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Our core message is to empower & inspire others to connect with their innate healing capabilities & deep inner wisdom.


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Our core message is to empower & inspire others to connect with their innate healing capabilities & deep inner wisdom.




Getting to The Root of It

Maria & Samantha build off their previous episode (which briefly covered the main chakras, or energy centers within the body) & take a DEEPer dive INto the root chakra. The root chakra is the 1st major energy center that's located at the bottom of the tailbone–in the perineum for men & in the cervix for women. This chakra’s role is to connect all of your physical, bodily energy w/ the Earth itself. In other words, this chakra grounds you. It’s also linked to everything you need to survive....


Nurses Gone "Taboo"- from Mainstream Healthcare to Quantum Energy

In this 8th episode Maria & Samantha begin expanding awareness around the infinite power of energy and how it plays into our well-being. This information is taboo to the medical and pharmaceutical companies because … well, they would be out of business if people knew how to heal themselves. Samantha & Maria are compassionate disrupters of the matrix influence on our health. They believe we are ALL limitless beings and have the ability to connect to endless amounts of resources by becoming...


Give it a VOICE!

In their 7th episode, Samantha & Maria discuss the topic of grief & how it relates to our overall health (physical, mental & emotional), as well as the profound effects it has on how we show up in our day to day lives. As energy healers, Maria & Sam see a great deal of unresolved grief energies stuck in people's bodies. Maria recently became certified in a powerful modality called The Grief Recovery Method offered through the Grief Recovery Institute, which further expanded her inner &...


When the Soul Speaks, the Heart Opens & the Spirits Guide

In their sixth episode, Maria & Samantha share stories about connecting with their Spirit Guides, as well as offer tools & tips to help YOU connect with yours. Every human has an army of Guides (aspects of their own Higher Selves) subtly sending messages throughout their daily lives. To connect with this INtuitive guidance we have to work through quieting the programmed mind & feeling into the heart, allowing our awareness to expand. Connecting with our Spirit Guides requires TRUST, an...


Shadow-work is the LIGHT-work

Darkness....the unknown...we've ALL been conditioned to fear these aspects of the human journey. The egoic part of us just wants to keep us safe because it lives, thrives & survives IN fear. Our Spirit/Soul/Eternal Energy vibrates IN unconditional love & TRUSTS that which remains hidden to the human. In this episode Maria & Sam talk about their inner work journey & how it has allowed them to feel more connected to SPIRIT, as well as to their human experiences. The phrase shadow self, coined...


Self-Acceptance: We're not here for a 5-star Yelp Review!

Judgment, shame, guilt & regret- - we've all been there. All of these energies can weigh heavily on our own self-acceptance & feelings of worth. Maria & Samantha share personal experiences that have allowed them to shift into new layers of self-acceptance throughout their Spiritual journeys. In learning how to release resistance & judgement in their lives, they've been able to begin SEEing themselves (& the world) in a whole new LIGHT. Like so many of us, Samantha & Maria have never truly...


BElieve in YOU

Maria & Samantha discuss karma from an energetic perspective & how it relates to The Law of Attraction & manifestation. This episode exemplifies how the energies of LOVE & fear create our beliefs, which in turn manifest our external realities. By beginning to question our beliefs & where they came from, humanity can start shifting both their internal & external realities. The time is NOW, for the collective to recognize that we are creator beings & we have LIMITLESS potential to attract &...


Fear is the virus & LOVE is the Medicine

In this episode Maria & Samantha express their vibrational perspectives of the energies of love & fear & how they relate to feeling safe in our bodies. Who here can say they truly love themselves? Ask yourself that very powerful question, and notice what comes up for you. Fear is a tricky little ninja that wears many faces. The majority of humans confuse fear as love and love with fear, because of how we've all been socially conditioned & programmed to survive. Sam & Maria discuss these...


Nurses Breaking FREE

In this pilot episode we introduce who we are, what we're about & how we both awakened and began Branches of Vibrational Healing LLC. Check out our YouTube for more in depth conversations, for shares and channelled meditations to support your healing journey We are advocates for self love and empowerment & we are not meant to do this human journey alone, & certainly not feeling left out forever. Check out our services on...