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Starting Strength is the bestselling book on the most fundamental and effective approach to strength training ever written. Mark Rippetoe hosts Starting Strength Radio where he discusses topics of interest, primarily to him, but perhaps also to you.


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Starting Strength is the bestselling book on the most fundamental and effective approach to strength training ever written. Mark Rippetoe hosts Starting Strength Radio where he discusses topics of interest, primarily to him, but perhaps also to you.






Q&A Episode - Bigger Traps, Knee Cave, and Press Bar Path | Starting Strength Radio #215

Rip answers questions from Starting Strength Network subscribers and fans. 02:52 Comments from the Haters! 13:39 Sore heel after pushing the sled 21:48 Knee cave 25:07 How to set up for a rack pull 30:17 Will stronger people get tired faster? 46:01 Blood pressure guidelines 54:51 How much more should your deadlift be than your squat? 59:46 Why do traps get bigger? 1:03:18 The Army wants me weak 1:08:58 Bar path on the press


Aesthetics vs Performance | Starting Strength Radio #214

Rip talks about how other fitness programs want you to focus on aesthetics and training muscle groups. Machines cannot produce enough systemic stress for growth. Performance-based training works better for aesthetics than training separate muscle groups on machines. The body works as a system of levers powered by contractile motors, “muscles.” None of the muscles function in isolation from the others. 01:44 Comments from the Haters! 13:12 Starting Strength and aesthetics 20:13 We aren’t bodybuilders, but the body gets built 25:23 How to get bigger muscles 31:12 Machines and barbells are not the same 39:24 Getting bigger muscles is a side effect of getting strong 47:12 Machines can’t make you gain weight 52:14 People that train with machines 56:34 Your health


500lb Squatter, Gym Owner - Lt Colonel JD Thomason

SS Colorado Springs Gym Owner, JD, joins Ray on the podcast to discuss his role as a military leader, his motivation for opening a gym, recovering from a rooftop fall with strength training, and squatting 500 lb in his 40s. 01:25 - JD's squat PR with no proof 03:29 - Role in the military 08:38 - Motivation for opening Starting Strength Colorado fell off a roof? 15:03 - Back to Starting Strength 17:29 - When did you start hurting less? 19:00 - Other considerations than opening a Starting Strength Gym 25:31 - JD's role in the military and the skills needed 29:49 - Philosophical viewpoints coming from the military 32:59 - Plan for hiring 39:17 - How to contact JD 41:42 - Goals for the next few years 46:08 - We will grow as slowly as we need to 49:21 - Apprenticeship in Orlando 57:40 - Last day in the Army


Statin Deniers! With Dr. Malcolm Kendrick | Starting Strength Radio #213

Rip and Dr. Malcolm Kendrick discuss statins, accusations of harm caused by "Statin Deniers," and Dr. Kendrick's libel suit against media companies. 00:39 Malcolm Kendrick/News attacks 11:56 Studies prove cholesterol doesn’t kill 18:25 Ancel Keys and data suppression 29:14 Why cholesterol is important 37:25 When does it become dangerous? 47:57 Cholesterol in Men and Women 55:06 Thoughts on doctors


Q&A Episode - Rusty, Man of Mystery, and Other Topics | Starting Strength Radio #212

Rip answers questions live from Starting Strength fans. 01:57 Comments from the Haters! 09:38 Hernia surgery 20:47 Where is Rusty? 21:35 The feds and the constitution 38:41 More reps for diabetics 52:20 Groin pull and squats 1:00:17 Trying to lose weight by swimming 1:05:28 Deviated septum tips 1:12:55 A new Jew/Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome


Fitness “Beliefs” Versus What Actually Works Best | Starting Strength Gyms Podcast #50

Everyone's favorite guest, Nick, joins Ray on the podcast today to discuss how popular culture's conception of fitness is exactly backwards. Listen and nod in agreement, or angrily share your misunderstandings in the comments. 01:57 - Argument for Starting Strength 05:33 - Adaptions are specific to the stress that you apply 08:03 - How do adaptations carry over into life? 09:58 - Guiding people through the most optimal way to improve performance 17:02 - Where should you spend your time and energy to benefit everything else? 18:48 - People have preconceptions 21:00 - Process-oriented solution to a common misconception 32:09 - High levels of conditioning are specific to the activity that you're doing 36:42 - Most people have their priorities backward 45:08 - Progress that can be measured 47:53 - We are selling improved capability 56:55 - Two types of coaches that aren't ideal 58:54 - How to guide clients when things get hard 01:05:54 - Starting Strength Gyms is getting a new website


Q&A Episode - Ice Baths, Facing the Plates on Deadlift, Feeding Beef | Starting Strength Radio #211

Rip answers questions from Starting Strength Network subscribers and fans. 02:33 Comments from the Haters! 16:35 Join the Network 18:54 Chiropractic a scam 28:21 Coaching your husband 34:11 Hurt my shoulder deadlifting 37:09 Wife has bad knees…squat? 41:31 Ice baths 48:17 Press programming 56:03 Plates face in on deadlift 57:23 Feeding beef differently and taste


A New Definition for Strength Training | Starting Strength Radio #210

Rip discusses what is and is not strength training along with a new and novel way to look at the process of getting stronger. 00:58 Today’s topic 02:48 Comments from the Haters! 20:24 What is training? 29:05 Everything is about force production 35:05 Not everything is strength training 43:21 Stress must be accumulative 45:34 Six movement patterns 52:44 Doing things optimally 59:26 Olympic lifting is not strength training 1:07:02 Training and practice 1:12:28 Closing


Ray's First Fitness Industry Interview | Starting Strength Gyms Podcast #49

Carl Case invited Ray to join him for a discussion on the Local Business Hacks podcast where Carl interview fitness industry leaders to discuss their keys to success. To save you a click, we've re-posted the episode here. Interested in hearing how Ray communicates Starting Strength Gyms to the uninitiated? Listen in. Spoiler: Carl became a Starting Strength Gyms Online Coaching client immediately after the interview was recorded. At 6'4", Carl needs to be at least 260lbs. We'll get him there, with a 500lb+ deadlift, in 18-months or less - as long as he sticks to the program. 01:53 - Ray's business background 03:50 - Coming across Starting Strength 06:29 - How to make Starting Strength more accessible to more people 11:50 - How can the world get involved with Starting Strength Gyms? 15:55 - How to get connected with Ray 18:24 - Think big and go for it 22:12 - Hire Slowly. Fire quickly. 26:21 - Are you a right fit for Starting Strength Gyms? 30:37 - What historical figure would you have dinner with? 31:31 - Empowering the right people to make decisions 39:01 - Ray's current top books and podcasts 40:57 - Starting Strength Radio 41:33 - Lex Fridman 42:10 - Negative and positive character traits


Q&A Episode - When You Shouldn't Gain Weight, Twinks, and Difficult Training Schedules

Rip answers questions from Starting Strength Network subscribers and fans. 02:23 Comments from the Haters! 13:14 Steve shouldn’t gain weight 24:40 Advice on coaching my wife 36:02 Jodie wants to lose weight 52:13 Training with a hard schedule 1:00:23 Female clients won't gain weight 1:06:31 Jodie’s brother calls 1:09:25 Training and new to TRT 1:16:46 SSC Andrew Lewis calls in 1:25:05 My wife likes twinks


The DEA and Restrictions on Testosterone with Dr. Wittmer | Starting Strength Radio #208

Rip and Dr. Wittmer discuss the DEA attempting to impose regulations on telemedicine and restrict the usage of testosterone. 00:43 Dr. Mike Wittmer 10:57 TRT And Steroids 13:53 Government Intervention 21:00 The Telemedicine Exemption 25:16 How Many And Who Is On TRT 29:17 Testosterone And Depression 36:09 The Healthcare Industry 42:09 Culture And The Government


Black Belt, SSC, Engineer, Good Dude, Mark Diffley | Starting Strength Gyms Podcast #48

Ray Gillenwater talks with Starting Strength Coach Mark Diffley about his specialties and successes with the SS Austin Gym. 03:02 - Why Starting Strength Austin 10:38 - Starting Strength Austin waiting list 13:29 - Why spend $405 to go to a gym? 14:54 - Number one target demographic 16:36 - How to become more capable 18:35 - Softest guys in the nation 23:18 - Gena is fantastic 28:56 - Become subject experts 37:25 - Starting Strength Austin members 43:22 - Martial arts 54:36 - Skill vs. strength


Q&A Episode - Bodybuilder's Eating Disorder, Low DHEA, and Red Spots | Starting Strength Radio #207

Rip answers questions from Starting Strength Network subscribers and fans. 02:03 Comments from the Haters! 11:34 Getting Mom to start lifting 17:08 4-day split/hook grip 25:52 Advanced lifting is a greater stress 30:51 Bodybuilder's starving himself 38:45 Deadlift stalling while on a “cut” 42:32 Red spots on skin after lifting 44:57 Hip flexor tendonitis 49:57 Low DHEA 52:24 New car 59:42 Which pathway is ATP created in?


Top Movies of All Time | Starting Strength Radio #206

Rip and John Musser talk about their favorite movies of all time and explain why these movies made the list. 00:41 Favorite Movies / John Musser 10:25 Honorable mentions and the top 10 16:34 Modern movie reviews 20:20 Honorable mentions / The 13th Warrior 22:27 Big Trouble In Little China 24:48 DC animated movies 27:22 James Bond 35:07 The LOTR 41:32 Unforgiven 46:14 The 3 Musketeers 50:22 Silverado / Wyatt Earp 58:16 The Sacketts 1:03:10 Tremors 1:06:39 The Big Lebowski 1:09:47 Glengarry Glen Ross 1:13:56 The Cabin in the Woods 1:16:57 Atomic Blonde 1:23:45 Mulholland Falls 1:28:21 The top 5 1:29:19 Manhunter 1:32:48 Conagher 1:39:42 True Romance 1:43:28 Kingdom of Heaven 1:51:47 Wind River 1:58:26 The Wind and the Lion 2:05:23 The Professionals 2:10:21 The Wolfman 2:18:24 John's top movie 2:23:47 Rip’s top movie


No Leg? No Problem | Starting Strength Gyms Podcast #47

Ray Gillenwater talks with Bruce Trout about how Starting Strength saved his life during his accident and coaching at Starting Strength Columbus. 02:20 - The accident 06:30 - EMT training 20:00 - Rehab process 30:27 - Progressions 34:53 - Where does Starting Strength fit? 40:48 - Being alive is not safe 45:05 - Reason for becoming a coach 51:09 - Satisfaction level being a coach vs. the last job


Q&A Episode - Goal Bodyweight, Powerlifting Meet Tips, and Training Your Spouse | SSR #205

Rip answers questions live from Starting Strength fans. 02:37 Comments from the Haters! 18:10 How much should I weigh? 29:36 Training with MS 39:41 Tips for your first powerlifting meet 50:51 Disc injuries 56:08 Coaching your spouse 1:04:19 Getting boxers stronger without going up in bodyweight 1:20:33 Strength and golf


Physical Therapy, Injuries, and Rehab with Will Morris | Starting Strength Radio #204

Rip and guest Will Morris, DPT, discuss common injuries, how to rehab them, what to do if you have pain, and how doctors respond to certain injuries. 00:30 Will Morris, DPT 04:54 The topic of injuries 07:47 Common injuries and pain 13:31 Patients' response to injuries and pain 28:29 Doctors' response to injuries and pain 43:36 Minor injuries and current data 50:58 Will's rehab procedure for patients 1:04:39 You'll have injuries


Leaving Healthcare to Build an SS Gym | Starting Strength Gyms Podcast #46

Ray Gillenwater talks to James Johnson about his decision to leave a profession in healthcare to open a gym to do better what he loves, which is caring for others. 03:59 - Staying away from assisted living facilities by becoming stronger 07:44 - Caring for others 16:13 - Polypharmacy 28:46 - Health decisions we make now affect us later in life 32:06 - How James found Starting Strength 43:19 - Starting Strength Salt Lake City 49:05 - What strength does for the body 52:21 - Owning the change 58:41 - Words of wisdom 1:00:57 - Right of passage in society


Training Your Kids | Starting Strength Radio #203

Rip and crew discuss training kids, when it’s safe to teach them the barbell lifts, and when productive training can actually take place. 01:50 Comments from the Haters! 12:59 Ask a Jew 14:58 You can’t make people train 17:53 What about your kids 25:10 Don’t force your kids to train 28:39 What and when to teach them 36:19 The coach's role 42:32 You should train, as a parent 47:04 The most crucial thing to teach them 58:39 Pediatricians aren't that smart 1:04:48 Is it safe?


Q&A Episode - Waffle House, Deloads, and Supplements | Starting Strength Radio #202

Rip answers questions from Starting Strength Network subscribers and fans. 02:38 Haters, but we talk about other things 10:27 The actual Haters! segment 23:05 We won’t answer long questions 23:36 Breakfast/Waffle House 28:05 Deload 32:19 Back extensions and good mornings 40:25 At what age do you stop training hard? 45:54 Does drinking hinder or help lifting? 52:41 Supplements 1:00:06 Upper body Texas Method