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Move More, Eat Well, and Be Adventurous to reach your ultimate goals of achieving health. By incorporating these practices, while also learning from the best minds in alternative health, medicine, and fitness, Bryan Carroll and Summit For Wellness share actionable steps you can take each day to move closer to optimal health. Join us on this journey as we Climb to the Peak of Our Health.


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Move More, Eat Well, and Be Adventurous to reach your ultimate goals of achieving health. By incorporating these practices, while also learning from the best minds in alternative health, medicine, and fitness, Bryan Carroll and Summit For Wellness share actionable steps you can take each day to move closer to optimal health. Join us on this journey as we Climb to the Peak of Our Health.






185- Inside the Pharmaceutical Industry and Using Preventative Care

Troy Duell teaches us about the inner workings of the pharmaceutical industry and how to integrate it for preventative care


184- Dieting and Women’s Self Esteem with Camille Martin

Every time we go to the store or see commercials, we end up seeing diet advertisements and unrealistic changes like "Lose 10 lbs in 2 days". These ads create unnecessary stress for us to look a certain way, and impacts how we think of ourselves when we don't succeed. In this episode with Camille Martin, we tackle the diet industry and how it impacts self esteem, and what you can do differently to create goals that stimulate success. What To Expect From This Episode How diet culture is impacting self esteem and mental health Why many people fall into the trap of unrealistic goals How to determine overarching goals and break it down into actionable steps Best ways to avoid "diets" while still making healthy changes Shownotes [0:00] Welcome to the Summit For Wellness Podcast [0:40] We have been focused on our Youtube Channel, go ahead and subscribe [2:00] I am now an investor in the electrolyte company LMNT [4:20] Who is Camille Martin and what got her interested in nutrition [5:30] If you continue trying to diet to lose the same x lbs, at what point is your body telling you that it wants those lbs vs you wanting to lose it for aesthetic reasons [6:30] Why do so many people try to reach a weight goal from when we were young and active and had the best metabolisms in the world [8:45] Why is it so hard for people to stay with a diet plan [11:10] If creating small, increment habit changes makes long lasting impact, how do we break down our ultimate goals into actionable steps [12:40] When someone wants to lose 10lbs, how do you change the conversation to focus on other goals they want to achieve [15:15] Knowing your triggers can completely change how you approach different situations [16:15] Now that we are coming through the other side of Covid, now is a great time to re-assess your habits and make healthy changes [17:45] Some examples of how to break down habits into actionable goals [21:30] If you are trying to change your diet but your family isn't invested, how do you change your environment to help you be successful [24:00] Are there family members who try to sabotage others from reaching their goals [25:00] How can you make your kitchen environment better to help you be successful [27:00] Final thoughts from Camille Martin on how to create goals to be successful Resources From This Episode Some of these resources may contain affiliate links, which provides a small commission to me (at no extra expense to you). Read Camille's book Love to Lose Here Check out Camille's Kitchen Guide to a successful kitchen setup Transcript For Episode (Transcripts aren't even close to 100% Accurate) [00:00:15] Bryan Carroll: Hello, hello and welcome back to the summit for a wellness podcast. It's been a little. Hasn't it? My last episode I published was about seven months ago. If I look back at it, and as you may have noticed, if you've been following me for a while, I took a much needed break. I did 183 episodes of the podcast since 2017 with very minimal breaks, and it got to a point where, you know, I wanted to play around and do some other things. So if you are not following my YouTube channel, I have been going all in on YouTube over there. It's been a lot of fun. I've been making a lot of different videos, adventure videos, movement videos, et cetera. So I highly recommend jumping over there and subscribing to the. And of course all of these podcast episodes are also on the YouTube channel as well. But I do love podcasting. I love the platform. I love being able to connect with you through your ears, and it's something I don't really want to give up. It just is very time consuming. So from here on out, I am trying to focus on finding guests that have something unique to say, because I want to keep things fresh and interesting. Stay ahead of the health and wellness trends and. I don't know about you, but when I keep hearing the same thing over and over and over, for me at least,


183- Stress Reduction Methods to Improve Performance with Sabrina Runbeck

Sabrina Runbeck teaches stress reduction strategies to gain back a day each week.


182- How Homegrown Food Improves Your Fitness and Health with Colman Power

Colman Power teaches how to source local food for improving your fitness routines.


181- Strengthen Your Immune System with Dr. Gary Kaplan

Dr. Gary Kaplan teaches us how to strengthen our immune systems.


180- Adrenaline’s Impact on the Body with Dr. Michael Platt

Dr. Michael Platt teaches us how adrenaline impacts the body.


179- Detoxing and Natural Ways to Protect Your Genes with Spencer Feldman

Spencer Feldman provides a masterclass on how to detox the body properly.


178- Leveling Up Your Fitness Routine with Brian Keane

Learn from Brian Keane about helpful tips to improve your overall fitness routine.


177- How to Test and Treat Your Home for Mold with Jason Earle

Jason Earle from GotMold teaches us how to test your living environment for mold issues.


176- How to Stay Young and Fit at Any Age with Dave Sherwin

Learn from Dave Sherwin how to stay young and fit at any age.


175- Benefits and Regulatory Issues of Compounding Pharmacies with Jim Hrncir

Jim Hrncir teaches us the benefits of compounding pharmacies and some regulatory issues they face.


174- Break Free From Binge Eating Prison with Dr. Glenn Livingston

Dr. Glenn Livingston teaches how to break free of binge eating prison and control your eating habits.


173- Improving Longevity at the Cellular Level with Dr. Sandra Kaufmann

Dr. Sandra Kaufmann teaches how to improve longevity so you can age gracefully.


172- Using PEMFs to Supercharge Your Health with Dr. William Pawluk

Dr. William Pawluk teaches us all about PEMFs and their benefits.


171- Nutritional Products Designed Specifically For Women with Donna Burke

We learn how women should change their nutritional needs during their cycles from Donna Burke


170- The Role Your Gut Plays in Brain Health with Steven Wright

Steven Wright is a gut health specialist who shares how the gut impacts our mental health.


169- How Our Modern Lifestyles Impact Every Tissue in Our Body with Kris Quinones

Kris Quinones teaches us how to move our bodies in ways to reduce pain.


168- Top 5 Podcast Episodes From 2021

These are the top podcast episodes from 2021 on the SFW Podcast!


167- Get the Best Sleep of Your Life with Devin Burke

Learn from Devin Burke how to get the best sleep of your life.


166- These Foods are Non Negotiables For Improving Health with Dr. Aaron Hartman

Dr. Aaron Hartman teaches us which foods we must remove completely to improve our health.