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Episode 15 – A Conversation With Theresa Roemer: Resilience, Gratitude, Charity

Dr. Harris is joined by the incomparable Theresa Roemer for a candid conversation about resilience, gratitude, and charity. Theresa shares some incredible personal experiences and what makes her get out of bed every day. Her journey is nothing less than inspiring and prove that anyone can achieve greatness while being humble and breathing life into …


Episode 14 – Cellular Exercise

Dr. Harris discusses one of his favorite holistic techniques, Cellular Exercise aka PEMF (Pulsed Electric Magnetic Fields). Dr. Harris is a firm believer in this healing technique which has helped him tremendously with his sciatica, irritable bowel, and generalized inflammation. In this episode, you will learn what Cellular Exercise can do for you and what …


Episode 13 – Food Addiction

Dr. Harris welcomes Jennifer Jones of Jenuine Nutrition to discuss food addiction and having an unhealthy relationship with food. Nutrition is unquestionable the most important aspect of our health and wellness and is often the most neglected. Come learn some tips from Dr. Harris and Jennifer regarding how you can develop a healthy relationship with …


Episode 12 – Nutrient Deficiencies

Dr. Harris finishes the six root causes of chronic disease with nutrient deficiencies. A 2019 study found that 10% of Americans (32 million people) have severe nutrient deficiencies that can cause or worsen chronic disease. This is worsened by new nutrition trends such as keto, veganism, and carnivorism. Learn how your nutrition plan may be …


Episode 11 – Stress

Stress is the most underappreciated cause of chronic disease. Stress that is put on the body (physiologic stress) can be helpful in the right circumstances, but prolonged stress causes numerous unwanted effects. Mental stress is a powerful stimulator of the body’s physical stress response and can lead to and worsen chronic disease. Learn how both …


Episode 10 – Genetics

Dr. Harris returns to the six root causes of chronic disease with a special bonus cause. We can not change our genes, but we can alter how they are expressed. This process is called epigenetics and is a hot topic in medical news currently. Listen and learn how nature (your genes) loads the gun, but …


Episode 9 - Burnout

Dr. Harris is joined by Mr. Sean Sessel, the CEO of the Oculus Institute. Mr. Sessel is an expert in burnout and freeing individuals from burnout and shifting into a life of purpose and fulfillment. This episode will teach you how to recognize burnout, how burnout impacts your health, mind, and spirit and what you …


Episode 8 – Inflammation

Dr. Harris returns to the 6 root uses of chronic disease and discusses inflammation. There are many sources of inflammation in our lives, but fear not as Dr. Harris discusses what the common sources of inflammation are and how you can holistically heal your body of inflammation. Articles: Strive for Great Health Facebook Group


Episode 7 - Life Transformation

Dr. Harris welcomes Dr. Bryan Mcelderry to discuss his philosophy that has changed thousands of lives through his coaching platform, SHIFT Mentorship. In this episode you will learn practical types to inspire and motivate yourself towards what you want to manifest in your life in 2020. Now is the time to begin a journey towards …


Episode 6 – Hormone Dysregulation

Dr. Harris continues the 6 root causes of disease in this episode with a discussion of hormone dysregulation. Hormones are so vital to our overall health, but unfortunately there are a lot of causes that can send our hormones out of whack. Learn what you can do to holistically protect your hormone health! Please subscribe, …


Episode 5 – Five Workout Myths

Dr. Harris welcomes Joseph Murci, the “Architect of Aesthetics” himself on the podcast to discuss five workout myths that have infiltrated modern fitness culture. These myths are dissected and what you should actually be doing is discussed. This is a great podcast for beginners and for gym veterans alike. These tips can immediately be added …


Episode 4 - Toxins

Dr. Harris discusses toxins and impaired clearance of toxins and the impact on our health. There are a surprising amount of toxins we encounter in our everyday life that can injure our health; Learn what the common sources are and how you can protect yourself from those toxins!!! Link to the article can be found …


Episode 3 – Men’s Health

Dr. Harris welcomes his longtime friend, colleague and business partner Dr. Jobby John on the Strive for Great Health podcast. Dr. Harris and Dr. John discuss testosterone and its impact on men’s health. The discussion is around holistic ways to increase this vital hormone. Dr. John’s Info: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Article …


Episode 2 – Dysbiosis

In this episode of the Strive for Great Health Podcast Dr. Harris discuses the microbiome and what can happen when the gut bacteria get out of whack and how you can prevent and treat Dysbiosis. Strive for Great Health Facebook Group:


Episode 1 – Six Root Causes of Chronic Disease

In this episode Dr. Harris discusses his philosophy on wellness and introduces his vision for the Strive for Great Health Podcast. The second half begins the discussion on the six root causes of chronic disease. Strive for Great Health Facebook Group: