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Raising Awareness About the Prevention of Cardiac Episodes in Young Athletes

In this episode, Dr. Cole welcomes renowned physical therapist Bob Mangine to the podcast. With more than three decades of experience in sports medicine, Bob has served as Director of Rehabilitative Services at the University of Cincinnati since 2002. He supervises a program at the University that addresses the health and well-being of the Bearcats football team and has also served as the head athletic trainer for the aquatic teams at the 1996 Olympics. Bob currently serves as National Director of Sports Physical Therapy Clinical Residency for NovaCare, and is President of MBM Consultants, which provides educational management services for physical therapy and occupational therapy professionals. Bob is also involved extensively in the Matthew Mangine, Jr. “One Shot” Foundation, which raises awareness about the prevention of cardiac episodes in young athletes. His family started the Foundation following the tragic death of his grandson on the soccer field. Tune in to learn more about Bob, the Foundation, and what is being done to make AEDs and cardiac training more available to help young athletes survive Sudden Cardiac Arrest. One-Shot Foundation website:


Does Joint Hypermobility Increase Injury Risk?

Dr. Brian Cole is joined by George Andrews, PT, DPT from RUSH Physical Therapy to discuss hypermobility in athletes, especially in sports like collegiate and professional divers. To schedule an appointment with RUSH Physical Therapy, visit


Mental Health & Wellness In Sports with Guest Natalie Graves

Dr. Brian Cole is joined by Natalie Graves, an expert in mental health for athletes. Natalie specializes in athletes’ mental health and wellness at all levels, helping this unique group maximize success both on and off the field. Learn more about Natalie Graves at her website here:


Using Light Therapy To Treat Certain Medical Conditions

Dr. Brian Cole explains how light therapy, sometimes called phototherapy, can be used to treat certain medical conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, or other health conditions like seasonal affective disorder.


The Most Common Pickleball Injuries

In this episode, Dr. Brian Cole is joined by Brandon Abonce, PT, DPT from RUSH Physical Therapy to talk about the most common pickleball injuries.


The Physical Demands of Gymnastics

Dr. Brian Cole is joined by Brad Trompeter, a physical therapist from RUSH Physical Therapy , and former gymnast, to discuss the physical demands placed on gymnasts and common injuries that occur.


NextName: A Unique Offering to Support College Athletes

On this episode, Dr. Brian Cole is joined by Steve Thayer from NextName, a platform designed to support collegiate athletes and teams through the sale of digital collectibles.


The Relationship Between Inflammation and Your Diet

Through research, we’re learning that some of the best solutions for reducing inflammation are not necessarily found in the medicine cabinet, but in the refrigerator. On this episode, Dr. Brian Cole talks to certified Integrative Health Coach and Lifestyle Practitioner Karen Malkin about inflammation and how to fight it with an anti-inflammatory diet.


A Look Into One Of The Fastest Growing Sports: Water Polo

Dr. Brian Cole is joined by Alyssa Turza, a former professional water polo player, to discuss the growth of the sport and how it presents different physical challenges compared to more traditional sports played on a hard surface.


The Evaluation and Management of Concussions

Dr. Brian Cole is joined by Dr. Elizabeth Pieroth, the Director of the Concussion Program at Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush, to talk about the evaluation and management of concussions. Dr. Pieroth is a Board Certified Clinical Neuropsychologist and is the Head Injury/Concussion specialist for the Chicago Bears, Blackhawks, White Sox, Fire, and the National Women’s Soccer League, as well as numerous colleges and high schools across the State of Illinois. Dr. Pieroth is the Co-Director of the NFL Neuropsychology Consulting Program. She is also on the Board of Directors of the Brain Injury Association of Illinois and is a member of the USA Football Heads Up Advisory Committee, the NFL Head, Neck and Spine Committee, the US Soccer Concussion Task Force and the Amateur Hockey Association of Illinois Safety Committee.


What Is A High Ankle Sprain?

Dr. Brian Cole is joined by Joshua James, DPT, CSCS from RUSH Physical Therapy to discuss high ankle sprains, including how they are diagnosed and the best treatments to help athletes recover.


Caffeine and Caffeine Supplements: Spilling the Beans on Caffeine

Caffeine is the most popular psychoactive substance in the world, with 89 percent of people in the U.S. consuming at least one drink containing caffeine daily. People depend on caffeine or caffeine supplements for a temporary energy boost, to stay alert, to enhance focus, and even to improve their mood. With so many people so dependent on caffeine, today we are going to take an in-depth look at caffeine pills and supplements.


The Impact of Playing School Sports with Guest Mickey Pruitt

Former NFL linebacker and current Director of Sports for Chicago Public Schools (CPS) joins Dr. Brian Cole to discuss the importance that school sports have on young students. Pruitt oversees 23 sports, with tens of thousands of CPS athletes; guiding the very program that enriched his life as a teenager in Chicago. Pruitt was an all-state halfback and safety at Robeson High School in Englewood, Ill.


Percussive Massage Devices: Muscle Relief in the Palm of Your Hand

Percussive massage devices, which are sometimes referred to as “massage guns”, have become increasingly popular among recreational athletes for therapeutic use. They use targeted percussive or vibration pressure to stimulate blood flow to the muscles and provide the benefits of a massage in the comfort of your home, including reducing soreness, increasing flexibility, and accelerating recovery. But do they actually work? Today, we’ll take a look at the science behind these increasingly popular devices.


A Conversation with Six-Time X Games Medalist Grete Eliassen

Dr. Brian Cole is joined by Six-Time X Games Medalist Grete Eliassen to talk about her career in snow sports, dealing with injuries and empowering women in the sport of skiing.


How A Collegiate Athlete Is Making Her Comeback from Knee Cartilage Damage

In this episode, Dr. Brian Cole is joined by UCLA Beach Volleyball athlete Lindsey Sparks to talk about her comeback from a knee cartilage injury.


The Benefits of Cross-Training

Dr. Cole shares the benefits of taking time away from your primary sport to train other areas of the body which helps reduce the risk of injury.


Five Evidence-Based Strategies For Losing Weight

With summer right around the corner, it’s quite common for people to focus on shedding a few pounds. While many diets and fads have some merit, today we’re going to talk about five simple, science-based weight loss strategies that can help you slim down before summer. These include: tracking your diet and exercise daily, starting your day with protein, intermittent fasting, balancing your gut bacteria, and of course, reducing your intake of sugar and refined carbs.


The Evolution of Cartilage Restoration with Guest Solomon Wilcots

Dr. Brian Cole is joined by former NFL safety and broadcaster Solomon Wilcots to discuss advancements in cartilage restoration.


How To Create Healthy Lifestyle Habits with Karen Malkin

Dr. Brian Cole is joined by Karen Malkin from Karen Malkin Health Consulting to talk about the best ways to create healthy lifestyle habits.