirst Sustainable BrandingBearaby Weighted Blankets Music by Michael Sempert | Michael Sempert on Spotify


#39: Nick Douglas of Lifehacker on Email Mastery & The Tasks You're Doing in the Wrong Order

This week I'm joined by Nick Douglas of Lifehacker to talk about his article "The Tasks You're Doing in the Wrong Order", mastering Email overload, Reddit, and why you should read less (bad) books. Jeff Grace @jeffgrace (Twitter@jeffgrace (Instagram) Nick Douglas Bradley @toomuchnick (Twitter) Mentioned in this Episode Lifehacker: The Tasks You're Doing in the Wrong OrderEmail ToolsMailstromChuckBoomerangSaneBox Music by Michael Sempert | Michael Sempert on Spotify


#38: Paul Duddridge (2 of 2) Election 2020, Trump, & HyperNormalisation

I'm back with Paul Duddridge, who’s current podcast, Election 2020: Meet The Candidates, is his attempt as a Brit, to interview all 500+ candidates running for president in 2020. Paul is a rare Trump advocate living in Los Angeles, and we have a lively discussion about the positives he sees in Trump and how his growing up on welfare in the UK makes him concerned about the perceived rise of socialism in the United States. Jeff Grace (Host) @jeffgrace (Twitter)@jeffgrace (Instagram) Paul...


#37: Buzzfeed’s Jane Bradley on Investigating the Tony Robbins Sexual Misconduct Accusations

Jeff speaks with BuzzFeed journalist Jane Bradley, who wrote the year-long investigative story "Unlimited Power" about the sexual misconduct accusations against the world’s most famous self-help personality, Tony Robbins. The two-part series details allegations of sexual misconduct in the late 1990s and early 2000s by former employees and seminar attendees. Jeff and Jane discuss the nuances of the accusations, Robbin’s response to date, guru culture, the current state of the #metoo movement,...


#36: Apple WWDC w/ Tyler Schnabel: iPad OS, Mac Pro, ARM/Catalyst Future, More!

Dig in all things Apple productivity as Jeff and Tyler geek out about Apple WWDC 2019. They discuss how the new iPad OS will make the iPad the productivity laptop of the very near future. Also, they talk about the return to a "cheese-grater" Mac Pro, Jeff's theory that Catalyst/Marzipan is a trojan horse for Apple to move to ARM laptop chips, disappointing iPhone home screen stagnation, Darkmode, Apple Pencil and more! Jeff Grace @jeffgrace Twitter@jeffgrace Instagram Tyler...


#35: Paul Duddridge (1 of 2) on "Being Yourself", Managing Comedians, and Trump

This week Jeff chats with Writer/Director/Producer and former UK talent agent, Paul Duddridge, who was Jeff's first mentor upon moving to Los Angeles. Paul eventually directed Jeff's first stand-up special Jeff Grace: Live In Los Angeles and was instrumental in convincing him to direct his first feature film. Paul talks about growing up on the UK welfare system, his rise to being one of the top talent agents in London, and why he quit the talent management business to start over again in...


#34: Kyle Martin on "Ballistic Missile Threat Inbound to Hawaii" and radical life changes

Jeff talks with TV/Film editor and longtime friend Kyle Martin about his mysterious life reboot, Burning Man, moving to Hawaii to live in a tent, and how "surviving" a false nuclear missile launch changes a man's perspective on life. Jeff Grace (Host) @jeffgrace (Twitter)@jeffgrace (Instagram) Kyle Martin (Guest) Instagram - @virtual_kyle Mentioned in this Episode Washington Post Article "BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII"Erhart TolleBrene Brown Ted Talk on...


#33: Sarah Charmoli on "Breathwork"

Sarah Charmoli is the Director of Operations of Effiji Breath, a breathwork training center founded by Elijah Nisenboim with workshops being held all over the country. Jeff chats with her about "The Iceman" Wim Hof, alternative healing, and the key differences between meditation and breathwork. Jeff Grace (Host) @jeffgrace (Twitter)@jeffgrace (Instagram) Sarah Charmoli (Guest) @webreathetogetfree Mentioned in this Episode www.effijibreath.comElijah NisenboimWim Hoff (aka "The Iceman")...


#32: Ariel Garten on the Muse neurofeedback EEG headband

Ariel Garten is the founder of InteraXon, the creators of the first consumer neurofeedback EEG device, Muse. Jeff, a long time user of Muse, chat's with her about EEG guided meditation, neurofeedback ADD treatments, the future of machine-to-brain interfaces, and her favorite brain supplements. **Special Self Obsessed 15% discount link on the Muse headband ---------> Jeff Grace (Host) @jeffgrace (Twitter)@jeffgrace (Instagram) Ariel Garten...


#31: Hazart on The Intellectual Dark Web

Jeff and Matt/Kyle of Hazart discuss how Youtube and podcasting are fueling a long-form intellectual revolution called The Intellectual Dark Web. If you have recently started hearing names like Sam Harris, Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan, The Young Turks, ContraPoints or Ben Shapiro, then you might already know about The IDW. We discuss key players and terms of The IDW such as "straw manning", "virtue signaling", "identity politics", "college deplatforming" and more. Jeff Grace...


#30: Bassoonist Nate Hale on his high-pressure audition for the L.A. Philharmonic, "Vibrato", and Beta Blockers

Nate Hale is one of the world's top orchestral bassoonists. We originally met during my podcast with director Marc Webb as he was in town auditioning for the Los Angeles Philharmonic. We caught up recently to talk about the incredibly high stress audition process for the top symphony orchestras, the widespread use of Beta-Blockers by orchestral musicians, his path to being one of the world's top bassoonist, and his love of telling stories within a symphony orchestra. Jeff Grace...


#29: Will Apple "services" make us less productive? Guest Tyler Schnabel ("The Apple Addict")

Following this week's 3/25 Apple Event, Jeff and Tyler debate if Apple's shift into "services" is good for consumer productivity and pocketbooks. They also talk about their mixed opinions about the new iPad Mini, iPad Air, Airpods, Apple Credit Card, Apple News, Apple Arcade, and the murky direction of Apple's TV strategy. Lastly, Jeff talks about the tormented love he has for his new iPad Pro as an "almost laptop replacement." Jeff Grace @jeffgrace Twitter@jeffgrace Instagram Tyler...


#28: Linas Phillips on Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, Werner Herzog and his two-year journey of self discovery

Jeff chats with actor/writer/director Linas Phillips (Rainbow Time, Twin Peaks, Eastbound & Down) about his recent two-year journey out of depression through the works of Byron Katie ("The Work) and Eckhart Tolle ("The Power of Now"). Along the way, we talk about advice he received from Jay Duplass, going to the movies with Werner Herzog, and the power of Oprah. Jeff Grace @jeffgrace (Twitter) @jeffgrace (IG) Linas Phillips @LinasPhillips (Twitter)@linasphillips (IG) Mentioned in this...


#27: Rob Healy on "brain hacking" with smart drugs (nootropics)

Jeff chats with the founder of Super Fun Productions, Rob Healy, about his passion to better understand the neuroscience behind various smart drugs (nootropics) that can improve memory, creativity, cognition, and can stave off age-related memory decline. We talk about the long term dangers of stimulants, the racetam class of drugs that are banned in the United States, and the "limitless" drug Modafinil. Jeff Grace (host) @jeffgrace (Twitter) @jeffgrace (Instagram) Rob Healy...