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StrongFirst Podcast: Derek Toshner

Summary: In this episode of the StrongFirst Podcast, your host Craig Marker talks with Derek Toshner about endurance and winning the tactical strength challenge. Derek is best known for dominating the TSC. Show Notes: 00:55 Derek’s credentials as an elite competitor. 01:31 Derek and his brother successfully run four branches of TNT Fitness in WI. 02:17 Derek talks about what he’s training for now including rock climbing 03:10 Challenges of climbing. Helps with fear of heights. Work on...


StrongFirst Podcast: Brad Kearns

Episode - 06 Summary: Introducing the StrongFirst Podcast, in this first episode Craig Marker and Brad Kearns discuss the difference between Strong Endurance and Primal Endurance. Brad is the author of Primal Endurance and The Keto Reset. Show Notes: 03:00 - Craig talks about Pavel, his books, and a high-level overview of his programs. 04:25 - How the Soviets trained people for endurance with anti-glycolytic training. 06:35 - How Strong Endurance works with repeat training and...


StrongFirst Podcast: Peter Park

Episode - 05 Summary: Craig interviews Peter Park, personal trainer of high-level athletes (Giancarlo Stanton, Lance Armstrong, Justin Verlander, Ken Roczen, and Diania Taurasi) and celebrities and author of the book Rebound. Show Notes: 01:20 - About Peter Park. Best known as a trainer of high-level athletes and celebrities. He grew up in Newport Beach, California and started really young. He did surfing followed by volleyball, he then started getting interested in training. He got a...


StrongFirst Podcast: Fabio Zonin

Episode - 04 Summary: Introducing the StrongFirst Podcast, in this episode Craig and Scott interview Fabio Zonin, CEO of StrongFirst, master instructor, former powerlifter, bodybuilder and beast tamer. Show Notes: 01:22 – Fabio discusses his current role at StrongFirst. 03:58 - How Fabio initially come under Pavel’s systems? 10:27 - Training transformed since entering Pavel’s system. Principles, breathing technique, etc. have all changed and improved. 14:05 – Fabio discusses...


StrongFirst Podcast: Travis Jewett

Episode - 03 Summary: In this episode Craig and Scott interview Dr. Travis Jewett about what it means to move right and to be strong at the same time. Show Notes: 00:55 - About Dr. Travis Jewett -Dr. Jewett is a chiropractor, beast tamer, SFL and SFG. He teaches the mobility ------WOD courses and runs the StrongFirst for Clinicians course. -Runs a chiropractic practice in Cherokee, Iowa. 02:00 - About Dr. Travis’s background as a clinician -He’s been practicing for almost eleven...


StrongFirst: Brett Jones

StrongFirst with Craig Marker Episode 2 Interview with Brett Jones the Director of Education at StrongFirst Summary: Within this 2nd episode of “StrongFirst,” the official podcast of the StrongFirst school of strength. Hosts Craig Marker and Scott Iardella interview Brett Jones, the chief SFG instructor and director of education at Strong First. Brett has been teaching kettlebells for over 15 years. Brett discusses the principles of strength, and how it applies to the kettlebell,...


Introduction to the StrongFirst Podcast

Episode - 01 Summary: Introducing the StrongFirst Podcast, in this first episode Craig and Scott discuss StrongFirst Principles and what you can expect from the new StrongFirst Podcast. Show Notes: Tweetable Quotes Resources Mentioned ARTICLE: The Perfect Kettlebell Swing: Is There Such a Thing? Enter the Kettlebell - book by Pavel Tsatsouline Rdella Training Podcast - Scott’s Podcast