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#027 - Control Freak? You may be a people pleaser. Here’s how to stop.

If you're anything like me, you're always looking for areas of your life where you can improve. When you're a control freak like us high-achievers, you likely also have people pleasing behaviors. Today I'm breaking down how to know if you're a people pleaser and how to stop. A few years ago, I noticed a lot of people pleasing habits in myself. Not to say they haven’t been there my whole life, it’s just that I began noticing them. And once you've created these habits, it starts a...


#026 - Mental Mastery: How to Take Back Control of Your Life with Jim Fortin

How do you show up in your life every day? Do you feel like you’re at your best? That you’re contributing the way that you’re meant to? Do you feel like you’re making the decisions and shifts that you need to make to live the life you really want? Jim Fortin leads Transformational Coaching which changes your thought process fundamentally. After taking his group coaching course, I’ve made bigger leaps of faith in my life this year than I have in quite some time. I talk more about what...


#025 - Too busy to pay attention to your health? How I navigated a breast cancer diagnosis as an attorney

This episode is about my breast cancer story, but it’s more than that. It’s meant to help anyone facing a health crisis and anyone who has a family member going through something similar. I talk about questions you may want to ask your doctors, blind spots in my life I discovered that you may have too, and figuring things out along the way. My hope is that my story will give you some food for thought and maybe a little inspiration if you’re going through something similar. At 29 years...


#024 - Permission Granted: Navigating Expectations & Creating a Life You Love with Lawyer and Blogger Tavish Williams

Today’s episode may bring back flashbacks for those of us who went to law school. But this episode isn’t just for the lawyers out there. It's for everyone who’s felt confused or weren’t sure they were living the life they were meant to lead. If you know anyone considering law school, you may want to share today’s podcast with them. It will give them food for thought when considering where…or whether…they go to law school. My guest today is Tavish Williams. She's a lawyer and the...


#023 - Why You (Really) Can't Find The One with Relationship Expert Raeeka Yaghmai

Are you smart, successful and hot but still can't find love? Do you ask yourself: am I intimidating? Are all the good men taken? How can I find time to date when I'm so busy? My guest today debunks dating myths and will set you on the path to finding love. Raeeka Yaghmai is the founder and CEO of Dating with Confidence™, a certified life coach and a dating and relationship expert for single women. She helps savvy, smart, and high-achieving single women who have created success in...


#022 - How to Journal (for High-Achievers): Get Quick Wins with this Step-by-Step Practice

Looking for quick wins and fast personal growth? This journaling technique I'm teaching in today's podcast is great if you don’t have access to a coach who can talk you through your patterns. The only way we can change our lives is if we see our patterns. If you’re not into journaling, this episode may just change your ways. Are you a high-achiever who doesn't have time for journaling? That’s okay because this is a quickie practice. You can write this down just before you write your...


#021-The Art of Living-Parisian Style with Bestselling Author Jennifer L. Scott

Jennifer L. Scott is giving you tips on the art of living well today. She transformed her experience during her study abroad program in Paris into three New York Times bestselling books that are not only entertaining but give lessons on how we can each live our lives with a bit more ease and connection. You can find all the links to her books and websites we talk about are in the show notes including a free Morning Roadmap. The Morning Roadmap is essential if you want to create space in...


#020 - In Pursuit of Excellence

Today I'm talking about three things you must do to create excellence in any of your pursuits. These three shifts are the same shifts that artists, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and parents must make to become the very best at what they do. You can do them too to reach your goals. Another one of the tools that's helping me reach my goals is meditation. I've created 5 free (and short) meditations that I've linked to in the show notes. You can get them...


#019 - Self-Sabotage: 7 Steps to Discovering (and Eliminating) Our Self-Sabotaging Behaviors

Today we're talking about 7 Steps to Discovering (and Eliminating) Our Self-Sabotaging Behaviors. What is self-sabotage? It’s when we create problems for ourself to interfere with our own goals. We ALL do it, so you're not alone. Maybe you have a goal to be in a committed relationship, but you get into multiple relationships to complicate your personal life, so that you can never truly commit to one person. There’s a reason you do this. You feel like you don’t deserve to be happy or...


#018 - How Words Secretly Impact 4 Areas of Your Life

Our words reflect what we believe and determine what we get in life. Life doesn’t just happen to us. We create the results we receive. If we’re committed to reducing stress and to changing negative feelings into positive ones, then we need to commit to becoming aware of everything we do including the words we use. When we step back to see what words we're using, and how they impact our world, we can make the important incremental changes that will make the difference in the results...


#017 - Why We Buffer, and How to Stop

Today we're talking about a topic that we must be aware of if we want to live life better. It's called buffering. What is buffering? My definition is that it’s a temporary fix to a negative emotion. It creates a false sense of happiness that leads to a negative consequence. Examples of buffering can include: overworking, overexercising, overeating, jumping from relationship to relationship, reaching for our phone over and over, excessive shopping, bingewatching Netflix. In this...


#016 - How to Set Goals and Achieve Them with Alon David

Today we’re about goals and goal setting. We’re talking to the creator of the 90x Goal Planner. You know I’m all about goals. I wouldn’t be doing anything I’m doing - lawyering, podcasting, coaching, without having goals. But how can we move through our fear surrounding goals, and just do it? I first mentioned 90x back in episode #11 - How to Snap Out of Procrastination So You Can Reach Your Goals. The reason I talked about it is because it helps you become more engaged in your...


#015 - How Healthy is Your Relationship with Alcohol? with Caitlin Padgett

This episode may be a bit controversial, but it's a topic we need to have more conversations about. We’re talking about our relationship with alcohol, and you’ll want to listen in whether you’ve struggled with alcohol or not because this episode is about more than alcohol. This episode is about creating a better relationship to ourselves. You can find all the links we mention in the show at: My guest today has been featured in featured in...


#014 - Making More Time (and a Million Dollar Company) with Trivinia Barber

Time - we all want more of it. If you’re listening to this, you’re likely a hard-working person, and sometimes you may feel burnt out or overwhelmed. You don’t have to feel this way. Why is it so difficult for us to ask for help when we need it? Sometimes we say it’s the money - we don’t have enough of it. Maybe we think we can do it better or faster than anyone, so we don’t want to hand a task over to someone else. Or maybe you’re like me, and felt guilty hiring someone to do...


#013 - How to Discover Your Calling

This episode could just as easily have been called “How to Know if You’ve Found Your Calling” because you may have a wonderful job or career, and be uncertain about whether you want to continue moving in the same direction you have for years. Maybe you feel stuck right now, and you’re not sure whether you’ve made the right move to get where you are. You've done all the things you were "supposed" to do, but something doesn't feel right. If any of this sounds like you, then you’ll want...


#012 - 7 Lessons I Learned from Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is one of a kind. Presidents have sought his counsel, leaders of industry have given him unprecedented access to their lives and mindset tips, and he has made it his mission to positively impact others. He's also that informercial guy from the 1980s and 1990s. Whatever your impression of him, I encourage you to listen today because he has opened my mind and helped me change my life for the better. Listen in as I share 7 lessons I've learned from Tony Robbins and how you can...


#011 - How to Snap Out of Procrastination and Reach Your Goals

Is procrastination normal? Why do we procrastinate? How do I stop procrastinating? I answer these questions, help you to recognize procrastination, talk about the psychology of procrastination, and I give you 5 steps to snap out of procrastination faster. You can get any of the free resources I mention in the podcast here:


#010 - 5 Steps for Creating a Morning Routine that Transforms Your Life

I'm walking you step-by-step through the 5 things you can do to create a morning routine that will transform your life. One of the things that held me back from creating the life I wanted was not being intentional about how I wake up and what I did first thing in the morning. I'm sharing what I've learned with you here. Getting intentional about what you do in the morning will set your day up for success and transform your life. To make this even easier for you, I've included a free...


#009 - Overcome Your Overwhelm to Live Your Dream: Integrating family, business and faith with Kristin Arilus

Have you ever told yourself that you're not living your dream for any of these reasons: Kristin crushes these excuses and tells it like it is. At only 24 years old, Kristin digs deep and shares her personal goals and struggles as a full-time mom running multiple businesses and aiming to be debt free with her husband who's equally ambitious. Kristin shares Quotes I love from this episode: "In order for me to get where I need to be, I've got to have faith that it's going to...


#008 - Recognize Roadblocks in Your Business & Relationships (and bust through them!) with Carollyne Corner

Carollyne Corner detects what's holding her clients back in business and in life. Today she shares with us how we can detect our own roadblocks to success in business and relationships, and how we can bust through them to create more happiness in whatever we do. She also shares how her intuition has brought her amazing gifts in her life. Go to the website to get meditations to help give you clarity and work through your blocks.