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A podcast all about financial stressors and financial focuses. Take steps to succeed with your personal finance! Presented by Edukate.

A podcast all about financial stressors and financial focuses. Take steps to succeed with your personal finance! Presented by Edukate.
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A podcast all about financial stressors and financial focuses. Take steps to succeed with your personal finance! Presented by Edukate.






What's My Credit Score Mean?

Damaged credit can wreak havoc on your ability to achieve big financial milestones. Many people have credit problems they just don’t want to face up to. What does your credit score mean? What factors play the biggest role in your score fluctuating? And what can you do to repair credit that’s taken a hit? Chris Whitlow offers some insight to help you take action today to prepare for what’s next in your financial journey.


New Year, Now What?

Another year is gone and we are nearly two decades into the 21st century. As people who live busy and fully connected lives, what does it mean to pause, reflect, and look forward to what’s next? We ask some friends what a new year, resolutions, beginnings and endings mean to them.


Giving Your Money Away

Finding purpose and joy in charitable giving can be hard—it requires a particular mindset, confidence in your goals, and a level of selflessness. Giving doesn’t have to break the bank to make an impact on the recipient… and you. Today, William and Michael discuss how giving should be prioritized, tips on how to budget for giving, and how to re-think giving your money to others.


Chasing Dreams

We all have dreams that we want to pursue, whether it’s an art, a craft, a business, or a cause. Many people strike out with reckless abandon hoping it works out; many are too frightened by the risk to do anything. Casey and Nick talk through their own experiences to point out some tips for anyone looking to take steps to following their passions. No one should be afraid to pursue their passions. Everyone should do it with realistic expectations, balancing the responsibilities they have in...


Parenting Your Parents

Perhaps it’s something you’ve never thought about or maybe you are in the thick of it, but there are a lot of options and decisions that have to be made as our parents get older and need more support. In this episode, Jackie and Michael talk about the struggles and challenges of caring for aging parents, including a lot of lessons Jackie has learned supporting her own aging mother. No matter how intimidating all of the choices can seem, there are things you can begin to do now to ease the...


Winter Wallet Woes

Preparing your wallet for the holidays can be tricky—from unexpected gifts to impulse buying to getting the best deals, there's a lot to figure out. On this episode, Candice and Nick are sharing their own personal stories and pitfalls of holiday spending to help you make smarter financial choices this season. They talk about their favorite apps to save money while shopping, give tips on how to avoid going into debt, and provide ways to be prepared for even the unexpected.


Financial STRESS

This episode covers the big questions we have about our finances: What does it mean to be financially well? Is it okay to have stress about your money? How do I make sense of my complex financial situation? Chris and Nick sit down and talk about the best ways to get started creating financial goals and better handling financial stress as it comes, so that you can become more and more financially confident every day.



We want to help provide you tools and confidence to make smarter financial decisions in every area of your life. Presented by the Edukate Team and featuring our smart friends and fun along the way, join us twice a month as we dig deep into the ins and outs of personal finances.