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Talks and lectures on varying topics about Yoga and Yoga Life including finding balance and harmony, the power of positive thinking, non-violent communication and relationships, and understanding how the mind works and functions.

Talks and lectures on varying topics about Yoga and Yoga Life including finding balance and harmony, the power of positive thinking, non-violent communication and relationships, and understanding how the mind works and functions.
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Talks and lectures on varying topics about Yoga and Yoga Life including finding balance and harmony, the power of positive thinking, non-violent communication and relationships, and understanding how the mind works and functions.




Yogic Guidelines to Alleviate Suffering

In this talk on Yogic Guidelines to Alleviate Suffering, Swamiji tells us that the causes of suffering are mental, emotional, and karmic. Suffering comes from our ignorance, likes and dislikes, and fears. If we can remember that the body and mind are our instruments and cultivate calmness, control of senses, turning inwards, balance, discrimination, and equal vision we can reduce our suffering.


Yoga and Healing

This podcast is an a webinar by Swami Sitaramananda from 2016. Swamiji discusses Yoga and Healing and how holistic healing of body, mind, and spirit can happen through the practice of yoga asana, pranayama, relaxation, and meditation. Swamiji also discusses the new yoga therapy program that is being offered and how this helps us to return to our true nature.


Sivananda Yoga: Health Educator Training - Documentary film by Benoy K Behl

A landmark event in the field of Yoga and of Health Management is the founding of the Sivananda Institute of Health and Yoga in California, USA. The institute’s first 2-year 800-Hour Yoga Health Educator Training Course was launched at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm at Grass Valley in California in October, 2017. It was followed by the launch of this intensive training course at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center in Dalat in Vietnam in January 2018. This yoga health education-training course,...


Sivananda Yoga: Health, Peace & Unity - Documentary Film by Benoy K Behl

Celebrations to Swami Vishudevananda 60th year of work in the world (1957 - 2017) Swami Sivananda send Swami Vishnu to the West in 1957 with 10 rupees and the words "People are Waiting". With that Swami Vishnu start the entire International Sivananda Yoga Organization that now has 10 ashrams and more then 30 centers around the world and trained more than 40,000 Yoga Teachers for bring Peace to this chaotic world.


Yoga Life and Self Transformation by filmmaker Benoy K. Behl

We live amidst much turmoil and confusion in the modern world. The state of mental and physical health has deteriorated considerably. It is estimated that in Europe 70% of all costs in the health system are because of chronic diseases like diabetes, health ailments, hypertension and osteoarthritis. There are hardly any permanent solutions to these from either medicinal therapy or surgery. There is an ancient path which can lead us to health and happiness. It is Yoga. This short film by...


Yoga and Karma

This podcast is from an old webinar by Swami Sita. Swamiji shares that karma means action and comes from our desires. Our actions from the past will result in our present situation. We have an inner conflict and need to choose the path that won't bind us to karma. The yoga guidelines of yamas and niyamas are essential to be free from karma.


Crest Jewel of Discrimination

In this podcast, Swami Sita teaches from the book Crest Jewel of Discrimination written by Adi Sankaracharya. Sankara describes the need for devotion in order to experience truth and freedom. We have to learn to have discernment between what is helping us and what is not. By practicing right thinking we can cultivate an inner power / knowledge. Our current state is that we are lost in an ocean of worldliness where we only see external things. But we need to remember the Self and have the...


How Yoga Helps with Stress and Diseases that come from Stress

Many people come to yoga because of stress in their lives. In fact, most diseases that people suffer from come from stress. Stress is in fact a subjective phenomenon. Stress depends on the mind of the person. Some people are stressed very easily and become sick while some others resist and carry on. Some level of stress is normal and very healthy, but chronic stress is when we are stressed all the time. Yoga through breathing, relaxation, positive thinking, meditation, and diet offers many...


Essential Principles to Leading a Yoga Life

Yoga life is a conscious life. In yoga, we become conscious of our actions. It's not what you do that is important, but the attitude in which you do it. In Yoga we learn to do our duty, and not just follow what the mind likes to do. We understand the importance of cultivating positive feelings and positive relationships with others. A yogi is very regular and follows a routine and does things always at the correct time. At the same time the yogi is always calm and relaxed but not lazy.


How to understand Prana, our Vital Energy

In this talk, Swami Sita explains the concept of Prana as vital energy or life force. Swamiji tells us the 5 things we can do with prana: increase, conserve, balance, channel, purify. She then explains how we can increase prana and not lose prana from the 5 elements of nature: earth, water, fire, air, and ether. Swamiji gives many practical examples that are very useful for us in our daily life.


What is the Meaning of life?

Swami Sivananda says that Life is an expression of something higher. Life is joy, life is a conscious stream, life is a voyage. In this podcast, Swami Sitaramananda reads about the meaning of life and explains why someone starts to actually ask this question by giving examples from her own life and journey. She explains how by coming to an ashram and turning to yoga helps in this discovery.


Steps to Peace of Mind

This podcast is a webinar by Swami Sita from 2013 on steps to peace of mind and how it is like a lake with waves. There are countless thoughts which come from inside of us and also from outside influence. We must understand how powerful the mind is. If we are able to quiet the mind it is like seeing to the bottom of a clear lake.


Karma, Dharma, and Sadhana

This life is a karmic life. We are very restless beings and are bound by our karma. Karma means action or more specifically our thoughts and desires. The true goal of life is to pay our karmic debts which can only happen through the practice of detachment. For example in the movie Groundhogs day situations continually repeat themselves until we can find a new angle to approach life. To get out of this pattern we must practice sadhana or conscious spiritual practices. When we are able to...


How to Progress on the Spiritual Path

In this podcast, Swami Sitaramananda will explain the criteria to determine if you are progressing and what the point of progressing is. In our life we want to develop and grow our potential. Yoga offers specific practices that help us on this journey to realize our Self. In this way we can wake up from all illusions and false ideas. We can re-adjust our thinking and realize our True Nature.


What is the Mind and How to Control it

When the mind is still our internal vision becomes strong and we can experience peace. There is a direct relationship between our state of mind and our connection with self. In yoga we understand mind as a vehicle that we drive. The mind should not be driving us. Thoughts are invisible but very real as they lead to action. When the mind is distorted, it is like an ocean with waves and leads us to a distorted vision where we misidentify, feel disturbed, and uncentered. Instead, we want to...


Yoga Life - 5 Points of Yoga

In this podcast Swami Sita introduces us to the concept of living an integral Yoga Life. Many people start practicing yoga asanas but as one continues to practice one also starts making changes to their life. We become more aware of the way we feel and how that is connected to our breath, our ability to relax, what we eat, and what we think. We come to a point where what we want is health, well-being, and peace of mind.


How to Make Good Choices in our Life - and not the Pleasant one

This podcast is a talk by Swami Vishnudevananda from the 1970s. His talk focuses on what the difference is between something that is good versus something that is pleasant. In this universe we always have a choice between 2 ways to go. Something that is pleasant is for gratifying the senses. For example when you scratch an itch it gives you instant relief but brings pain later on. On the other hand something that is good does not give instant gratification and is a more rough and tough...


90-minute Sivananda Yoga All Levels Asana and Pranayama Class

This podcast is a recording of a Sivananda Yoga Class. Please listen to the class and practice along. You can see our website for more details on the practice. Enjoy! 1. Beginning prayer and a short relaxation (savasana) 2. Breathing (Pranayama) (15 – 20 minutes) 3. Sun salutations (Surya namaskar) 4. The 12 basic yoga poses (asanas) 5. Some additional yoga poses (asanas) and variations 5a. An example of a properly sequenced yoga practice session 6. Final Relaxation (15 minutes) 7....


Kirtan Chanting with Swami Vishnudevananda

This recording is of Swami Vishnudevananda singing kirtan music. Swami Vishnudevananda lived with his master Swami Sivananda for 12 years. In 1957 he traveled to America, and in the early 70´s came to Europe, founding international Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers in many cities. He was a dynamic Hatha and Raja Yoga master, bringing the classical teachings of Yoga and Vedanta in its purest form to the West. Swamiji was also a tireless campaigner for world peace who brought the message of peace...


Yoga Teachings on Selfless Love | Part 2

In this talk Swami Sitaramananda will teach about our negative emotional patterns and we can turn this instead into Selfless love. The main practice to do this is through Bhakti yoga (the yoga of devotion). By doing this we uplift our self and others and we spiritualize our relationships with others. Normally we are suffering because we all aspire to love 100% but we fail to feel this way most of the time. Instead we feel like we are losing ourself, our mind is swinging and we suffer from...