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Self Talk takes a conversational look at how we can show up in the world as our best selves. If you're on a journey to your true self, this is your next stop.

Self Talk takes a conversational look at how we can show up in the world as our best selves. If you're on a journey to your true self, this is your next stop.


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Self Talk takes a conversational look at how we can show up in the world as our best selves. If you're on a journey to your true self, this is your next stop.






Self Talk #76: INTERVIEW: Michelle Woods, Midlife Design Coach

Michelle Woods is a Midlife Design Coach and the owner of Woods Life Coaching. As a Midlife Design Coach, she helps women post 40 stuck in midlife misery stop fantasizing about a life they wanted in the past and start living fulfilled today. In this episode, we talk about women's inherent strength and how we can overcome a limiting self-image in order to step into the life we want for ourselves. Full video: • Subscribe on YouTube,, or...


Self Talk #75 INTERVIEW: D. Neil Elliott, Professional Engineer and Spirituality Author

D. Neil Elliott is a professional engineer with an MBA and has worked in the electric utility industry for over 30 years. His book, A Higher Road, Cleanse Your Consciousness to Transcend the Ego and Ascend Spiritually, is the story of his path to enlightenment. In it, he shares a seven-step process that he followed to achieve inner peace, joy, love, abundance, and prosperity. His goal is to help others and bring this world into a new era of love and peace— which is precisely what we talk...


Self Talk #74: INTERVIEW: Carrie Pitzulo, Historian, Author, & Spiritual Educator

Carrie Pitzulo is the founder of Ancient Magic, Modern Living, a program of energetic, intuitive, and spiritual empowerment for women. She has a Ph.D. in American women’s history and is the author of Bachelors and Bunnies: The Sexual History of Playboy. She is currently working on a new book, Death is a Woman: Mystical Lessons on Life, Death, and Grief in a Dying World. In this episode, we talk about goddess worship as well as the very personal process of expressing our spirituality. More...


Self Talk #73: INTERVIEW: Dr. Hailey Steinhauser, Chiropractor & Wellness Coach

Dr. Hailey Steinhauser is a chiropractor and a wellness coach. She helps people get their health back on track using mind-body techniques, specifically. Powering up the nervous system, breaking old patterns that keep us in survival mode, and focusing on living in the present moment. In this episode, we talk about the constant interaction between our minds and bodies. We also take a closer look at ways to move through mental stuckness on the path to healing. Full video:...


Self Talk #72: INTERVIEW: Anthony Poponi, Neuroscience Nerd & Professional Speaker

Anthony Poponi is a self-titled "neuroscience nerd," positive psychology practitioner, and leadership lover. He is a professional speaker, a jokester from birth, and specializes in putting joy in our workplaces and in our communities through workshops and presentations that leave his audiences laughing and buzzing. In this episode, we discuss the neuroscience of happiness and contentment. Full video: Subscribe wherever you get podcasts More from...


Self Talk #71: INTERVIEW: Nita Sweeney: Author, Meditation leader, & Ultramarathoner

Nita Sweeney is the award-winning wellness author of the running and mental health memoir, Depression Hates a Moving Target: How Running with My Dog Brought Me Back from the Brink and co-creator of the writing journal, You Should Be Writing: A Journal of Inspiration & Instruction to Keep Your Pen Moving. She is a certified meditation leader, mental health advocate, ultramarathoner, and former assistant to writing practice originator Natalie Goldberg. Her upcoming book, Make Every Move a...


Self Talk #70: INTERVIEW: Anne Poirier, Intuitive Eating Counselor

Anne Poirier is the author of The Body Joyful: My Journey from Self-loathing to Self-acceptance, leader of the Body Joyful Revolution, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Self-Talk Trainer, and Eating Disorder Specialist. In this episode, we talk about body image—specifically moving from self-loathing to self-acceptance—and, of course, the power of supportive self-talk. More from Anne: Gift: A free e-book The Body Joyful at Website:...


Self Talk #69: INTERVIEW: Amber Campion, Trauma-informed Yoga Teacher

Amber Campion is a trauma-informed yoga teacher, breathwork facilitator, and mindfulness-based life and leadership mentor. For more than a decade, Amber’s work in the field of emotional intelligence, personal leadership, and self-discovery has led her to create embodied trainings, retreats, and online courses supporting wisdom-seekers to bring their Full Selves to the world. In this episode, Amber and I discuss what it means to be fully human. We address the concept that the fascia of the...


Self Talk #68: INTERVIEW: Lauren Fonvielle, Integrative Energy Practitioner

Lauren Fonvielle is an Integrative Energy Practitioner who helps her clients break through obstacles—physical, mental, or emotional—that are keeping them stuck and holding them back from living purposeful and joyful lives. In this episode, we talk about how literally to tap into our physical body to understand how it communicates with us. We also address the importance of moving through all our feelings with non-judgment in order to address old wounds. Full video:...


Self Talk #67: INTERVIEW: Ann Hince, Spiritual Teacher and Author

When Ann Hince was nineteen, she woke one morning to find her mother dead in her bathroom. Twenty years later, and still suffering from that trauma, Ann found a simple technique that helped her release these emotions that she calls Insight, or inward-sight. Now Ann is a spiritual teacher, public speaker, and author. Her book, A Pathway to Insight, details her journey and breaks down her Insight technique. In this episode, Ann and I talk about trauma—both personal and collective—and how to...


Self Talk #66: INTERVIEW: Leslie Lindsey Davis, Author and Humanitarian

Leslie Lindsey Davis's passion is to help people who are where she was 100 pounds ago, struggling to fill that "myself-sized" hole in their heart. Her goal is to help us discover that we are enough, just as we are. In this episode, Leslie and I talk about her book, You Can't Eat Love, as well as how stepping into "The No Should Zone, " helps us reframe unhelpful thoughts into helpful thoughts. Full Video: More from Leslie: Website:...


Self Talk #65: INTERVIEW: Morgana Rae, Money and Spirit Coach

If the universe bestows its gifts upon us for free, how can we as healers and creatives feel comfortable charging for our services? Morgana Rae is a bestselling author, speaker, and mentor coach for 27 years. Morgana guides entrepreneurs, innovators, healers, and humanitarians to heal the rift between heart, spirit, and money. In this episode. we discuss how to charge appropriately for our work. We'll also have the opportunity to be introduced to our own "Money Honey," who can help us...


Self Talk #64: INTERVIEW: Isaya Gabriel, Goddess Teacher and Mindset Coach

Isaya is an artist and a magico-pragmatic mindset coach, goddess teacher, and traveling priestess. She works with the Greek Goddesses Archetypes, in real life and online. In this episode, we discuss the Divine Feminine and how the four feminine archetypes (Maiden, Mother, Enchantress/Queen, and Crone) can help us—regardless of gender—shift our mindsets for deep and lasting change. We also delve into the experience of perimenopause/menopause, bringing their teachings into the light of...


Self Talk #63: Boundaries

Boundaries are a tricky subject for many of us. We all agree that healthy relationships require healthy boundaries, but what are they, really? How can we create them without feeling guilty? In this episode, I'll answer these questions and give you suggestions about how to create boundaries that work. More importantly, I address the biggest misconception about boundaries: that they are in place solely for our energetic protection. See the full video at:...


Self Talk #62: INTERVIEW: Jeremy Sherman, Scientific Researcher and Author

Jeremy Sherman is a longtime researcher, focusing on knowing ourselves better through what he calls cradle-to-grave scientific research. His area of research is broad: the origins of life, humans, and recently, "psychoproctology" in his book, What’s Up with A-holes: Advanced Psychoproctology for Beginners. He researches with top scientists while producing accessible podcasts, videos, books, and blog articles. In this episode, Jeremy and I go toe-to-toe on the subjects of love, God, the...


Self Talk #61: INTERVIEW: Kathy Curtis, Author & Grief Specialist

Kathy Curtis has worked as a healing artist and writer since 1991. Her programs support the transformation of grief, illness, and emotional barriers through creative expression. She is the author of Invisible Ink, a memoir about her own journey through grief. Its second edition will be released on January 1, 2022. In this episode, we speak about the latest edition of her book and related grief-writing workshops. We also dive deep into the healing nature of grief—how it opens us and helps us...


Self Talk #60: INTERVIEW: Molly Mandelberg, Heart-centered Leadership Coach & Nomad

Molly Mandelberg is the Founder of Wild Hearts Rise Up, Creator of “Magnetic Influencer Collective” and the writer and illustrator of "The Wild Hearts Rise Up Oracle Deck.” She is the host of two podcasts: “Tactical Magic” and “Reveal the Game of Life." Molly is a certified NLP Coach, an Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator, a Transformational Leadership Coach, and a full-time nomad. In this episode, we talk about her nomadic life—how the solitude it offers her informs the energy of her...


Self Talk #59: INTERVIEW: Nate Rifkin, Daoist Author & Spiritual Mentor

Nate Rifkin dropped out of college, felt suicidal, went broke, bankrupt, and even worked on the street corner waving around a sign. Now he’s successful, fulfilled, and happily married. His journey into Daoism made the difference. In this episode, we talk about his book, The Standing Meditation, and his journey out of darkness. Nate also shares with us how to shift unhealthy mindsets, the power of surrender, how to get out of our comfort zones. See the full video at:...


Self Talk #58: INTERVIEW: Shelley Buck and Kathy Curtis, Grief Authors

Shelley Buck and Kathy Curtis are life-long friends who came together to write Leave Your Light On: The Musical Mantra Left Behind by an Illuminating Spirit, a book about the loss of Shelley's young musician son, Ryder. In this important and poignant episode, we talk deeply and honestly about grief and grieving: More about my guests: Shelley Buck Shelley Buck was born into a creative family in the Midwest and moved to California after college to follow her dream of working for Disney. It...


Self Talk #57: INTERVIEW: Kirk Nurmi, Former Defense Attorney and Author

Kirk Nurmi rose to international prominence as the lead counsel for the infamous Jodi Arias. The stress of that case brought cancer into his life. And with cancer came big changes—a whole new life wherein happiness is his beacon. With this beacon in view, Kirk has written for the New York Daily News, authored eight books, has spoken all around the country, and in October of 2020, he debuted his new One-Man Show “Overcoming Jodi Arias.” In this episode, we talk about Kirk's journey to...