Archived in 2019, Simple hosted conversations about living well and ignoring the rest. Look for author Tsh Oxenreider's new show, The Good List, wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts & at

Archived in 2019, Simple hosted conversations about living well and ignoring the rest. Look for author Tsh Oxenreider's new show, The Good List, wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts & at


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Archived in 2019, Simple hosted conversations about living well and ignoring the rest. Look for author Tsh Oxenreider's new show, The Good List, wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts & at






Bonus: You, at 5 and 85

Surprise! These people are the only ones that matter — and keeping this in mind will probably help you keep the right things, the right things. Plus, Tsh's friend Crystal hops on to share what idea is currently on her Good List. For show notes and a transcript of this episode, as well as to subscribe to the show, head to


The Good List: Trailer!

Tsh's new show launches in January 2020. Listen to the trailer and know right away when the first episode drops.


Thank You | 225

Ending this chapter is bittersweet, because we have all LOVED what we’ve created here at Simple, and yet there’s so much goodness to come. This show has existed in some iteration since 2011 — a LONG time in podcast years. It’s changed a lot, as has the podcast landscape, but Tsh has loved every minute of creating it. So… thank you. Truly. In this final episode, Tsh chats with her dear friend Katherine Willis Pershey about change, when to know it’s time to say goodbye to a good thing, and...


Our Holiday Good Lists | 224

Why not do what we’ve long loved here on this show? Tsh and Christine each share their current Good Lists, holiday-edition: a thing, a habit, a work of art, and an idea that’s both making their lives (and holidays) better right now. Related Posts: Make Both To-Do and To-Don't Holiday ListsA Glimpse Into a Slow & Sacred Christmas Day Links From This Episode: InstagramblogTwitterInstagramPadraig Cottage slippers"Chili's Menu, by Cormac McCarthy", by Justin TappUnearthing WonderAdorning the...


My Good List | 223

If you don’t yet know Shawn Smucker or his work, GET READY, because you should. He is one of my favorite modern writers, both as a human and as a creator of good work — our whole family loves his books. And like we do on this show every now and then, Shawn is sharing with us his Good List: a thing, a habit, a work of art, and a philosophy that’s making his life just a little bit better. Links From This Episode: Shawn's websiteInstagramTwitterInstagramTwitterLight From the Distant StarsOnce...


Bonus: An Announcement!

Tsh has a rather big announcement to make. And well, she’d be honored if you took a few minutes to hit play and hear what’s up. For more elaborate details, including a logo-rific walk down memory lane, head to the show notes here. Links From This Episode: TwitterInstagramThe Good List PodcasthereShadow + LightBooks & Crannies5 Quick Thingsclick heretranscript for this episode


Your Advent + Holiday Mindset | 222

It’s time once again for the holidays, so in this chat, Andrea shares some practical tips for staying sane during the holidays as an introvert — these ideas are great for both introverts and extraverts. And because Advent is coming soon, Tsh shares how her family celebrates it really, really simply (along with a fun announcement!). Related Posts: On AdventAn Introvert's Guide to Loving the Holiday Season Links From This Episode: InstagramwebsiteTwitterInstagramQuiet"Why You Should Find...


Marriage | 221

Crystal and Tsh are in different stages of their respective marriages, so in this chat, Crystal talks about things she didn’t know about marriage when she was younger — the things MANY of us don’t realize until we live through it in our marriages. And since Tsh and her husband recently celebrated their 17th anniversary, she shares some of the practicals of what’s working for them right now, specifically in regards to communication and having more fun. Related Posts: We Need More Fun...


Hosting a Farm-to-Table Dinner + Nouns & Verbs |220

Christine and her family host Kindred Dinners on their farm, where over a hundred people gather for a true farm-to-table feast with live music, locally-made beer, and beyond. She talks about what it’s like to put on an event like this in your own space. Then Tsh shares two seemingly opposite ideas: ignoring the noun and focusing on the verb, and embracing the noun in order to accomplish the verb. It has nothing to do with grammar. Related Posts: Nouns AND Verbs Matter6 Things I've Learned...


YA Books for Adults + Adult Books for YA | 219

Nicole has a fantastic bookstagram account, and she particularly loves reading the Young Adult genre. So in this chat, she and Tsh talk about why so many adults like them love to read YA, along with lots of recommendations for dipping your toes into the YA waters as an adult reader. Tsh then shares a list of adult book recommendations for teens who love to read — books written for adults, but are appropriate enough, and potentially interesting enough, for teen readers. Related Posts: What...


Gathering IRL | 218

Katherine created a mom’s group in her small town, where everyone’s welcome, they provide fabulous childcare, and it’s all about building relationships, not a program. In this chat, she shares the nuts and bolts of how to start something similar wherever you live. And Tsh shares what she’s learned from gathering people for events — for things like week-long adventures in London, and in weekend retreats in her small town, like she’s doing for the first time ever the weekend this episode...


My Good List | 217

Caroline Starr Rose has written six children's books, and her most recent one just came out. Like we do on the show every now and then, she shares with Tsh her Good List: a thing, a habit, a work of art, and a philosophy that’s making her life just a little bit sweeter. They also talk about her new book, which is completely up 4th grade Tsh’s alley — she was a big fan of the historic figure Caroline writes about. Related Posts: My Good List Links From This...


Know the News (& Don't Lose Your Mind) | 216

Sometimes topics are timeless. We're re-sharing an episode from a little over a year ago, when Tsh and her friend Erin Loechner did a four-part deep-dive about knowing the news — this feels pretty relevant right now since so many of us are bombarded with so much constantly-changing news. Since this series focused on the broad idea of how to stay engaged without losing your mind or your soul, this collection of ideas feels oh-so timely right now. To keep listening to the rest of the series...


Fall Fullness > Frenzy + New-to-You Book Genres | 215

There's benefits to reading different genres of books, even (especially?) when you don't naturally gravitate to one. In this chat, Tsh talks to Christine about what we can learn from genres like sci-fi, historical non-fiction, mysteries, and more. And since Christine is a farmer, it's the busy season for her right now — she shares with Tsh how she's learning to flip the script on busyness this fall, embracing the season's fullness without succumbing to the pressures of fall...


Fixer-Upper DIY + Hometown Nostalgia | 214

There are places in our lives that end up staying with us long after we leave them. In this chat, Katherine talks with Tsh about nostalgia — why we have it about certain places, how to embrace it instead of shake it off, and how to use it so we're more at home in the present. Tsh then talks with Katherine about why she loves that her family has been renovating their fixer-upper entirely themselves, even with all its challenges. It’s easy to forget the benefits when she's staring at all...


Friendships as Self-Care | 213

A little over a year ago, Tsh and Haley Stewart had a four-part deep-dive conversation on the idea of social self-care for the greater good; the simple idea that being healthy means we’re better citizens, members of our community, neighbors, and family members. In this episode, we’re re-sharing the first part of their conversation, one of the most downloaded episodes of this show. Links From This Episode: 122123124Carrots for MichaelmasInstagramTwitterInstagramTwitterHome FiresMy...


Art Well + Work Well | 212

Crystal talks about why it’s so important to make time for whatever it is you love — without the added burden of doing it so that you’re a better mom, or wife, or neighbor, or human, or even because the final result is something you can use. Do something just because you love it. Tsh then shares how she uses the ideas of deep work and shallow work, time-blocking her calendar, and tapping into her peak energy levels to get more done in less time — so I can make time for play, as Crystal...


Rhythms + Community | 211

It seems like it’d be easier to connect with neighbors living in her previous urban neighborhood over the farm where Christine now lives and works, but she’s found the opposite is true. In this chat, she shares little ways their family has made their farm open to neighbors and friends, and how we can do the same in our homes, whether we’re in the suburbs, a small town, or a major metropolis. Then Tsh shares three daily rituals that have been a life raft for her the past few weeks —...


Life Lessons + Learning | 210

It’s back to school season, but what about those of us who are no longer students? Katherine shares 3 things to help us keep learning more about history, ecology, and contemporary poetry. And Tsh turned 42 this week, so she shares 5 things she's learned about life lately, little shifts in thinking that have made her life better. Related Posts: My Good List: Birthday EditionA Fall Reading List for the Lifelong Learner Links From This Episode: TwitterwebsiteTwitterInstagram1619...


Tech + Family + Creativity | 209

Springboarding off her deep-dive this week into the 11 books Tsh read on her month-long sabbatical, in this episode she chats with Andrea about how to keep technology in its proper place at home, and the different steps her family is taking to keep away screen addiction and prioritize healthy relationships. This idea comes from one of her favorite reads, The Tech-Wise Family by Andy Crouch. Andrea talks about something similar — she’s recently realized that her smartphone used to be a...