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Sober Podcast, an extension of the Sober Network. We are a forward thinking company at the forefront of behavioral healthcare and technology. We discuss the journey of inspiring people who have taken a path towards awareness, growth for self, family and community. Our mission is to bring a message of hope and direction for listeners seeking to contribute. Visit for detailed information.


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Sober Podcast, an extension of the Sober Network. We are a forward thinking company at the forefront of behavioral healthcare and technology. We discuss the journey of inspiring people who have taken a path towards awareness, growth for self, family and community. Our mission is to bring a message of hope and direction for listeners seeking to contribute. Visit for detailed information.








Matthew Boyd: How I Stay Sober with a Chronic Condition

Tune into the Sober Podcast to hear Matthew Boyd share his struggles with remaining sober for medical reasons and staying sober for the quality of life he has today. Matthew was diagnosed with Epilepsy at a young age which led to being on medication. As most of know, medication and alcohol do not mix! Nonetheless, Matthew still experimented with drinking, and eventually ended up having a seizure due to drinking. Matthew knew he had to embrace remaining sober, which in turn motivated his...


Kate Gala: How I Build Relationships in Sobriety

Kate Gala joins the Sober Podcast as our Soberlebrity guest to discuss her new mobile app and overcoming obstacles that can arise in being newly sober. Tune in to hear Kate share her experience with finding sobriety, and using technology to help others in recovery find each other on the go. Kate is the founder of Oasis Sober Connections, an app designed to help you make friends with others who don’t drink and build your sober community. After quitting drinking during the pandemic, Kate found...


Danny Shannon: How I Practice Self Reflection in Sobriety

Tune in to the Sober Podcast to hear our guest Danny Shannon joining us all the way from Australia! Danny is the CEO & Founder of Encapsulator – a company that provides digital time capsule services to help other focus on self-reflection and growth. Danny is a recovering addict who has not had a drink, or a drug since September 15, 2009. It is now his life’s mission to raise awareness, through his heartfelt personal stories, about addiction. He is dedicated to empowering and educating others...


Dr. Harold Jonas: How I Reflect for the New Year

We’re kicking off 2023 with our 2nd Sober Podcast Season with Soberlebrity guest, Dr. Harold Jonas, the founder of Sober Network. Tune in to hear how Dr. Jonas has embraced each New Year for over 35 years in sobriety as a chance reflect on and revitalize his life and recovery. Listen to a personal introduction to our Sober Economy and hear a bit about what’s in store for the New Year within the SoberVerse and throughout the addiction recovery industry. If you’d like to reach out to Dr....


Phil Tyler: How I Give Back For the Holidays

Our soberlebrity today is Phil Tyler! Founder of Against The Odds Ministries joins in to wrap up our holiday celebration on the topic of giving back in sobriety on the Sober Podcast. He joins our host Jamie Brickhouse to discuss what the holidays were like when he was in active addiction, and what they are like now while in sobriety. Listen to Phil share hope for the holidays and how he does so all year round with Against The Odds Ministries! Make sure to tune in on this inspirational...


Billy Ryckman: How I Embrace Christmas in Sobriety

Happy Christmas Eve to all our Sober Podcast listeners out there! Billy Ryckman is our guest soberlebrity joining us from Palm Beach County, Florida. Billy is one of those ‘special workers’ you may have heard about in tradition 8 and works as Office Manager for South Palm Beach County Intergroup. In the spirt of Christmas, Billy shares his experience with the holidays throughout his sobriety journey. Listen to how Billy was able to go from dreading most holidays while actively drinking and...


Daniel Unmanageable: How I Found Hope for the Holidays

Daniel Unmanageable from Hard Knocks Talks shares his experience strength and hope on the Sober Podcast with host, Jamie Brickhouse. Sober since 2/12/17, Daniel joins us for another holiday themed episode. Listen to how since reconciliation with his partner, Donna, he’s seen more in making the time to make holidays an event. And seeing change he can make in himself by watching others. Daniel compares active addiction to present day and how sobriety has given him the gift of being present for...


Alexandra Talbot: How I Use Recovery Tools During the Holidays

Alexandra Talbot joins the Sober Podcast as our guest Soberlebrity with our incredible host, Jamie Brickhouse. Alex is a Canadian recovery warrior and advocate, certified health and lifestyle coach, and competitive bodybuilder. She is also the head coach and founder of Sober Active Canada, a non-profit recovery-based commUNITY providing a judgment-free zone open to all A's, all ways—any addiction, any pathway to and any stage of recovery. Sober Active Canada's primary principle is to...


Melissa Gissy Witherspoon: How I Made it to the Other Side of Relapse

Melissa Gissy Witherspoon is our guest Soberlebrity on the show today. She’s the author of, “I’m Sober, So Now What? A Journey of Hope and Healing” Her book includes a chapter entitled ‘Fall Seven Times, Get Up Eight’ which is based on her personal accounts with relapse. Melissa just celebrated 9 years of sobriety on November 21, 2022. If she can achieve long-term sobriety after multiple relapses, so can you! Melissa shares with our host, Jamie Brickhouse how she learned how to identify...


Tom Feegel: Beond - The Ibogaine Experience

Our guest soberlebrity, Tom Feegel joins us on the Sober Podcast with our host, Jamie Brickhouse. Tom along with Talia Eisenberg co-founded Beond; which is a detox and treatment center nestled in Cancun, Mexico that incorporates the use of Ibogaine. Ibogaine is a plant produced from West African shrub, Tabernanthe Iboga. Ingesting a large enough dose induces a temporary psychedelic experience that can last several hours, normally with no significant side effects. It is used in the west to...


Kim Bellas: Sober Is The New Cool

The sober mom, Kim Bellas and founder of Sober is the New Cool joins our host Jamie Brickhouse today on the Sober Podcast. Our soberlebrity guest shares after her son started having grand mal seizures due to epilepsy, she made the decision to give up alcohol for 3 months to support her son. With that one decision, the quality of her life started to get continuously better. She started a social media movement called: Sober is the New Cool which uses their proceeds to give back to mental...


Lissi Seneway: Moonbeams and Melted Spoons

Lissi Seneway joins our Soberlebrity host, Jamie Brickhouse for an enlightening interview on her experience within the substance abuse field, and where it’s brought her. Hear about how she’s maintained a collection of poetry throughout her entire life and is on the verge of her first book release – Moonbeams and Melted Spoons: A Collection of poetry. Tune in on the very first live poetry reading on the Sober Podcast! Please join us in helping Lissi celebrate her upcoming book release, and...


Matthew E. : Finding Financial Freedom

What do you do when money and managing your finances is your drug of choice? The Sober Podcast is bringing you a special treat today with Matthew E. from Brooklyn who is an active member of Debtors Anonymous and has been solvent for over 12 years. Matthew shares the insanity which lead him to finding recovery - consistently juggling bills, thwarting eviction from being months behind on rent, borrowing money from his mother, etc. Through becoming willing to change for a better life, he found...


Kevin Franciotti : Open Your Mind - Psychedelic Support

Kevin Franciotti is a Denver-based ketamine-assisted psychotherapist and addiction and mental health counselor with over 15 years’ experience in community mental health, harm reduction, and direct service work. Kevin completed a BS in Behavioral Neuroscience from Northeastern, where he started a Students for Sensible Drug Policy chapter, and an MA in Psychology from The New School. As a student he participated in research, advocacy, education, and policy reform efforts around cannabis,...


Claire Comai | Rehab Barbie

Founder and CEO of Rehab Studios, Claire Comai joins us on the Sober Podcast today to recover out loud and share about her new brand. Hear Claire share about her own sober journey and how she came up with such a brilliant strategy with over 3 years sober. Both hailing out of New York, Jamie and Claire discuss the couture merchandise of Rehab Barbie ranging from beaded bracelets with expressions such as ‘Happy Every Hour’ and ‘Zen as Fuck’ to her more elaborate designs on clothing. If you...


Martin Lockett | From Prison to Purpose

Martin Lockett is a substance abuse counselor, author, public speaker, and advocate for reducing DUI fatalities. He spent 17.5 years in prison for a DUI fatality that claimed two lives and severely injured another. In an impassioned vow to his victims’ families and friends at his sentencing, Lockett devoted the rest of his life to honoring his victims’ legacies by helping others who struggle with substance abuse. While incarcerated, Martin earned a BS in sociology, MS in psychology, and...


Carrie Wessling: Costa Rica Recovery

Today on the Sober Podcast our soberlebrity is Carrie Wessling who operates the Research and Development for Costa Rica Recovery. Carrie joins our host Jamie Brickhouse to discuss her journey in sobriety and how her little brother’s wedding lead her on the path to get sober and stay sober. She shares how she’s walked through the tough times sober, by following suggestions and being willing to do the work. If you would like to get in touch with Costa Rica Recovery please visit their website:...


Gigi Langer: Worry Less NOW

Join Gigi Langer and Jamie Brickhouse for another outstanding interview on the Sober Podcast. Gigi wrote the award-winning book, 50 Ways to Worry Less Now: Reject Negative Thinking to Find Peace, Clarity, and Connection. She has 35 years of sobriety and holds a PhD from Stanford University. Listen to how an incredible woman has achieved freedom from addiction and how she has applied principles to continue her journey in sobriety. If you would like to reach out to Gigi please find her at...


Michele Weinstat Miller | Practicing Principles in Recovery

Michele Weinstat currently serves as General Counsel at The Fortune Society, a not-for-profit agency serving those impacted by the criminal justice system. In recovery for over 33 years, Michele is herself a formerly incarcerated person, who returned to the practice of law following disbarment due to a drug-related felony conviction. Prior to The Fortune Society, Michele has served as a V.P./Labor Counsel at an agency that finances affordable housing, as well as the chief ethics prosecutor...


Wil Del Pizzo: Old Habits Die Hard - Conscious Sobriety

Wil Del Pizzo - owner of Built Strong Strength Club out in California is here to share his journey in the past 13 years of continuous sobriety with our host, Jamie Brickhouse. Wil shares how he found sobriety, the ups and downs throughout recovery, and even a couple anecdotal tales from being an active alcoholic. Listen to how Wil stays conscious of his side of the street as best he can to continue on the sober path he's on. Enjoy many laughs, and hear Wil share an incredible message of...