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An informative and entertaining podcast on health, nutrition and related topics along with tips to empower you to take the first steps to a happier and healthier you.

An informative and entertaining podcast on health, nutrition and related topics along with tips to empower you to take the first steps to a happier and healthier you.
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An informative and entertaining podcast on health, nutrition and related topics along with tips to empower you to take the first steps to a happier and healthier you.




82 - Healing with essential oils?

Mark overdoses on essential oils on air and Rochelle Ludovisi, our expert on essential oils, shares the magic and efficacy of high quality essential oils. You can reach Rochelle Ludovisi @ Free 15 minute consultation available to learn more about what oils can benefit specific needs. Email for times: Free Wild Orange oil for anyone that starts with a Kit (Family Essentials Kit (top 10...


81 - Having Tea in Rwanda!

Sara Stender takes us on an uplifting and inspiring journey into our emotional wounds and into the healing of Rwanda. Also mentioned in the podcast A coupon code for 10% off: Holiday Sara is also offering a $200 referral discount on the next two trips to Rwanda! Feb 6 or Jun 2 2019 Also please help support the Recovery and Resiliency work of AHE (tax deducible for companies and individuals!). Text the amount you would like to give (no $ sign, just the number)...


80 - Transgender Fish?

The research is OUT, pharmaceutical drugs showing up in the fish we eat! What's happening? We will tell you all about it. Also mentioned in the podcast: Use your coupon code Kitty for your awesome savings with Ancestral Supplements And HGG20 with Just Thrive for the most potent and effective spore based probiotic and amazing K2 nutrient! Truth Treatments has the BEST SKIN CARE PRODUCTS, pure vitamin C and healing Omega...


79 - Dirty Warriors

The Amazing research microbiologist Kiran Krishnan joins us again and once again BLOWS OUR MINDS. The profound importance of the KEYSTONE strains of bacteria, the importance of K2 and what the lethal dose of this vitamin is, you won't believe it. Also mentioned in the book: Your own coupon code for 20% off all products on Get your copy of "Gut Health Diet for Beginners" here And sign up for your very own FREE Premier Research Labs account here:...


78 - Sick? Where do you begin? HERE!

Healthy Gut Girl gives you a sneak peek into her new book, "Gut Health Diet for Beginners". When you are sick and suffering from ANYTHING, the first place you need to start is: HEALING THE GUT. Here's how. Order your copy!!!! If you love the podcast, we would love a review. THANK YOU for your support.


77 - Talkin Sh*t with Natalie

Join Healthy Gut Girl, Mark and colon hydrotherapist Natalie Davis. Colonics, enemas, and a whole lot of poop! You can reach Natalie at @movecolonics on IG Also mentioned in the podcast PRE-ORDER your Gut Health for Beginners book NOW And get your free Premier Research Labs account by clicking here


76 - Blue-Plate Special

Healthy Gut Girl and Mark dine on a smorgasbord of health delights from Mud Therapy to Neti potting for mold relief. Also mentioned in the podcast Get Your FREE Premier Research Labs account and see what great quality they have to offer.


75 - Are you toxic? Yes? Need help?

Kitty & Mark talk about how awesome it would be if you had a guide that would hold your hand through safe and effective ways to clean out your system. And of course, they have just what the alternative health practitioner ordered! Check out and sign up for you OWN FREE HIGH QUALITY NUTRICEUTICAL ACCOUNT with Premier Research Labs. FREE!!!!!


74 - Are you emotionally married to your illness?

Our fascinating guest, Dr. Nadine, takes us on a wild journey of iridology, the emotional component to disease and CAN YOUR PET READ YOUR MIND? Contact Dr. Nadine for an appointment Also mentioned in the podcast Sign up for your free Premier Research Labs account here, Get your hands on the highest quality, best priced amazing supplements


73 - Are You Addicted?

Investigative journalist Jennifer Margulis PhD and co-author of the popular new book, The Addiction Spectrum, joins us and breaks it all down. Today, over 20 million Americans-more than the entire population of New York- are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Each day, 115 people a day die from opioid overdose. The Addiction Spectrum has solutions. Healthy solutions. Get The Addiction Spectrum anywhere books are sold. Also mentioned in the podcast Sign up for your free Premier Research Labs...


72 - The Bleeding Edge & Other Horror Stories

We blindly put our trust in our doctors and the FDA to protect us and make decisions that are in our best interest. The curtain is being lifted and the truth is coming out. Profits and political agenda are far more important than human life. And it's a sad realization. Mark and Healthy Gut Girl review the documentary "The Bleeding Edge" and lament about todays horror stories. Also mentioned in the podcast: Be confident in the products Healthy Gut Girl recommends. Don't waste your time...


71 - The Death Of Monsanto & Liver Flushes

It's been a long time coming but at last, the tower crumbles, the damn gives way, Goliath begins his hard and awesome fall to defeat. Listen as we celebrate all over the place. And get ready to clean out the dirty liver!! Also mentioned in the podcast Sign up for your free Premier Research Labs account here


70 - Alcohol, Netflix and Population Control

A smorgasbord of information. Pick and chose what sounds good and apply it to your life and throw the rest out. Also mentioned in this podcast: Sign up for your own free account with Premier Research Labs here Millions of women suffer from hormonal imbalances. Whether it is menopause, weight gain, fatigue, low libido, premenstrual symptoms (PMS), mood swings, or depression, these symptoms can lead to more serious problems if misdiagnosed....


69 - Staying Alive, Your Supplement Guide!

Everyone has a collective big fat sigh of relief because Healthy Gut Girl holds your hand and shows you around the confusing world of 'WHICH SUPPLEMENTS SHOULD I BUY'. Sign up for your FREE Premier Research Labs account here: And don't forget to use this coupon code to get $100 off your very own in home hormone lab testing kit. mdw100


68 - Killer Bees in the Room! TURN OFF YOUR WIFI

Daniel T. Debaun is back with us, one of the authors of Radiation Nation. This is the science you've been asking for to convince you to TURN YOUR WIFI OFF when you can, and so much more that you can do to, "reduce the bees in the room", as Daniel likes to say. Also mentioned in the podcast is the COUPON CODE for Defender Shield! Protect your lap and your family jewels from your lap top radiation. Use this code and get 20% off!!!!!!! I love my Caribbean blue lap top shield....


67 - Return of the MAGman!

Round 3 with Morley Robbins, this time Morley annihilates all doubts and makes sense of the toxic IRON overload that is at the root of ALMOST all illness and imbalance. Find out how the fortification of our food for decades has poisoned our bodies and triggered mineral imbalance in all of us. Also mentioned in the podcast: Get your at home full hormone lab, the most comprehensive test around. Use this coupon code for $100 off any of their tests!!!!!!!!!! mdw100 Also get...


66 - Osteostrong!

Dr. John Jaquish, the creator of Osteostrong and the X3Bar, blows our minds with the facts about bone loss and bone density, the hype about weight lifting and the magic of resistance training.


65 - Death by Wifi?

We launch the new season with some current events regarding the death of a few loved celebrities, mental health and the affects of wifi on our emotional state of mind, sleep and EVERYTHING! Sign up for your own free PRL account on And use this code mdw100 to get $100 off your DUTCH hormone lab! Follow healthygutgirl_ on IG and win prized on upcoming giveaways!!!!


64 -The BUGS in you!

Kiran Krishnan is a research MircroBiologist of the most excellent kind. He takes us on the most wild journey into our guts and introduces us to the aliens that make us tic. This podcast was brought to you by S.A. Wilson's Organic Coffee Enema Coffee used by all the experts because it gets the job done RIGHT! Get your beginners kit now. AND JUST THRIVE- the only truly effective spore based probiotic, the proof is in the science AND Sign up for your FREE Premier Research Labs account...


63 - What Makes Us Look Old?

Pharmacist Ben returns to shed light on what makes our skin age. Mentioned in the podcast Check out and get 10% off when you use coupon code havethetruthCM S.A. Wilson's organic coffee enema coffee RECOMMENDED BY MORE HEALTH PROFESSIONALS THAN ANY OTHER SINGLE BRAND OF COFFEE! & your own free Premier Research Labs account for free on