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Your psoas is not merely a muscle. It is the primal messenger from the core of your being. This bio-intelligent tissue expresses your integrity on every level and may be perceived as the guardian of the Hara, commonly referred to as the moving center.

Your psoas is not merely a muscle. It is the primal messenger from the core of your being. This bio-intelligent tissue expresses your integrity on every level and may be perceived as the guardian of the Hara, commonly referred to as the moving center.


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Your psoas is not merely a muscle. It is the primal messenger from the core of your being. This bio-intelligent tissue expresses your integrity on every level and may be perceived as the guardian of the Hara, commonly referred to as the moving center.






Returning to the Deep Feminine Current of Reality with Maya Luna

Maya Luna is an Oracular Poet and teacher of Feminine Wisdom whose work focuses on the lost feminine ways of knowing and perceiving reality. Together we meander through WILD ways of knowing lost, denied and suppressed by the dominant paradigm of patriarchy and colonization to fall back into the larger nourishing field of truth and renewal.


Attuning to Fluid Verticality for Coherency, Juicy Psoas, and Creative Potential

Dr. Darrell Sanchez is a licensed somatic psychotherapist, Rolfer, and dancer who has designed a tool for exploring vertical fluidity. By attuning with gravitational flows the Original Tuning Board ™ offers a psycho-kinetic tool for activating a free flow of sensory and motor possibilities. Liz Koch and Dr. Sanchez discuss how engaging with our fluid verticality changes our state of being, grows our confidence, and fosters our human potential.


ReWilding Core Integrity ~ Exploring our Relationship to Mother

Nourishing our inner Wilderness through direct knowing, Liz Koch, author of Stalking Wild Psoas joins Wise Woman guide Kristy Taylor M.Ed., C.C.C for a conversation about mothers; the ones who sacrifice themselves, abandon their daughters, and become destructive forces in their daughter’s lives. Through our mother we have our first experience of life and it is from our mother's direct transmission that we learn "correct" behavior, experience shame, and even fear. Like a mama bear, our mother...


Hypermobility: A conversation with Rachelle Singh

Rachelle Singh, a psoas savvy movements educator from southern Quebec, has direct lived experience with hyper-mobility. Being professionally trained at the young age of four years old, Rachelle's love of movement has been her creative expression and life's passion. She was first diagnosed with hypermobility at the age of fifteen after having dislocated her elbow four times and her ankle twice. Born hyper-mobile offers a person expansive possibilities and serious challenges. Psoas often...


Wild Discernment: A Conversation about Inner Power

This free-flowing conversation emerged out of a need to discern the difference between our inner wild knowing and our savage, feral, and fawning in both gesture and intention. Stalking Wild Psoasauthor/educator Liz Koch and Activating Inner Jaguar author/educator Kimberly Johnson track their personal understanding as two white women who not only grew up in different generations in disparate regions of the U.S., but also experienced very different family conditioning. Together we sniff out...


Calling in the Wild Feminine with Jessi Mendez

Jessi Mendez is a wild female creature exploring Wild Essence; attuning to the wise whispers of mother nature and reclaiming the Sacred Feminine. Through intuitive knowing, medicine practices, powerful circles and ceremony Jessi calls back what is instinctual – raw – and authentically present in the bones. It is her mission through all of her teachings, writings, and programs to call home the WILD in all who seek to reclaim their birthright. We share our deep love of the Wild, she as a young...


W i L D A G E N C Y: Awakening Our Animal Instincts with Kimberly Ann Johnson

Kimberly Ann Johnson is a birth doula, mom, and author of The Fourth Trimester. Activating Your Inner Jaguar is her online course concerning embodied consent, healthy boundaries, and real-world understanding of your nervous system. Kimberly and I discuss expression, coherency, self-actualization, creativity, play, and our wild animal bodies.


Stalking Wild Psoas: Embodying Your Core Intelligence

Tonio Epstein of The Magical Mystery Tour, which features interviews creative and leading edge thinkers who are contributing to the “more beautiful world our heart knows is possible,” interviews Liz Koch about Stalking Wild Psoas: Embodying Your Core Intelligence.


Psoas from a Chinese Medical Perspective (Part Two)

Acupuncturist & Holistic Self Care Strategist Brodie Welch (host of Healthy Curiosity) interviews Liz Koch about the psycho-emotional-somatic dimensions of the psoas from a Chinese Medicine perspective.


Stalking Wild Psoas

Mark Walsh of The Embodiment Podcast interviews me as the "Psoas queen" to discuss psoas as the muscle of the soul, body as process, language of the body, cannibalism, anatomy vs embryology, fight-flight, car seats, birth, sex, modern disconnection and more.


Self Actualization, Thriving & Showing Up As Your True Self

Wild Woman-counselor Kristy Taylor interviews Liz Koch about the symbolism and authenticity found in the Bones and how kinesthetic awareness of psoas supports both creativity and agency.


Psoas, Pleasure & How to Nourish Your Well-Being

Small Changes Big Shifts creator Dr. Michelle Robin interviews Liz Koch and discusses psoas, well-being, and the importance of nourishing our whole being.


Understanding Psoas by Changing The Language of Body (from an Object to a living Process)

Health Advocate Dr David L. Biles DDS interviews Liz Koch about the bio-intelligent psoas and the importance of changing the language of body for achieving health.


Psoas from an Energetic Perspective (Part One)

Acupuncturist & Holistic Self Care Strategist Brodie Welch (host of Healthy Curiosity) interviews Liz Koch about the energetic psoas from an Eastern perspective and supportive approaches to core, curiosity, and flourishing.


Psoas, Eros, Motherhood, & Sexuality

Wild Woman & Birth Doula/Woman's advocate Kimberly Ann Johnson (Activate Your Inner Jaguar) interviews Liz Koch on Wild Psoas, Birth, Orgasm, Eros and Empowerment.


The Animals Are Calling Council: A Conversation with Susan Eirich

Dr. Susan Eirich is a licensed psychologist, biologist, educator, and the director of the Earthfire Institute. Her goal is to widen the conversational circle around conservation to include the voices of all living beings. She summons us to hear other species so that we may tap into a broader, deeper nourishment of life, self, and other. Liz Koch and Susan Eirich discuss the mutual life supporting benefits of a dynamic multispecies initiative toward finding new ways of being on the Earth....


The Gesture of Becoming: an Interview with Jaap Van der Wal

Jaap Van der Wal M.D., Ph.D. is a Dutch phenomenological embryologist, teacher, and author who provides a counterweight against the reductionist scientific vision of human existence and the embryonic journey that each of us has taken. Exposing the dogma of anatomy as false, Jaap reshapes our mainstream objectification of self to expose the truth of being human as a lifelong process performed. Liz Koch and Jaap Van der Wal met in the Netherlands informally at the kitchen table to talk about...


The Heart Of What Matters: An Interview with Krista Jarrard

Krista Jarrard is a dynamic force as a facilitator, trainer, and pioneer in the evolution of the Systemic Family Constellation work. For over 14 years Krista has passionately supported the current shift in consciousness by working with people to transform their ener-genetic family inheritance. Observing that most lingering issues originate in the past, the systemic constellation process addresses transgenerational trauma by accessing enduring solutions through inclusion. Liz Koch and Krista...


Women’s Sexual Health: A Conversation with Alice Steuerwald

With 25+ years as a healer, teacher, and bodyworker, Alice Steuerwald weaves together her studies with indigenous cultures, native wisdom traditions, rituals, and plant medicine to reveal her self-help techniques for healing pelvic issues by balancing the hypermobile pelvis, regaining core integrity, and awakening full body pleasure. Liz Koch and Alice Steuerwald conjure up delightful ways to invite eros into your daily life.


The Eye-Psoas Connection: An Interview with Sam Berne

Dr. Sam Berne is a Behavioral Optometrist, international educator, and prolific author. His research helps us discover the programmed patterns and imprints we may be using as adaptive responses to stress, trauma, and cultural conditioning. Liz Koch and Dr. Berne discuss the significance of the Eye-Psoas connection for strengthening mid-line coherency and eliciting inner healing.